Double your protection with the Incipio Dualpro Case for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2013 12:50 pm EDT

While I'm finding it hard to decide on just what case to use on my BlackBerry Q10, I've found the Incipio Dualpro Case to take top honors so far. With it's simple design and two-layers of protection it's one that will be hard to beat. 

Although it has two-layers, it doesn't add much bulk to the Q10 which is great. The inner layer is a silicone skin that wraps tightly around the device while the outer hard shell clamps it all together. That means two layers of protection on all the corners which, if you're like me, is where you need the most protection. Every time I drop my device it always manages to land on the corners, so this case helps keep me from losing my mind.

The Dualpro comes in two styles - the basic version and the Dualpro SHINE. The basic Dualpro comes in a variety of colors while the SHINE is offered in just two variations. The differences between the two are simple - the SHINE case has a metallic look to it (although it's the same plastic) and doesn't have as much grip. While I like the look of the SHINE I prefer the flat black Dualpro for the most part.

Incipio Dualpro Buttons

The inner case of the Incipio Dualpro covers up the buttons on both top and bottom but there is no resistance to them at all. The side ports are left open for easy access. 

This case just feels good in the hand too. It isn't too wide where it's hard to hold, rather it's "just right" and provides a good amount of grip so your Q10 won't go flying when you pull it out of your pocket. It also isn't a big dust magnet which is nice, although it still picks up a bit more than other cases (espeically around the screen).

Incipio Dualpro two-piece design

Overall I'm really loving this case. It offers great protection for your BlackBerry Q10 and looks good in the process. If you want something simple then the Dualpro for the Q10 is definitely worth checking out.

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Double your protection with the Incipio Dualpro Case for the BlackBerry Q10


Hahaha double protection is necessary.. the dual pro case will not compare to the dual protection and beautiful design of the otterbox commuter case that baby is calling out to me!

Posted via CB10

I'm personally enjoying the BlackBerry branded leather flip shell case, works great. I wish it has a soft "button cover" too though, that's a cool feature, provides a bit more protection. I'm not sure why, but I never get non BlackBerry branded cases. Been tempted to get an Otterbox before, but never pulled the trigger on buying one.

Posted via CB10

I personally like my BlackBerry Z10 without a case but since I want him to live I prefer the flip cover. Thinking about getting the Q10 too.

Posted via CB10

This may not seem related but I assure you it is. How hard is the battery door to get off? I want to know because I'm thinking of keeping my future Q10 naked and just use a nite-ize phone clip which adheres to the battery door. It works well on my 9930 but the battery door is pretty secure. Anybody know how secure the Q10 door is by chance?

I purchased the pink and grey version for my wifes Q10, from the site here and she loves it.
Adding up the total purchases from the Crackberry store over the years and I am just shy of the $1000 mark.

The Incipio DualPro is quite literally a poor man's Otterbox. At $29.99 CAD here in Canada, I would really rather spend a little more for the Commuter. Better build quality, better fit and finish.

I have incipio Dualpro Shine for Z10, and that is absolutely awesome and cool stuff. If I have Q10, absolutely I will buy this incipio product, especially for shine version.

Posted via CB10

I use this case constantly. The only downside I'm finding is that if I'm using a bluetooth headset for music, I can't put the BlackBerry in my pocket. The sound starts to cut out.

Posted via CB10 via Z10!

It has protected my Q10 from 1.4m drop and my phone is still fine without any flaw. Highly recommended this product.