Download the CrackBerry Forums App here - It's your destiny!

By James Richardson on 8 Aug 2012 04:07 pm EDT

What? You don't have the CrackBerry Forums app installed on your BlackBerry? Shame on you! Now is your chance to redeem yourself. Free to download from BlackBerry App World, the CrackBerry Forums App is the perfect way to integrate with the CrackBerry Nation right from the palm of your hand. Whether you need some help and advice with a BlackBerry problem, have something to share or are just feeling lonely, chances are there is a forum thread to suit your needs.

With so many of us now relying on our BlackBerry as a main form of communication you can extend your friends by visiting the forums. We have BBM groups to join and there is always someone to chat to. In fact, you may be quite surprised in how quick many new threads get answered.

The app offers the following features:

  • Auto - Save account information. No need to login each visit
  • Super fast loading of forums and topics
  • You can create, read, reply and quote discussions
  • Send and receive private messages
  • Attach files including PDF's, images and zip files.

Sounds pretty tempting if you ask me and even better that it's free. So what are you waiting for? Hit the link below and get the CrackBerry Forums App on your BlackBerry now.

More information/Download the CrackBerry Forums App for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Download the CrackBerry Forums App here - It's your destiny!


The version for the PB is not a forums app. Its just a blog app. Any time you tap on one of the forum headlines you want to read about, it sends you to the website. A very incomplete app, if you ask me. That being said, I deleted the app long ago, bc I find it better just to go the website and have one app open (browser) instead of 2 (CB app for blogs and browser for forums).

The version for the handset is a very incomplete app as well. Its only for the forums and nothing for the blogs. Also, when reading the forums, you cannot thank or like any posts, nor can you see if you've been thanked or liked. It also doesn't use one of the best features of BlackBerry, autocorrect.

The big question is why isn't it available for the Playbook?

Who releases an App for smartphone first and not the tablet especially when these site is known for both?


@ James, suggestion to edit your post and add info about the PlayBook app so people aren't asking over and over because they don't read the previous comments.

Don't want to sound like an arse but the smartphone app is just crap imo. I have lag issues with it on my 9900. I prefer the mobile site anyways.

Crackberry app is nice, but lacks some features the page has, but is a nice concise app. I use both the app and this site on my Playbook.
Playbook, the one and only

Sounds great! ... hoping with a larger font under the icons. I found it just too difficult to read on my 9900 especially outdoors.

had the playbook cb app for many months now i think about 6 or so, as addicted i am to it. I certainly believe that it urgently needs an update or an entire facelift if you ask me.
RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I have loaded the CB Forums app twice on my 9810 and I did experience some lag and screen freezing. Since then I have upgraded the OS to .538 and will reinstall and see if it happens again. When it did work, it was nice. If it still causes lag, then back to bookmarking CB in my browser. And to add to M-Canuck's closing line, "Rim is the best and CrackBerry is great and I am a CrackBerry addict. :)

THE APP DOSENT WORK ON MY 9360, it also failed on my friend's 9360. I think its not meant for us.