Does Your BlackBerry Messenger Show Hotlinks? If Not Read On to Learn the Quick Fix!!

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2009 09:53 am EST
BlackBerry Messenger Hotlinks!

Have any of you out there ever found yourself copy and pasting URLs or phone numbers directly from BlackBerry Messenger and either inputting them in your web browser or adding them to your contacts? I know I have for sure and often wondered why they were not converted to hyperlinks and creating menu items for phone functionality.

Well, long time friend of CrackBerry, Stinsonddog has the answer for us on how exactly to get that fixed in 4.6/4.7 OS, so that those items do indeed show the way they should as elsewhere in the BlackBerry OS. This is something that seemingly was overlooked by RIM and hopefully they fully fix it for all us Bold and Storm owners.

Hotlinks In BlackBerry Messenger!

The fix is a rather easy one, as shown in the image above. Just simply go inside your BlackBerry messenger menu, press on your menu key and go to options, once inside options scroll down to "Group Messages In Conversation" and set it to "Yes", press your menu key and choose "Save" and you are good to go.

Hotlinks In BlackBerry Messenger!

As you can see above, the website URLs are now underlined and clickable to open your browser, as well numbers are now highlighted so the option for example to "Call  1877BLKBERR" is also showing in your menu options.

Now while this is a great fix for having the hotlinks and numbers show up in BlackBerry messenger the way they should be, now that I know this option exists I would like to see it applied in the OS so that the messages do not have to be grouped in order for this functionality to be there. Personally I despise having my messages grouped like that and find it much more cluttered like in appearance, although I'm sure some of you much prefer this way, it is not my way of the walk. RIM developers could easily correct this, how it has gone this far uncorrected I'll never know and I think the pics convey how I feel about it well lol!

Big ups to Stinsonddog for bringing this to everyones attention, be sure to check out his site for some other hot BlackBerry tips!

[Note: Yes, I'm aware I was talking to myself in the captures and the doctors say that is one sure signs of insanity, especially if you answer yourself. Now if you all will excuse me, I have some prescriptions to fill to make the voices go away lol!!] 

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Does Your BlackBerry Messenger Show Hotlinks? If Not Read On to Learn the Quick Fix!!


This is a great fix, but I agree with you, hopefully RIM can rectify this soon. You could, however, switch this option to display the hyperlink, then switch it back once your bbm convo was over. A pain, but it would keep the convos less cluttered.

Whats wrong with grouped messages? I personally hate when people send one word per line. I mean you know what you wrote since you wrote it right? So were is the confusion

After looking at my settings, I realize my Curve and Storm were always set this way. I may switch it just to see how it looks...

I have never noticed that URL's didn't show up in the messenger, lol. I don't think it's worth me grouping the messages together though... eww. I don't think I could stand having to deal with that lol

hey i got the blackberry storm... and i had it unlocked and just did the browser enabler for tmobile so it will work wit tmobile the internet... just a question when i try to go on the website it says i need web2go(sm) subscription... is that what i need to do.. because when i try to go on aim, hotmail, browser, anything or even try it goes to that or it says insuffcient network coverage to process your request... i know ur busy guy .. but please help me out on this... my email is

I don't have this option available that you mention above. I have never been able to get hot links in text messages. I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 from Sprint.