Review & How-To: Play the iconic, genre-defining first-person shooter DOOM on BlackBerry 10

By STV0726 on 13 Jul 2014 02:08 pm EDT

Ah...good old DOOM! Do you remember DOOM? If you are at all into video games and were around in or before the 90's, then you probably know DOOM, and if not, quite frankly you should! DOOM is a classic, legendary video game that defined the genre of the first-person shooter. The game was created by id Software, a company with a huge legacy best known for their classics such as Wolfenstein 3D (the first 3D shooter game ever to exist) and their Quake series. Still around today, the company has been hard at work on the fourth installment of DOOM, a continuation of the modern, popular horror/survival shooter, DOOM 3.

As awesome as the modern DOOM games are, sometimes nothing quite compares to the classics. For this reason, many people still play the retro DOOM games today. They most often make use of source ports which improve some elements of the game while ultimately, ideally maintaining the original feel and experience. Some of these source ports have made it over to the mobile realm of gaming, and lucky for us, one of the ports is available for BlackBerry 10 thanks to developer Michael Ryssen.

The game, available for only $1.99 in BlackBerry App World, is called DoomGLES. If you want to jump right into the classic, action-packed, demon and zombie-slaying fun, you can install it, run it, and play the shareware version of the original DOOM right away. However, it is important to understand that you are buying the port from this developer, rather than buying the actual DOOM games. For this reason, to install full DOOM games onto your BlackBerry device, you must be willing to do a little bit of legwork and own (preferably legitimate) copies of the game WAD files. I have made a simple, easy-to-follow video showing you exactly how to get all of the full DOOM games up and running on your BlackBerry.

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Review & How-To: Play the iconic, genre-defining first-person shooter DOOM on BlackBerry 10


I love retro games.. (secretly I entered this post for Stephen) and I woke up this morning and used this very same guide to install Doom on my Z30, so freaking awesome! I'm thinking we should have like a retro Sunday post each week or something like that.

I agree! A Sunday afternoon retro column would be a nice touch... retro games, retro apps, retro devices review to see how far we've come... Get us all away from nit-picking our current devices to pieces.
Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, whatever...give it a name.

Via my simply amazing  Q10

Man....we are all sooo old! Lol! The good ol days coming home from school and playing for hours on end.

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Ps...I love how some of the same people who are all about "productivity apps" and hate gaming columns on crackberry are praising the article and remembering the good ol days with us.

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DOOM changed gaming as we know it but I still preferred Wolfenstein 3D. Very cool it's available for BlackBerry 10. Total retro throwback.

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Agreed about Wolfenstein 3D. However, I was blown away by Castle Wolfenstein on my Commodore 64 well before the the 3D version came out. That version scared the crap out if me when the SS came into the room looking for me.

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First upgrade I ever did to my computer was update the ram to 4MEG so I could play doom 2..

Well kinda, my parents upgraded our Tandy 1000 tl/2 with a hard drive, a colour monitor and a mouse after we owned it for a while!

Loved doom, but would prefer a strait up game, pretty sure it's on windows phone.

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Bahaha,i believe I had the exact same upgrade sequence. I imagine you also used a 2400 baud modem to link up with your friends to play head to head while pissing your parents off for occupying the phone line!!


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Ultimate Doom was awesome especially with your himem and expanded memory configured properly!! This is just what BlackBerry needed to get back on top of the enterprise market! This will be so hot on the square passport screen.

That's just pure awesome, I used to smuggle it into work to play on the then 333MHz machines... never ever got tired of it! Not sure I can play it on the phone though... I need my keyboard...

Can't wait for the July 17th reveal of the new installment, fingers crossed that it'll be awesome. It really had a certain FEAR factor in Doom 3. I hope they can retain that feeling but throw a little more monsters at us.

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Doom 3 was a little scary at first, but much less so once the spawns became predictable and the guns get bigger.

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I know what you.... the first time it started to become the "classic predictable" trap was that scene where health was in the center of a small room with cryptic writing on the floor and as soon as you touched it... BAM! Imp teleport. after that you learned to feel out the traps using the same formula as the original doom...

You have to admit there were some genuinely tense moments... remember trying to follow that lighted lab specimen through that pitch black catwalk room... Lololol. Damn that was fun.

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Yeah, having to choose between a flashlight and a gun definitely moved the fear factor up a few notches. I also thought the ambient sounds made me pretty jumpy at times. The tight spaces didn't help...monsters are less scary when you can see them coming and can take them down from a distance, but I recall that this was a limitation of the engine with the hardware at the time and not so much of a design choice.

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Ohhhhh interesting... wasn't aware of the hardware limitations. Good to know though.

I think the only game that gave me a heart attack after DOOM3 was Dead Space on the third level difficulty....

Jeez, I don't care how many jump scares they had, it was still freakin' scary as hell! Hearing the Divider for the first time on 5.1. surround in the middle of the night was quite an experience....

I think only Outlast and Alien: Isolation would probably be able to compete. Not sure how scary the Doom reboot will be in comparison to those.

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Thanks man. Truth be told, I never got the chance to play it. I recently bought it online though to check it out. Fully intend to do so sometime later this year. Always heard it was an excellent RPG. I had liked the avatar from ever since just because of its feel. It just matched me.

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I will never trust another game review from Crackberry again after Dark Space.

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A friend watched the new star wars movie many years ago and hated it. At the times the reviews were good and people were not hating on Jar Jar (that is so overblown). Anyway friend hated it, I said did you like the originals? She said no she hated those too. I was shocked (on a few levels) that she would think she would like it when she hated the old ones.

To your comment about not trusting a crackberry game review: if you don't like a genre, or play style, but expect a game to be good because crackberry said so, is silly. I am sure many enjoy the game that was reviewed and found the review very helpful.

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Great write-up! I played Doom back when it was still shareware - I think I still have the original install files on a floppy disc, in fact.

I won't even consider the silliness of playing Doom on a Q10 but... I have a PB enroute to me, and when it arrives, I may try to put Doom on it, for nostalgia's sake. :-D

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I have the original Quake shareware CD with the crack still. Best $8 I ever spent. Had all their games on it including Doom.

It was my first exposure to Nine Inch Nails too...Youtube has the soundtrack in case anyone needs their fix.

Played it when it was hot, knew most of the cheat codes....

Now if find the genre to violent for my taste. Also never understood why demons are hurt by (regular?) bullets.

Pasted via CB chen

All my memories of this game involve me being absolutely scared out of my pants. Remember experimenting on the hardest level once... Never again, it gave me nightmares.

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I had DOOM and Alien vs. Predator for my Atari Jaguar and would play(and finished---with VCR recording the endings) it in the dark with over the ear headphones...needless to say I jumped a more than a few times.

Starting AvP as a Marine soldier and not moving on until I finished that perspective in retrospect was the best way to play that game...if I would have played as the Predator or Alien it would have made the game much easier.

I am still nervous thinking about going through those air ducts, and seeing the Alien Queen for the first time.

I would like to see the best Jaguar and Dreamcast games be ported to BB10. Would love to play some Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally, Sega Bass Fishing, Iron Soldier, Tempest 2000, House of the Dead, etc on my mobile BlackBerry---all of these games would be excellent on the Passport with keyboard controls.

Murray Squire Marr

Lololol. Yeah, nothing like the sound of blip with increasing pitch and frequency to make you paranoid.... Truly great game!

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I hated the sound of hatching eggs and the scurrying of those wretched facehuggers. And invisible/visible Predators and their roars weren't very pleasant.

DOOM was just demonic scary/ ran so smooth on the Jaguar except for one scene, where you walked into a level and if I recall you either dropped down into an area or just walked into an area...where all of a sudden every wall opened with a boatload of baddies behind each of them. It slowed a bit until you destroyed a few of them.

I need to play DOOM again soon, I haven't played it in years, going to turn on the Jaguar.

Murray Squire Marr

Lololol. I know what you mean. I didn't mind the Predator so much. I mean, at least he was intelligent, humanoid looking... at least I knew, you weren't going to suffer or anything... I could live with that... he was a "one shot one kill" mentality kind of guy.....

The alien on the other hand... was just freaky. Darting about here and there. Leaping at you from all damn angles... just wearing you down while you (try to) run away or shoot them off.

But I think DOOM was a special kind of "scary"... moreso DOOM3 for me, I think I managed to deal with the overall atmosphere and storyline better than I would have because I was playing "The Suffering" at the same time, which was a pretty psychologically messed up and warped story....

Even with that I felt the NEED to step away from the computer after several hours of play because I felt like "ok, I think this a wee bit too much of being immersed in hell for me, I don't think this I'm feeling all that healthy or wholesome right now" Lololol. Seriously...

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While I respect doom and the accomplishment it was, I don't think I could ever play this game on a phone.

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Playing it now. Its quite well done. I recommend turning on the turn bar option. It makes looking around way easier. And the MUSIC classic MIDI right here!

Coolio I just found the shotgun!

Not meaning to correct you, but wasn't it just idkfa for god mode? Pretty sad that I remember this. Iddqd for all ammo :)

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OMFG, screw playing it, I just wanted to hear the music again... takes me back 20 years! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!


Got doom2 up and running. Pay close attention to the no Caps in the file names (This includes the extensions!)

Noticed one bug

bringing up the keyboard works unit you try to type then it crashes. so don't try to edit saved games, just overwrite the old ones :)

Sorry CB I'm out. I,ve got doom to play!

Would be nice if, having paid for DoomGLES on my Z10, it was then possible to download and play DoomGLES for free on the Playbook, especially as a tablet is a little better for playing games on. But no, must pay again. Remind me to avoid this dev if they release anything else.

I used to play this game and had a traumatic experience, I just saw all the images again and it actually scared me!

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I remember I tried iddqd when playing Hexen. Code was there, but didn't have the effect I was looking for.

I've only gotten into playing a few games, but Doom in my top 2. I have hundreds of WAD files downloaded and a couple of years ago, played through most of them again. What a blast!

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I think I was sold on buying the full game in level 3 when the bridge rose up. And seeing that Cyberdemon the first time scared the crap out of me.

Doom, Doom 2, Hexen 1 and 2, Heretic and beyond. These were the games that took up many hours of my time and taught me that a game can be more then point and click and adventures were not only text based. Nice to see them coming back to enthrall another generation. Well, at least entertain some.

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Wow, used to play Doom 2 ALL the time. This thread is making me feel old though. Has it really been 20 years?? Anyway, for more "retro" games, emulators like snes9x for playbook work beautifully! Any game you can think of can be downloaded as a ROM

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...if Raid Over Moscow (another Commie 64 classic!) could be ported over to BlackBerry 10!

‎Q10 Rules!

I personally would love this kind of column I would like to play pc adventure games on my phone. I think it might be one of the only genres to work well on a touch screen.

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Duke Nukem 3D would be awesome! Anyone listening?

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Fond memories of playing Doom to blow off steam. First LAN party game I ever played. Good times!

Besides making me feel old, I can't help thinking how awesome is it that we now carry this kind of computing and gaming power in our pockets today? I remember how cool it was to finally have a PC that could play Doom and later Duke Nukem.

Ah memories. But I think I will stick with playing my FPS favourite on PC. At least until I can hook up an Occulus Rift to my BlackBerry. :-)

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I love all this talk about video games!

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