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By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2012 01:35 pm EDT

CrackBerry Forums App CrackBerry Forums App

OK CrackBerry Nation, here it is! The long-awaited CrackBerry Forums App for BlackBerry Smartphones. We have the folks from TapaTalk powering our FREE version of the CrackBerry Forums app, and CrackBerry forum visitors are going to love it.

Our CrackBerry Forums App is FREE OF CHARGE, and offers these great features:

  • Auto-save your account information! There's no need to login every-time.
  • Guests can browse without logging in (join here if you want to be a member)
  • Super-fast loading of forums and topics. We're talking FAST.
  • You can Create, Read, Reply and Quote discussions
  • You Send and Receive Private Messages (it's true!).
  • Attach files including pdfs, images and zip files
  • Advertising free experience
  • Plus MORE!

You'll need OS 5.0 or higher on your BlackBerry Smartphone to download this one. PlayBook owners don't worry - we have a forums app heading your way soon too! This is version 1.0, so if you come across any bugs or ideas for improvement, feel free to drop them here in the comments and we'll work fast and hard to get them implemented. 

Be sure to download the app and drop a nice five star rating and review. Let's get this baby to the top of App World!

Download the FREE CrackBerry Forums App from App World


Mission RIMpossible

Awesome! Downloading it now. :D


Well done!
About time...


That looks cool but we want a much improved os6 crackberry app not a launcher

Kevin Michaluk

A more integrated app (blogs + forums) is in the works too. Put it this way.. working on getting everything APPED UP to the max.



Okay thanks I downloaded it and it's really fast and look amazing and I can't wait thanks kevin!


*found my answer ty*


Good move. It was rather odd that the No.1 Fansite didn't support its platform this way. Better late than never. Thumbs up.


It's a sweet App Kevin, and I'm sure that CB Nation will all appreciate it. I do find that the text below the icons is far too small for my eyes at least.


getting it now! thanks CrackBerry!


Cool app. Works well on My Torch 9800.


Looks like a Tapatalk Crackberry version for me? Is there any noticeable difference to TT?

Kevin Michaluk

That's what I said in the blog post. We're using TapaTalk to power it for us. Big difference obviously is that it's FREE and it's CrackBerry customized. Plus you get a sweet new CB icon on your homescreen. :)

If you're already using TapaTalk paid app, you could just add CB and get similar forum app performance. But even if you have that, you should grab the CB one to show the CrackBerry love. Also, we have some further plans to improve/differentiate, so you'll want to stay tuned for those. 


Sadly, i already bought the paid version just for crackberry months ago :P but the few bucks where 100% worth the money! If you would add PUSH notifications to blogs/news posts when your adding news to this app i would definatly fall on my knees and believe in god again haha. :)


I just bought Tapatalk last week. -_-


Cool! and to think i bought Tapatalk long ago just to access Crackberry lol

UPDATE: Downloaded and installed, but when I launch nothing happens :( it just get stuck and I have to battery pull.

whats the issue? Im on OS 7.1, Bold 9930

EveryApp Mobile


Please email me at with your issue.



I have the Torch 9850 and the exact same thing happened to me.


Torch 9860 on getting the same issue. I have also removed and re installed and same issue.


I liked the app, had issues with not being able to mark all as read. Then my phone started freezing and had to do a battery pull twice.

I'm using a 9800 with latest OS6.


Downloaded it right away as soon as I saw the tweet. Looking awesome so far and you say a CRACKBERRY app is coming too! Bring on the awesomeness.

Boldly sent from my 9930


Really cool! I remember when you mentioned this.. Thanks for following through.


Guys, CB is the best. I just was asking anyone to develop a better crackberry app in a different post titled "developers are more important to RIM than you think". And here it is. But would also love to see better app for PB too. Just started downloading the BB one.


Downloaded it and I've tried to launch it 3 times & it just completely freezes my phone! I think I'll stick with the CB launcher for now.


Same here... Bold 9900 with


Yep, freezes on .342...

You can go back to the homescreen by holding the BB button and selecting the Home icon

EveryApp Mobile

Where does it freeze? Please email me at with some more information.


I use tapatalk for everyday use but I have to agree it freezes my phone.

The app won't even launch, I click the icon or even choosing it to run after install makes me have to do a battery pull to clear it.

9900/ I'm on this os.

Not a huge deal for me as I already have paid for tapatalk a year or so ago so I can just continue on using that if this doesn't work out.

I ended up deleting the app for now and after an update I may redownload it.

Just some insight on the app kev and everyapp. ;)


How come I don't have any issues with this app what so ever? I am running OS on Telus Bold 9900. Works great with no issues what so ever.


This is really good, can't be compared to the CB launcher, Fantastic!! Hey Kevin any chance of getting something as functional as this for the PlayBook?

Kevin Michaluk

yes sir! As I said in the blog post... PlayBook version coming sooon!


Faaaaaaannntastic! Didn't read the post too excited just hit download in appworld! Nice one guys well done!!


Installing now!!

This is great news for me as the cb forum had a VERY small font on my 9930 browser.

Kevin, RIM should have you head the software development and marketing departments!!!

Now just waiting for the PB version coming soon!!!


Just purchased the TT Playbook version, it comes up with an error of expired license.

So make sure that is corrected for PB before you except it and put the CB brand on it.


I would like to see the traditional bb shortcuts such as double space for periods, and auto cap.


I know... This is the same issue with Evernote app. I use u and hit space, the word substitution sub in u with you. But this set up won't work with this app nor the Evernote app.


This is an issue, as well as it doesn't use your BlackBerry's set font (almost like it's using a totally different input system?)


Thank you so much for the free app.


Grrr! Just bought tapatalk last week! Gonna check this out anyway!


Crap, I just got Tapatalk..


Running nice and smooth on my 9900. Good thing I held off on TT. Thanks guys.


Man, where was this app when I had my 9930...


Wow, this app keeps the original signature from the forums intact when posting something on the forums. This way you don't actually have to use the signature from the app!


Love it, now we need one for pb!


Hmmm good stuff crackberry but just downloaded and installed...battery pull and it freezes my running OS 7.1 342...not a very good start guys...completely freezes my phone :-(.


Me too. Rogers 9900 on


Everyapp mobile commented and told people to send them an e-mail so they could fix the issue. Do it.


Even if it's twice as good as TapaTalk, I will be deleting the app shortly after downloading it. TapaTalk is HORRIBLE. But I'm going to try it out anyways.


...Did you comment negatively? If you don't like it.. Don't download it.


Great. Im def getting this


Hey Kevin just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping BlackBerry alive and standing behind them through their trial period. I, being a loyal BlackBerry user, stand behind them and will continue to do so until the end. Hoping there isn't an end. Working in the mobile industry for 7 years now starting with Best Buy to T-Mobile and now Verizon, I have watched the adoption of other devices. And while I have dipped my feet in other platforms, I return back to my BlackBerry. I hope and pray everyday that RIM will make a comeback with BB10. Yes everyone slams me as well as others like me about our continued faith in RIM. I have always had good experiences with BlackBerries. I will be extremely sad to be forced to adopt an iPhone or Android device. While very good products, BlackBerries suits my needs at the end of the day. I guess my only options is to buy backup BlackBerries in the event RIM don't make it through.


I'm with you on this, and like you support RIM and wish for the best.


Total agree with you there, I will stay with RIM till the end and hopefully there will not be.

Though the Windows phones are looking pretty good. RIM has to compete with something similar.


This works really well, its nice to be able to read without have to use zoom. Keep up the good work.


I love how 4 of the 5 reviews on App World are from Crackberry Kevin and CBBla1ze... and 3 of those 4 are from Crackberry Kevin! lol


Getting it right now!


Very cool on getting this out there....but I don't care for it too much. The UI isn't very friendly. Browser suits me better.


For those of you who have not purchased Tapatalk.. this is a great alternative. So far it is the same as Tapatalk except for the "theme" of the app, you have 2 different color choices.


This won't make my 9800 go into endless boot loop will it. I have so much trouble with that when I download some apps


No issue here... give it a try. I have had no problems with the Tapatalk app and this one either.


well it just froze my 9800 at giving trusted app status


when will i ever learn


battery pull time...thanks crack berry


everybody cross their fingers I'm starting to reboot


Is there an alternative download location? App World doesn't work in my country


Well Done! Thanks Kevin. No issues so far but will put it through it's paces.


Not working very well on my 9860. Downloaded and installed fine without problems, Logged in and everything went well the first time but now I can't close the app, it just logs out to the log in screen and stays there, won't close. Tried to log back in and got an error and it closed.

EveryApp Mobile


Please email me at with your issue.



first reboot was successful but CB forum app will still not run on my 9800 OS6 device. Freezes my phone when I try to launch it and doing my 2nd battery pull nor praying the reboot is successful so I can uninstall app. Never again will I download or update anything on my phone. I have said that before but I thought I would trust this one but oh no its the same thing. Wish somebody could tell me why on earth my phone acts weird all the time and my wife's exact same phone works perfect as far as I know. Oh I know its because she never changes anything or updates anything on her phone unlike me the all time changing crap


You sound like you have ADD bro, try taking a deep breath.

Why don't you try wiping your phone and reloading the OS? Might help.


Now I got to reboot again just to uninstall the darn thing


great thought and it would have been great if it had worked for me




No problems here on my 9930! Awesome! Glad I held off on TapaTalk paid version ;)
Let's Go CB!


Sorry Kevin thanks for the app but bad experience for me and some others

EveryApp Mobile


It would be good to know why you and those others have those problems. Why don't you email me at letting me know the problem you have?



I love this new app! Makes lurking and posting on CB so much easier than the previous app. Great job, CrackBerry and Tapatalk team! Runs great on my 9810 using


when i click links posted on threads instead of taking me to that thread thats linked it will launch the web browser and take me there. i think in future upgrades it should be made that if we click a link thats to another CB thread/post it should be done withint he app instead of the browser opening up otherwise its a great start :) the app has to be rebooted before font size changes take place


Don't work!!!

All it does is refuse to launch and locks my phone up. :(

I guess I have to uninstall. I've tried rebooting to no avail. Guess I still have tapatalk though. I wanted this,please fix 9670 OS6.

EveryApp Mobile


Please email me at with your issue.



AWESOME! Need a Playbook version now!


I only have one complaint: Hotkeys Font colors are too light to see. Make the font color darker and you have a winner!

EveryApp Mobile


If any of you have an issue please email me at



Nice App but I think I will continue to use my browser when visiting CB. The sad truth is that I find myself visiting these forums less and less because of all the ex BB users who feel they need to visit and talk $hiT. It's a real shame because I love this site and have learned so much on the forums here. And what's up with howarmat, that fuctard will like anything that's negative BB, and you have him as a Moderator on this site. SMH. I've said my peace, thanks.


I already paid for tapatalk, so I won't use this, but I think it's GREAT that it has been released. Easier CrackBerry access for all!


I too purchased Tapatak last week on my iPod, as I had iTunes credit, LOL. However, I did download the CB app today on my Curve 8530 (I need another BB) and it worked beautifully, I even posted on a thread. Sadly when I closed the app on my phone and then a few hours later tried to log back on, app froze a log-in screen and I had to delete it, Dang!!!

I just sent my issue to Julio via Gmail, LOL.


Working well for me on a Bold 9900 on Bell Canada with the official 7.1 release. Thanks!!!!


I just downloaded it. I will test it out and review it :D I've been looking to a free alternative to tapatalk JUST for crackberry


What we have all been waiting for! Sweet!

Hi Tek

Been waiting for this for a long time. Thans #teamCrackberry. Downloading now. . . buy buy BB Browser.


I just bought tapatalk a few days ago. It works great for Crackberry and a couple of other forums I frequent, but this app just freezes my phone. I have to do a battery pull so the phone works again. Using BB 9900 with the latest OS It's odd that tapatalk works so well but this one doesn't even launch.


But I'll download this, since the other forums I use haven't bothered to include the plugin. YIPPIE HIPPIE!! :)


I downloaded the app and had some trouble. I was able to open and even post. The problem was with the screen shot feature. When I clicked the BBerry menu button there were about 7 "Screen Tapa" options all in a row on the top of the list. I attempted twice to post the screenshot and it did not work. I then did a battery pull and it was the same thing, Between 7-10 "screen tapa" options??? Other than that, it was cool. Unfortunately, I temporarily had to delete the app due to this issue. I didn't want any problems. BTW, I'm on a 9930 with

EveryApp Mobile

Screenshot seems to be working fine. All you have to do is press screenshot and press either Volume Button up or use the screen to tapa menu item after pressing screenshot. Do not exit the compose screen.


I've tried what you said with no luck. I reinstalled it and now instead of having 8 screen tapa's, I have none. I seem like the only screen shot I can take is if what I am typing in the program such as just the post. When I do that and find my post I just created, It did not show my captured screenshot, but it did say attachment. I clicked on the attachment and it opened a box with an X and 3 choices: view, save, close...I pressed all three at different times and none of the posted any screen shot. What it up???? I'm getting really annoyed. It's probably something that I'll never want to use (screen capture that is, I love the forum) but it is annoying tht I can't just take a simple screenshot.


Can't open the apps, always loading icon when I open it..


doesnt work on my 9910


Tried it. Viewing the forums is much faster on the browser then the app.


Workng now!! Yeah! Now is it me or are the words too light? Other than that it works great.


Fast and smooth on my curve 9300! Thanks CrackBerry!


Wow, thanks so much! I must say, this is one app from the CB house that anyone would simply LOVE!

Downloading it now.
In other news, when will TapaTalk happen on giveaways or 80% discount? :D


Sounds cool but app tells me incorrect password and username


Freakin Awesome!
Appreciate the 'FREE' tag though..
Kudos to CB team :)


Works great but I can't view attachment photo, at all


Cool app but BIG Battery Drain !


I don't have an issue like that on my 9900. The battery drain is exactly the same as using any other app. Obviously because I am addicted to crackberry, it will use more battery. That's because I use the app more than the other apps.


How about a Playbook version for this app?


Can'twait for the Playbook version to hit the AppWorld!! Thanks team Crackberry


Just gave it a test drive on my OS 5 Curve and works like a champ. Great app!


kevin, or Dev team.

I tried using the app. it's great for PMs and a few other specific items.

But for browsing the forums, I just can't continue to use it as is.

I would love if tab management were part of this. When I browse forums, I open in new tab while continuing to hunt for other threads I might be interested in. When I'm done, I start reading my opened tabs.

Without tabs, this app is just too slow and irritating for browsing.

otherwise this is some really good stuff moving in the right direction.



OH WOW!!!!!!!!!

Tis good, got in on me 3 BB's just need it on me PB.


Look at it this way: You helped promote the idea and prove some #'s (fiscally) for the TT folks that the BB platform is worthy of support. (And it IS a nice piece of software, so why not pay for it, right? Especially in these whacky times.) I understand "free," but I also support things I run across that give me real value (software or otherwise).

Heck. I even buy CDs (vs download, especially avoiding iTunes) not so much due to any disdain for Apple's success so much as seeing more of the 30% Apple takes put into the hands of the artist. Admittedly, maybe the publishers are taking more and the artist still gets screwed, but I try. (Also one who believes a "digital lockerroom under someone else's control is not ownership at all.") Big fan of album art and such, too. :)

Good on TT working w/CB for a free version to show their stuff (both parties), and looking forward to where the CB version splinters in functionality from the parent app. Long live the BB!


Installed then deleted. I don't like how these apps need permissions/access to things that they really shouldn't require access to. This kind of app shouldn't need access to user data.

I'll just use the forums via the web browser.


The Playbook TapaTalk (paid) application has been updated and works great.


If anyone is having screenshot issues with this app, please reply so I know I'm not the only one. I've been searching with no luck. If you have a fix or quick help I'd appreciate it. TY


Thanks to two Geniuses, I was able to understand how to use the Screen Capture feature. Thank you guys.....


Just got this 2 days ago, and I'm loving it so far!