Doodle Pool HD - a fun and addictive game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Doodle Pool HD
By Alicia Erlich on 21 Nov 2011 12:13 pm EST
Commuting back and forth requires a lot of patience which I seriously lack. Good thing then I have my PlayBook to pass the time. One of the ways is with Doodle Pool HD by My Interactive Ltd. It's a great pool game for the PlayBook but with a twist. Rather than just pointing and shootiing the cue ball it uses slingshot physics to hit the ball into the pocket like a rubber band. To play simply tap anywhere on the screen, drag anywhere to set power, rotate to aim, and release to shoot. It's a pretty interesting game and certainly one to keep you occupied for long periods of time. 


  • US 8 Ball Rules
  • US 9 Ball Rules
  • UK 8 Ball Rules
  • 1 or 2 Player
  • Time Attack mode (fastest to clear the table)
  • Unique shooting mechanic 
  • Casual game play mechanics 

Doodle Pool HD runs smoothly on the PlayBook and gives hours of enjoyment whether on the train or not. It's sometimes difficult to line up the shot just right but it's fun trying. Doodle Pool HD is available from BlackBerry App World for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Doodle Pool HD - a fun and addictive game for the BlackBerry PlayBook


You guys should consider doing video reviews of games because these posts seem a little "empty" and more of an advertisement. Maybe, you could make it a whole new section: "Two Minute Drill" - A two minute app or game review..something with a Grade or real Score

This sounds like a good idea...
To me the rating is less important though as its very subjective... but videos would be nice and it would increase sales as well...
Like for this one, I find it sounds interesting but that's not enough to buy it, if I could see it being played I would make up my mind a lot easier

Or you could simply type the name of the app into google, select video, and voila - see video's on youtube and elsewhere of this, or any, game in action. Will take all of 1 minute to do so if that.

We definitely try to do as many videos as we can, just like to get this posts up so people know the apps/games are out there. We always try to circle back to most apps at some point to do a video review. Thanks for letting us know you still want them though :)

Love the video reviews; plus, it gets the word out that their are actually a decent amount of games on the Playbook and hopefully BBX through channels like Youtube.

They just should have called it "Angry Balls" and had done with it. Do the balls go "whee"? Do we hear the rubber band stretch? Is it worth $1.99 to find out?


haha I was about to post a reply about wanting to see video, but it seems everyone else had the same idea :)

I got this last night and played it for awhile. it's fun -- there are some annoying aspects, such as an inability to turn off the instructions, which must be punched through every single game, also to turn off the comments and the exploding stars and such; slightly annoying is the reference to "potting" the balls. I suppose that is standard idiom somewhere, but it's annoying in the places where it's not standard idiom.

Of more significant concern, though, is that playing this game for awhile causes the PlayBook's back to become *very* hot.