Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10

Don't believe everything you read.

Instagram coming to BlackBerry 10... yeah, it'll happen.
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2012 05:05 pm EDT

So here's the deal... VentureBeat posted an "exclusive" article this afternoon saying Facebook has no plans to release Instagram for BlackBerry 10.

No offense to VentureBeat, but whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter. I checked in with my contacts that all but gave formal confirmation that RIM continues to have a strong relationship with Facebook, who now owns Instagram, and that you will see Instagram come to BlackBerry 10.

Remember, Facebook took to the keynote stage at BlackBerry Jam Americas just a couple weeks ago to show off an early preview of Facebook on BlackBerry 10. Do you really think they're going to snub us BlackBerry users on Instagram?

As for my confidence level on this one... let's just say if I'm wrong... how about I'll buy somebody a car. Leave a comment to this post telling the good folks at Instagram how much you're looking forward to a BlackBerry 10 version of thir photo-sharing social service. And if you don't see Instagram for BlackBerry 10 hit, I'll pick the name of one of the lucky commenters and buy them a car.

PS. While I've been on my Mobile Nations World Tour I've been on Instagram a lot. I love Instagram. You can find me there @crackberrykevin.

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Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10



What do you think the ETA on the app would be. Perhaps in 2013 or is 2014 more realistic? By the way, I'll have a car too if it doesn't work out but as I already have one I would just prefer the

I'm going to throw a confirmation on this challenge. It must be a native app, not a port. So there!

I actually have a lot of confidence in you Kevin. Also - I can hardly wait till Instagram hits BlackBerry10..


Kevin, it's May and now going on 7 months with no Instagram, when are you going to throw in the towel and buy me a new car? Seriously I need one too, mine is currently 13 years old. I'm modest, a Ford Fusion is all I ask for.

Well instagram still hasn't been released and it's now may and no mention of it at blackberry live so I guess we have to use the sideloaded version alittle longer. Btw a new leaked version began floating around the Internet. It's a newer version and working well side loaded. As for the car? I would prefer a north American car. Big 3 for this guy. I would want a Canadian built Chrysler 300c would be awesome.

I'm in but is there a timeline to this offer?

no I don't expect instagram as a native app on bb10, facebook and instagram are operating as two separate companies/entities.

Good news indeed kevin ,lets hope it is actually coming as it will be a boost as far as big names which are missing in bb world

It has now been over a year since this was posted. I actually remember reading this the day it was put up. I wonder what Kevin has to say about it now.

I am soooooooo looking forward to an Instagram app developed especially for RIM and Blackberry 10. Make it happen Facebook, and in case this doesn't happen. I'll take a Gold 2014 Chevy Impala. I swear this is a win win. Good luck everybody.

If I don't get instagram I will break into the white house, and hold the president at gun point..."oh gawd! what do you want?" "I wan't know what I want instagram and vine. throw Snapchat on that while your at it."