Does Samsung think it can steal BlackBerry customers in emerging markets?

By Chris Umiastowski on 27 Aug 2013 12:48 pm EDT

If you’ve been following the CrackBerry news lately, you’ve surely seen the promotions Samsung has been running. BBM will be arriving on Android soon, and Samsung has taken the opportunity to tell people that Galaxy owners will soon be able to download the app. They make no mention of Android in their promotion, naturally. Why would they?  From their perspective it’s better to just attach the BBM brand value to their Galaxy product lineup, not Android as a whole. For the most part, customers only know what they are told or what they read.

It’s hard to imagine that Samsung really cares too much about its customers downloading BBM. But it’s easy to imagine that they see an opportunity to get legacy BBOS users to migrate to a Galaxy product without losing their beloved BBM instant messaging app.

To be honest, I think this is a smart strategy from Samsung. A huge portion of BlackBerry’s subscribers reside in places like Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Philippines, and other emerging markets. BBM is hugely popular in these countries, yet the devices people own largely run the legacy Java-powered BBOS. The app store is pretty much bare compared to BlackBerry 10, and obviously doesn’t even come close to what’s available in Google Play, or in Samsung’s own app store.

I think it’s a no-brainer that the company needed to make BBM a cross platform app

The risk is obvious. BlackBerry could lose platform subscribers who migrate to Android, but keep using BBM. But despite this risk, I think it’s a no-brainer that the company needed to make BBM a cross platform app. They should have done it long ago, and if they had perhaps WhatsApp wouldn’t be the market leader today.

What this is going to do is force BlackBerry to compete head-on in the entire platform race, not sit back and rest on the perceived value of BBM. I think BlackBerry management is guilty of getting too comfortable with how awesome BBM is, not thinking that people would really leave it behind.

But think about the numbers. BBM has about 60 million users. Instagram hit 80 million users last August, and that was only a few months after releasing support for Android. Now that they’ve added video support, the platform is only growing. It’s not an IM platform, but the network effect is the same. Instagram is probably more important than BBM because it as way more users. I couldn’t give a sh*t about Instagram, personally, but I realize that lots of people will pick iOS or Android simply because BlackBerry doesn’t have this popular app.

Moving BBM cross platform will force BlackBerry to face a tough reality - they need to do more to convince the big names to get inside BlackBerry World ASAP. If Microsoft can do it (for many apps, but admittedly not yet for Instagram), with its tiny user base, BlackBerry certainly should be able to do it. The party line about having to wait until these app vendors are ready to support BlackBerry 10 is not going to cut it. This company needs to find a way to realize very fast that they can’t afford to take “no” for an answer. 

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Does Samsung think it can steal BlackBerry customers in emerging markets?


thats why BlackBerry should be charging a fee for every device running BBM or atleast charge the user, give them an incentive to stick with BlackBerry, they can easily make money of a cross platform BBM on other platforms, its the best IM client out there

or atleast charge a fee to those like Samsung using an open free app as a sales pitch to steal users

Remember, it's a door that goes both ways. BB is confident that if all users of all OS's give BB10 a shot, they'll have people flip to the BB10 platform, and since Droid and iOS are so much bigger, it's a portal to potentionally hundreds of millions of smartphone users. You add a little BB advertisements in BBM and you start poaching even SOME of those users and its a win.

But yes, there is a downside here, but I believe it's worth the risk.

Spades1234, do you remember what happened to Kodak? Kodak launched its own consumer digital camera in Japan I'm 1994. The mistake they made was licensing it to Apple who, in turn launched in the USA under its own QuickTake. Product. Now look at them. Bankruptcy protection.

If you think Samsumg's release of BBM on their "no made mention of Android" platform will entice users to go to BB10, that ship has sailed... it's sailed a few times! Many developing countries use BlackBerry because of BBM, others for more than BBM.

BlackBerry is in trouble! As a loyal BlackBerry user, have been for years and proud of my BlackBerry Z10, I'm very very worried about the implications of this cross-platform deal which could cripple BlackBerry as a whole/Company.

No guts, no glory. Only time will tell if they made the right move or not - My hope is that the folks at BlackBerry have a plan to monetize BBM on the other OS's... or at least a clear plan on how to tease people over onto BB10.

I agree that adding BBM to other platforms will keep the BlackBerry name relevant to a broader audience. However, it is being looked at as a revenue stream if BBRY is considering spinning off BBM. Seems like a win win situation.

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I agree. I didn't leave BlackBerry for the longest time because of BBM... it would lower the social barrier to entry for Sammy devices though

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Clearly BlackBerry isn't worried, because they agreed the cross marketing deal with Samsung a few months back.

My guess is they don't want to compete at the lower end of the market and see BBM as a better opportunity to make cash.

And if you need or want a keyboard device, you've really only got one choice.

One thing I give Samsung credit for is their marketing, most times try do it right and they are doing it now with the BBM advertising. They will most definitely take some BBM users into the Galaxy fold.

Who is going to look at a $500+ device when they can get an entry level Galaxy device an still have BBM? It's gonna be a no-brainier for those emerging markets.

+1 Yup they ll still have BBM and have access to all those other apps in Google Play that BBW doesn't have or will never get.

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Why are you comparing a $500 phone to an entry level Samsung? Compare an entry level BlackBerry (like the Q5) to an entry level Samsung. To do otherwise (as you did) is intentionally misleading.

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I'm not trying to mislead anyone my friend. Just thought I would compare it to BlackBerry's more prominent devices, which at the time of me writing the statement above, was the Z10 that came to mind.

Even if we compare it to the Q5, that's still a $250 difference in price and I think my point still stands.

In those markets, you should compare an entry level sammy device to a blackberry 9300, not a Q5. That my friends is a whole different comparison.

In terms of cost of the device only ? Maybe. In terms of functionally ? Absolutely no. You need a bb10 device to even attempt competing against any entry level Samsung, with BBM in it, that said.
People were ok to pay a little more for less functionalities as long as they wanted a bbm capable devic. Now that this is not a blackberry exclusivity, why would they bother ?

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His comparison made perfect sense to me. If you want to make it more clear and compare a q5 to a entry level Samsung you will be really disappointed. The point remain that BlackBerry phones are not price competitive enough to compete with an entry level Samsung phone with BBM.

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I go with this comment. The world at large out there is very cost conscious and with cost of living only going up the common man will go for devices at the lower end. Compare apples with apples and if we do then comparing entry or lower priced model of Samsung with those like Q10 or iPhone isn't going to give us the reality out there.

I have seen many of my colleagues who can barely own a phone looking for devices which can meet their budget. There are others who don't mind looking at slightly better units but price is key.

Having said this BlackBerry I think went cross platform for BBM only after they rolled-out their newer devices to retain existing users and perhaps entice new comers. But the question remains "Is BBM the key factor to retain or entice users to BlackBerry devices"?

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Get BlackBerry 10 cross platform. Let Samsung or anyone else make BlackBerry phones. All while improving their mobile device infrastructure and continuing to improve BlackBerry 10.

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BBM going cross platform onto iOS and Android is not gonna help attract users to its platform. While a good number stayed on BlackBerry bec of BBM they most likely switch to one of those two platforms gaining access to those popular apps while still having BBM.

As Oscar_E mentioned in Adam s article of BBM becoming a separate division he raised a good point. Them making BBM separate from a potential sell to keep the brand alive. Hopefully Not but it does sound possible.

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My cousin just moved from blackberry to samsung... ;)
So they are moving.. not to samsung in particular.. but to android..

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actually no one likes/care for android.. its a very laggy os. people only get the galaxy cuz well its the galaxy. people get phones based on popularity of phones like s4 so they can show off

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Really? Android isn't that laggy anymore now. When was the last time you tried an android device, 2 years ago? On topic, definitely Samsung will grab some bb users, as for a cheaper price (150-200$) they can get a more capable android device, without losing their bbm contacts.

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Many BB users do not bother to look or even read about other platforms so it is no use trying to talk to them.

Even my cheapo android phone does not lag. So stop blindly hating Android. Really your S3 is laggy? I enjoy using my Z10 and at the same time I can surely say Android is not a bad OS.

Everyone I know with a s3/4 are having problems, calls dropping off, texts going to the wrong contacts, contacts being wiped for no reason, virus's, malware, and..... lag.

I will NEVER go to android. Bb10 is so much better

" thedustytaco 26 min ago

actually no one likes/care for android.. its a very laggy os. people only get the galaxy cuz well its the galaxy. people get phones based on popularity of phones like s4 so they can show off "

That alone ( your comment ) speaks volumes on how very little your know about Android. Jelly Bean 4.3 is actually the best so far and since 4.0 ) ( icecream Sandwich) it has been getting better by the minute by leaps and bounds. But of course people whom do not care to try out other platforms would not know any of this so I'm not surprised.

"Actually no one likes/care for android.. its a very laggy os. people only get the galaxy cuz well its the galaxy."

Such a blanket statement. Unfortunately the market doesn't seem top agree with you.

I don't know that it's true as I've never used a Galaxy phone. I do have an HTC One as there absolutely no lag whatsoever.

And you should be proud that you spent full retail and the price and value of the phone has seemingly dropped by half. How many Playbooks did you purchase at launch?

need to get on the BB10 platform ASAP. Otherwise it's just another BlackBerry without the apps and without the exclusivity of BBM.

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What ever happened to being able to edit comments? I know it's not possible in the CB10 app but I'm on the desktop using a browser and still can't edit... weird.

It's a gamble but one they have to take. It may involve varying the BBM experience to give BlackBerry users a little more than the iOS and Android users in terms of features. . . maybe working in deeper and more varied social integration in to the BlackBerry version that other platforms won't have? I don't know . . . but they have to keep something unique and worthwhile on the blackberry side without making it a complete dud on other platforms. . .

IMO I think BIS will still play a major role here. Data Plans for non blackberry devices are still somewhat on the high side, so there will still be a great portion that cling to their blackberries for the abundant data allowance it offers.

I just wished they monetized the damn thing for non blackberry users. 99 cents a month sounds fair to me.

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This is the part that I think will keep BlackBerry in the game: the data compression. If it wasn't for that I would be more worried. Sure, some will switch because they don't care. However, those that are cost conscious will stay with BlackBerry for the data compression.

The other part that will keep them around, in my opinion, is the keyboard. I would imagine most don't have a BlackBerry just because it's a BlackBerry, but because of the keyboard.

Also the plans where you get "Unlimited BBM" but still have limited data for any other apps, are only possible through BIS.

IOS and Android phones can't allocate data on a per-app basis like BIS can. They can just give you a block of data with no control over how much any particular app is allowed to use.

These unlimited BBM plans are a big reason BBM became so popular in emerging markets.

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I'm not 100% sure here, but I don't believe data compression exists anymore on BB10. Correct me if I am wrong though,...

There is still the ability for Unlimited BBM and limited data even on BB10... Etisalat in Nigeria offers that already.

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Agreed on re: data compression & keyboard. I love the q10 but the fact that I had no BIS data was also kind of a dealbreaker. I would probably buy the older Samsung models if it has keyboard and can provide a better data compression. That said, I still love the Q10, just wish we could somehow get the best of both worlds and have BIS compression with the new OS. Ah well.

I like this article because it is real talk.

Next article, BlackBerry please hire an outside PR/Marketing firm, because they have been doing a horrendous job before, after and presently with BB10.

And to launch BBM properly!

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Yes they can actually convince many BlackBerry users to Android devices because of how robust the Google play app store ecosystem, majority of the folks down here in Nigeria still using the legacy devices are youths who make up about 52% of the BlackBerry market and most of them are looking for free hd games, social apps like instagram, vine etc. My fear for the market is if bbm goes crossplatform there is every chance of BlackBerry losing these customers to android powered phones, the only deterence I see that can curtail such a huge switch is the cheap cost of BlackBerry data services as compared to that of other rival OS. But the business minded BlackBerry clients aren't switching anytime soon cos of blackberry's superior hardware, keyboard, security and power to get things done :)

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They have cheap bbm and social plans or unlimited BIS plans. Does samsung offer affordable and reliable compressed data service for cheap money? No they dont.

They move to android in emerging markets because BlackBerry is DOING NOTHING to retain this clientele by offering significant "upgrade to BlackBerry 10" incentives. I live in Canada, so I wouldn't know what the public sentiment is like overseas, but if Samsung can better market BlackBerry Messenger than BlackBerry can, than I guess there is some secret suicide pact the people at BlackBerry have committed to. Makes NO sense how BlackBerry is not trying to market the H E L L out of their new devices to people in these emerging markets. Can't they see how this is going to pan out? I guess either there's some mental blindness happening - or - they simply do not care and there is some ulterior motives at play here. Just seems like there's a boat that's been missed.

I want to see BlackBerry ramp up their efforts in these other countries to get the upgrades to BlackBerry 10 instead of what appears to be happening.

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To me this is the wrong question, the right question is - can bbry grow the services side of the business quickly enough to outrun the decline and collapse of the hardware side of the business. All of the company's recent moves make far more sense if you figure that is the current internal plan.

NO. BBM will exist as a separate Company and will generate profit for it's own , not to save BB. That will never happen. Anyone thinking that is wishful thinking. Whomever buys BBM will not care about BB hardware.

Since Sammy has so much money to play with, it will take any opportunity. If it works it will stick, or otherwise, it will walk away. Sammy believes it will certainly take away BlackBerry business since it thinks its Galaxy 4S is more popular than BlackBerry. I am sure Android/IOS will take away some of BlackBerry business with this cross platform drama, but anyway, I hope BlackBerry has something big to support that idea of going cross platform. If the news is any credible about BBM will be a stand alone company, I am sure BlackBerry will find way to make money from the BBM Channel just like Google makes money from

How many people in emerging markets will be able to afford G4 let's not forget BBM will only be on android devices that have 4.0 or above most people who want a Galaxy would have gone regardless of BBM

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BlackBerry 10 is better than Android. Period. There's no way BlackBerry cannot be confident enough to go back to their bread and butter emerging markets and upgrade the s h i t out of them to these people who already love the legacy products. Just plain weird to me. Something is not right.

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Really ? You think BB is selling well ? OK. I guess I'm wrong then. BB Sales are Good and the Company is back on track to make money. So says " Rootbrian"

"Kick 'em while their down" seems about right, abandon and stop showing support when a company starts to be at risk of a possible hostile take-over.

I don't understand your statement ?
Are you suggesting people posting here anything negative about BB is kicking them while they are down and are also leaving BB other ecosystems ?
I would suggest that regardless of CB or any other Site you might visit that none of the people here or anywhere else had or has anything to do with BB being successful or a failure. That is another whole issue that has been discussed in great length and believe it or not has nothing to do with anyone but BB upper management.

I agree Chris. Blackberry should take out the check book and start paying for these top apps. While Microsoft is a big company, Blackberry needs apps more than Blackberry does, this is why they should be ready to spend even more on their platform. And don't tell me they can't afford it, they have 3.1 billion in the bank.

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Agreed. Money talks. Or they can make the app on their behalf, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare.

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Build an Instagram-type app that is better than the original,and destroy Instagram by putting this app cross platform. I have used Instagram, and honestly, there is no much too it. It is barely better than the built-in photo editor on Blackberry.

And that explains the cheap Samsung galaxy phones in the Samsung advertising campaign for bbm;-) it's all about the emerging markets!!

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Not exactly. I moved from galaxy 4 to z10 just due to the the os10 is awesome. Just need more apps.

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I wish Blackberry would just add a 6-10 second video / GIF creator, tie it into BBM Channels, and basically you have a twitter / vine/ instagram client along with cross platform messaging at its finest. The usage of such a platform would skyrocket, especially if it was embedded into BBM and you didn't have to leave the app to chat, post, share....

Especially if it can work on the inexpensive social data plan they offer. If you could get those features and not have to pay for a full data plan, that would blow Instagram out of the water in the emerging markets.

That's what I said off the start, dumb for BlackBerry to do this. Sears didn't tell Eaton's what they were putting in the catalog, where is Eaton's now. There done. But what do I know.

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The main point out this article are that blackberry have rested on their laurels & are forced to go cross platform with BBM. If you don't think that's a good move, quite simply, you're wrong!
Will they lose some customers? Yes. They will also gain recognition from past customers & new ones. It will get them in the spot light again using their best perceived asset, BBM. It showcases what BB is doing now. Hopefully people will think, 'if BBM is this good, how good is the OS?'
They need to do everything possible for future sales if they hope to survive & sometimes you will need to lose to gain. This cross platform move IS a gamble but it's a gamble that has to be made.
Samsung WILL gain BB customers, but BB needs to focus not on short term losses but the big picture. This move will help stop the bleeding & hopefully get BB back on to a road of full recovery!!

Keep Moving !!

Anyone know what the cost of the actual Samsung hardware are in these locations vs BB? If BB can still leverage BIS and actually sell hardware at a cost lower than Samsung they may be okay. So far though, reading the posts from other people re the hardware costs of the devices it doesn't look like they are willing to move on the hardware side. This makes Chris's point re needing the apps ASAP very true.

BB are in a tough spot. They need to make $$ on hardware as they lose service revenue. If they can't attract people to BB10 because of the lack of apps everyone wants, and if they aren't in a spot where they can discount hardware to sell devices, it kind of scares me.

It also makes me a bit sad because BB10 is an awesome OS and having owned Windows, iOS, and Android devices in the past, my Z10 is by far the favorite mobile device I have ever owned. I really, really hope they can pull this off and survive so I still have BB as an option.

Yup they sure do. I also think they are interested in a takeover! Just my two cents!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Bbry is more a business mobile machine... not a gimmick like Sammy phones... let them have bbm on there phones... who cares... budget phones for budget people... Bbry might be 3rd or 4th in the phones marker but they have the best os, best keyboards, best mobile security and best customer care and service... others can't match...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

...and BBRY will last as long as an ice cube in Satan's shorts once they take on that attitude. A huge chunk of BBRY's market is in these emerging arenas. Once they stop catering to those markets, they could put out a phone that does your dishes, drives you around and holds your hand at the doctor's office and it won't make a difference, they will fold. BBRY needs to have a solid and heavy value prop for those markets, especially once BBM is released cross platform. This is going to force them to truly look at their low-end budget handset strategy and execute a serious promotional upgrade campaign. BBM going cross platform is the right move, but it also paints them in a corner. In NA and the UK, they have a great opportunity to revive the BB brand through this. It may not bring people back to the platform immediately, but re-building the brand is the first step on that journey. In emerging markets, they need to ensure that their subscribers don't have a reason to move. They need to match up comparably with their competitors, on apps and on low end handset price point, negating the main reasons people would move away (or so I believe, I live in Canada so don't really know first hand). The success of BBM on other platforms would expand the contact circles of current BBM enthusiasts, undermining another reason why I think people are moving away.

Definitely would leave with or without this promotion on BBM. I love BB10 but I gotta keep moving and they are not. But who knows what i'll see in the next couple months...

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Think they can? They already are.

It's not too late for Blackberry but the window is closing. Cross platform BBM will only be a headline grab. If just left at that Blackberry will have pulled a trigger on itself and might as well toss in the hat.

As others have said here and elsewhere, marketing matters. Really matters!

I can recall Samsung adverts in varied media but cannot remember here in the UK any recent Blackberry marketing.

Marketing needs to be captivating and continuous. A one-off on a new product launch is soon forgotten.

Just look at Apple, you can't escape their marketing especially on TV. And that marketing is varied. They hold the lion's share of the market, like it or not, for a reason.

So come on, Blackberry, up the marketing budget and fight back. Or you will starve and die!

I wonder if there are any future plans to share Blackberry's resources and provide BBM data plans to non-Blackberry devices like this?

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The only way that Blackberry's consumer market will grow is if they get more apps. I think that bringing BBM cross platform was one of the worst mistakes that the company can do because now consumers are going to leave blackberry (mainly because of the apps) and move to android and iOS.

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Chris, great article! Again! It was a clever move by Samsung. They will try to steel blackberry users in these markets with their cheaper phones. And they really have a chance here. Blackberry is doing Ok, but they need to do more and better. BBM can be one of their guns in this fight.

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I get a sense that the majority of folks thinks the boogeyman is coming to get BlackBerry. We must stop this sort of mentality. BBM and BB10 are completely two different things. It makes sense if there a BBM becomes it's own company. I say do whatever it takes for brand recognition and grow the user base. Being exclusive is no longer relevant.

BlackBerry has become a niche market. BBM Should not be exclusive to BlackBerry. I think that once people start adopting BBM as their main Social App, BlackBerry can use it as leverage for BB10 platform.

Hypothetically speaking, if you user base hits 100 million on all platforms. BlackBerry can exclusively advertise for BB10 platform first when a new feature is introduced and perhaps state, "it's coming soon" to other platforms.

If people want the latest and greatest from BBM and simply cannot wait, why not buy BB10 phone?

Posted via CB10

A young man I know recently told me if he can get his friends switched to BBM, he would consider a BB10 phone. Right now he stays on iPhone because all his friends are on iM. He hates Android and is bored of his iPhone.

There is a bit of a paradox in your argument. Galaxy brand is positioned to compete strictly in the top tier. A premium product for a premium price. Trying to push a premium product even with the appeal of BBM makes no sense for low income countries. If Samsung truly wanted to go after the blow cost market they would be advertising BBM for their lower tier devices, not the Galaxy brand. I would sooner bet that Samsung wants to get a one-up on Apple by trying to associate BBM in a manner of exclusivity to the Galaxy lineup. Samsung has been known for these types of "white lies" being used in their advertising.

That aside, I agree with most of the rest of your argument.

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Also, let's not forget that Apple will never advertise BBM on their platform. Advertising a product that directly competes with a feature offering of your own platform would be insane. One more point for Samsung :)

Posted via CB10

I wasn't aware of that device. To date Galaxy has been focused on high-end. I guess Samsung is diversifying...

I am thinking this will ultimately be good for BBM and hopefully at some point down the road for BB10. Properly done BBM could overtake other social networks out there and take a spot with the top 3, which will translate into a profitable company, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft are all software or App based, Microsoft is bringing that software to the phone, Google has Android, and Twitter and Facebook don't seem interested in having a mobile OS. BBRY sits inbetween these, it's hardware and software (OS and BBM only) and is really quite small in both camps. They are struggling getting away from hardware because they don't have the market penetration to build cheaper phones or attack good deals from other suppliers. Without market penetration their OS is struggling too.

BBM however could provide some needed upside because it has the greatest potential for growth, and fast and immediate growth. Consider that if it pick up the number 3 spot for social networking a revenue stream would be inevitable, that stream could become huge and ultimately overshadow anything that BBRY could do in hardware and OS. If at that point it then wanted to re-introduce the BB10 OS it would have a new vantage point and customer base to work with. It could potentially put itself in the position where it is no longer dependent on a very narrow product offering and so be in a better position to push the OS and mobile computing vision to where is should (IMHO) be going.

This is just speculation and hypothesis, but it could be.

It's obvious that is Samsung's often do they advertise a 3rd party app otherwise?

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That's exactly what I said when they announced BBM will be available on Samsung first. Many people on here think this is a good idea but don't forget Samsung didn't get to where they are today by doing other companies a favors.

I'm seriously afraid for my beloved BlackBerry. I can imagine BBM on Galaxy S Duos for instance.
I need not say more.
I'm too scared to continue.

From my Z10 via CB.

I think it's a win-win for both BlackBerry and Samsung.
BBM will help Samsung attract new customers in emerging markets.
Samsung (along with Android and iOS) will help BBM will reach a wider audience.
When BBM has reached a certain level of penetration among all mobile users, BlackBerry can begin monetizing it, mainly with BBM Channels, advertising, and other ways of generating revenue.
BlackBerry will not disappear. It is transforming. No need to be scared. This has been their plan since the beginning, to replace the revenue from BB7 subscribers.

I believe Samsung and BBRY will form a joint venture. Samsung will license BB10 to reduce the dependence on Android. And eventually look to buy BBRY.

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LMAO. Because Samsung would be making so much MORE Money buying BB Right ? LOL

You just keep dreaming there.

It might be possible.... but then, what of their other OS that they stated was their backup if the Android ship stopped sailing? What I'm referencing to is the Tizen OS...

Of course, licensing BB10 would be ideal. But I'm actually hoping that Samsung will abandon their KNOX program, which has been delayed several times, and adopt BES and Secure Work Space as the standard security platform. This will give Samsung a way into the enterprise market, and at the same time furthering the service revenue generated by BES10 for BlackBerry. Again, a win-win situation for BlackBerry and Samsung.

Yeah, well played Samsung!

They most certainly will take away some market share, but doubt how significant it will be remains to be seen. Let's remember that many of these places like BBM because it is secure. Princes and the like use it for that reason and people in those places feels that makes it The "cool" choice.

Still a good move on Samsungs part... those guys are putting some work in. I can only imagine what they could do with a better OS.

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Who exactly are they going to steal...the tiny SOM of current BlackBerry users still left? Doubtful, those of left are the most loyal of them all. I'd just the same get a beeper and return calls from a payphone (if I can find one) or a landline when I get home. I'll never get a Samsung.

Verizon BlackBerry Q10

Would full feature bbm for ios and android for a year and then $0.99 each year after that work?

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Didn't work for WhatsApp...

Would work for BBM though. I remember I bought WhatsApp on iOS for $0.99 as a one time fee. I could see BlackBerry doing the same thing but... given how tarnished the brand has become in the media and amongst OS fanboys on other platforms... I don't think it's possible.

even if BB got their shit straight, Samsung would still steal 90%. They're a ferocious competitor, and basically unstoppable.

I'm sure there were people that said the same thing about IBM, Apple, Microsoft, insert-some-large-corporation-here, etc.

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Just go look at Samsung's numbers...
Look at Android's numbers...

Android is the most prominent mobile OS worldwide... Samsung is the top Android OEM, worldwide... They are going to take over. Sucks though, I absolutely hate TouchWiz.

The competition in emerging markets will be between Nokia and Samsung.
With those expensive BB10 devices, there's no chance for BBRY.

Emerging markets are kinda fading away in my opinion. I've been to some and I'm so surprised to see the massive change in devices people are using. So many people (somehow) regardless of income have been able to get their hands on Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 devices or the iPhone and have left BlackBerry behind. There's something to be said about that...


BB10 is for emerging markets just as much as the others. The best approach is having devices for all segments. BB has that.

BB has devices for all segments, but they're not BB10 devices. Therefore, these low end devices are obsoletes.
So, considering that BB10 needs at least 2GB in order properly run (versus Android or WP8 that can run with 512MB), and a lot of processing power, emerging markets will start to see affordable BB10 devices when Nokia and Samsung have these markets already flooded.

Of course they're going to steal them if they haven't already. They already dominate the market and this is just one more way. I know a lot of friends who are waiting to leave once BBM becomes available on different platforms. It sucks. Samsung doesn't even need to's happening.

it is not even a questions anymore. It's already doing it. I read so many news from emerging markets were Samsung, LG, other anroid vendors releasing cheap smartphones that good enough at the half price of BB

I think BlackBerry's app ecosystem efforts have been good, but building app ecosystems is what MS does best. They are ahead because they have a community of developers from MSDN. I've gotten numerous telephone calls for their "generation app" program coaxing me to develop for Windows Phone. BlackBerry, on the other hand, has a loyal community of lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, etc. They don't code. So, the strides BlackBerry has made with third party apps has been considerable.

All this nonsense about first party apps really just reflects some kind of consumer insecurity more than quality concerns. When I'm on iOS or Android I almost always paid for 3rd party apps because they were *better* than the first party ones. Blaq has achieved that on BB10... and as the developer community grows, we should see more of that. Sure, Instagram and Vine are two closed APIs and screw them for that, but even then, the reverse engineered apps for WP8 may eventually be better even with the additional hurdles...

Posted via CB10

People who live in "emerging markets" usually like Canada, so they should default to BlackBerry 10. But, what is BlackBerry doing to make sure that the owners of current legacy handsets know how good BlackBerry 10 is? I fear they're not getting the message out there enough. There is so much opportunity seemingly missed here.

Posted via CB10

BBM will be more popular than BlackBerry.. people will enjoy using BBM but not want to switch over to a BlackBerry device. They will like the convenience of having the best communication service on the device of their choice. But by allowing BBM to go cross platform, it will keep BlackBerry alive!

No , it will NOT keep BB alive. BB has to become an independently sustainable viable Company on it's own. Something it has NOT been able to do. Any logical thinking that you would take BBM separate and use it to Keep BB afloat is not plain nonsense. Ask any Board member if that is a good strategy.
The first thing they would do is sell or close down that branch , no way will they continue to use to bleed money.

I think the biggest issue for BlackBerry to lose in the emerging market is because of pricing and options. The only real BB10 phone they have for entry level is the Q5 and that's priced above most other competing options. I believe they need an entry level touch screen device and price it along with every other touchscreen budget handset.

Posted via CB10

They're doing it now.... BlackBerry should've tackled emerging marketing from the moment Apple made such a load noise. Now even Windows is gaining major overseas markets

"they need to do more to convince the big names to get inside BlackBerry World ASAP. If Microsoft can do it (for many apps, but admittedly not yet for Instagram), with its tiny user base, BlackBerry certainly should be able to do it."

This argument would make sense if BB10's user base was *less* tiny than Windows Phone, but in fact it is even tinier.

Sure BB has the legacy BBOS platform, but since there is no app portability, it's like saying Nokia's hundreds of millions of Symbian handsets should somehow count towards the Windows Phone userbase.

Microsoft can pull more apps than BB because they have a bigger userbase. And lots and lots of money...

Well, with single digit market share why not go cross platform? And BTW, it's NEVER too late in the tech game. If it was, Nokia would still have 90% global market share, and we'd still be on AOL. I remember when so called "experts" laughed at the iPad when it came out. "That form factor has already been tried!" "IPad, sounds like like a feminine hygiene product!" How's that working out for the "experts"?

You mean this guy ?
"Queried about his first reaction to the iPhone when Steve Jobs debuted it at MacWorld, Ballmer "explodes" with laughter and looks almost incredulous that the interviewer's brought up what Ballmer describes as "the most expensive phone in the world", one that "doesn't appeal to business customers."
What a DORK !
Google sure was not laughing :) they wasted NO TIME getting sh$t done and start Competing and the rest is history. While Steve Ballmer and BB CEO's were laughing.
Thing is , BB is not in the same situation today. They are in trouble and with no easy solution.

Here's my take on this. I think that BlackBerry crossing platforms is a smart move. Think about all the people we all know that have an ios, android or windows product on their hands, and that we (bbm users) would love to get in touch with them via bbm. This will benefit everyone in the market. This is my modest comment.


At the moment I couldn't ditch Whatsapp if I wanted to. Your Nephew either doesn't have any contacts on whatsapp or he is darn good in convincing.

Ooh. (Answering the title...) A lot of Indonesians flare up like crazy and started trading their Blackberry for Samsung devices... :-/

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

BBM is too good to remain only on BlackBerry devices. Go for it BlackBerry!!! I have to Believe BlackBerry still has what it takes to make things happen; still has yet more surprises in the hardware department. Bring it on BlackBerry. Focus/ concentrate (get those popular apps people are wanting). Have foresight always, and a will of steel to construct a long and healthy bright future for yourself. Have new, healthy BlackBerry ingenuity. Make it happen, harnessed with those necessary apps. Is this just the beginning of something exciting? or something else... Go BlackBerry! :)

BB already lost lots of subcribers here in INA because android + Line or wechat.
And now bbm going cross platform, just can't imagine..

In developed countries people buy for status and carry multiple devices. So a lot of your North American mentality do not work.

Posted via CB10

People don't buy phones because of games. Where is the time to idle away at games when they have to drive through traffic, work and serve God.

Posted via CB10

I hate to say it but with the wallstreet report today stating that BBM may become it's own enitity and with Enterprise with BB10.. I think we may start to see BB's hardware division go away and maybe Samsung picking up the BB services? The BBM move is risky and stressful.. since I'd like to see BB remain whole and continue to develop BB10 since the OS is looking fantastic.

hurds.. I know .. I know.. but without BB talking it's hard not to speculate their next move with what we are informed with.

I agree, but to me if everytime you said something it was twisted and complete nonsense was thrown back and repeated ad naseum there wouldn't be much reason to comment.

BB says what they've said and have met the goals they put out there.

Remember after BB said they'd re-focus on enterprise? The media then preached to all the followers "BB is abandoning the consumer market". I don't know if people have a bad memory, are apathetic, can't think for themselves or are just stupid. Probably a mixture.

If BBM became its own entity within BB I really don't see how that changes anything. Klassen already moved to Sweden to work with TAT. If its actually anounced it seems more like window-dressing than actual news.

Samsung doesn't think,it knows it's going to take a bite out of bbry. Bb10 means so long bes. Why stick with bbry? Bbm for all

Posted via CB10

Samsung can only win and BlackBerry can only lose customers. I don't think people will buy a BlackBerry if BBM go cross platform. People who buy an BlackBerry for BBM will change to iOS or Android. The winner is Samsung and BBM (BBM inc?) but not BlackBerry.

Posted z5

Now its sale time so remember we don't take no...
Shit from anyone. No.
We don't take no prisoners? We don't take no for an answer.
Oh yeah, we don't take no for an answer! We don't take no for an answer!

No. Okie dokie!
No. Gotcha, thanks!
Hmmuh. Terrific, thanks for your time.!
Well, let me say...maybe....

I feel like it makes peopel feel smart, and like their armchair is bigger than everyone elses and they must know more than BB when they say things like "BB should have done X a long time ago"

But lets get serious. If you think that you are being dumb. Do you not know what BIS is? Do you not realize people have been buying BB for BBM in some parts of the world? So you think they should give away BB for free without BB10 being released on the market for some time?

Its pretty ridiculous some people who are listened to by many can make such huge glaring errors and barely get called out on it. Yet the same people will question a global billion dollar company that has changed communication forever and is the leading visionary and technology behind mobile computing.

BB is releasing BBM cross platform at the appropriate time. Should they have just thrown away all those BBOS sales to compete with whatsapp, a poor quality app with a shaky buisness model? Wake up!!!
I know people like to feel important and like they know better than BB, but you end up looking stupid when you make such dumb, and I honestly can't think of a better word to describe it, statements.

But you'll say "BB should have released BB10 years ago", and honestly, if its all that easy and that makes sense to people they I have a feeling they are already lost. Theres no point in having a conversation if they don't realize the what BB has accomplished in such a short period of time with acquisitions and development and integration. They must think things happen with a magic wand, and every android OEM gets a pass for having absolutely zero vision for the future. I guess its pointless unless the media pounds the idea into peoples heads so no point in trying to have an intelligent conversation.

But don't worry, lots of people don't get it and just follow along. So its all good! I need a website so people will listen to me without question. Makes it obvious why Bezos would buy a newspaper, but I'm going on a tangent there and have probably already lost of lot of commentors.

Licensing software is the must stupid thing BlackBerry can do. MS and Apple don't license their table silver either. Plain stupid.

Posted with my ultra cool Z10

WITHOUT A DOUBT, BB NEEDS TO LIMIT THE BB EXPERIENCE ON IOS AND ANDROID OR THEY WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS. Give them chat and channels - no voice (ok maybe voice), video or screen share

Cap locks for emphasizing not yelling :)

I would be worried that with the advertising dollars that it has at its disposal, Samsung could run out so many ads about BBM that in time they could actually get users to associate it with their brand. Yes, I know there are many, many people who know BBM is a BLACKBERRY product, but Samsung can both focus on the future and customers who may be unaware of the history of BBM and also, with Samsung running BBM ads and BB not running any major ads of any kind, they may even get people to think they now control BBM to some extent. If every time you saw BBM mentioned it was in a Samsung ad, after a while I think anyone outside this forum would begin to ask themselves if Samsung now runs BBM.

I'd say: free advertisement for BlackBerry!
BBM going cross platform will create some much needed goodwill amongst non BB users.
And might even prove to the haters out there that BB is very much alive!
Furthermore, the about BBM will still list 'Developed by BlackBerry', so I'm not really worried about Samsung or Apple for that matter.

its simple: just PAY TO INSTAGRAM and they will bring their app, its that easy.
Microsoft talked with google several times to bring there big apps like Youtube but google refused that, so what Microsoft did ? they build their own Youtube app for their platform. And Hell yes, they are developing their Instagram app for WP.

wondring why don't BlackBerry do it ? What is BlackBerry waiting for ? If they don't have cash so just develop the app right now. with out Instagram you will NOT get any new consumers and FB will not bring Instagram app unless there are enough subscribers using the platform.

really wants to know what is BlackBerry doing for 7 months now !

I love my Z10 however a lot of my friends left bbm for the simple fact they weren't fast enough in coming out with a product. It certainly would be nice to get Instagram on here. We just got IHEART radio added and I thought that should have been on here from the beginning. Samsung is very smart when it comes to marketing. You can't knock them for that.

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It surely won't attract users to BB10 and there's no way in hell to attract the emerging market users that only use BBM to come back using BB.

Posted via CB10

Samsung want steal BlackBerry customers and telling them there is no need to stay with BlackBerry specially now BIS doesn't exist.

Posted by Z10

They will end up taking BlackBerry customers in emerging markets because BlackBerry management doesn't have what it takes to maneuver this battle field properly. There have been too many clear missteps in so many other areas. Samsung is simply going to out play them in the long run. Releasing BBM into the wild CAN be a good idea if management had the chops. But, they don't. So, this move will be like the sheep walking into the wolf pack. I think if BlackBerry had more competent management, it would be a good move. But, this may very well be the nail in the coffin. BlackBerry will get played like a fiddle on this one. They just don't know what theyre doing!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry will obviously lose some of its subscribers in the those markets. However the extent of the loss will all depend on how aggressive BlackBerry is with pricing (prices of BB10 has to very competitive), marketing and last but not the least, having all the "in vogue" apps like Instagram, Viber, Snapchat etc in BlackBerry World.
Samsung adoption of BBM on its phones might implicitly ensure that the cross platform launch of BBM will be a success based on subscribers. The free publicity that BBM is get now in those market is very good and can only help with the re awakening of the BlackBerry brand. Lets wait and see.

Chris Umi's posts are great. Always make me think. This on in particular made me wonder "is BlackBerry sabotaging itself?" going cross platform is a great idea as long as you can match device for device @ the different price points. If you can't (as BlackBerry cant) you stand to lose more than you can gain.
Couple that with what the WSJ reported today that BlackBerry is looking at separating BBM from BlackBerry itself and it really makes you wonder.

Just a thought.

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Samsung can tickle my balls for all I care...wait what?! Maybe they should concentrate first on making better devices instead of toys full with gimmicks no serious user gives two shits on...

Posted via CB10

The bottom line with this potential shift, is at least the idea is to compete. This is where BlackBerry has fallen behind with BB10. The corporate big dogs seemed all too eager to quit competing soon after the release of BB10, and tried to just stop the bleeding. BB10 is not an inferior product (far from it), and realistically anyone who gives it a fair shake, although they may prefer another product, they cannot say in all honesty that BB10 is a bad product. All the haters will eventually realize that no matter how bad they want BlackBerry to tank, it isn't going to happen, and they'll find some other victim to prey on (just like the ones before this, and there will be plenty to follow).

Sent from the future on my Z10.

In all reality, BB will not be able to keep up with the low end Android devices being released. For them to have a sustainable future they need to forgo the mainstream consumer market and focus on business and more upscale costumers. BB needs to become a premium product that can sell for $299 on contract and command demand. There is NO smartphone on the market that current does so. The iPhone was high end upon first release but now available to most market segments. You have manufactures like Motorola (Droid Maxx) and Nokia (Lumia 1020) that have recently competed on that price point, but only offer one unique feature to justify the cost. BB should release a phone with the finish and materials of the HTC One, battery like of the Maxx, high end camera in the realm of the Lumia, with other high end features before Sony beats them to the punch with their new flagship phone. It has an OS with a premium feel, but nothing else from the phone screams premium that would justify the price and create demand. Build it and they will come and more importantly BB will survive (and perhaps thrive).

Of course they will...BlackBerry is priced out from market...You don't need a rocket scientist to tell you that.

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Samsung already kicks BlackBerry over the horizon in all the major developed markets in the world. Once it turns it's mind to it, Samsung will also do the same in all other markets, Crackberry bravado or not.

I live in Indonesia (many people called Indonesia as a BlackBerry nation), and I think a lot of people will abandon BlackBerry right after the bbm go cross platform. BlackBerry 10 sales is not really good down here.

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BlackBerry always play save... yet fall behind others company (From right now). Dont sale BlackBerry but make BBM for subsidiary is a great move. BBM Inc, will keep moving......

With the Q5, the cheapest BlackBerry 10 device being four times more expensive than the cheapest Samsung Galaxy phone, the math is pretty simple for BBRY.

Keep BBM proprietary and it's user base will fall so much that it will become irrelevant. There are, on paper at least, 300 million What's up users. 200 million Viper users and 100 million We chat users.

Posted from my Zed 10

BBM needs all the support it can get cross platform. It has first to be adopted before it can be monetized or used to sell BB10. I have very few BBM contacts since most are using iOS face time and Android equivalent. Even whatsapp has cross platform adoption challenges.

Posted via CB10

Yes. Well said Chris.

It could go either way: for Samsung, or ultimately, against them.
I just hope BlackBerry has an Ace up their sleeve for this maneuver.

I don't use bbm as I have nobody else who has a BlackBerry that cares to use bbm.

Now like I said before who will want to come to BlackBerry if bbm goes cross platform? Not a heck of a lot of ppl will cone to blackberry as why should they if bbm is something they can have on their Android and ios devices.

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They know they can, they are taking no prisoners and they don't care what it costs to take share from everyone and BBM will help them as a partner. I checked out the Samsung store within a store concept at Best Buy the other day and it was unbelievable. They out Appled, Apple. They had two Samsung reps and a Best Buy staffer working the space. Phones, tablets and laptops on display on three tables and two racks of accessories. Very impressive. Ran into an old friend who used to represent HP at the store and now is regional manager for Samsung /Best Buy. She was pumped. Went over to say hello to the Apple report who has worked there at least five years and he was down in the dumps. He told me he didn't make his iPad numbers and he was given a deadline to turn it around or he would be let go. He had a week left and it didn’t look good. Samsung is out to crush everyone and BBM can ride the wave. Hopefully that will add more value than trying to compete against them, because in the mainstream consumer market we don't stand a chance.

I think the full features of BBM will remain with BB users. BlackBerry is not stupid, they know what they are getting into. Let's be calm and give BlackBerry all the support.

Your write is on the money except where you said the bulk of blackberry users in these markets are using BBOS and no Blackberry 10 there I would disagree with you the Z10 was one of the most anticipated phones here and once it came out people bought it in droves I really think that blackberry should shift focus to emerging markets and own it they can't go wrong despite all the doom and gloom blackberrys are still by far the most popular phones in Nigeria.

Honestly in my opinion BlackBerry Made a Mistake making BBM cross-platform I honestly don't think IOS and Android Users look at it as an answered Prayer or something of that sort.. Blackberry just took their Best asset and made it a sacrifice in other to keep Customers on BBM...But I guess Desperate situations are the cause of drastic measures BUT if BlackBerry wants their Gadgets to Remain in the Hands of People They Should at Any Cost Get the Top Developers that are hogging all the Users on their Side If Not...

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Samsung/sammy is not going to get me to switch over to it's platform. I am sticking with blackberry until the end of the world. :)

Don't even think of bashing or you'll get hosed with sulfieric berry acid!

BBM is and will become increasingly irrelevant the longer it is not cross platform.

The emerging markets where BBM is popular face huge competition regardless of whether BBM is made available to other platforms, all business decisions require some element of risk. So better to be proactive and try and monetise BBM somehow and possible entice users from other OS over.

Otherwise it will go the way in did in North America ,become irrelevant because no one really uses it.

It is a great application if you have heaps of mates using it. I have 3 BBM contacts, which none if us use it as we all have WhatsApp and pretty much everyone has it.

I think BBM being cross app has a huge potential to get other OS users switching to a better messaging app and potentially to blackberry devices. I mean 100,000 people downloaded the fake IOS version of BBM before the website was closed down.

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Shamesung is a big thief, they steal everything and pay money for their seeder to say bad news to all other brand's user/fan. A dirty play. I sure that they make smartphone be worse.

Posted via CB on Z10 STL100-1/

I'm in South Africa and I've heard the BBM coming to Samsung Galaxy phones advert every morning and evening for the last two weeks on my way to and from work. Samsung are trying to milk this for all its worth! The cost factor might still prevent a lot of people from switching over from BlackBerry to Samsung in this part of the world. Ironically, the cost factor is also what is slowing the transition from BlackBerry legacy devices to BlackBerry 10...

Samsung already is stealing, has been stealing and will continue to steal Blackberry's customers emerging markets.

A friend of mine in South Africa who has only ever used Blackberry is ditching it for Samsung in 3 weeks because as she puts it "Nobody uses Blackberry here anymore, it's all Samsung now." She's happy to here that BBM is coming to Android but how does that make BlackBerry money? We shall see.

As the mobile infrastructure and data costs to users in developing countries improves, BIS and the cheaper data costs it can bring becomes less relevant. BlackBerry don't have a cheap all touch BBOS phone to push in those markets and compete with low end Android anyway, so the lure of all touch Samsung is all the stronger.

As my friend puts it BB10 is priced "ridiculously" is South Africa, both the up front purchase cost and the monthly cost. We're talking 150 Rand, that's £10 / $15 MORE per month for a Z10 than a Samsung Android phone.

Blackberry can't make a low end handset that will run BB10 because of the 2GB RAM minimum requirement. They designed BB10 without any kind of vitual or hybrid memory management to make good use of smaller amounts of RAM. Who do you think is going to win this battle?

Blackberry is relying on the developing world cash cow but the cow has packed up its udders and is leaving the farm.

Blackberry are feeding it 2 year old grass in the form of creaking old BBOS on creaking old physical keyboard handsets that can't compete. The 9720? Yeh that's revolutionary isn't it. It could have been released in 2011 and nobody would have cared then either.

Three things will gift Samsung market share in developing countries: the lack of a low end BB10 phones, the lack of BBOS phones that have a hope in hell of competing with low end all touch Samsung, and BBM on Android.

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In my country, Argentina, BlackBerry has two different markets: enterprise and young people, specifically young girls. The first market is quite safe. But Samsung is getting all the girls with Galaxy Y Pro and Galaxy 3 mini.

Posted via CB10

Losing current blackberry legacy users to samsung/android is inevitable especially when they are considering the availability of their favorite apps in google appstore. I believe this is the same very reason why we want this android runtime to work smoothly in our bb10 device.

Posted via CB10

It's and lost to BlackBerry..cos Samsung got more apps than blackberry wit even a long lasting battery..adding bbm to dem is a win win situation...

Posted via CB10

This is like a microcosm of the mistakes the current management team at BlackBerry are making
1) announce cross platform BBM months before it's ready: undercut sales of BB10 devices
2) announce cross platform BBM without having a emerging-markets BB10 device ready to launch
3) partner with your chief rival to bolster their brand at the expense of your hardware sales / platform propogation.

Unless the current management team of BB has an agenda that runs absolutely counter to what they're actually doing in the market (i.e. they want to totally get out of hardware, ditch BB10, and just sell ads on BBM) they are making one strategic mistake after another. WHO IS MIXING UP THIS KOOL-AID AND WHY ARE THEY DRINKING IT?

In many of the cases where people changed from BB to iOS or Android is that they are seeing most if not all of their friends doing it .. its always about the user exp .. when i go brag to my friend "Heey look i can talk to my moto X and it can do what i ask for just like those space movies .." or i be like "Look at my 13 MP camera on my S4 and how good those pictures look on my instagram" .. trust me it will make you consider switching devices specially when the only thing is holding you back is the BBM .. i think right now everyone has whatsapp even if you are a BB user you are somehow forced to download whatsapp to keep up with your friends .. opening BBM to all platforms has its pros and cons , but the most imp thing is that blackberry needs to decide what they want to do ..should they give up on trying to catch up with the big dogs and just keep satisfying whats left from their customers , or push and work harder to get deals and more app developers and maybe dump the keyboard as a flagship and keep up with the market ..

Sorry it has. Iv just received my new s4 today and I will be turning off my BlackBerry soon. This makes me very upset as long time BlackBerry customer but I have had It with BlackBerry lack off app. Sorry BlackBerry good luck for the future

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