Don't worry - Flipboard is still coming to BlackBerry 10 "soon"

By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2013 03:15 pm EDT

After a bit of a debacle with Flipboard coming and going from BlackBerry World, it looks like things might just end on a high note after all. Flipboard Community Manager Jon Virtes has stated on Twitter today that Flipboard "will be coming to select 10.2 OS Blackberry phones soon".

Just how soon we're not quite sure, but we expect it's not too soon since 10.2 isn't yet available for public consumption. 

Regardless it's a good sign and pretty solid proof that Flipboard will be finding its way to BlackBerry 10 after all - we'll just have to wait it out a bit. 

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Don't worry - Flipboard is still coming to BlackBerry 10 "soon"


you know what i'll do ->soon<- switch to another platform if they continue feeding us with theirs "soons"

"Select" BlackBerry 10.2 devices sounds like the Q10 and/ot Q5 might get left out...

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I hope that's not the case but I'm getting a feeling that the Q's 10 and 5 may be left out due to the screen shape...

I really hope not!

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Looks like it sadly

They should implement keyboard shortcuts to flip pages!
Although that would conflict with the name and what it's popular for.

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The side loaded version looks awful on the Q so I I hope it's the Z10. Seems more likely since it's closer to the the Z30s screen size.

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Yes! I love Flipboard! I have it sideloaded

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Woot!!! Love Flipboad, currently using Android slide loaded and it works perfectly. Will be great to get a dedicate BlackBerry App :)

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Yeah, honestly, the Android sideload has been one of the smoothest-running ports I've tried since the Z10 first came out. 

Sounds good!
Even the direct Android port works flawlessly. Wish I had discovered Flipboard earlier, I just started using it on Android a month ago.

As for the "select smartphones," there's a possibility that they don't want to support Q because of the screen shape. All the Flipboard GUIs work best in a portrait style 16:9 is screen.

Just got an email from those nice fellows. And, as Bla1ze pointed out in the forums, the one in BlackBerry World is not connected with Flipboard. Well, more or less. It was said to be unofficial and not supported. Could it be a test run? Perhaps. But, at any rate, I cannot wait for the official version to arrive. Those Flipboard guys are really nice, by the by. Oh, I already said that. Okay. That is all.

So now starts the nagging for 10.2 to be released
And for the carriers to push it out. Love my BlackBerry.

A Z10 Post on CB10

I have it running on my Q10 and it works just fine. Although there's a significant lack in real estate, FlipBoard works just as well on the Q10 as it does on the Z10.

Lack of real estate to show the articles/pictures etc... in true Flipboard style is probably an issue for the Flipboard team. They would most likely want to preserve the experience on a full screen device. Sideloading will be the way for the devices they don't release it on.

I think Android port, initially at least, is the safe bet for now.
Then we can all be pleasantly surprised if it's a native surprise.

I've never used it: could it mesh well with Cascades anyway?

This is how you CB10, son!

Honestly, I am fedup of the ports. They run like crap for the most part. The Android experience is supposed to be super smooth in 10.2, but I'm so annoyed with my current experience for Android apps / games that I'll probably stay away from them.

It really sucks because the native apps are absolutely awesome. They really gotta figure out a way to get more big name native apps on BB10.

I personally don't have a BB10 device but this was my thoughts exactly. Ports can't be a good thing and BlackBerry should really be doing something to get devs from using it as an option, it only hurts the platform.

I swear, the Android runtime on BB10 will be it's Achilles heel....

Thing is, they were caught between a rock and a hard place - they need the apps there but they also allowed for developers to be lazy and give us a $h!tty experience. There is no incentive for them to put the effort into a well built, fluid, native app when they can easily port a crappy Android experience.

The reason this got "released" for 10.2 is because 10.2 is where we get the updated Android runtime. That means newer versions of Android apps will be able to be converted, and they'll all run better.

If you haven't actually seen how well ports run on the 4.2.2 runtime, then you don't know what you're talking about.

Actually I think we do. It's not going to change the fact that you have to swipe down from the top only to have the stupid Android bar appear on the bottom to go back, the look and feel of the apps will be like that of Android. It tells the user this is not a native BB experience with it's look and feel. There is no way a ported Android app even on 4.2 can match that of a natively built Cascades app.

In 10.2 the back button is now a permanent part of the bottom of the screen embedded with a mostly blank menu bar. At first I thought this was a terrible idea because it takes valuable screen real estate on the Z10 (particularly on the Q10), but shortly realized how convenient it is and that it actually makes the experience seem more seamless since the back button is identical to the back button in native BB apps, just shorter and makes it much easier to navigate Android apps without the odd bar of old with the thumb tack and other weird icons on it. Granted, native BB apps will trounce the experience of Android with extra capabilities like active frames, toast reply capabilities, enhanced sharing, collapsible cascading windows, and hub integration, but these days the bulk of big apps are taking on a cross platform UI layout where the menus are built into the screen real estate areas and bypass OS specific menu items outside of the main display area like Waze, Flipboard, Google Maps, Pandora, Yahoo Weather, Flickr, etc.

At this point 10.2 Android apps run so well I'm fine with having a ported Android JellyBean app to address the main app gap in the short term. This should reduce the hesitation people have in moving to BlackBerry because they can get Instagram, Netflix, Google Maps, etc. with buttery smooth speeds. After we get the user base up, we can then help lobby for native apps which would be superior to other platforms. Right now BlackBerry doesn't have the leverage with such a small and slow growing user base.

Okay, I guess I'll have to hold off judgment until I have 10.2 is released and on my device. With that said, how are we going to run some of the apps you mentioned? They will more than likely not be in BB World, so are users going to have to sideload them still? I'm fine with the process - but 90% of the user base isn't going to be technical enough to do so.

I'm sick of the "port" talk. Android apps are natively supported by BB10 - no different than Cascades or webworks.

the Android based FlipBoard is running great for me.

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I was able to download it today from BlackBerry World. Z10STL100-3/

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.

I've thought your sign out tag line so many times, as I drift through the sea if self fulfilling negativity out in Tech news land. I thinks to myself, "Screw you all! You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold dead hand.", with the thumb poised in the swipe position.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Give the size of the Z30 and it compatibility to the GS3/GS4's, I'd say you're absolutely right. They want to port this thing over with as little tweaking as possible. The Z30 screen is perfect for that and wouldn't require optimization.

No, I'm pretty sure it will be Z10 & Z30 because of the screen size which is perfect for an app like this.

On a square screen like the Q5 & Q10, it probably wouldn't look that good.

This is a legit tweet from a Flipboard employee himself

Instagram rumour was spread by a random user who said he was a BlackBerry employee in the forums and never made the front page

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There WAS a hoax that Instagram was coming in a month or so, BUT Instagram the company HAS officially said it will come to BB10 but have never said exactly when.

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So that means the z10s on 10.2. Cool, that's going to be me.... in about three months once T-Mobile gets it out.

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Select will probably mean full touchscreen devices only... Times like this I'm glad I have the Z10

Got bit as a sideload and downloaded it today once it hit and both of them worked and work fine. No issues at all.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Good! I've been bugging them frequently. I think they got tired of hearing from me.

Will still continue bugging them until it's out! :)

Using side loaded version right now. Works good enough though still a little jittery at times.

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"Selected 10.2 phones" isn't a good sign. Maybe it'll only be for the full-touch devices Z10 and Z30.

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This is what I tell people, wait for 10.2 to see apps come in. B is for Believe

Marketing is everything

This is actually pretty great! Coming from an official source... If anything, this proves that developers still believe there is a market in BlackBerry 10. and as a user, I could not agree more! Go BlackBerry! For all of you complaining, maybe you should remember that this is a first Gen OS launched less than 9 months ago. Getting this much app support is nothing short of amazing! So stop beating BlackBerry!

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It's so damn frustrating and depressing. every worthwhile app is 'coming soon '. I am getting tired of waiting!

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"Stay tuned for the launch of Flipboard on Blackberry." That's enough for me, I'm really going to enjoy 10.2......

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Yeah the sideload looks crappy on the Q10, but at least it works. Doesn't even load on the Playbook

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