Dotz colorful cord management and identification - 5 sample packs for you to win

Dotz cord indentifiers
By Joseph Holder on 21 Jan 2012 01:48 pm EST

On my last day at CES2012, I spied an advertisement while riding the monorail to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pictured above the heads of my fellow riders was Dotz, so named for the small circular cord identifiers. My thoughts immediately went to the multitude of cables and chargers I have for my various mobile devices.

As presented by the video above, many of the Dotz products are designed to snap on to the cord near its power plug, allowing you to quickly identify what power cord goes to which device. I actually envisioned using them the other way 'round. I have a lot of cables, all with micro USB tips. For me, it would be extremely useful to identify which cable plugs into my PlayBook, which cable plugs into my BlackBerry, which cable plugs into my Bluetooth headset(s), etc.

Dotz really does have a nice, colorful selection of cord identifiers. Each dot - if you will - includes a small disk with a picture printed on it so you can figure out what cord you're looking at. Flip the disc over and you can write your cords' names - "PlayBook", "Torch 9860", and "Moto Oasis" would be a few I would use. Dotz is such an amazingly simple idea, yet with a huge benefit to me and you.

At the show, we managed to snag a few sample packs to share with our readers - don't worry, I was very nice when I asked for them. If you'd like to win one, take a moment to leave a comment to this article. We'll pick five winners from the entrants; contest ends Sunday, January 29, 2012 at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Dotz colorful cord management and identification - 5 sample packs for you to win


Simple, cool looking and functional. I figure it'll be about 1 week before you can get "fake" versions of these on the Chinese market.

I hope I can at least win a package of Dots. This would really help me to tame the cord jungle I have going on right now.Ok Crackberry?

I've been packing this week and these would be a god send! I didn't check out the posted by part, but by the time I got to "9860" I just knew it was Joseph. Keep preaching the love of touch screen berries Joseph!

What ever happened to writing on some masking tape and attaching that to the cord? It's amazing the things people think they "need" these days

I have a ridiculous morass of cables all over the place. They look like snakes...SNAKES I TELL YOU!!!

Sorry, sorry...the stress of trying to tell all my cables apart is starting to get to me.

It sure would be good for my mental health to get a pack of these things!

Gahhhh, SNAKES!!

I just got through changing computers. Part of that involved identifying all the cords...electrical, USB, etc. I had to put masking tape on each wire just to know where I was! I need these little critters!

Are you kidding? Super idea. Might keep me just a bit more organized. Well, definitely more organized in the cord department.

This could save me a lot of time figuring out the cables for all the gadgets on my office desk...hail dotz..

Wow!! What a great idea and color coding them with something that be used over and over again!! I would like to win a set!

I'm constantly mixing up my cords, plugging them in and out of the power bar. I would love to have them colour coded to the EXTREME! xD

The thought of just using these for my electronics bag is making me happy. I have so many cords in there it's crazy.

The area behind my home desk has been declared a fire hazard by the fire chief :) This would help me find out which device is on fire

What a GREAT idea. I've seen similar products, but these are cute! I'd love to snatch me a set. Crackberry, would you like to help me out? THANKS! :)

This would be awesome to organize all the network cords, and usb cords for charging devices.
Another awesome contest and usefull tool Thanks Crackberry

these would be awesome!
i have a 16 port surge protector behind my tv with 13 or 14 of the slots being used.

please these are the best idea ever!!!

No doubt these would help clean up the half dozen cords on my desk. Could get rid of the masking tape labels and wire ties. Lol

There you go, u bet. "mmm they look tasty mmm".
Just plug that blue one right into that wall there.
"mmm dog treats mmm". o_O

If all the connectors are the same, and they're all going to the same place, why would it matter which one you used for which device? I use the same micro-USB cable to charge my BB and sync my Android tablet (if I'm in too much of a rush to use the wireless connection).

Great product. Good cable management is overlooked way too often. The rest of their products look pretty good too.