Double your number, double your fun with Double Up, an addictive strategy game

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jun 2014 03:07 pm EDT

If the title of this game sounds familiar, don't worry you are correct in that assumption. For those of you who follow our Weekend Coder series these articles are dedicated to providing useful information to native developers. One of the examples used for demonstrating a native UI/UX was for a number puzzle game called Double Up. While this may have been inspired by "Threes" and "2048" by no means does it play the same way.

The board and number tiles may resemble Threes but the level of difficulty supersedes that of the others, at least in my opinion. I always enjoy a good puzzle game and this one keeps things interesting. The object of the game is to combine numbers by swiping them (in either direction) into the each other, either using the wall or a non-matching number that is touching a wall. After each swipe, new numbers appear on the board from the opposite direction. Your goal is to continue combining pairs of numbers, which add up to a higher number tile, as fast as you can before the board fills up and you run out of moves. Basically, it's all about maneuvering the board so that not only must you combine these like numbers but make sure there is enough room to do so, all while getting the highest score possible. This is not an easy task as by the time high numbers there are probably very few free spaces left.

Speaking of high scores, Scoreloop integration shows you the online leaderboard populated with the current all-time rankings or 24-hour scores. Personally, I have not even yet reached Brian's highest score, yet I find it perplexing how forums member and developer SCrid2000 has a score of 1406. It is definitely one I am going to try to beat and I challenge you to do the same.

This combination of matching and strategy makes for not only a challenging game but a good time waster as well. My playing time is mostly relegated to my long commuter rides on the train. I find myself devoting the entire trip trying to come up with a game plan that nets me the highest score possible.

Double Up offers a clean and refined interface, a custom UI whereby you swipe between menu pages and the graphics are easy on the eyes. If you are looking for an enjoyable diversion from the daily grind then this is worth paying $1.99 for. There is also a free version available to download as well with ads. Players may also share the screenshot of their final score which is the reason why it asks for shared files and capture screen permissions when loaded.

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Reader comments

Double your number, double your fun with Double Up, an addictive strategy game


aww, are you jealous? Jealous I don't feel the need to try to prove myself on the internet to be better than you? LOL

Looks cheap compared to 2048, which is really nicely designed. Maybe more challenging, but for an average once in a while puzzle player even 2048 is challenging enough, so far only reached 1024...

Posted via CB10

Sorry, but Hues kills'em all!

And only $0.99 to unlock unlimited mode, with great sound track...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

True. I think it is no different to Hues, which has smoother graphics and predictable movement of the tiles (though, it is more expensive on the processor).

Transitions and animations aren't as nice as 2048; still appreciate the devs efforts however.

Posted via CrackBerry App

What's your point? Threes is extremely popular, which by extension means they sold a lot which means they made a ton of money (around $500k-$1m... must suck to be them *rolls eyes*). Regardless, 2048 is a different game even if the Threes guys think it is a cheap knock off. Hues is a different game, Double Up is a different game.

Also Double Up was only created to show off the menu interface as a Cascades tutorial since the menu is kinda unique. I was going for the same style as Threes when I made the menu and shared the code. To make the "menu example" less boring I made a game that went with it. Since the menu was similar to Threes figured why not the game.

As I wrote the game portion (all unique code) I thought it was pretty fun and shared it with a few friends and they thought so too. So I have probably spent an additional 2 months of effort writing the game, drawing the art, integrating Scoreloop for the leaderboard, etc. Clearly some people do not like it. I don't think that makes it a bad game or a bad reason to write up about it (since Alicia happens to like the game). I suppose next time I will make my Cascades coding examples more boring as to not offend you.

Posted via CB10

Sorry to criticise, the left swipe doesn't work in my version of the app which really does hurt the game dynamic.