New Must Have App: Free CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer or Wallpaper Changer Pro with CrackBerry Wallpapers!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Aug 2010 12:26 pm EDT
CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer  CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer
Download: Free CB Wallpaper Changer | Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CB Wallpapers

Courtesy of our friends at ShaoSoft, we're extremely excited to announce our new CrackBerry wallpaper changing apps for your BlackBerry! The apps connect directly to our CrackBerry Wallpaper Gallery, automatically delivering new wallpapers to your BlackBerry homescreen for a fun and refreshing experience. We've even worked with BellShare on this one to ensure the rotating wallpapers work with the new BerryWeather. Two versions are available: the free CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer delivers the basics, while at $3.49 (on sale till Friday for $2.99) Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers adds a number of useful features.

Differences between free and paid versions:

  • Full allows for rotation from wallpapers saved on SD Card
  • Full allows you to save wallpapers from CB to your SD Card
  • Full has 2 "addons" that can be downloaded. 1) shortcut to quickly change wallpaper 2) shortcut to save wallpaper from CB. Both can be assigned to quicklaunch

General Description:

  • Supports JPG, TIF, PNG, & BMP format picture files
  • Low battery usage, won't drain your battery
  • Customizable rotation times; Choose what categories to pull in wallpapers from
  • Option to rotate in order or randomly
  • Smart media detection, when mass storage mode is enabled and Blackberry is plugged into computer via USB wallpaper changing is stopped and then safely resumes once unplugged
  • Lightweight, simple and efficient, not bloated with extra un-needed functions
  • Automatic start up after battery pull or device reset
  • Both versions will work with the new BerryWeather
  • Supports OS 4.7 and above

I've been rocking the beta of this for weeks now and am absolutely addicted to the CrackBerry Wallpaper changer (in fact, if you check out our BlackBerry 6 Review you can see I already had it installed on my Torch and Set as  Favorite back in July!). You can choose which categories you want to display wallpapers from your device on, so of course my personal favorite is to turn off every category except the Babes one and have it refresh every 15 minutes. It makes for a seriously entertaining work day (all your co-workers will be jealous). The free version is great, but if you've got an extra few $$ I'd recommend going for the Pro version. Being able to save and quick change wallpapers is so worth it. That's it. Enjoy it. Go download it now!!! 

Reader comments

New Must Have App: Free CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer or Wallpaper Changer Pro with CrackBerry Wallpapers!!


UNINSTALLED IMMEDIATELY after seeing this app put two pictures of half naked GUYS on my phone.

Ummm, you just have to go into the app and say no to Dudes under CrackBerry Wallpapers. Same for any type of pics you don't want to see.

I've had this app since it first came out and thanks to this article I NOW know about the 2 free apps! Reading IS fundamental, lol.

I already have the old wallpaper changer that I paid for. I'm guessing this is a separate app and not an upgrade?

Or it just keeps changing.

I'd like to see a manual change only, and ability to disable timed changes all together. But other than that, great app.

You can already manually cycle the wallpapers within the app, and with the paid version, you can also use the add-on wallpaper changer app via QuickLaunch. You can also disable the "timed changes" by setting the "Enable Wallpaper Changer" to no, and you can set your static wallpaper to what ever you like, as if it was never installed at all.

Trust me... these auto-wallpaper change and screensaver apps are a real drag (from Smarter Apps in App World). Batt and mem will go down significantly. Although they are cool, it's kind of a silly app to have running in the background.

So you are comparing this app to a completely different companies app?  Thats like saying if one twitter client drains battery they must all.  

 If you can show that my app causes any significant battery drain when set to anything above a 10 minute rotation time I'll give you a free copy of all my apps.  

No, I was speaking generally. I said "these...," and then name-dropped Smarter Apps, indicating their app as the one I had used before, never once saying I've ever used any of ShaoSoft's apps. I am sorry for this/your misunderstanding.

I have had this app when it was just a simple "wallpaper changer". Now, it has evolved with much more customization, and a plethora of potentially thousands of wallpapers for the viewing or saving. I think it can get no better than this, but the developer always surprises me. Although I beta test for Smarter-Apps, I have to call it as I see it, and say that this is the best WP changer by far.

Oh. By the way. I have always had mine set at 1 minute intervals, and never had any type of bog down, errors, loss of memory, or any significant battery drain.

Clearly we have different opinions on THESE apps. These apps being WP changers in general. Hence or maybe as a result, we have had different experiences with them. Generally speaking, of course.

We all have different opinions, just as we all use our devices in different ways, have different devices, OS builds, apps and themes, so our batt life and experiences with different apps will too differ. Just like wallpapers. :)

For some, batt life and application memory is too precious, regardless of the apps we can run without sacrificing too much, if any at all, the things that allow us to do what is most important to us on our devices for a longer period of time.

I just provided mine. As this specific application that this blog post is about does not manifest the attributes that you were speaking of IMO. I would think that separating your experience to a Smarter-Apps application and not comparing it to this one would be more appropriate. It should also be posted in a Smarter-Apps thread instead of a Shao-Soft blog. With any other statement, I would say that you're correct about certain battery life experiences, but I personally just would not lump all wallpaper changers in a "These apps" category, especially now that you have stated you have NOT even tried this specific one, and the SA WP has been your ONLY/SINGLE experience.
"That app" does not equate to "These apps".

Try it, you may like it.

Just an FYI - I changed up the image that goes with this blog post. Apologies to anybody who thought the first one was too sexy or anything like that. Definitely don't think it crossed the NSFW line (or else we wouldn't have posted it), but if so, you're good to go now.
Thx for the understanding on it. It's a great app. Download it!!!

Thanks --and (with no disrespect) just an FYI --when one works as a sysadmin in a K-12 school environment, that original image would definitely have crossed the line.

Or, most likely in any company with a female CEO or supervisor.

thx. will be more tactful with future posts. i always think with a domain like CRACKberry we can get away with a bit more than other sites, but can see where for things like that there is a fine line you need to stay on the safe side of no matter what.

I dont have an icon on my status bar... Are you sure its from this app? I have a 9650 from VZW running

I see the orange icon you are referring to now! Its the social feeds app notification icon that is part of BB 0S6... prolly showing it off on a torch.

This is a cool app! I bought the full version. Didnt read what the full version got me (lol) but its cool. I like that you can tell it what categories to grab wallpaper from. i dont want kittens and whatnot, so its cool you can pick! Thanks crackberry!

I didn't like the fact that you get ALL wallpapers under the category you choose. I was getting pink and purple and other girly wallpapers and so I decided to just delete it and download any wallpaper I like. It did work great though and my Curve didn't slow down or anything. Of course, I only used it for a few hours.

Good to know, but you do have the option to use only your SD card wallpapers. This is an upgrade of the Wallpaper Changer app, so the CrackBerry Wallpaper gallery is just a new feature. No need to delete the app. Just don't select the CrackBerry option.

Is this option only availabe for the paid version? I liked the smoothness of the app and how lightweight it was, but I didn't want all those girly wallpapers. But since I had the free version, maybe I didn't see that option. If it is in the paid (I know the paid allows you to save) then I'll definitely be buying it!

Yes the paid version allows you to only rotate from SD Card if you wanted.  Theres a free trial so you can test it out.

This is one of my most favorite apps. I can't help but stare at my blackberry all day just to see what the next pic is going to be.

What exactly does this do with berryweather anyway? Ive been wondering how they integrate with each other....

BerryWeather has a home screen wallpaper function that displays your weather on top of your wallpaper.  Wallpaper Changer and BW now work together so that when your wallpaper cycles in WC it also changes in BW.

All is ok except the 4th wallpaper sucks. It's the one that looks like the 10 of Diamonds playing card,...the pink one.

Edit: I'm now noticing some wallpapers that I don't care for, they are kinda childish in theme,, there are others that I'm sure my gf won't go for!

LOL,...that's what free gets you.

...Have Bold Will Travel~

PS: Where the heck is OS 6 for my 9700?

Weatherbugs live icon displayed in a theme that has the additional slot or the "7th" home page icon, works great also.
My deToday App that shows my up coming apointment calender isnt interacting. It briefly shows the recently change wallpaper, then defaults back to the wallpaper thats selected within the app deToday and displays the lines of upcoming apointments again. But Yes! it does indeed work good.
This last wallpaper of women displayed on my phone had a pix of a girl that looked like a photo I took on my own phone. The girl didnt have that model pizazz about her at all. I know if my G/F had seen that, I would have been in big trouble! She wouldnt care about the girly thing at all, but that one pix looked amateur, like I had something on the side LOL!

This does not work on my Tour. I keep getting an error saying something like "You must have a data plan or WIFI or set some APN settings" or something like that.

Yes it works with the Tour, the CB servers are being quite overloaded with the rush of people trying out Wallpaper Changer.  They are working on it though.  So that is why you maybe getting that error, should be fine shortly.

Like the app (free versio), have it set to change every 15. Plus you can uncheck (yes/no) to the categories you dnt want to use on the crackberry folders, that way you dnt get backgrounds you dnt want! Thanks Crackberry!

I love the app but after using the free 'Smarter Wallpaper' for a while, I miss my webcam feeds now. Any plans to add the Antarctica webcam soon? :)

I get an error when changing to a custom folder. I have a folder named "Myrtle Beach/" and when clicking on cycle wallpaper, it says "Error: IM...."

this rocks its a must have for torch users and you can set it the same way like win7 10 rotate change, very nice and great app with weather berry is a added plus.

Installed the free version. When I click on "cycle wallpaper", it says "loading image from CB...", and then "Error Reading: CrackBerry5.jpg". I am using the QBall 3G 5.0 theme on my Verizon Tour 9630 OS Any advice welcome.

When I do that, get the same problem someone else reported. First it says "Settings Saved", then "Caching wallpapers from CB", then "Unable to download/save. Dataplan or WiFi is required. APN may need to be configured. Ensure device is not connected to computer with mass storage mode on."

Needless to say, I have a data plan, and the device is not connected to anything at the moment.

I got an curve 8520 with os 5 and when I turn on the application and click refresh&save, it says settings saved but then can't download any wallpaper. I've got bis plan. Why does it happen? By the way application looks nice...

get the same problem someone else reported. First it says "Settings Saved", then "Caching wallpapers from CB", then "Unable to download/save. Dataplan or WiFi is required. APN may need to be configured. Ensure device is not connected to computer with mass storage mode on."

hey i'm interested in buying this app, but i got a question.

i've been using smarter wallpaper app for wallpaper switching, but it seems that my wallpaper always have artifacts in it (i'm not even using jpeg, all my wallpapers are in PNG). If i set my wallpaper manually then there is no artifact. so does this wallpaper changer leave artifact on the wallpaper or does it not?

This is the first time I do this but this is definitely a gay app.

Even if you unselect the dudes options half naked male come up. I'm glad I didn't pay for this.

Unless you're gay I would not get this. I know I won't!

I already did the refresh thing before deleting this app.

I think my girlfriend didn't appreciate the app also.

I've been using it for a week now, and it is so cool! I particularly enjoy picking up my phone and discovering a pic of a dude with a HOT BOD or a pic of a BAD AZZ car...HAVE MERCY!!!! SN: Why are so many guys in here whining about their girlfriends or wives "not appreciating" some of the wallpapers? Give the ladies a little credit- they may not be as "insecure" or "prudish" as you may think! I'm just sayin!

Is there a way to add a feature that can more finely tune FILTERING? Some categories are innocuous enough, but you can get a few "kind of out there" pix every once in awhile.