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doubleTwist for Mac + BlackBerry Users Makes Media Easy

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:05 am EST

Mac + BlackBerry user? You're going to want to check out the new public beta announced yesterday by doubleTwist that makes it easy to get your Mac's media content onto your mobile device. Watch the video above for a good overview of what it's all about.

DoubleTwist is said to support hundreds of mobile devices, including the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, Pearl Flip and Storm. I'm assuming it supports the Bold too, though it wasn't listed here. I haven't had a chance to test this out yet, so if you do, be sure to drop your thoughts and reactions in the comments! Visit doubleTwist.com for more information and to download.

[ via Rene @ TheiPhoneBlog ]

Reader comments

doubleTwist for Mac + BlackBerry Users Makes Media Easy


This is probably the best app i've used that works for my mac in conjunction with my blackberry. It converted a 25 min video in less then 3 min. The app is basically an iTunes for your Blackberry. I have a bb Bold by the way and it works just fine.

The Bold is not listed on their website as one that is supported so I'm glad to hear that you have a Bold and it works just fine. :) I'll have to download this on my MacBook Pro once I get home from work :)

I'm still waiting on an all-in-one syncing program that will allow me to sync iCal, Address Book, iTunes and iPhotos. It looks like this will get me half way there. I'll check it out this weekend and see how it works.

Is anyone aware of an all-in-one solutions that may be coming out soon?

I have just downloaded this and had a quick look at it. It looks promising and very simple to use accessing iTunes etc.

It didn't seem to recognise the capacity of my 16GB card and said "3.52 GB Used/2.83 GB Available" which was a bit strange but could just be a glitch

I have play lists on my Storm and while it shows all my music it doesn't have them in playlists and when moving stuff over I am not sure wether it will just drop them randomly in the music folder or allow you to put them in playlists or wether it will allow you to move complete playlists over from iTunes and will preserve them as such ... will need to play with it a bit more.

Also it didn't recognise some of the artists on my Storm whereas they are recognised on my actual Storm.

But this is certainly a step in the right direction and if we can use this while being able to synch to Pocket Mac without having to uninstall programs then this all look s good to me

I too had the false capacity glitch on my Storm. I have the standard 8GB card and it read 3.5GB used and 3.7GB total. Neither of which are correct.

I run an iMac with a partitioned drive... XP on one side and OSX on the other. My iTunes is on the Mac side. I assume I can't simply plug my Bold in while I am on the Mac side and this program will recgonize my Bold and I can transfer my iTunes library to the Bold. Does my OSX side need other software so it can recgonize my Bold when it it plugged in?

I downloaded this and my OSX side has no clue I have a BB plugged in. doubleTwist does see my iTunes library however... it just doesn't see the BB.

Emailed doubleTwist support and within a few short minutes I had a reply with sugggestions as to why my iMac was not "seeing" my Bold. Once I followed Bill's direction... that was that and doubleTwist works perfectly! It was as simple as turning on the Mass Storage Devise on the Bold. Something I would have not thought of. Simple, but that is what good CS is all about!!

I just downloaded doubleTwist on my macBook and it works AWESOME!!! It is so easy to use that anybody can used it. I am fairly new to Macs and i found it easy to install and operate. I believe this App is a Keeper!!!

I haven't DL'd this yet but I'm gonna soon as I get home. It appears to be free?! If so then why in the hell did I waste my money on missing sync? I'm sure someone is going to say why the hell did I waste my money on that in the first place, but I couldn't seem to find anything to work well with syncing my mac and MS did a good job. But this program looks even sweeter even though MS works with bluetooth now. Unfortunately, music takes forever to sync via bluetooth so I only have it set to sync ical. Ah well, can't wait to try double twist.

Couldn't download it fast enough last night. Been waiting months for the Mac version of doubleTwist. But was immediately disappointed once I found out they took the DRM stripping out. That was the main reason I wanted it! Instead they tell you to burn discs and re-import or go to itunes to buy the itunes plus versions. Ummm I love apple, but not keen on giving them more money for music I already bought.

That aside, it's nice to have a more itunes/graphical/drag and drop interface.

My only gripe (other than DRM) , is that in music it doesn't allow separation or labels of albums. Hard to remember what songs belong in what albums for every artist.

For us Mac users and Blackberry users, this program is by far the best and fastest way to manage your media on your Blackberry.

I've got my storm plugged in and double twist running, but the storm isn't showing up on my device list. Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to remedy this problem?

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. I give up! Not a good first impression even if it is beta. I'll check them when it comes out of beta.

Is anybody else a little spooked by the Terms of Service? It seems to collect a surprising amount of data for what I thought was a desktop sync app.

doubletwist is definitely more than a desktop sync app. they're making a play for the social components of sharing media -- think about it like youtube + social networking + desktop app for media sharing.

I had a bunch of pictures on my blackberry with geo tags and time stamps, obviously. When transfers the files back and forth from double twist, i realized it does not copy the original files. The program seems to resize the picture and all timestamps and geo-tags are lost.

So until they fix that problem, i wouldn't use this application.

Integrate for bb is great just copying/moving photos is a problem.

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