Don't Disturb Me! - The ultimate SMS firewall for BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 29 Sep 2010 05:12 pm EDT
Don't Disturb Me!

Unwanted SMS messages are annoying. It seems like every week I get a new one, promising I have won something, or that my debt can easily be erased. Sure it's easy enough to just delete the message and forget about it, but what if you could eliminate it from ever hitting your device?

This is where Don't Disturb Me! (DDM) from Mobile4Life comes in. This app is the ultimate firewall for your BlackBerry. With DDM you can block SMS messages by sender's number or by keyword, so you don't have to receive them. You also have options for being notified when a message has been blocked, and you can configure how the message is handled from there. This is great if you get a lot of spam or harassing SMS messages.

  • Block SMS by sender's number or number prefix.
  • Block SMS by user defined keywords.
  • Use "safe sender" list to ensure your important sms will not be blocked.
  • Use password to protect DDM's setting
  • Backup number/keyword/safe sender list to SD card or restore from SD card.
  • Display block indictor and number of sms blocked on top of screen.
  • Configurable sound/vibrate/led notification when blocked a SMS or totally key silent.
  • View detailed infomation of blocked SMS and reply it.

You can pick up Don't Disturb Me in the CrackBerry store for $2.99 until September 30th when it returns to the normal price of $3.99. A free trial (50 blocked messages) is also available if you prefer to try before you buy.

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Reader comments

Don't Disturb Me! - The ultimate SMS firewall for BlackBerry!


I've been waiting for an app like this forever. Now I can block SMS based on a contact or contacts. My life is complete.

Then you can totally get away with cheating on your spouse! Great app though! Even if just to keep your drunk single friends from waking you and your significant other at 3am!

This is very helpful as Sprint's blocker, albeit free, doesn't have the option to give you or the sender a clue as to what has transpired.

Given the mounting outrage of this type of abuse, however, it's really inexcusable that this ability isn't built into Blackberry.

To be nickeled and dimed for one app after another for basic user-friendly functionality after purchasing a $300 device is not a way to ensure market share and customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive landscape.

LOL trial doesnt even work...when you go to activate it, it says purchase not does not work as ive tried blocking numbers and names and it will not block them.

Waste of time this app is.

for me as well. I contacted developer. Says have to uninstall any other 3rd party SMS app and pop up apps.So Im out of luck with this app.

I DL the app and it only blocked 10 sms before saying it expired although they offer a 50 sms trial. It works great, very useful for when you leave yor phone unatended and someone (wife, GF, mistress, whatever) wants to check on you. You can hide the app, turn of all notifications and it will look as if you never receive sms from the numbers you block. You will check the app every now and then because you know that you´ll be receiving those very important sms that nobody can see. Activation took a while but it is working fine now. This is the first app I have bought since owning a blackberry smartphone. My only question is, when you change your phone what happens with your app? Do you have to pay again? Can you transfer your license to your new phone? Your help will be very appreciated.

I purchased and installed DDM but it is showing as disabled ...I see the comment above that other 3rd party apps need to be removed ....I really don't have any that I can tell that are related to SMS -- just google email ...any ideas?

I'd purchased Don't Disturb Me (DDM) from BlackBerry Application World but can't activate the license key.
It always show "trial version" eventhough I had already un-install & re-install several times.
I had also sent feedback and email to the developer ( & but no response at all.

In the review from other customers, there are so many complain about this application with the same problem.
Why this bad application still appear in the blackberry application world list???