Save the town with Doodle Parachute for BlackBerry PlayBook

Doodle Parachute
By James Richardson on 30 Jun 2012 02:54 pm EDT

Doodle Parachute is a new fun game that recently arrived for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Drawn by hand the graphics of the game are simplistic but look great. Available for $0.99 in App World there is also a free version if you fancy giving that a try. Your mission is to defend the town of Calmsfield and as you may have guessed from the title you need to shoot down the 'bad guys' that parachute from the sky. You had better catch them before they reach the ground or the town will be destroyed. As you progress through the levels your weaponry increases, starting from a basic cannon and then reaching a machine gun, if you are good at the game. Doodle Parachute is fun, addictive and a real spare time killer.

You can see me playing the game below along with the download links.

Download Doodle Parachute Free
Download Doodle Parachute

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Save the town with Doodle Parachute for BlackBerry PlayBook


I do not have a blackberry to play games on, I really wish you guys would stop reviewing games. There's a serious transition going on and there's plenty of topics that can be talked about. I know a lot of people got hurt hearing that BB10 won't be out until sometime in Q1, but when the going gets tough the tough get going. Anybody thinking of jumping ship might as well go because when BB10comes out and it will matter of fact it will come out swinging, so either go with the punches or stay in the corner because the whistles and bells are coming.

# 1 Fan

What serious topics are Crackberry missing? I don't see the need for your comment since they discuss all aspects of blackberry on this website. I have a playbook and I use it for everything, including games, which I'm sure others use as well.

ALSO a #1 Fan

I don't have a Playbook (yet), so I have to ask: what were those icons at the bottom of the screen? Are those for the Android player? If so, what do they do?