Does your BlackBerry PlayBook function the way you want it to?

By Michelle Haag on 16 Mar 2012 03:16 am EDT

Does your BlackBerry PlayBook function how you want it to? Discuss this and more in the forums at the links below!

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Does your BlackBerry PlayBook function the way you want it to?


OS 2.0 is great. However, I find the overall performance of the PlayBook to be someone sluggish.... almost like it's at it maximum.... They either need to optimize the code or move to a faster processor in the next version.

I'm happy with the performance of my playbook. Sometimes it seems faster than my PC. Might be time to upgrade :) However, as many are, I'm disappointed in the lack of Netflix...and now that we lost Amazon Prime viewing, I'm thinking of picking up a Kindle Fire. I'll still use my playbook daily...the bridge feature is amazing.

Playbook is now buggy, having deleted the BlackBerry bridge folder every time I turn bridge on the empty folder reappears wtf is that about? Browser freezes also. And dead space isn't working since 2.0, so I decided to delete and try a reinstall but now it's telling me I have to purchase dead space again. Either rim are crooks or E.A you decide

I am having the same problem. I don't understand why this is happening either.. BlackberryHelp told me to do a security wipe.. But still having the same issue.

I love it but the more the better .So what I want to have is

1) A native photo app with lot more features to handle pictures
2) A native tasks apps working in sync with calender , contacts etc
3) A great native book reader with lots of in built features . If apple and samsung can do it I am sure RIM can do it much better .
4) I definitely need skype, gtalk and yahoo mesenger with ability to use the camera . This is nomore an optional feature .

RIM please do not give away the software updates instead surprise us .


My browser is very sluggish if I have maybe like 3 pages open. The checkered board is killing me.
Youtube app sometimes freezes completely.
No video chat apps - skype, oovoo etc. makes using the cameras pointless
Video store needs content almost feels as dull as having netflix.
Built in GPS doesn't work when I use the poynt app. I have to manually enter the zip code of my location.
The lock/Standby feature is terrible. As I touch the screen it awakes.
The portrait to landscape also is not as smooth and fast as it should be on this device.

I have an HTC sensation so I compare alot of what both products do and the sensation is actually performs better and I am a blackberry faithful.

Also am I the only one that notices when using the browser the actual words don't appear to be as sharp I have to kinda pinch and zoom the page to get the exact focus and sharpness I want on the page?? Please let me know!!!

The applications itself run choppy, its not fluid. However the actual UI runs smooth. They still need to work out the kinks on App and processor optimization. Also the music player needs some work with equlizations. NEED MORE BASS!!!

Mine works fine. Can this thing upload videos directly to youtube? I know it has twitter DM support. What about a native twitter client? Can we see some kind of integration with blackberry travel? Anyone having gmail sync issues between the PB, BB and gmail on the web?

My PlayBook works great! The only problems I have run into is Apps closing automatically when RAM is being used up. I would appreciate it greatly if there was a warning or it would save the progress of the Apps so I don't lose data. I would also like some form of Google Voice/Google Talk/Microsoft Skype. I want cross platform chat because the present video chat only allows me to talk to other PlayBook owners, of which most of the people I know are not. Other than that, I'm perfectly content with my awesome PlayBook!

Feature request: When BlueBox or another dropbox client downloads picture files onto the PlayBook, the Pictures application should be aware of it. Put another way, the Picture app should be able to automatically search other folders; maybe this can be a configuration option. Having to copy pictures from the local db tree to the photos folder is very annoying, and wastes hd space.

I really really need VPN to work over tethering.

I use this for business and as long as I'm using wifi I'm fine but if I get stuck having to tether I have no remote support options.

Dissappoint with OS 2. Print to Go is joke. Can't do print wireless direct from Playbook, document, browser, pictures like Apple do with wireless airprint direct to printer. Love with new email and contact feature. Ipad still leader.

Another feature request: afaict, the PlayBook keyboard only allows backspace delete, not forward delete. But my Storm2 - and I presume the rest of of the phone lineup - allows forward delete. This is an annoying omission.

Yet another feature request: Arabic-script support (Arabic, Persian, and Urdu) for the keyboard. Given RIM's (former?) market dominance in the Middle East, I'm surprised this has not been done yet.

Pipe dream?: A way to map - via Unicode - the BB keyboard as needed by the user. M$ Windows provides a very nice tool for this, and it would be a real feather in RIM's cap to implement this as well. That would also need a more extensive system for installing other fonts etc.

Three days later Playbook keep asking me to enter my password. May seem trivial but its every 3-5 minutes. Still loving it!

Feature request: improved file association and OS acknowledgment of files within the browser AND apps. This was kind of mentioned in an earlier post regarding picture apps, but the problem goes further than just scattering pictures about the OS. Say I download my December 2011 credit card pdf statement through the browser; ftp "save as" dialogue box pops up, in which the entire file name is pre-selected with "download.pdf." I type "Dec 2011 Visa," and click save. The file extension is deleted, making the file useless to any app. Most native apps won't even acknowledge the file. The Crackberry army are computer savvy, know where browser files download to, can open some file explorer and add the extension. But to someone stressed under a deadline, or to a casual computer user, this may become a really big issue. I know within Mac, Windows and Linux, file types and extensions are retained in the given scenario; Playbook should too.