It's retro gaming time with DoomGLES for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 15 Nov 2012 01:41 pm EST

Remember the old classic game Doom? Well there is now a version for the PlayBook and it is quite a beauty. All the retro looks are retained and if you enjoy running about shooting monsters then this will be a game you enjoy - even if it is just to bring back memories from the good old days.

Priced at $1.99 DoomGLES will keep you entertained for hours. Clearly the graphics are not state of the art - but that's half the fun. The game runs perfectly on the PlayBook and is as smooth as a smooth thing that came first in a being smooth competition!

There are a few tweaks you can make within the settings such as mouse sensitivity and screen size, and also from the main menu you have the option to start a new game or load a previous one - all good stuff.

Why not give it a try - I'm pretty sure you will love it.

DoomGLES supports:

  • BlackBerry® PlayBookTM native resolution
  • Realtime dynamic lighting
  • Particles effects
  • 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
  • Blood projections
  • Realistic water effect
  • and much more

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Reader comments

It's retro gaming time with DoomGLES for the BlackBerry PlayBook


No kidding, James missed three secret rooms. looks like a direct port from the video which is awesome. Now we need quake with the multiplayer feature and my childhood can be relived

Well, of course, the main difference is that PlayDoom is free, while this game costs $2. Then there's the fact that PlayDoom is an exact copy of Doom, coming complete with all skill/difficulty levels, opponents, weapons, rooms, and game levels (including the secret level) from the first episode (Knee Deep In The Dead), while some comments here suggest that this game is either missing rooms and levels, has a different look or character, requires you to locate and load additional files, or some combination of the above.

All of the above is clearly in PlayDoom's favor. The major advantage to the game reviewed here is that it is currently available; I can't find PlayDoom on App World right now, and web links to its old location fail -- which bodes ill for the next OS upgrade I do to my PB, or any other reason I have to restore its installed apps from App World. Another possible advantage of this game is that the comments to which I referred above, which say that it's incomplete, could be completely wrong, and maybe it comes with all three episodes, right up through Inferno. If that's were the case, I'd buy it in an instant, since Laszlo Nemeth, the author of PlayDoom, never released the last two episodes (AFAIK).

* BlackBerry by choice *
Still love Doom. Irritated that I can't get it to run right on my new 64 bit Windows system. Grrrrrr...
Now this might be a must. Although I do already have "Play Doom" as someone above mentioned. Is it a different Dev?

One other food for thought, will this work with a Bluetooth keyboard the was it will on a PC? Now that would be bitching! HDMI from the couch on a 50 in TV with a keyboard, yeah baby!

I'd like a version of Quake myself. Doesn't matter which one either. I'd also go for some Hexen or preferably Hexen II. Hell since we're dreaming, I'd go with Heretic or even better Heretic II.

Taking a look at the video, it's spear of destiny/wolfenstein 3D.

Maybe they used the wolf3D character, as to why it looks so familiar! :D

Terrible review, you don't mention that what you purchase is a ported shareware title so you need to have the original doom files or ”find“ doom wads. You also dont mention anything about the doomgles port itself and how it's different! and what about it's dynamic lighting effects? (see youtube)

Probably because you haven't downloaded the extra files from the developers sites as instructed. So you're basically playing tartred up classic doom 95. But you wouldn't know that as you amazingly for a game reviewer have never played doom! Amazing.

Crackberry. Gift me a copy and I will do a proper review for PlayBook gamers who are interested in the port. And I promise not to phone it in. Game reviews are the weak point on crackberry IMHO.


I noticed that after I purchased it... WTF?.. It's there on the app description that's it's the shareware but I can't remember if that was there at the time of my purchase..

That sucks! I paid $2 for a shareware version

Went to Costco to check out the pricing on the PB. They had a show model sitting there but I couldn't wake it up. Sales guy tells me the screen doesn't work. It hasn't worked for a long time because their "tech guy hasn't come to fix it". When asked why another PB wasn't used to replace it I was told they have only one for display.

The first guy didn't even know there is a 4G version.

BB can have as many aps as any other tablet, but if this the kind of uphill climb that we're facing, there's a lot of work to be done. It's not the first time I've run into something like this.

Doom and Duke Nukem where the first true PC games I logged a lot of time with....
Now I can do it again 20 years later :)

Btw...Doom was one of the first apps I downloaded on the playbook....and still play :)

I bought the app. So far it is very good. The music works, the sound effects work. It takes a little while to get used to the direction and strafe controls, but it becomes playable after some time. It is different from playdoom as it is a OpenGL port, that is a 3D graphics engine. So yes some toons do have a slightly different look from the original bitmapped graphics engine. But it plays the real doom wads, so the maps are very probably the same unless some bug, and so far the toons' AI seems the same.

Yes you need to posess the original DOOM wads to load them yourselves to the PB. It is a bit unusual, as you need to create your own subdirectories to move your wads files in, plus getting the music and sound effects orb files from the Doomgles web site. Fortunately the process is quite straightforward.

I don't think anyone could play it at the "Hurt me Plenty" level without a keyboard. But actually I have no keyboard to testify that it is supported. I haven't seen any game description that mentions the keyboard support. The touchscreen keyboard does not seem to work, so I've only managed to make the save game names out of the arrow symbols. If anyone can confirm the keyboard support, it would make a perfect excuse to buy one. :-)