D'OH! CrackBerry Forums down for a bit....

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2008 02:12 pm EST

UPDATE: FORUMS ARE BACK UP....PHEWWWWW... Thanks for the Patience! 

D'Oh! We're having some troubles with the CrackBerry forums right now...should have them up back up shortly but wanted to let everyone know that the problem is on our end (so you can quit hitting refresh on your browser!). I will let you know as soon as they are up!

You can still log into the main site and post comments to blog posts and get ringtones and wallpapers. Feel free to use the comments on this blog post to take the place of your forum needs until we're back up! I'll start it off... :-) 

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D'OH! CrackBerry Forums down for a bit....


Just came back from my week-long vacation last night... been playing catch up this morning on email (863 unread emails when I fired my BlackBerry back up).

If you need to kick your CrackBerry Addiction, I recommend visiting Cuba on a holiday - no BlackBerry data there!

Looks like 2008 is already promising to be an exciting year for RIM and for the BlackBerry. Having some fun reading up on everything that I missed....will get back to blogging duties tomorrow.

Also, looks like the 12 Days of CrackBerry was a big success! Thanks to James for taking care of the posts and the rest of the contest while I was away. I'll be contacting all the winners in the next couple of days so we can get the prizes out to everyone asap!

Happy New Year!!

863 emails? Is that normal for you to get that many in one week? That just seems like an awful lot to me.

Ha, and I thought I got a lot of emails per day.

Well I knew something was going on when I could not get to the forums from my bb and even from my desktop.. Oh well, it happens from time to time. Is the problem a DB error with the forums or just a server down?


Well for this time of the forums being down, lets not forget that our beloved Bla1ze has his wonderful site! Head over and download some videos for your BB. I just download JackAss 2.5 and I'm going to watch that until everything is back up and running!!! http://videos4blackberry.info/joomla/

Thanks for the heads up Kevin. I hope the forums are back up before bedtime or I may not be able to sleep.

I noticed this last night too. Best of luck, hope you can enable us with your codependent techie skills soon :)