Download the BlackBerry PlayBook ringtones and sounds!

By Bla1ze on 26 Oct 2010 03:00 pm EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook

Since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK many developers have been poking around to see what goodies they can find hidden within. Some of those found goodies were the BlackBerry PlayBook ringtones and sounds. Ok, they're not really ringtones, rather just system sounds. Either way, they've all been extracted in .wav format and posted up for download, we're not exactly sure who did it but, thanks!

Click Here To Download The BlackBerry PlayBook Ringtones And Sounds

Source: BBLeaks

Reader comments

Download the BlackBerry PlayBook ringtones and sounds!


I WANT this thing so bad. It's gonna rule. I see lines to get it. I'm gonna rock my Torch in my pocket and tablet for all the web networking. Can you imagine BBM on this! :O

Nothing too major. Out of all the files there's about 5-6 you can keep. I'm gonna use some of 'em for my email.

Getting this pack is VERY AWESOME! I spend a lot of $$$ on Crackberry, I also love it as well spent!! Thanks All!

You aren't going to buy one?? I think even the nay-sayers will end up with one. I'm definitely getting it asap!

Got a couple of cool notification sounds for text, bbm, and email out of this, so thanks for that!

takes us to a HotFile website wanting subscription. Could not get download to work. NOT signing up with something I know nothing about. Sheesh!