Does BlackBerry need an app like Passbook on iOS for BlackBerry 10?

By Bla1ze on 7 Aug 2013 02:12 am EDT

Ever since Passbook was announced for iOS back in June of 2012, there has been plenty of folks asking in the CrackBerry forums whether or not such a thing would come to BlackBerry. If you're not familiar with Passbook on iOS, it's essentially an app that is designed to serve as a one-stop repository for all the tickets, coupons, gift cards, and other vouchers provided by third-party applications. Overall, it's a pretty neat thing to have implemented though admittedly, I've not used it much on iOS to say whether or not it's something I would personally use on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Poking around the BlackBerry 10.2 OS leak a little bit further, it's starting to look as though BlackBerry may be working on their own app to offer a Passbook like experience on BlackBerry 10. Files for an app called 'Cardholder' have been spotted in the OS and when you take a closer look at the information it's using examples like an Air Canada Boarding Pass for integration. Coincidentally enough, something Alec Saunders was recent spotted mentioning.

Even the icon for the app itself lends some plausible credit to what the app may end up being. With it all coming from an OS leak though, it's hard to say if there is anything really concrete there. Maybe BlackBerry is just testing some things out but then again, maybe it's something we'll see plenty of more of in the near future, maybe even some integration with BBM Money? That's not a far stretch of the imagination and really, Passbook has sort of taken off for a quite a few places.

Considering this has been a topic of conversation for a while in the CrackBerry Forums now and with my experience with Passbook having been really next to none, I have to wonder. Do you all, as BlackBerry smartphone consumers hope to see BlackBerry come up with their own integration solution for Passbook? There has been a few apps in the past the offered integration on BlackBerry, Android has apps that support it and even Windows Phone 8 has support for the .pkpass files used for Passbook. If it were available for BlackBerry 10, would you all use it? Sound off in the comments and let us know in the poll.

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Does BlackBerry need an app like Passbook on iOS for BlackBerry 10?


Pretty much. I'd love to see BlackBerry Travel expand to support more things like that.

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Not everything that would go into such a 'wallet' is travel related, such as loyalty cards for grocery stores etc, so to put them in bbtravel would be great for business travellers but kinda awkward for others

Yeah, I think it should be a separate app, but one that deeply integrates with BB travel as well as the Calendar.
It would also be great if you could hold a few different visa's/master cards within the app as well, so you can make a payment at a vendors store through the app and select the card you want to use... then you can collect the points automatically, like Air miles...

It would be awesome if it has further instigation with other apps as well. For example if I collect Cineplex scene points I could have a card with in the cards app. Then when I pull up the Cineplex app if I were to buy tickets it should be able to pull the points from the cards app and apply them to my purchase. Then it could store a digital movie pass within the cards app as well. That would be sweet!

It's pretty useless on iOS. It's been out over a year and hardly any companies actually use it. Starbucks and a few others, overall shouldn't even bother with it.

Start using NFC instead

Yup, I feel the same way. What "Cardholder" needs to be is a replacement for all my points/loyalty cards. So hold my Shoppers Optimum, Best Buy, Aeroplan, etc.

Amen to that! I would love to see an app that would store my gazillion loyalty cards and present themselves to the retailer. My wallet is thick with them and I don't carry them all.

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So what's the point?

Loyalty cards use stamps (in the UK) which is great as they cannot be tracked. (Why should you be tracked? Whether you go to a different cafe or the same one only matters to you and maybe the staff).

Airlines, well.... They need to support it Lufthansa have their own applucationnqhichvworks well, then again, tour boarding card is emailed to you anyway so thaybitbisbirrespwctove of the type of smartphone - or phone, it just needs email.
Other airlines don't support digital boarding cards and want you to print it... (easier said and done nowadays when at home)

Regular vouchers? Well, then paper ones are easier for shops to bus sue and collect than digital stuff.

So no, I don't need a collction application.
And if one really wants to collect stuff, just create a remember folder for it, done.

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I have a habit of hitting b instead of space on the Z10 and then it does not auto correct....
Just clearing learnt words every now and then can help but I don't think it clears the typing pattern/heatmap.

I have not gotten into the habit of proofreading every text I write yet... unfortunately

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This would be useful. If it was combined with NFC technology it would be a great addition. If people could pay everywhere with only the BB phone plus have all loyalty cards included that would be a great sales tool for the BlackBerry platform

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I'm certain someone had BlackBerry has thought about this exactly but I suppose the ridiculous red tape there in R&D must be a lot to get through and will of course fall through the cracks

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I think we may underestimate this new BlackBerry. They are righting the ship and starting to do things correctly and execute. I expect and hope these kinds of additions will be done as they are logical steps to get to full mobile computing.

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I don't have a need for such as app. But sure, if it's all about closing the "app gap" then why not.

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A lot of my customers at Starbucks use this app to pay and it integrates with our network perfectly. I'm a user of FidMe but this app kicks its butt. Definitely jealous of iOS users for this.

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Why not? Blackberry should improve and show iOS and Android users that it has everything! Passbook? We have the answer.. Siri? We have voice control. Whatever they have we have ... ;) #KeepMoving

I raise your robo form request with LastPass.

Their bookmarklet works great on bb10 - now just need the app.

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Here in Italy the people doesn't even set up Passbook on their iPhones. It's totally useless. Well, here even NFC is useless, no one actually uses it.

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I agree, it was an excellent app. BlackBerry Wallet with the ability to utilize NFC would be perfect for BB10.

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Better to have it and not use it, then to not have it and be criticized for it.

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That's not something I have a need or use for, so as long as such an application is never forced upon me as unremovable BB10 crapware, let those that want it have their application.

BlackBerry travel with a function to include hotel vouchers and boarding passes would be enough for me

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Just to have it even not used. To be able to say, I got it too! Always good to have much feature as possible, especially with lack of apps perception.

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BlackBerry Travel lacks too much functionality. E.g. processing itineraries that come in via Email and are attached as PDF. I'd rather like to have a single Passbook-like app. I used it on my iPhone a lot and this app is one of the few I really miss on my Q10.

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When Apple released IOS 6, i knew Passbook was kinda one of the big deals among all the updates. So i installed the update, opend the Passbook to see what's about the fuss. And it's been around 8 months since then, i've never opened it for the second time....(By the way, i do fly quite often)

True ha an iphone for years before I switched to my very first BlackBerry and I don't see the utility of passbook theres no ones usine it (talking about companies)

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During my 6 month iPhone punishment after breaking my 9900 a day out of warranty (don't store your berry in your bra on a hot day) I was excited when passbook came. And then I never used it. Ever.

I would give it another shot on BlackBerry though... especially if Starbucks took advantage.

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1 thing that passbook doesn't do is allow users to have their loyalty cards integrated as well. I think boarding passes are a great idea but store credit would probably be the last thing that I need a passbook type app for.

Now if Keyring would work on the BB10 I would be really happy.

I would love this...but without proper support for loyalty cards it isn't worth it

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Never had an iPhone so don't know how Passbook works but on my z10 I use Fidme. I like how it can take many of my loyalty card numbers and create a bar code that is scan-able.

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BlackBerry needs everything that every other phone has! Put anything and everything on it!! And let us decide if we want to use it or not.

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Would like to see boarding pass Integration in BlackBerry Travel. It sucks to search for the right email with the qr code.
Loyalty card holder - why not!

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I echo this!

Loyalty/Rewards cards (Air Miles, Aeroplan, Nordstrom, Hudson's Bay, Lane Crawford, gas/petrol stations etc.)
Maybe debit/credit cards with NFC
Boarding Pass
Tickets (whether Ticketmaster or no Ticketmaster, still an option)
Public Transit/Transport NFC enabled passes/tickets

All with NFC, all done automatically for you with integration with their respective apps.

Well like 5 people here said they would never use it. So therefore Blackberry shouldn't make it....cause maybe 10 people won't use it. It would be a worthless app.......

But the masses may find use for one app(starbucks)......better to have then not to have held.

I've seen a bit of Passbook and while I wouldn't use it much (don't travel a lot) I could see other users in my environment getting some good use out of it.

Passbook apps have yet to reach maturity. BlackBerry can get in before Android with this type of app, and build a loyalty card / tickets / app ecosystem... and maybe even catch up to ios.

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I never used passport when I was on IOS.. It's a design that Apple did not put much thought into and didn't really emphasize its uses. It seemed like a cool idea but it turned out to be one of those apps that I placed in a unused folder.

Me too.
I know a lot of people with iPhones and none of them use Passbook. Maybe it just needs to catch on.

This summer, for the first time I traveled with my boarding pass on my phone. I did a screen shot of the boarding pass and saved to Remember. Worked really well, but would love to see something like this baked into BlackBerry 10.

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So passbook is used by people who go to Starbucks a lot? Is that the moral of the story? I say BlackBerry should get something similar, but make it better using the suggestions that people have posting here. No use in having the same half baked app if it's not going to be useful.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

First of all, people keep comparing passbook to blackberry travel. BlackBerry travel sucks. That's is one thing blackberry can do better on. I crossed over to my Q10 from the iPhone 5 and I almost didn't because of the Passbook app on iPhone. I travel a lot and that app is heaven when you need your itineraries all together and ready to scan in one place.

So yes, blackberry needs to get an app like Passbook. Fast.

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Why can't blackberry give backup features what's they had in previous versions..i mean to say blackberry protect with contact, messages, calendar, and passwordkeeper backup...

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A lot of loyalty cards in the UK like Tesco, Subway and Boots just have barcodes on them now. It would be great BB10 had an option to add your own loyalty card to the app for companies that haven't released an app yet.

Scan your loyalty card with the camera and it replicates your barcode in Cardholder.

I use my nectar and Boots cards more often than I use a boarding pass so for the majority of people I guess Nfc plus storing loyalty cards is much more useful. I'd love to see that

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Hi guys, just download Passwallet and you have the same functionality as with PassBook. I think we have to look up a little bit and think about mobile marketing as such. There is a de facto standard established called pkpass and there are apps avaiable for all major platforms today including Blackberry 7 and 10.

If we lool at mobile marketing, there is a lot of money spent in this area. Marketeers are looking for for new and cheaper ways of finding customers and I know for a fact that multinationals like Unilever, Kraft Foods, Nestle are looking into this area.

PassBook hasn't been very much used outside US, but is now also coming to Europe and it is not only airlines.

But again, download PassWallet and find out for yourself!

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