Don't miss this must-watch, multi-site super podcast! #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 #BBUNITED #KEEPTHEFAITH #BLACKBERRYCHAMPIONS

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2013 08:54 pm EDT

I love it when things come together unexpectedly and *magic* happens. I was about to head off for some dinner earlier this evening when I noticed on twitter that BlackBerry site N4BB had just fired things up to do a podcast. I jumped over to the site, listened to the BlackBerry chat taking place, and after hearing some solid BB conversation taking place I jumped into the chat room and asked to participate. Lucas invited me on right away and we all had a great discussion for the next hour. In addition to CrackBerry, we also had BlackBerryOS and GreekBerry represented. Just as BBM is about to go multi-platform, this was a multi-site BlackBerry podcast and it was FUN. I think we'll have to do more of these podcasts and all the BB sites out there can take turns hosting them. We always have a great time on our CrackBerry podcasts, but mixing it up like this makes for a lot of great perspective and discussion.

I encourage you to listen in (I crash the podcast at the 13minute mark). We don't shy away from business challenges facing BlackBerry today, but what also rings through is the pure passion that still exists for BlackBerry's products despite those business challenges and uncertainty. We're not all fanboys. We're all champions for BlackBerry.

Be sure to listen in and drop us a comment and let us know if you want to see more multi-site podcasts in the future. 

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Don't miss this must-watch, multi-site super podcast! #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 #BBUNITED #KEEPTHEFAITH #BLACKBERRYCHAMPIONS


This is smart. Tie all the BlackBerry communities together! Good also for OR, and easier to the 'lookers' to streamline their search.

Everyone else notice how excited all these other editors in chiefs were to have Kevin come on? And how for nearly every question they defer to him for the best commentary? They know who's boss.. Kevin isn't just our fearless leader here at crackberry, even competing sites know he's the man to talk to!

Not only how excited everyone is, but also the way in which he COMMANDS the podcast. He's got incredible presence and energy.

Kevin one quick question, why youtube on z10 does not give me the option of HD no more after update any help would be awesome thanks Kevin keep up the good work.

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It's YouTube, has nothing to do with your device. The HD option has even been removed on Android devices.

This is great news to me. I was getting sick of having to constantly intervene to prevent a months worth of bandwidth being gulped by one errant unintended HD video.

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I watched the live one and there was an interesting discussion on the live chat, as well.

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I can't wait to watch. This is awesome bringing the different sites together... like a website round robbin ;)

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Proves we are all #teamBlackberry like bringing tribes together to fight for our way of life......this is beautiful! and it's why #ichooseblackberry10

Lilly's hand stitched Frankenstein Z10 powered by OS 10.2 .0.1443

I think all these podcasts are helping keep up moral (well maybe not the 1st late night one that CB did last week....that one was super depressing)

Super depressing or not, it was still super awesome! Just like this one will be I'm sure as soon as I have it downloaded.

The GreekBerry guy has a clear camera. I wonder what he's using, wish the rest of them had that same quality image.

Will tune in when I get home! Keep talking! Sounds like it is going to be way more up beat than last week's doom and gloom!

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BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry

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I prefer CB Team ranting than this multiply format shit. I listened to it but nothing match Chris, adam,blaze and Kevin's company.

I don't care.

Adam? Bla1ze? Is that you making a comment from a second account so I don't trade you guys in?  Lol.. just kidding. Love you all long time. :)

Oh how I wish I was there to see the group at N4BB that do nothing but trash Kevin and CB and their reaction. I bet it was comedy gold.

This is Max from the podcast, I write at N4BB, No one trashed Kevin, we all respected, and continue to respect each other. Enough of this territorial hate.

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Alicia Keys should get off her duff, and tour the countries, talking to REAL business people and pop culture icons who trust in BlackBerry 10 to run their business and keep them moving. Runs trust ads on T.V. "Hi, I'm so-and-so, CEO of Big Corp. Or Quarterback of the Pirates. We trust in BlackBerry 10 to keep us moving." show how it's used. Show how it's better than legacy RIM devices (and call them RIM devices. Don't call them BlackBerry).

I seem to recall a time when PIN message or BBM was a toss up. And BlackBerry made it COOL to use BBM. Same shit. But it was cooler. You just HAD to get an OS5 device so you could REALLY experience BBM. It was COOL to, as a business person, chat on BBM to get business done, chat wasn't only for play.

BlackBerry needs to be cool again.

Actually, random thought. They should come up with the first hardware software keyboard. Omg I'm gonna go patent that..

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I'm seeing famous entrepreneurs with BB10 devices! Maybe we should just cater to the exclusive individual! Who just do things different!

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That would suck!!! hardware gone? no more qwerty eh? I might aswell get a droid or a Samsung running bb10 for the z10 keyboard at least. sigh

HARDWARE is the money maker. Look at Google they make LESS THEN SAMSUNG's mobile division. With all of google revenue. Thats insane how much hardware makes Samsung. So it makes sense Lenovo is interested in hardware.

btw i love lenovo laptops and tablet win 8 with keyboards very nice.

I think it's funny their all BlackBerry enthusiasts but they use google hangouts for their podcasts lol

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I really enjoyed this! Kevin please participate in more podcasts like this and bring Blaze along with you when you do these things!

As I commented on the N4BB page, I missed it (unfortunately) but after watching the video of it I totally want to see another "United Nations of BlackBerry" Hangout/Podcast like this again. It is always good to get additional perspectives :)

LOL! Best explanation for why there is no landscape orientation ever by JT.

"The OS doesn't turn to landscape because you're laying down on your bed and you need to look at it that way."

After watching this I felt like everyone was in agreement that BB has not done a good job explaining the features.

How about all the sites above collaborate to come up with a really great cross-site contest where people submit videos that highlight the user-experience/features of BB10 phones? I am pretty sure there are people out there capable/interested in producing some pretty awesome/polished ads/tutorials/how to's.

Sometimes the best marketing is grassroots, and I think the group above have some reach and something awesome is possible.

I love this, somehow it brings a bit of hope to us (BlackBerry users). Keep up the great work and keep us informed. Thanks.


It is great to see individual Blackberry fan sites come together in this fashion and have awesome an discussion. While each of these sites do a pretty great job of covering the latest in Blackberry news this sort of collaboration really brings together the passion a vast number of BB users who still love and enjoy their products.

Considering the current state of things it is refreshing to see a podcast like this. Looking forward to more of these in the future. Great job guys!

I beg to disagree most of ideas in this

Two phones? Encouraging side loading?

You guys have to quit using examples around yourself. Think statistically

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#BBUNITED #KEEPTHEFAITH #BLACKBERRYCHAMPIONS #IChooseBlackBerry10 as my only mobile, and I will support @BlackBerry forever!

I think this was meant with "The Rimpire strikes back". Ok, now we have a different name but it doesn't matter because the message is the same. Let's stick together and build a global user base by involving every interested community into these podcasts. In Germany there are some blogger that would definetly like to get involved (MobiStack and BerryMe). We need to spread our network world wide with the same intusiasim Kevin goes crazy (Sorry Kevin you know what I mean)


Keep rockin it Kev. CrackBerry, N4BB and all other BlackBerry sites. It's time to band together to spread the word. We are all BlackBerry spokespersons.

Fired from my Z10

Good that u guys r discussing on what's going on and how to make it better just now hope the BlackBerry makers watch and don't understand how hard is it for them to just add the apps to interact whit other devices just strike a deal whit android or apple b sides that this phone is amazing to use

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Geez....nice to see some positive attitudes as of late. About time!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

We need to be more positive. coming to crackberry before the Z10 launch made me want the device so bad, I had to have it. now even the diehard fanboys are on here saying it's game over, no one thinking about switching to a BlackBerry here would want to anymore.

I love my z10

P's I didn't check the stock price of LG before I bought my TV or Tim Hortons before I got my coffee. Why is it an issue with BlackBerry?

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Were you worried about your TV, shoes or coffee receiving future updates or support from developers? When you buy a new TV, a pair of shoes or coffee, do you sign a two year contract?

No? Oh ok, I guess it isn't really the same thing then is it?

Now I see why Crackberry is the top go to site for BlackBerry hard cores. Kevin kills the others with his knowledge.

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Marketing the Z10 as the 'the all new Z10 (by Blackberry)' is a great idea. There's no need to plaster Blackberry all over it, or refer to it as the 'Blackberry Z10' Just like you said Kevin, nobody knew who R.I.M. was when Blackberry was at its peak, we just all assumed Blackberry was made by Blackberry.

Great vodcast, the other participants were good but I thoroughly enjoyed and respect your take on all things BlackBerry. As others have commented I hope that @Blackberry was listening. I believe blackberry has a lot more going on that we are not privy to and for that reason alone I am staying positive. Keep up the good work Kevin!

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Man, CB podcasts are so much better. CB staff are a lot more entertaining.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

This, by far, is one of THE BEST podcasts I've seen done. Truly epic. All the major BB sites in one talk sweet. I need to find a way to get in on the next one. Cheers Kevin!

Keep getting the word out.

Negative perception only works when you allow it to.

By the mid- nineties few people could figure out why Apple was still in business but they became the turn around story of the decade less than 10 years later.

BlackBerry is doing so many things right these days only a ship of fools would let it slip away and somehow with new releases around the corner I find it hard to believe they're packing it in.

Whoevers smart enough to partner up with BlackBerry now will be reaping big rewards down the line.

I really find it hard to imagine Android hanging onto it's current subscriber base once user fatigue sets and people begin to realize it's good but as great as its been made out to be.

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