Does this BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and Bridge 2.1 Overview document indicate the update is coming soon?

Does this BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and Bridge 2.1 Overview document indicate the update is coming soon?
By Michelle Haag on 24 Sep 2012 05:58 pm EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook owners are quite anxious to get the OS 2.1 update, and rumors have been flying about when, exactly, we can expect to see it become available. Some documentation surfaced online (and then was quickly pulled) in the form of a PDF titled BlackBerry Bridge App 2.1 and BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2.1 Security Technical Overview. While much of the information contained in the document is pretty generic and corresponds to information we saw already back in July, and the document is in fact dated July 19th, 2012, I'm sure there are many of you out there that would enjoy picking through the PDF and looking for interesting tidbits.

You can join in the discussion regarding this document and further speculation about how it corresponds with the impending release of BlackBerry Bridge 2.1 and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 in the forums at the link below.

Download the BlackBerry Bridge App 2.1 and BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2.1 Security Technical Overview
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Does this BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and Bridge 2.1 Overview document indicate the update is coming soon?


I'm running 2.1 Beta and I just received an "application update." It was 1 MB in size. I don't see any new icons on my screen nor did any deleted icons come back. Anyone else?

That 1MB made it so my Youtube videos now works like shit and for some reason i cannot acces the programs in the appstore. I can access games, but not programs. Thx BB, once again. Dammit just bring 2.1 to fix this. Youtube videos worked flawless before. Flawless!

It has to be announced sometime during the JAM... It has to. :) eagerly awaiting like a dog for a bone.

lol i been the same for all update news and all since hearing about it .... also cant wait for 10 ... nothing would make me happier than replacing my java based device for a QNX based one.

I was excited but after reading that the PB will get bb10 it makes it seem like every update is getting parts for a used car when you already know a new one is on its way soon.

It has to be announced sometime during the JAM... It has to. :) eagerly awaiting like a dog for a bone.

2.1 update = Yawn

After a company cries wolf so many times who really cares about 2.1. It's a small cry for what should be BB10 making it's way to the playbook someday............

When who knows like everything else no date and even if there was RIM would miss it.

Just like some people like myself received through auto update. Yet was pulled later for the masses..

Why post negatively about it...its progress, 2.1 coming is a good sign and just make users of the PlayBook happy to have another update. Updates are fun to get and play around with.

Also you say yawn...but who knows what they have converted over to cascade based native apps, and possible video editor app, etc. It is exciting to think about the possibility of having BB10 cascade (early versions) apps on the PlayBook without even having BB10

A positive statement from you is refreshing, but releasing a technical paper about an update when the user base has no clue of the release date is not progress at all.

Yep. I will only believe it once the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 is installed on my tablets. Everything else is speculation even if the source of the "announcement" is Research In Motion. I just hope if BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 is released, the update can be applied to tablets already running version

The story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" should be required reading for the senior management team.

Big thank you rroyy! For all of the times a few apps I needed got yanked from appworld, you always had them. :)

Bring it on. It's been a long week of rumors and I'm just eager as can be. I'll be on my phone all night...rst -my world -rst -my world -rst -my world etc etc etc. Yup my thumbs are gonna be in bad shape tomorrow :(

2.1 beta has dragged on how many months without a release. Hell when they release something they pull it..I'll believe it when i see it.

2.1 won't give much more and not a surprise update. sucks the battery life thanks RIM.

I have one playbook running and another on .668.

2.1 beta has been great, the only thing I don't think was working is texting, which I don't do at all so non issue for me. All the other goodness has been working.

.668 first did drain the shugar out of my playbook but once I did a wipe and reload it, it works well. No drain and doesn't get hot either, not more so then usual.

I'm more concerned about them getting BB10 on my playbooks then I am about get 2.1 out..


I have the beta update, its not all that exciting just minor updates.

Android Apps are not sitting in android app player but look like native apps. When you open multiple android apps, it opens them as separate apps as opposed to 2.0 where they all open in android app player.

Both email and calendar in 2.0 only have landscape views, but in 2.1 they have portrait views.

Standby battery life has been extended by 1 hour - 1.5 hours.

Bridge automatically connects when you turn bluetooth on, not sure if you can set that in 2.0.

No text message support in bridge.

If you have a business account you have an option for blackberry mobile fusion and can add your work email.

Checker boarding in the browser is less frequent and browser loads web pages a bit faster.

You automatically get AT&T apps which everyone deletes because they are useless unless you are on At&t carrier then you can check your account on the app.

Thats all of it, although RIM always hides one or two cool feature(s) from beta testers and release that feature(s) on official release. When we were beta testing 2.0 they never released the remote control feature. So SMS bridge support is supposed to be coming and something which may be a surprise or not come at all.

If you really want to see some cool new things/pictures about BB10 os and don't have a dev alpha. Send me an email at and Ill send you some pics of new apps that are really cool made only for BB10. If you have dev alpha, msg me and ill send you .bar files and you can play with them.


Yea the .668 drains the battery within 12hrs when connected to wifi plus it seems less stable and apps crash often. Before this it was possible to leave it connected to wifi and it took 2-3 days to drain. I still have over 5gb free too and it's laggy. I hope 2.1 comes out this week! Unfortunately I believe that BB10 will not be high on the priority list for the playbook once the L-series are released. This 2.1 delay is just a patience training course for when BB10 will be allegedly released.

i see info about text messages when doing a quick search. does that mean our playbooks will finally get text messages in addition to bbm?

i wish our whole unified inbox from our berries (including text msgs and whatsapp msgs) could be displayed on the playbook while bridged.

Is this the same friend who has told you that Skype is being integrated into the base OS and messaging applications in the new BB10?

Probably, but he hasn't been proven wrong yet......we will have to wait for BB10 to drop to find out how accurate the friend's info is

I'm on vacation in the DR.. woke up this morning tellin me I have an update....its out today...I got the official release today no beta...rim pushed it to my playbook...did not have to check update,it jus showed on the home screen :p

Seriously, the web browser is much improved on the BlackBerry PlayBook compared to my BlackBerry Bold. The slowest to load website is; I stopped visiting the website on the tablet and stick with my notebook.

That is no joke. Crackberry is even getting slow on a PC with all the damn ads. I've stopped using the PB browser for CB, and I use SimpleBrowser+ with ad blocking. Crackberry needs to take note - we are sick of the ad slow down. Really.

I don't find the PB browser that slow. Slower then iOS yes, but that's becuase it loads a lot more. Disable js & flash in settings & then try running it side by side with your iOS. You will find the speeds identicle. Who wins all depends on what websites you load.

+100000. Depending on what I'm surfing with the browser I will usually disable JS & Flash.. Speed is noticeably improved when doing so.. It's little tips like this that could improve peoples perception and experience with the playbook...

Hoping that they will resolve battery problems: with the firmware .668 the battery consumption increased a lot...

I've been trying to update my new PlayBook running and it's not finding any updates after having registered the PIN on the Developer site. Worked perfectly on my previous PlayBook that was sent into RIM for service and replaced with this new unit. Any thoughts as to why I can't see the update. It's been well past 24 hours now and I've attempted to do this a number of times now.