Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac!

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Oct 2009 10:00 am EDT

11:32am EDT: WOOOHOOOO!!! RIM WAS EARLY! Click the image above to download now!

10:00 am EDT: Oh Happy Day! I know I should probably wait until BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac is available for download at 1pm EDT this afternoon, but I just couldn't wait and had to get a post started for it asap. Consider this the official BDM for Mac waiting room and we'll update this post as the time approaches. This is like New Year's Eve for BlackBerry + Mac users. In the meantime, you can express your wantingness for BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac in the comments and if you're like me, keep refreshing the page over at waiting for the download to go live.

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Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac!



I have been waiting for this day for about 4 years, 7 months, 9 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds. But who's counting?

So excited I am actually leaving work early today, unrelated to this releasing, but I will just say the stars aligned and made it possible!

Yeah, because about 500 people might actually care about a Linux version versus the millions of downloads that they are going to see today.

As much as I like Linux.. (I'm a Linux Administrator..) Gotta be reasonable here. Linux has nowhere near the amount of desktop users as Mac or Windows.

Is this really that much different than the leaked version? wont really do anything special will it? I am a mac user but is there any reason for me to be really excited about this? The current leaked one works just fine on my MacBook Pro :-)

I've had a few problems on the leaked version with the backup-restore options, and a sync problem where all my contacts were replaced by the same contact (200+ of the same contact)

But I hear many aren't having any problems whatsoever, I just want an official release to 'rid' the application of any bugs the leak might of had.

No i backed up my storm my tour n my girlfriends 8330 all with no problems at all...Hopefully the actual release will bring better luck for those experiencing trouble!

It is most likely not any different from the leak but I am not one of the people using the leak. I would rather wait for official release

I was unable to run any updates to the Blackberry OS under the leaked version. It kept giving me an error and shutting down. I'm hoping that's been fixed.

I am hanging out for the release of DM for Mac, but I have to say, I am pissed off. Perhaps such a prominent banner with "available for download" should wait until the software is actually available? I got all excited when the page loaded, only to see that it is in anticipation of the release. You'd look like a total ass if for some reason RIM decided to delay the release once again, for example, due to the last minute discovery of some security hole.

HA. Nice comment.

First: Read the post. There's some pretty clear text under the image that says we'll make it clickable once live, plus if you read any of the text you'd get the premise of the post.

Second: I fully expect delays. That's why I started the post early. And I'll update it as the time approaches... We've done these kinds of posts before and it's lot of fun. Will it be right on time? Five minutes late? Ten minutes later? 45 minutes late? Not sure. But this post will be live to keep ppl updated. So that's not looking like an ass... that's caring about a community of users so they're in the loop and not in the dark.


It seems that we have, all, been waiting for this official release for what seems to be an eternity.

Is it 1:00 yet??

Glad to see it official, since I have been using the other version for awhile. Guess I continue using it till I make sure all the bugs are out of the new one.

So, what can you do with BBM if your contacts and calendar come from a BES? Anything?

Does it do anything cool with the iTunes library? I guess it's expecting too much for it to sync smart playlists and update play counts, last played times, etc.

This was the one thing that made me consider switching to an iPhone when I bought my Mac computer- I couldn't sync my Blackberry with my computer!! Very glad I didn't and than RIM figured it out and brought us Mac users into the loop! I now own an iPod touch (won it from!) and my BB- I see it has having the best of both worlds.

Common RIM make it go live!

You got me. I was excited cause I thought they released it early. I have a class at the release time so I am going to have to wait :( Damn so close

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I've got both my iMac and iBook all shined and polished for the occasion. I'm on my best behavior so as not to offend the RIM/Mac gods today. This so rocks. A red-letter day on the 'ol iCalendar for sure. Yes, Baby!

I'm glad they're getting this out FINALLY. But come on! We MUST have the very latest version of MAC OS X in order to use it?

That's horrible. So my MAC MINI that is running an OS that is only 2 years old won't be able to use this. SO glad I got a Blackberry as a MAC user. Not. Should've gotten and IPhone after all.

If you want to convert MAC preferring folks you need to try a LOT harder.

BOO RIM, terrible.

But since we can upgrade to Snow leopard for 30 bucks its not that bad. As long as your running tiger and you upgrade you should be fine.

Just read the comment above about how the software requires the latest version of Mac OS X and I'm just floored. I'm using the last version of Tiger (10.4.x) and now I'm not going to be able to use the DM for Mac as I was hoping to be able to. I love my BlackBerry, but this kind of crap will make me think twice the next time I upgrade my phone--especially if Verizon is able to make a deal with Apple to sell a CDMA version of the iPhone.

My Power Mac G4 won't run anything higher than Tiger, so Leopard/Snow Leopard are a no-go for me--unless I want to drop $200+ on a processor upgrade, which I cannot justify just to use RIM's Desktop Manager, which I already have on my laptop PC. It's just aggravating that Apple to this day still goes to great lengths to keep software compatible with older hardware as long as possible, while third-party developers like RIM shut out these viable machines.

My seven year old G4 tower ("Quicksilver") runs Leopard just fine. Snow Leopard (10.6) is a different story--it requires an Intel-based Mac. But you should be OK to install 10.5.

And it has a 500 MHz processor, which doesn't meet the 867 MHz speed requirement for Leopard. There are some workarounds out there if one does not want to pop for a new processor or perhaps even a new computer, but I don't want to mess with the current stability I enjoy with my system's setup just to add Desktop Manager to the mix.

Some Quicksilver Macs have a compatible processor, some don't. None of the Sawtooths (Sawteeth? LOL) I'm guessing you have one that plays well with the newer OS. :-)

Sorry, but not true... u have to have leopard already for that $30 deal, AND you must have an intel based MAC too. If you have an older PowerPC MAC running last version of Tiger - you're hosed.

u actually can install the 30 dollar cd of snow leoaprd without leopard. and yes i mean the 30 dollar one not the 160 blah blah stuff. and like that guy said it's "Mac"

You can't upgrade from Tiger to snow leopard for $30. Only leopard to snow leopard for $30. I am running tiger 10.4 and it will cost me $169 to upgrade. You can't just bypass leopard, they make you pay for it. Tiger works just fine for me, and it sucks they didn't make this available for Tiger. LOTS of Mac users out there still running Tiger with no reason to upgrade yet.

You definitely can upgrade from Tiger to Snow Leopard with the $30 upgrade copy. I am an Apple tech and I have done this.

Apple's very own website states:

"If your Intel-based Mac is running Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, purchase the Mac Box Set, which is a single, affordable package that includes Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard; iLife ’09, with the latest versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD; and iWork ’09, Apple’s productivity suite for home and office including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote."

The Mac Box Set is $169 at the online Apple Store. What's the workaround for that?

For what it's worth, the answer is meaningless to me--my old Power Mac has a G4 processor so it can't run Snow Leopard even if it was free to upgrade. But others might be interested to know how you pulled off this seemingly unbelievable upgrade bargain.


Just wanted to be clear, you're saying I can go ahead and purchase the $30 Snow Leopard upgrade and it will work even if I'm currently using Tiger?
Is the other option just to get us to buy the iLife/Work stuff? Geez Louise.

I mean, I'm not buying $125 worth of software just to be able to use the BDM! Thats even if my MAC MINI supports the latest version of OS X, which it probably doesn't.

Weak. I'm gonna call RIM and ask about this as well but am not holding my breath for a customer friendly answer.

The fact that it doesn't work with Tiger is pretty sad. But I wanted snow leopard and it only COST 30 dollars. lol

Snow leopard freed up a lot of space on my mac and its super fast now. So I would say check it out.

You know you're an addict when you click the button before reading "we'll make it clickable once it's available"...

2 hours and 7 minutes! :)

I haven't read much about it, but does anybody know if we will be able to sync through Bluetooth?

it would be nice if they'd polish up DM for PC....I hate it and it looks like its from 1994. Don't even get me started on the media manager...

I like the progress though, and happy for the MAC folks!

I bet any amount of $ the servers are gonna crash once this goes live LMAO!! No but seriously lets hope not! I need this too ;)

I can't wait as I am an avid Mac user that loves my Blackberry. My only concern is I could not get the leaked version to work, so I do hope the "official" one does. But I wonder what kind of support will RIM have for this? Anyone have any idea or thoughts??

Persistent store migration failed, missing source managed object model.

That is the error I get when I try and Sync. I am running .230 on Storm.

i am running snow leopard and i boot up in 64bit by default. BDMMac don't work i have restart and boot up in 32bit for it to recognize my device.

64-bit mode of Snow Leopard won't run ANY 32-bit applications. I'm guessing DM is a 32-bit application only right now. Running Snow Leopard in 32-bit mode will still allow you to run 64-bit applications.

What version/build # is the official???

I'm not reading good things so far...i have to wait til i get home.

damn i was waiting for this for such a long time, but it only works on 10.5 :( :( :(
my macbook pro is running on 10.4 :(

i love it!!! i just put music on my blackberry from my itunes!!!!!!! so far so good!!!!! i woke up this morning and came on to see if it was available and it was the first thing when the page loaded!!!! i'm so excited about this can anyone tell.... ha ha!


Possibly a stupid question, but I heard you can use your storm as a tethered modem via the PC Desktop Manager. Can the Mac version be used to set this up? Thanks for any help.

I have noticed that mass media does not work with the OSX DM. BUt when i use the Windows DM it works just fine.

IS any one having the same issues, what are some remedies i can use.


Argh! i just finished downloading the DM when I realized I forgot my USB cable at home. Bummer-I will wait until I get home to check it out. I guess I will work on a playlist.

Between the beta and the release??? I tried the "Check for updates" on the beta I was using and it said I had the most recent????

It's about time... I hope it lives up to my expectations (which I'm sure it won't). But even if it disappoints I'm sure it will be far better than PocketMac and Media Sync.

Just used it, and it worked great. I used the leaked version earlier and when I synced my contacts I couldn't edit or delete them. With the official release everything seems to be working just fine. I hope success continues and I am really glad they finally have this thing up and running. Now if we can get some video and photo sync we will be in business!

Just found a glitch. If you are syncing from Address Book and you have the phone number identified as main the contact will copy to the device but the phone number will not come with it. The solution seems to be to make sure that your contacts in address book have the phone number categorized as home or work.

A sync error occurred.
Please retry the sync.

Syncing task doesn't works for me.

Update :
Unsinstall the beta is not enough reboot (error messages saying unistall failed) and reinstall the new one and reboot again -> it works great.

Meets the system requirements for this software.

System Requirements
Mac OS X v10.5.5
BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2 or higher
iTunes v7.2 or later

Downloaded, but am nervous to install and use it due to my experience with the beta. I am hoping they fixed the address book issues. Like duplicating items, and totally messing up my address book so that I couldn't remove things from it.

I hope some brave testers will give it a workout and let us know.

first of all you need OS X 10.5 so basically anyone with a macbook 13 inch is beat you have to upgrade your os system for $129.. Bulll shyttttttttt!!

.... because today I had to reinstall completely my BB !!!!

Now I downloaded the official one and everything looks exactly the same.

Is'nt there some thing missing compared to the PC app ? The help if you want to change terminals ....

i am trying to upgrade a new o.s but i can't figure out how to do it on this. when i click on applications and check for updates, an error comes up.
can someone tell me how to update my o.s. thanks

Awesome! Just converted to a Mac this week and have now downloaded the Mac DM. Will work on using it to break my 8330 later this evening. ;)

When I try to close Mac DM, it freezes, I get the beach ball, and I have to force quit. Happened on the leaked version for me too. Anyone know how to avoid this?

Otherwise thank you RIM for finally making us Mac users happy with our BlackBerry's.

The program works good, the only thing that I miss from the pocketmac is the resolution of the contact's pictures.


yeah I am. The leak version worked fine, I did an AppZap and installed the new one. The app hangs when synching my calendar. Bummed.

I am running 4.7.53 on a Tour.

I'm still on 4.7.40 on the Tour.

You're right, the leaked version worked fine, but i don't know why it's goofing for me now... bummed. Reloading my BB OS to see if that helps clear things up,...

Kudos to RIM. This is the first application I have tried in 4 years that ACTUALLY worked and did what it said. I did have to use the Windows desktop version to delete my calendar database before two way sync would work correctly but after that it sync'd perfectly as did Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Music. THANK YOU RIM!

well I figured out how to clear the calendar on the PC version, then moved over to BBDM for Mac and it didn't work. Still hangs when synching calendar (i have it set to 'all events' and overwrite existing data on BB) - gonna try some different settings.

Ok so here is what exactly is happening:
I connect my 8900 to the comp and start the update process. It'll get about 30-40% done and when it hits "Backing up 'WAP Push Messages'" I get the "BlackBerry® Desktop Manager failed to update your BlackBerry® device." box 1 and behind it box 2 saying "BlackBerry® Desktop Manager could not download the required files. There may be a problem with your network connection or the server is not responding. Please try again later."

I don't get it. Then I go back to my phone and my wireless signal is "Off". So i have to restore wireless connection. IDK what is going on. Anyone care to help out?


I am so damn happy. Finally I can stop trying to download updates onto my work PC, incurring the wrath of our IT department, just to keep my Tour up to date. It is a glorious day for BB/Mac people everywhere.

I just downloaded this and hooked my blackberry. It did the normal stuff it does on a PC... Wants to do an update, backs up your files, and tries to restore...
It won't restore any of my data, apps, etc!!!!

I tried to go back to my PC to load my backup file I did there, but it says working and will not do anything.

HELP!!! My Bold is now broken!!!

So excited that it's finally available!! Had some trouble getting bb crashed 3 times, but with persistence I got it running and now have my bb backed up and my calendars sync'd!! Very happy bb/Mac user here!

Works perfectly with my Bold. My MBP is SL 10.6.1 - I should caveat this by saying I'm on BES and only need to sync Notes to my computer.

One note, for syncing Notes while using BES with a corporate Exchange server with Entourage 2008, it will sync Notes to the Exchange Server but Entourage does not support Notes with Exchange. Instead, I set Notes to sync with Apple Mail and it works just fine.

The MediaSync also works perfectly. With the standalone MediaSync and iTunes, every time I added a new song it would download all songs to the BB again. Now with this release, it only downloads new songs - what a time saver!

Still trying to update these applications but I get an error message as soon as it gets up to the WAP messages. Don't know what this is all about.

I don't understand why it keeps shutting off my service while updating the applications, then telling me there is a problem with my network.

I waited for a month. I had a beta version that didn't work. I downloaded the official version and ended up braking my phone because it just stopped while updating. I had to unplug and screwed the OS.


I waited for a month. I had a beta version that didn't work. I downloaded the official version and ended up braking my phone because it just stopped while updating. I had to unplug and screwed the OS.


I waited for a month. I had a beta version that didn't work. I downloaded the official version and ended up braking my phone because it just stopped while updating. I had to unplug and screwed the OS.


I've been having problems with my Address Book, so I was told to reload my OS. I just did so with the Blackberry Desktop Software, and it's been apprx. 45 min., and it hasn't finished.

Has anyone had this problem, too? And is it advisable to cancel the reload and try again later?

does anyone know how to get your itunes movies and videos on/off your Tour? I want to send videos i recorded on my phone but they are too large to email?

also getting movies/video onto the phone from itunes. anyone?

will this be possible with the DTM?

good thing its just my work one on BES and not personal 8900. when i plugged in my 8830 it said there were some updates. OK, i proceeded and when i looked back at my mac the update had failed and the LED was just blinking RED. Nothing would recognize the blackberry not even JL_Cmder on my PC. I need to launch apploader via a CMD on my PC. Now im scared to try my 8900 on mac at home.

i am SO happy that this program finally arrived. what I don't understand is why when I plugged in my curve it updated everything and ruined all my settings. but that's not even my biggest issue-i'm so confused about how all my apps are now 'archived' on the memory card according to app world. and if they're archived, why are they still running? on the plus side, i have sooo much more memory (went from 31 mb to 36-37). But when I downloaded a new app today (quickpull) and archived it like everything else, I can't see it! what's up with this?

Waited and Waited and Waited. Nothing works, wow I really shouldn't have gotten my hopes up for some decent program coming out of RIM. Doesn't do squat with my storm no calendar no contacts. But if nothing else the program and the screen look nice A+ on graphics F on well every other part of this.

Way to go RIM keep the shit coming

Well I installed it and I get "A sync error ocurred. Please retry the sync". All I want to sync are my contacts. I tried eliminating the Entourage notes key from the plist file as mentioned in the BDM beta posts.

I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I still get the error.

I checked the log, and this is where it craps out:

2009-10-02 15:56:07.163 ERROR*** default pimSync Exception during sync: *** -[__NSCFDate dayOfMonth]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x172ef000
2009-10-02 15:56:07.163 ERROR*** default pimSync An exception of type NSInvalidArgumentException occured because: *** -[__NSCFDate dayOfMonth]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x172ef000
(no stacktrace available).

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until v. 1.01, unless someone else knows what else to try.


Mac OS: 10.5.8
BB 8900 Curve OS version:
iTunes version: 9.0

I failed to reload my 8320's OS, and I disconnected my Blackberry. Now, it won't load, and I've done a quick pull and battery pull, but it hasn't loaded. I have no idea what to do.

It says to please insert media card into device...but i have an 8GB card installed...i have a storm...any ideas?

I love it! I have had no issues syncing my calender, tasks, memos, and music with it at all. I had tried other programs and I would end up with duplicate or triplicate appointments. So dang easy!

to work with the earlier versions of Mac? I have 10.4.11 and sadly, it only supports 10.5x and up... this sucks!

well I got my sync to work but I had to uninstall then reinstall it and had to let it overwrite my BB when I did that it worked but if I tried to merge it would give me a sync error. Hope it keeps working now

Wiped out all the contacts from my phone, except for one, and it duplicated that one 6 times. Won't sync the calendar, won't sync tasks or notes either. Pre-release version worked better. Pre-release only wiped out SOME of my contacts instead of ALL of them.

Thanks a lot RIM.

Was not worth the wait in any way, shape or form. What a piece of crap software.

i downloaded and am using it now.. I finally have a way to sync my playlists and music.. It works pretty sweet. No more draggging and dropping. It's a nice clean interface.. And is easy to use... One thing I will miss from my missing sync is bluetooth proximity sync... So RIM if you could put that in there... That would be pretty sweet!

What a nightmare.

1. PocketMac REFUSED to go away - and the Blackberry CSR seemed to not know what he was doing to make it go away (it's still there, by the way).
2. Overrode everything on the Curve with the remnants of PocketMac. Thankfully I had backed it up on my PC.
3. Verizon Wireless CSR gave me the "Blackberry for Palm OS" phone number Sounded like the VZW people had NO idea what was coming at them - same thing w/the RIM people.
4. Entourage syncing was a mess - first it wouldn't, then it would
5. Not RIM's problem - but I'll need a bigger memory card for my music

Bottom line: we'll see.

I installed the new DM and it worked great. Be sure your sync settings on entourage are on.

Calender and contacts synced perfect.

No use for music i own an iPod.

Makes me sad so many people are having issues.

HELP! i keep trying to sync my itunes but it says my mass storage is turned off. i check it and it says it is ON but it wont register for the computer…what do i do?/

I also think if you have anything like pocketmac, or the beta you must delete the entire thing. Including preferences, etc.

My guess is alot of you are running into conflicts with other sync applications.

@ all these people still using powerbook macs lol dude if your complaing that the dm wont work on your 7 or 9 year old anything...maybe you should try upgrading to something more relevant. thats like making something for windows 95! or going into a store and trying to buy windows 95 lol ANYWAY Yay for RIM!! super stoked so does this mean i can now install a leaked OS thru mac instaed of using vmware fusion???

Well it's also the fact that RIM only made this application for Snow Leopard. That's like windows coming out with an update to a well-known program only for Windows 7 users, thus turning their backs on the Windows XP, and Windows Vista users.

It just doesn't make sense.

I guess you're one of these folks (like some friends of mine) who believe in chucking hardware every 2-4 years just to be cool or something? No wonder landfills have no room for garbage nowadays. Apple makes their computers to last, unlike the scores of WinTel computer manufacturers whose machines are lucky to make it three years before suffering major hardware issues or forcing users--through sluggish performance--to upgrade to a newer OS in order to enjoy even more sluggish performance because their hardware can't support it. You do realize that the Tiger OS 10.4 was released in 2005, while Windows XP--still in wide use today--was released in 2001 and is still supported by RIM? Where's the logic in continuing to support an eight-year-old operating system on an (in my opinion) inferior platform while excluding a more robust and more recent OS still used by many Mac owners on their machines? DM for Mac is yet another half-baked attempt to placate Mac owners and give them what appears to be a valid reason to choose a BlackBerry over an iPhone. Unfortunately, it's just smoke and mirrors and (based on what I'm reading in many of these comments) is no great advancement beyond PocketMac.

The first thing I attempted after downloading Desktop Manager was to backup everything on my 8330. The backup was going great until it stopped dead in its tracks saying profiles cannot be backed up. Any ideas?

I signed up to be notified of the release, what happened to my notification RIM?!?!

anyway i heard the official is no better than the beta im using so...

HELP! i keep trying to sync my itunes but it says my mass storage is turned off. i check it and it says it is ON but it wont register for the computer…what do i do?

I have a Curve 8900 + Macbook running 10.5.8 and today is a VERY happy day! The DM just updated my device and after restarting, synced my iCal and Address Book with no issues! This software has finally made me not so envious of the iPhone! Cheers to RIM!

installed it, connected my bb like it said so then it went to update automatically restarted my phone abt 5 times and WIPED EVERYTHING! ive added a lot since my last back up now im f*cked. WTF!

on the blackberry desktop manager if you go under device--restore you can restore it before you did the update. this happened to me and it was an easy fix.

HELP! i keep trying to sync my itunes but it says my mass storage is turned off. i check it and it says it is ON but it wont register for the computer…what do i do?

I am a Mac lover. I down loaded this program, had an os update for the phone, I authorized it and now my phone is wiped. Tried to restore and syn has errors! WTF!!!!!!

Great day for me:
It duplicated my address book...
It lost all my ringtones..
It lost all my music..
It wouldn't recognize I said 'yes' to mass storage....
Everything was fine until i started dickin' around----
Why did I even bother?????????????????????

This software is a piece of shit. I am going to just keep using my PC for the DM. I connected my Tour (running on .230) and it only recognized it once. I got through one backup and then went to go load my iTunes and it told me my memory card wasn't loaded. FML.

I installed it, restarted the computer, and attached my Storm. With in 30 seconds, both the phone and BBDM froze and had to be restarted. Reconnected the Storm, and tried to sync them. Once again, they both froze. Restarted both, for the second time. Storm restarted with all my contacts and calender events gone. Checked back up folder; nothing. F***ing pissed, this is the last straw, I'm getting a Iphone. I've never been so disappointed with any thing as I have been with this phone.

Ok... So I ran a sync and it went fine. It told me there was an update available for my phone from 4. to 4.5 something. I said ok. After installing the os, it says waiting for device to initialize and i get a error 507... loading applications.... and then Blackberry Desktop Manager failed to update your device. The Device was disconnected (it wasnt) reconnect your device and try again.

So I do...


this has happened multiple times. this time it went the farthest it has gone yet and the blue bar filled all the way but it still said the same thing with a 507 error. called RIM and they want me to spend 49 bucks to talk to a service representative... calling att now.

( i have a curve 8310)

Is it just me or are majority of the problems of the mac desktop manager occurring with the curve? Just asking because the majority of posts that state they have a problem are people with curves, though I have seen problems with the storm and tour too just two or three maybe more

It deleted my Notes at first. I edited each note a little then set it to overwrite the device. All is working fine now. It takes a little work but now it's worth it.

Is it just me or are majority of the problems of the mac download manager occurring with the curve? Just asking because the majority of posts that state they have a problem are people with curves, though I have seen problems with the storm and tour too just two or three maybe more

no photo sync? wtf?

if you have songs on your media card it wont check - so lets say i have a 3 gig card with 2 gigs of music already on it. when i try and sync my playlists (2 gigs), it tries to add it as new music even though there are mostly duplicates so it thinks it doesnt have enough room. need to delete all music from berry and then sync.

calendar and address book fail. you either have to allow your computer to win or select merge which creates duplicates of everything. what about letting handheld win? true sync = make both device and computer identical. no dupes and if there are conflicts let me know and decide who wins.

address book mapping sux. if you have a contact that is filed by company name (i.e. no first name or last name, it creates a blank entry in your address book.

maybe i'm being critical for v 1.0 but would think by now they could make Mac software work well.

I have an 8310.

Syncing with Entourage seemed to work without any problem. I then did a complete backup which also worked well.

Then, my big mistake was to update the OS to 4.5. I had been waiting for the program for ages to do this. During the process the 8310 got stuck on restart...after about an hour of waiting for it to do something I pulled the plug. I had to take out the battery and reboot.

It had successfully installed the new OS but deleted all my settings, files etc. The restore program on the software is good and managed to get most of my stuff back, had to do a sync to.

Took about 2 hours to get everything back.

I would recommend a backup before tinkering with the software!!!

well... unfortunately, just because it looks slick.. doesnt mean shit.

i would love to take the windows version if it meant it actually worked!

if you have had the leaked version prior to installing the new release today, be sure to delete the user>library>app support>blackberryDesktop folder, empty trash and reinstall DM. Restart the computer, and do a full shut down, battery pull as well for good nature. I had all the same freezes, and now all is warm, and sweet. Sure, the address fields don't match in the contacts, but the calendar was done correctly and that's a start.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac "BDSM"

Way better than windows and nice clean layout.
They know mac users like things better.

My only complaint is that the mac version of desktop manager doesn't allow you to install upgraded blackberry device software. Big bummer, I still have to return to windows.

Is or will there be another version available for Tiger? After MUCH and LONG anticipation for a BDM for Mac, I'm frustrated and upset that the much anticipated BDM for Mac will not work with my Macs. When I try to install I get a message that says:

"This software does not support your current operating system.
Please upgrade to the latest version."

Since I only have 3 G4's, I'm unable to upgrade to Leopard. I'm limited to Tiger.

How may others are experiencing the same frustration?

(My frustration was brief and I'm over it)

I did some research yesterday and found an app called "LeopardAssist" which fools the installation disc for Leopard into thinking your computer has a fast-enough processor. Leopard does not require an Intel processor, but does require a processor speed of 867 MHz or higher. LeopardAssist temporarily writes into the PRAM of the machine that it has a 900 MHz processor, thus allowing installation to continue. Perfect operation, however, is NOT guaranteed since system requirements laid out by Apple are, after all, being circumvented.

The main bummer is that there's no low-cost upgrade path to Leopard from Tiger as there is from Leopard to Snow Leopard. You'll pay at least $100 and most likely higher to get Leopard on your machine, and even then you might not be satisfied with the performance. It's a high price to pay, both financially and functionally, just to use what's shaping up to be a P.O.S. application.


I do not like the options when it comes to Syncing!

You have the option of 2-Way or from the Mac to BB. You do not have the ability to choose BB to Mac. When I did the 2-Way Sync; it created not only duplicate address but also duplicate email's and numbers within each contact! A real PITA to fix!!!

Anyone else understand what I mean?

I, as others, have waited soooo long for BDM for Mac and am again FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED by RIM. Since I have 3 Macs running G4 PowerPC's with processor speeds below the 867MHz required for Leopard (10.5), I cannot upgrade. This BDM for Mac requires "the latest operating system".

Getting close to upgrade/renewal time with Verizon. May be time to switch carriers & smartphone manufacturers...

Google "LeopardAssist" and you'll find a way of circumventing the processor speed requirement for Leopard installation. But even taking that into consideration, you're looking at a hefty price to pay for Leopard itself, which still commands top dollar via outlets like eBay, where the average going price for a legit retail copy is $125 or more. Seems odd when one can go from Leopard 10.5 to Snow Leopard 10.6 for less than 30 bucks.

Whether one wants to take a chance on disasterous results or not, not in my case, I believe it is VERY sad that BB doesn't support any previous version of the OS-X operating system. Wonder what the percentage of Macs running older versions, specifically 10.4.x vs 10.5+? Then wonder what the percentage of BB owners have Macs with 10.4.x???

With all the msgs I see on this blog complaining about this problem, BB should LISTEN and RESPOND with a version compatable with 10.4.x (or LOSE those people)...

After installing the new software my VZ Access manager would not longer detect my phone. Turns out RIM was up to something good! You no longer need the Access Manager as your Network Pref. panel now recognizes your phone as a modem. Just dial.

Number: #777
User ID:
Password: type none or something. (No password)

Hope this helps!

For all those that are pulling their hair out and screaming into the night....Download Missing Sync. It has worked for years...seamlessly. iTunes with video and pictures, Bluetooth synching, everything that RIM still can't figure out. Desktop Manager is free but for some of you, you get what you pay for. Oh, and Missing Sync is working on device firmware upgrades for their next version. No, I don't work for them, I just love their product because like a just works.

Uninstalled my beta DM, installed the new DM, worked like a charm. Contact syncing is flawless, calendar, task and note syncing went wonderfully. Haven't synced nay music yet and the device backup went smoothly as well.

Looks like RIM hit this one out of the park. Finally, a reliable syncing solution.

Sync of contacts and Calendars works great. Currently, it does not recognize there is a media card installed on the phone. Therefore, pictures and music are still unable to be synchronized.

80% there

You sure about that? Worked flawlessly for me. Is Mass Storage Mode enabled on your BB? If it's not turned on, the music won't sync.

Menu : Device>Device Options...>Media (Tab)>Store media files on:
Your Media card should be there.

Update same problem found here finally
Apparently it unmounts the device memory and the media card after a sync. You have to plug unplug the device to found and sync the media card again. Even if the media card support is enabled.

The error message is : Unable to find the media card.
Ensure that a media card is present and inserted correctly, and that media card support is turned on. Reconnect your device and try again.

HELP! i keep trying to sync my itunes but it says my mass storage is turned off. i check it and it says it is ON but it wont register for the computer…what do i do?

It killed my Curve 8900. Twice. At least I was able to update my apps on the leaked version, running Snow Leopard. As much as I'd like to have a DM for my Mac, I'll wait until there is an update or something.


now lets work on getting bt sync :)

I must say that I am actually disappointed about it since I CAN NOT SYNC MY PHONE!!!!! every time i hit the sync button "please retry again"

I just can seem to sync my storm I get an error when I am trying to sync contacts. Plus it wiped all of mine off.

I installed the new software and it worked perfectly with my phone. But is it me, or is there no "device switch wizard" for the new BB software for Mac? Did anyone else notice that it wasn't there, or am I not looking in the right place?

There isn't a 'switch wizard'. I noticed that, too. But if you go the long way (i.e. back up your old BB, and then restore only selected items you want onto your new BB, like contacts, bookmarks, apps), you essentially get the same results. :)

If I try install applications on the new BBD for Mac, I get the following error:

"BlackBerry® Desktop Manager failed to validate your BlackBerry® device update.

Validation failed because a module marked for add (net_rim_platform_resource__pt) is not available on local disk"

Any Idea?

Great.. so now that they have the Windows and Mac editions out... how about a native Linux client...

Yes I know I can emulate and it probably work fine. But that's just lazy on the dev's part. That's like a kid, turning in homework with nothing on it, getting an "F" on it and then altering it to make it look like an "A" and calling it good. It just doesn't cut it.

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Yet another software application that is for intel based mac's only. Very disappointed as I am still 6+ months away from upgrading to a intel based mac plus this is only for snow leopard. Nice way to stick it to your loyal mac customers RIM.

Letdown, read the system requirements. It is not Intel macs only nor does it require Snow Leopard (10.6). I am running it flawlessly on my PowerMac G5 with Leopard (10.5.8). You only need to be on a mac running 10.5.5 or greater.

if you have problems with Desktop Manager for Mac (DMFM) and you had the beta version you must go to Library-> Application Support->BlackberryDesktop and delete blackberry desktop

I did this deleted every trace of the DMFM and reinstalled. Still can not sync Cal. I am running Snow Leopard and on my storm. Right now do you have to be running 10.5 not 10.6 or is the leaked OS not letting me?

I erased what I thought was everything that was related to by BB but every time I install DMFM it tells me there is other software. Is there anywhere I should check that might have a file to delete?

It took about an hour from the download to the completion- it was my first experience with syncing the BB and the laptop, all went smoothly, it backed up my apps,then it upgraded the Curve's OS to the current official VZW OS and also upgraded the native apps with one "ok" click.

I lost my purchased "Scrabble" game but can re-download from seller, iheartradio no longer worked but I deleted it and will reinstall, lost 2 databases which DM4M warned me about before it finished upgrading. My theme was returned to the default VZW theme but it was easy to change it back to the one I was using before the upgrade.

I spent about a 1/2 hour re-adding info in Poynt, Weather Lite, BT Sidekick, Viigo, or re-creating my lists in 2 apps but that was a minor inconvenience. Everything else went smoothly so I am happy and thankful for DM4M.

Worked fine when synching Tour to MacBook and Storm to the iMac. It's all good...the only question....When will we get iPhoto support? It'd be nice to be able to synch photos

I DL'd and install on my Mc OSX10.5.8.
It works! except Memo Sync. For some reason, My 2 bite code memo made
garbage on my BB Storm. Title is OK and all the other syn, Calender, Task
are OK for 2 bite code. Well this seems to be the same bug on Missing Sync.

to those of how whom are running snow leopard I just noticed i don't know if you guys have but it does not run well on 64Bit mode but perfectly on 32 bit so try it running on 32 bit mode to see what happens

I tried to sync both my Contact's and Calendar; but it came up with a Sync Error. Anyone have this error before and if so, how do you fix it?

Also, does anyone know how to set this up where you can sync from the BB to the Mac ONLY?

Just spent two hours on the phone with BB support and they will have to call back in 48 hours. I have a Macbook pro, 10.5.8. Was using pocketmac and google mobile sync to a google calendar and spanning sync to my mac. Disabled all the google and spanning sync stuff. Kept getting sync error messages for both calendar and contacts. They acknowledge that it is a desktop problem and have to check all the logs that they had me pull out and send. The tech that helped me to download the desktop manager two days ago did not tell me to uninstall pocketmac first. It is apparent;y a known issue. Still, withnew tech help I uninstalled pocketmac, uninstalled desktop manager and reinstalled desktop manager and still---won't work--either two way sync or one way. Ugh. Why do I ever agree to go first.

I like the way that this app is designed to work. It's very clean and simple while offering a reasonable set of options to personalize the user's experience.

I have never liked iCal, so I shelled out the bucks to have Entourage, which required an adjustment period for me, but now I'm happy with it. After trying to include Entourage in the syncing process, I found that I had quite a mess on my hands. There wasn't a single category that survived the process intact. Fortunately, I also own a PC, so I was able to restore my BB8900 to it's pre Blackberry for Mac condition with Microsoft Office 2007.

I have also had serious issues trying to integrate Entourage into the whole MobileMe thing, with equally horrifying results. That is why I am reluctant to point an accusatory finger at Blackberry. PocketMac has been doing an outstanding job for me, so until I feel an uncontrollable urge to get reckless with my 8900, or there have been at least five updates to the app, I'll stick to my dual laptop usage.

It really pisses me off that I can't use the BB software. I just got a brand new 9700 Bold and I can't use the Mac version of the software. My computer is a hugely expensive G5 Mac tower, with no Intel chip. I refuse to shell out another $2,000 or more for a NEW COMPUTER just because Blackberry won't make a Desktop software version for my Mac. COME ON BLACKBERRY, make a version for 10.4. And NO, if you have no Intel chip you can't upgrade to 10.5 and like I said, I'm not going to buy a new computer for a PHONE. Get real. I love my computer and it works just fine.

Hello, Blackberry, anybody listening out there? Your software sucks.

i have an older mac with osx 10.4.11 and cant upgrade to leopard because its power pc i cant download the desktop software for my bb....does anyone have any advice???????