Download the FREE CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook app from App World today!

CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook App - Get it today!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2012 03:55 pm EDT

OK BlackBerry PlayBook owners, HERE IT IS! Following up the release of the CrackBerry Forums for BlackBerry Smartphones app, you can now download the CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook app from App World.

Our CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook app is FREE OF CHARGE, and offers these great features: 

  • Auto-save your account information! There's no need to login every-time.
  • Guests can browse without logging in (join here if you want to be a member)
  • Super-fast loading of forums and topics. We're talking FAST.
  • You can Create, Read, Reply and Quote discussions (SWIPE DOWN for options)
  • You can Send and Receive Private Messages (it's true!).
  • Attach files including pdfs, images and zip files
  • Advertising free experience
  • Plus MORE!

We worked with our friends at Tapatalk on this one, actually porting over their Android version of Tapatalk and customizing it for CrackBerry (so yes, it runs in the app player). With our beta testing to date we've found it's working pretty darn well, but consider this version 1.0 - if you find any bugs or things that need fixing let us know in the forums and we'll work on getting them fixed. 

Be sure to download the CB Forums for PlayBook app and drop a nice five star rating and review. Let's get this baby to the top of App World! 

Download the FREE CB Forums for PlayBook App from App World 

    Reader comments

    Download the FREE CrackBerry Forums for PlayBook app from App World today!


    Fantastic! Thanks CB. A little funny that the biggest blackberry fan site is running an android app on the playbook, but hey, it's a needed start. Native to come for BB10?

    Yep. That's the plan. Trying to ramp up to build a mega awesome all encompassing kick ass native app for the launch of BB10.

    In the meantime, this gets a solid forums app onto the PlayBook. I kinda looked at it as a good way to show people how easy it is to port from Android to BB. Embrace it!

    Now what's really funny is since we have the Android version in our hands too since we needed that to port to BB... I'll be tossing that up into Google Play soon so Android owners can download the CrackBerry Forums App. :) 

    Would love to give this app a shot. But my PlayBook just died. I'll try it out when I get my hands on a new one.

    Not a fan of Android apps as they have been causing major battery drain issues once one is opened, but I guess this will hold me over until a BB10 app comes!

    I'm in the same boat as you are; I doubt I'll use the app because it's android - but I guess it's good that we have one.

    Funny, a Android app for a BlackBerry site.....WOW. I find that Android apps run...well, "funny" on my BlackBerry PlayBook. Not sure how to handle this one!!

    Not Native, makes it look silly considering it is

    Till it's native i won't be side loading a half ported app.

    It's shame people still don't understand how this stuff works smh....

    The app works great for people that were wondering.

    There are only a handful of 'native' Cascades apps available at this time (ie. Pacemaker). This is due to the fact that not all APIs are available yet. They will be available by the end of September.

    I'll definitely download the Native version once available.
    Until then, I have no problem using the PlayBook browser but I always disable Javascript and Flash to make the browsing experience on faster.

    Looks like a ripped version of tapatalk

    Lol may be that's why it is an android one, less work required :)

    RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

    App???? I prefer the full site. Thanks to the PB browser I get a desktop user experience. Apps are so lame....

    Agreed! The browser works so well, there really isn't a great need for an app. Create a bookmark, done!

    Indeed. I rarely find myself using the crackberry site native app much less this android port. Appreciate the effort tho, but i don't use my pc anymore for browsing really as the playbook dishes out full desktop sites so effortlessly.

    someone please let me know if it works with the bridged internet
    (most of the time i am on bridge internet) before i download it

    How does one go back in this? Swiping down and tapping on the back icon doesn't work because there are other options at the top of the screen and none are any help in this case either.

    I havent tried it yet but probably swipe down from the top then hit the arrow on the left bottom of the screen.

    This just proves that Kevin and his minions who run the site are frauds. They have banned me from speaking my mind countless times, but I got the ace in the hole. I fired of a letter towards RIM and had a nice chat with not only our fearless leader , Mr Thorsten, but others in their media relations. While CB isn't officially having sex with Blackberry, they were annoyed and sent me a nice "we are sorry" package. They said they welcome any criticism and that any "MEDIA" outlet denying the right of a faithful Blackberry user's opinion is not favorable in their eyes, and it robs them of making themselves better or responding to a problem.

    An android app for a blackberry related content website, on a blackberry device, may as well start digging your final resting place in the world wide web.

    Cheap and a cop out, kinda like the people who run this site.

    * BlackBerry by choice *
    Not sure where the fraud part is in releasing an app but ok rant on about things not related to this Blog post. I'm glad to see that the option is there for those whom want it. I for one will give it a go, but for me I have a feeling I will more times than not stick with the browser.

    Is it just me, or is it impossible to navigate? The usual Android back button doesn't work on my PB. Works for other Android apps. Think I will stick with the browser.

    who gives a shit if its an android app
    are you really wanting only bb in youre perfect world
    the app is what it is and looks good
    end off

    Thanks for the app. Haven't used it yet, but I just downloaded it. I'm sure it will run better once each android app has its own window
    Looking forward to the BB X version...
    In the meantime , let's hope it's the #1 app on google play!

    I was quite disappointed when I launched it and found out it opened in the freezing hanging player, but quite surprisingly it works quite well and fast too! Still though browser works great for CB, nice one though guys!

    I am not downloading this. Why would I download an Android app from the supposed #1 place for BlackBerry Users and Abusers? There should be a native app using Research In Motion's tools (aka Air/QNX).


    Why don't some of Ya'll try it before just writing to it off. Not all android ports are bad. I have yet to have this app crash on me so I recommend that people try it

    Wow all you people that are not downloading this because its an android app, you guys are pathetic...

    Quoted from Sith_Apprentice

    "You do realize that any app that goes through App World is a BlackBerry app yes? There are MANY ways to get it there, but they are all BlackBerry applications. Port or not, it doesnt matter. How many people play GoF? How about most of the emulators? There are TONS of ported apps. Why do you care if its from an Android dev? Showing malice will only ever prevent them from developing for the device again."

    I know it's hard for you to believe, but there are some people who: (i) do not like Android on the Playbook; (ii) have found many Android apps to be horribly ported and poorly implemented without the developer giving thought to the Playbook's design or its control scheme; and (iii) think that the ability to do Android on the Playbook has only served to hurt development of native (i.e., non-android) applications for the device.

    Combine that with, at least for those of us not running beta software, a poor Android player with memory leakage and frequent failures to start thereby necessitating a reboot of the Playbook, then it's understandable that there are some people who refuse, where possible, to download an app when its Android.

    I downloaded it... it needs some adjustments, like changing font sizes :P

    However, I relly think it speaks volumes for our Fearless leader and his team to FIRST put out a ported Tapatalk app... at least they updated it so that it refrences the appropriate platform unlike some lazy android porters.

    Kevin stated that this is a go between while they work on a kick-ass Native BB10 app that will probably include Blogs, forums, store, etc. Wasn't this RIM's intent? To allow developers from other platforms the opportunity to port something of their own and help them make the transition.

    Download or Don't... but you all can expect something much better come BB10 launch. Frauds? Unlikely.