Doodle Lets You Fingerpaint on your BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2009 11:15 am EDT

Until March 31st, use coupon code crackberrydoodle to save $1.00 on Doodle for the BlackBerry Storm when you purchase from

From Tafasa, maker of the free Flight Path App we told you about earlier this week, comes Doodle for the Blackerry Storm! You can watch the video above to see this fingerpainting app in action.

Doodle features include:

  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • 4 different stroke sizes
  • 4 awesome effects (Invert Colors, Infrared, Grayscale, Sepia)
  • Take a picture from within Doodle to draw on
  • Open an image to draw on
  • Save your drawing
  • Undo drawings and image effects
  • Shake the device to clear what you have drawn

I installed Doodle on my Storm and gave it a good go. While I definitely lack any sort of mad fingerpainting skillz, the app itself is pretty full featured. Unfortunately, no free trial is available for Doodle, but you can save $1.00 off its $2.99 regular price if you buy it via on your BlackBerry and checkout using coupon code crackberrydoodle until March 31st. * Please note the coupon code will not work in our website based store.

For more info and screencaps on Doodle for the BlackBerry Storm, click here.

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Reader comments

Doodle Lets You Fingerpaint on your BlackBerry Storm


Who in their right mind would pay $2.99 for this??? $1.00 sure no problem but $2.99?? RIM and These developers are crazy.

I don't know what they are thinking with the price point. Maybe a dollar like the above user stated but absolutely no more. Not to mention the application doesn't look that cool.

Everything costs money on a BlackBerry. I cannot even get a version of BBAlerts for free? Is there some sort of patent put on products? no body has extra money to burn...

Time has cost. Time spent by a developer, that is.

Although I would not buy this particular product (because it isn't worth $2.00 to me), I wouldn't put a blanket statement that every Blackberry software build should be free. What'd be the incentive for the developers to innovate and build new products? The goodness of their hearts?

If you feel that a software is not worth the price to pay, pass on it and move on. The demand (or lack thereof) of the software will naturally drive the price down to that you might find reasonable in the future.

And there's a reason why this product is being blogged with a discount coupon code. I'm guessing not because it's wildly popular at the current price point.

I don't expect every software to be offered for free. But I do wish that every software has a demo version or trial period.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a developer.)

Awesome post !
great features introduced especially 4 different stroke sizes are latest and beautiful feature..

How many of you would go into business writing code to sell a product for a dollar a pop? Hard to make ends meet doing that.

So this costs $2.99...skip the latte at Starbucks today and buy the program instead. That's if you like it. If not then just don't buy it. It's hard to imagine $2.99 is keeping anyone from getting this if they really want it.

So, you are going to blow two dollars of your allowance to draw tits on your Storm. Don't let your mommy catch you.

Well I would have to say I dont usually buy programs as such...I am the cheap guy that always looks for the free stuff first lol. Well anyway I saw this and went ahead and bought it..I mean sometimes u gotta give in and spend a couple dollars on something that some person spent a while making..There is a program on the LG dare that is almost the same and i had that phone and loved it, i guess thats why i went ahead and paid for it. Anyways good job on making something like this i do enjoy playing with it and sent pics back and forth with my woman allllll day today hah had a few good laughs.

geez. people - it's 2 bucks! how much did you pay for your phone again? i'm gonna buy this app - it's neat! thanks for the post!

This is flippin sweet. Too bad it didn't have a lock on it so I could give it to my 5 year old in the car to occupy him and not have to worry about him getting into other programs

I have no artisitc skill what so ever but I really can't wait till my Italian friend wakes up to see the picture I sent of him with a painted on Super Mario Brothers hat....

Finger Doodle apps. Good thing RIM hasn't gone down that "silly and useless" applications path like the App Store. Wouldn't want to be strutin' fart and lightsaber apps like the iPh.... oh, wait...

You guys are nuts! After $1 off using the promotion code, $1.99 is a fine price to pay for a fun little app. What's with the complaining? I've been doodling on photos and sending them off as MMS messages. It's been a lot of fun.