Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10

This post was updated as of May 14th, 2013 with a newer version. It is linked below in the download section.

Instagram BB10
By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2013 02:39 pm EST

Note: This isn't the official Instagram app for BlackBerry, but a working version of an old Android version you can sideload onto your Z10.

You've been waiting for it, and here you have it (sort of). Instagram is up and running on the BlackBerry Z10. Yes it's the Android version and yes, you'll need to sideload it -- but it works and that's really all that matters. Keep in mind that it isn't a supported BlackBerry app, so it will be buggy and you may have some issues with it. We tested it a bit and overall don't really have any complaints thus far. 

You'll need to sideload the bar file to your device to get it working. If you've never done that before then check out our guides for both Windows and Mac. After that, just fire up the app and you're good to go. Like we said though, if you have any issues don't blame us.  Hit up the comments and let us know if you get it up and running!

Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10
Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10 (mirror)

How to sideload Android apps from Windows
How to sideload Android apps from Mac

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Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10



I own BerryEG, I had to bring BerryThai down. I have always offered a free hosting space for those who plan on launching BlackBerry related websites to help BlackBerry move to the top. But after today's incident I think my head should be in mud.

Since it's a BlackBerry related website, I couldn't destroy it's files. It's all safe waiting for owner to contact me to claim the files and host it somewhere else.

I really apologize to Instagram team, BlackBerry, BlackBerry World team, BlackBerry Developers and #teamBlackBerry around the world.

It's also piracy too, BerryThai would have to have written approval from Instagram to modify or release their software for the BlackBerry. Which I am sure they didn't get it.

The copyright law basically states if the person who you are stealing from feels they are being harmed or have lost revenue in anyway what your doing is illegal.

installed it on my Z10, but it leaves no log message that it displays the version of instagram is outdated, I would need to upgrade. There is this upgrade?

how to upgrade it.....
i have successfully downloaded it, but how should i upgrade it...please share it .it would be of great help.
thankyou :)

Hi Breno, I would also like to know how you won and run properly Instagram on your Z10. I'm using it well on mine but my cousine who's using a Rogers Z10 can't run it. She's having this message to upgrade. Please your help is needed...

For some reason it doesn't work when I try to login with my account, but it works when I create a new account. So ultimately, it's not working for me because I don't want to create a new account.

Or you could just do it from a simple web browser.

[edit]My bad... seems you can't register from a browser anymore. Guess it has changed since FB bought it, as I recall registering online before in anticipation of seeing it on android some time back. =/ [/edit]

OMG??!!!!!!! Amazing ;)
It's a little slow, a little buggy, but if you're a hardcore instagram user it works. There's a few spots where the app can get stuck (and it's quickest just to close), but you can definitely take photos and post them via it. So get it on!

Once the Android Runtime gets upgraded on BB10 to JellyBean, should be able to support newer/better/faster versions of the android port I'm thinking. 

Ahh.. the RC Car? I think I said when Instagram is OFFICIALLY announced I'd give away the car. Let's go back and check what I wrote... :)

Ok.. This is a leak vs official announcement... so nobody gets it yet...

"As for when we'll announce the winner, I'm thinking we'll need to give BlackBerry a bit of time still to pull things together here. Let's say if they announce Instagram for BlackBerry before the end of March, we'll announce the winner to this contest then. And if it hasn't been announced by April 1st, we'll pick the winner and give out the prize then. And.... we'll run another contest that goes until Instagram actually is released. "

A newer version of the Android OS support by BB10's Android VM won't necessarily allow you to run apps better.

There aren't that many apps that mandate Android 4+ because there's still a huge number of Android handets out there running 2.3 and lower. What will help is some compatibility and features added to the VM. This doesn't require a move to the 4.0 APIs.


WORKS!!!!!! Thanks for the BAR file until the official/port comes out officially.

Little herky jerky but still works!!!

First, you say "but it works and that's really all that matters". Then, "Keep in mind that it isn't a supported BlackBerry app, so it will be buggy and you may have some issues with it".

What matters is an 'good' working app, not some laggy, buggy, etc app - IMO.

We are SO CLOSE.  I think by tonight we could push, but will probably get a good night's sleep and push tomorrow. This week for sure though. No. More. Delays! :)


Day = made.

What is weird why are we just finding this now? I personally have tried close to 10 different versions of .apk files and converted to .bar and they have never worked. They always say that the camera is incompatible.

I don't use instagram, but is it possible to use the service directly from the site on the Z10? If so how well does it work? (in the US so can't try this myself just yet.)

Looks like sadomasochism ... Some must really enjoy perversions. Another poorly ported application for a poorly assembled OS.

Update: Creating accounts does not work from a Z10, however, having a friend create one for you and logging into it works fine.

Update 2: Deleting photos doesnt seem to work, I did a sarcastic duckface and used #shitsmearedfilter as a hashtag, asking if I was cool yet..... and now I regret it. Have to get a friend to log in and delete it from their phone. =/

When you get a friend to sign up for you, notifications will get pushed to there device. Even if they re-install the app. Weird. With none being pushed to the blackberry.

But turning of the notifications from within the app on the blackberry side will stop them

Someone please make me understand why Instagram is so bloody important.
I wish they'd concentrate on getting a working (useful) Twitter app first!

Regardless whether it is "really important" or not is not the case. The app has roughly 90 million active users. If BB wants to attract new users they have to give the potential BB users the frequently used apps. FB is already in the platform, Twitter, all they need now is a compelling video chat app (OoVoO, Skype or Tango) and Instagram and that will cover the "basic needs" of many people that are currently on other platforms.

Agreed. People seem to write this off as a silly app. Sure, it may be, but the user base is so huge that it has turned itself into an app with massive influence. The fact that the functions can only really be used via the app forces the user to use the phone almost exclusively for this app. Having this app in the BlackBerry ecosystem is a "good thing" for BB in general despite people thinking the app is silly.

Remember people saying they'd never leave BlackBerry due to BBM, well, this is coming from the other side as a lot of iPhone users I know refuse to leave/return to BB due to Instagram not being available.

The post didn't mention that it should work for the PlayBook but remember: The PlayBook can sideload Android apps too so it should be able to work on the PlayBook as well if it works for BlackBerry 10.

I don't boycott...I also don't watch movies on a 4.2" screen. I will keep my Netflix subscription and continue watching content on my 65" home theater...thank you for looking out for my interests though.

Of course you don't boycott. To boycott, you have to think beyond your selfish interest and believe in what's right. Netflix behaviour is nothing short of hidden agenda. Windows market share was much less than BB but they still got Netflix from the day one. There is something more to this than justifying the cost to build the app. for BB10.

For people who might leave their home at some point during the day and don't have pockets big enough to carry a 65" screen, can you not see some benefit to being able to access netflix on a 4.2" phone?

I have been singing the same song - exactly!! Why would I want to watch anything on a 4.2" screen?? Netflix would be one of those apps 90% would install, say "coooool" and only 1% would ever use.

One of the benefits of having Netflix on a 4.2" screen is that the Z10 has a HDMI port. That means I can take my account with me on the road, hook up the Z10 to the hotel TV and watch wherever I am. I'm not locked into just the one screen at home. I don't have a Netflix account (don't really care for oen), but I use the same process on my PlayBook with Amazon Prime when visiting my parents - hook up the PlayBook to the TV via HDMI and watch movies.

This is probably the first good argument for Netflix onf phones (any brand really).

I'd love to have it on the PlayBook though. May even go back to it if they port to the PB.

If you love BlackBerry then you should love this news. Lots of people are sticking to iOS and Android JUST for this app. This is huge news to try and get some people back to the smartphone motherland!

It's on Goodereader site now. I downloaded. Don't have a Z10 to put it on but wanted the file while it was out here. Verizon - I'm waiting! Yes, you have to borrow a friends Android or IOS device and set up your account. Takes seconds.

+1 ^^^ Of course lyricidal has got a mirror... always has been a great source of blackberry goodness!

Release now the working netflix bar file like you did with instagram! you posted a working netflix bar video a few weeks ago, dont be a hypocrite, you dont have any excuses now that you released the instagram bar in the main page.

Release now the working netflix bar file like you did with instagram! you posted a working netflix bar video a few weeks ago, dont be a hypocrite, you dont have any excuses now that you released the instagram bar in the main page.

Downloaded, installed, working no problem. Uploaded pic from Z10. Nice! Yeah, bit slow, but it works thus it should come as official port, or native. Sweet. Getting close to having all the apps I want on my Z10.

Wish GPS Logger II would come! Best GPS logging app regardless of platform.

Do whatever needs to be done to bring this social media app over to Blackberry. This App is very important to the sucess of BB10 OS. The reason is that Apple and Android has all the kids running around using instagram and many apps that are close to it or add on features. It is like telling the next generation you don't matter. I don't care about this app or Netflix personally. I figure there is 20 apps that can make or break the operating system. Kids are a major motivation of phone sales at this point. Facebook, instagram, freeflow music/video and gps fitness programs are a must.

You can't create an account on this version, you have to create the account either on an Android or IOS phone then sign in on this version.

Not sure what's up but when I convert the .apk file in the zip to a .bar and sideload it The following error pops up when launching the app: process "" has stopped unexpectedly. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as it seems to be working for everyone else.

Any chance someone could share a working .bar file? It may be something in the conversion process that screwing up maybe on my end?

This is what's strange. I've downloaded it from both sources and the zip has two folders. One foloder called android that has the .apk and then two sub folders that have a .png that's the instagram icon. The second folder is META-INF and has 5 different random files that are 4kb each and none are .bar

Hence why I tried to convert the .apk. I am on a mac so not sure if that somehow affects the .zip (it shouldn't) and I haven't had an issues sideloading other apps on the z10 before.

I'm genuinely confused as to why the zip doesn't have the .bar file in it. I haven't felt this computer illiterate in decades.

@yuri0611 sometimes this happens.. what happened is that it was renamed as a zip if you just change the file extension by renaming it replacing the ".zip" with ".bar" it should now be ready to sideload

Thanks but no dice. Changing the extension did nothing as it stills considers it a zip and trying to sideload resulted in an error within terminal not recognizing the file at all. Honestly not sure why this is such a fail on my end as apparently I'm the ONLY person having a problem with this.

Any chance you can share just the .bar file?

Are you using Internet Explorer? I was having the same issue when using IE and .zip files. Trying a different browser and see if that helps.

I have this issue as well. It wont work to change the .zip to .bar.. this sucks and I wish it was actually explained somewhere

Different download and managed to convert the .zip to .bar where it actually does recognize it as a .bar. Sideload didn't go so well as this has been the constant error:

result::failure 810 /var/tmp/cgic211290: cannot access member 'META-INF/MANIFEST.MF'

Thoughts? :)

result::failure 810 /var/tmp/cgic776991: cannot access member 'META-INF/MANIFEST.MF'

I got the same error. Whats the deal? ANYONE??????


Installed it flawlessly! Works perfectly! Amazing what the Z10 can do! So glad I got this phone! Now, I hope it's just a matter of time before we get a native app!

sucks you can't register but the app works pretty well. it's a little slow to upload photos from your library and you can't delete pictures once you post them. you get the option to, but it doesn't let you delete even after you select "delete". other than that, the app does what it does best

You can create and manage an instagram account from your PC/Mac by using a program called Bluestacks, found here:

Just search for apps > Instagram within bluestacks

Click on Instagram from GooglePlay. Set up a google account or use your existing one and download instagram and voila! you can create and manage an Instagram account from your PC or Mac.

The apk's that exist don't work with the program, that's why I say to download directly from google play.

Hope this helps y'all!

seems bluestacks doesn't like my notebook here, maybe coz i'm running the 64 bit Win7.. i'd better borrow my friend's iphone or android and register my instagram account before firing that up on my z10, can't wait!

you'll never know dude..

we'd better anticipate the BB 10.1 OS for now with the updated Jelly Bean runtime, that will open the door to more apps Android has now with smoother and better experience than ever before! bring it on.. BBRY! #bb10believe

Has anybody else had problems with the .bar? I've side loaded the one from here and the one from goodereader but when neither one works when I try to open them on my Z10. Any suggestions?

please would someone help me with side loading? i have never done it before and just recently got a mac, i know this sounds ridicules but i cant figure it out, can anybody help me with this??? crackberry kevin!? Blaz1e!?

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well BB need to atleast upgrade the Android version Gingerbread isnt really nice with arabic language and basically people in the middle east arent buying it because of the lack of instagram and Whatsapp

The app just stopped working. Any idea why? Can't upload photo's any more the app just force closes, but everything else works.

This App is just awesome! After all these Years on BlackBerry I can finally get a sip of that Instagram Goodness. Maybe it's because I've never before used Instagram, but to me it worked Real Smooth and I don't have the feeling I'm missing out on something. Especially when taken in consideration that this App is an Android Port it's just doing a great job =).

I'm Glad BB updated the Android Runtime since the Playbook, the File Manager option within Android works way better then the Gallery ever did (this simply crashed when containing a lot of Photo's).

I only hope this kind of contributions (, Instagram, etc.) from the Community won't behold the companies behind the App to stop developing Native Apps, that way BB10 might end up like WebOS did.

the best thing ever!!!! one of the biggest reasons besides my bold 9900 crashing why I switched to Galaxy S3 but had to get the Z10 and waiting for instagram. Was sad when i heard it wasn't coming and so happy now that I can upload my old favourite android apps...

I blogged on how to do it step by step, not just instagram but all the apps, flipboard, mint, whatsapp, pinterest, eBay, etc.

I really don't like side loading anything for that matter on anything. I would rather wait for the app....

Working like a charm on my Z. Only issue I've found is, when leaving comments, the app doesn't recognise characters from the Z10 keyboard. If you try to input an exclamation mark, you get the letter "E". The list goes on.

for some reason it just won't log me in, but it has installed fine,

anyone else having this issue?

installed it. runs pretty good. I do have issues when I am using the camera and selecting photos when I posted. I also noticed that when I first posted a picture, there was another one that the app posted. the unknown photo was of a couple of books. very weird. I just logged in and deleted the picture from my pc. otherwise the app has all of the required features running to make it a pleasant navigation.

Works just fine! There was some inital problems with the program to load the actual apps onto the Z10, but got Instagram working on my Z10!! :)

Just side loaded instagram into my bbz10. But I can't log onto it. It states, my instagram is the old version but I downloaded it from

umm i've been having a slight situation, after i sideloaded it onto my z10, i open it, try to sign in and i get a " your version of instagram is outdated " or something along the lines.. if anyone has had this problem please help me out..

I did !
but there is a problem, when I try to sign in ..
there is a massage said "Upgrade your instagram, because it is out of date" << something like this !
so what I have to do ?

It works well with me !
just I chose forget password, then connected with facebook, and wrote new password !

Enjoy your Instagram :)

I clicked "forgot password", reset using facebook but I get a error saying "Sorry, we couldn't complete your request". Please try again in a moment."


I experienced the same too.. Is your instagram working now? what did you do? I UnInstall ReInstall everything, no luck.. I used an android phone to link instagram to my facebook, no luck. I did the reset password via facebook and I always end with "Sorry, we couldn't complete your request". Please try again in a moment.".. please help..

Help! I downloaded it but when I tried logging in it said, "This version of Instagram is out of date, please upgrade your app in the Play store to log into Instagram." any idea how to fix this??

with me happens the same as sophie..I downloaded it but when I tried logging in it said, "This version of Instagram is out of date, please upgrade your app in the Play store to log into Instagram." any idea how to fix this??

I side loaded the app but upon opening it keeps saying: 'The application Instagram (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.' What should I do? I'm anxious.

It just tell me I dont have the most recent version of Instagram and wil not let me sign in... Help?

That's what mine said so I selected forgot password and reset it with Facebook, making a new password and it let me sign in that way! Hope that works for you too :)

Everything works perfect, I got it installed and whatnot. However, the issue arises when I go to reset password with Facebook. It tells me to try again in a moment. I linked my facebook to my instagram and I go to reset it again and it still gives me that message. Can anyone help me with this? It would be a great help!

Says my version of Instagram is out of date. Need to upgrade the app in the play store to log in to Instagram. I also tried the password reset with facebook and when I log in it says I already gave permission for instagram to be on my FB and when I want to continue it comes up with an error that my request cannot be processed at this time.

Has anyone tried to get a version of Instagram working with the 10.1 OS leak? It has a new Android run-time and I am wondering if that would make a difference.

@Meg02 The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. And no, this definitely won't work on any pre-OS10 device like the 9900.

Downloaded instagram today on my z10, took me a while to get it up and working but I finally got it. Not to bad for an android port.

Got the Q10 today and used these link to download/install instagram. Having a bug where I cant post a picture because it blows up too big covering important buttons, anyone else with this issue? Anyone know the solution?


I was looking for a solution to this very same problem. Just sideloaded the app, but can't log in because "the version is outdated". Does anyone know how to get around this?

I created an account on Instagram (via BlueStacks), linked it to my FB account, and logged into Instagram w/using FB. Worked like a charm...

Instagram just released a new version and therefore prevent any older version from login... anyone got latest version of Instagram?

After I login via Bluestacks and when I multiple attempt to login by resetting password through Facebook.. FINALLY, works!

i installed it. But when i try to go ahead by forgot password and then reset using facebook, it registers but after that i get an error saying 'sorry we couldn't register.Please try after in some moment'

i deleted and re-installed it but again its the same problem. help me out!

omg!! Finally got it working!! Thanks to bluestack!! I think I was the only person out of all my friends that wasn't on instgram! hahah...

Hi Guys

i downloaded instagram for my Z10 a few days ago, it works great, execpt for the fact when i comment on anything, it wont let me type properly! my words are unseperated and it wont let me use the shift or other key pages, so basically a comment comes out like : thisbecauseitwontletmespace and if i make an error i cant delete. i can do one word comments :( any one else have this problem? any help?

i know its android and is bound to have glitches i just want to mention it :)

Help me, no matter how much I try it is not going to my Z10. But got it right away to my tablet that the camera does not work. This is driving me nuts, I felt I tried everything and REALLY wanted it side loaded. Not looking t buy anything apple to get this app. Has anybody got an ideal to help me out? Thanks

I finally got it to work. I am so hyped beyond words, and having no issues at all. I had to use a new cord because the one for my BB was not reading. I used my playbook cord. I was shocked on how easy it was thanks :). You cannot uses periods, comma etc on it but still works great.

I found that selecting the number 7 is actually a comma, and by hitting the space bar twice you may get a period.

Hi :) I am a true blue blackberry fan, I had the curve, then Bold 9900 and now the suave Z10. When I first got the phone, my husband helped to install instagram on Z10 since It wasn't available in the bb world. What he did was he went to their website at his computer and sync it to my Z10. However, It must have been an old version as once a pic is posted you can't delete it. Recently, he upgraded it to the new version (my husband is good at seeking apps) and now it's working so so well. I do agree with michellewrightfan that you cant have comas, periods and etc.But it still great. Long live blackberry!

What seems to be going on with sharing or uploading fotos on instagram..i have tried all posible way,but I still cannot do it. Whenever I try to crop the image,it magnifies and cover the filters and also the options above does not appear..please gurus,i need solution..thnx y'all

I just installed in on my Z10 and love it.
2 questions though:
- does anyone know how to use numbers? I found that the number 7 is actually a comma, (so thats helpful) but I would actually like to be able to use numbers if possible.
- Is there any way to play video?

Pls I owned a blackberry bold 5, I am finding it difficult to download instegram on my device, I need help on what to do to get it done. I'll appreciate it if you can assist me in this regard. Thank you. James Ahulo from Lagos Nigeria.

I'm using blackberry Q5 , clicked photo's are getting too big when m using them on the instagram app(sideloaded version). Can i know when is the full version getting launched for BB10?

When I check my 'News' page in Instagram, it says "Please update your Instagram app in the Google Play Store by August 6th to continue using Instagram.". The version I have is v3.4.4 which I think is the latest BAR file copy. Will there be a BAR file of the latest version of Instagram to install soon?

Dear all I'm really confused. could you please send me an old version of IG .bar to be installed on my BB10 and then the other 4.0.2 .bar to be installed.

It tried everything and no more instagram on my BB10.


hi there i have a problem with my instagram that it give me message (this device doesnt seem o meet the minimum camera requirements ) hlp pls :(

I downloaded the Jellybean Runtime and still when I try to load the instagram from i still get an "incompatible device message".

Someone please help before I rip all my hair out, this is so frustrating!!

I am trying to sideload Instagram and for the life of me I don't know what I am doing......frustrating. When is BB going to have the app available


I have successfully downloaded Instagram before on ky Q10. But now I can't log in anymore. I logged out for the first time since I installed it yesterday and now when I try to log in, an Error keeps on appearing and it says my version of Instagram is out of date and that I have to upgrade my app in the Play Store to log in to Instagram.

I don't know what that means. i've tried deleting and re-installing the instagram app like the first time I did it and it still show the same error message. What do I do?

I need a little help. Trying to sideload Instagram, it downloads successful but get an "imcompatable Device" error. Anyone know what I need to do?

Apologies if someone already said this. When downloading the leak and receiving the "app must be upgraded" message, just ignore it and use the old facebook password reset trick. Once the password has been changed you can log in with your existing account. Also the zip file was not encrypted for me and I used 7 zip to extract the .BAR file.

Now to get spotify working!

Instagram working perfectly on my Z10 now.
After installing the bar file and then logging through Facebook and changing my password.
Not touching my Nexus4 anymore, until KitKat.

So the sideloading went very smoothly indeed. Thank you. Says I need newer version or some such. Any ideas as to what I can do to login to my account as previously used on my iPod? Thanks.

i been use mine couple months now on the z10.Sllight issues nothing major but i need a newer version.Anyone with any ???? it works fine on 10.2 .

Has anyone else had a problem with leaving a comment on the Android version of Instagram on your Z10? Doesn't seem like the keyboard is compatible... the keys are different...

I have sideloaded version 5.0.2 of instagram on my Z10 STL-001 with (1926 radio)
it's working fine (keyboard, adding photos, etc) and only crashes with editing video.

APK file downloaded from here.
apk4fun. com/ apk/ 869/

Nope. App loads fine. But when trying to log in, app says it is out of date and needs to be updated. Cannot log in.

Hallo. . I'm using bbZ10. OS 10.3. How can I download instagram? The ingrann from BlackBerry world is not uploading