Does this April Fools joke mean we’re never getting a PlayBook Plex client?

Plex BlackBerry PlayBook
By Chris Umiastowski on 3 Apr 2012 01:54 pm EDT

Outside of my Netflix subscription, Plex is how my whole family watches movies.  For those of you unfamiliar with Plex, it's a media utility consisting of a server and a client.  The server runs on any computer, and the clients run on computers, mobile devices, or even the Apple TV (if jailbroken).

I run the Plex server on my iMac.  I keep all our content on an Apple Time Capsule.  I have a couple of Apple TV boxes (one for each TV).  And I've got the $5 Plex app for my older, first generation iPad.

It pains me that there is no Playbook client for Plex.  I've got two gorgeous Playbooks in the house and everyone loves the form factor for movies.  Apparently I'm not the only one who wants a Playbook Plex app either.  Guys in the forum are converting the Android APK file into a BAR and sideloading it.

Back to that in a moment.  For now I wanted to point out this horrible April Fool's joke that Plex blogged, thinking it was funny.  Sorry guys, not funny.

The gist of the joke is Plex has been acquired by RIM.  They go on at length about the greatness of RIM.  They mention magnificent sense of design, the inspirational new CEO, the fact that everybody owns a BlackBerry.  Since the whole thing is a joke, clearly the author feels the exact opposite about RIM.

I have to assume the executive team at Plex was in on the joke, which is the bad part.  You'd have to be an idiot to blog something like this without having the approval of your CEO (unless you're looking to get fired).

Anyway, this probably means Plex has absolutely no plans to support BlackBerry.  And that stinks.  Especially since it should be so easy for them to repackage the APK and drop it into App World.  People on the forums are doing it and it seems to work.

But no ... apparently supporting the Nook Color is more important, as is kicking RIM while they're down.

Show some class, guys.

I'm going to head over to the Plex blog and drop a comment.  I hope you'll all do the same.  Maybe we can  guilt them into repackaging their APK as a way to make up for this poor-taste joke.

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Does this April Fools joke mean we’re never getting a PlayBook Plex client?


I'm hoping for something better. Something with actual content.

Not only comment on the article (which might be useless since they're moderating comments), but email, Tweet and Facebook them with what you think of their nonsense. They basically bashed all 78 million BlackBerry users.

YOU are against RIM. They mod their comments and likely won't approve any that don't "S THE D" of Apple or Google.


I don't use plex but reading this it is rather sad of a company to act in such a way. It's one thing to say no sorry we have no plans and another to act in such a childish demeaner. So Plex on behalf of many go F*ck yourself.

Choosing to NOT support the PlayBook while providing shitty excuses is one thing, but to mock RIM and the PlayBook is just pathetic. If I ever paid for their service, I would be stopping but my Subsonic server at home is incredible for me on the PlayBook.

Unfortunately, this is what we can expect when using RIM products. The only thing you can hope for is for someone else to create a knock-off version.

It seems like the popular apps that everyone wants or likes aren't going to come to the Playbook no matter what happens: Netflix, Skype, Plex, Twitter, Instagram, Draw Something, Words with Friends, Angry Birds Space.

The fact that only 30 of thier users cared to post anything at all....says alot.

I dont want them on #TeamBlackBerry anyway.

What the hell is Plex? Is it a Netflix type thing or is it a network streaming thing or what? This must be the most publicity they've ever gotten...

These f*ckheads monitor the comments, so if you posted there they probably won't approve it because it's not praising iOS or Android.

I said:
"What a retarded joke. As if there aren’t enough Apple/Google elitist morons out there spreading non-sense about RIM, Plex has joined the party!

…Yay? I’m happy with Subsonic – at least the creator isn’t a tw@t…"

I'm just wondering if someone has converted it, why isn't the BAR file on the list of apps that we can sideload? I don't know how to do all that converting so I depend on the people who do to share.

Don't forget and Lots of options out there for those who can't, or choose not to, use Netflix, et al.


I've heard of RIM/Blackberry, Apple, Android, Nokia, Netflix, Hulu, etc, etc...but for some reason I've never heard of Plex. I guess that tells me something right there.

Plex is actually a pretty slick program and I use it all the time on my MacMini hooked up to my Bravia, and have been craving the App for my PlayBook, but this was absolutely in poor taste. Its sickening that Plex decided to make a Windows Phone App but cant be bothered repackaging the already existing Android app for the Playbook. Ridiculous.

Well a company which is so f*cking stupid that it insults 78 million users, is apparently not clever enough to work out that Windows mobile OS's 1.9% of global market share is LOWER than BlackBerry's 9%.


Chris, maybe you should send them a note telling them about your situation, how it was in poor taste, and find an alternative solution. Left a comment but I'm sure it won't make the cut.

Here's the comment I left:

I find it interesting that a company would allow one of its representatives (elan) to so blatantly bash potential customers. There are plenty of mobile platforms available as choices beyond iOS and Android. I just so happen to choose to use a blackberry and a playbook.

Choosing to ignore a potential customer base is one thing, but to go out of your way to intentionally alienate and insult one makes Plex look like its run by a bunch of childish brats.

You’ve lost a potential customer.

Rim with a few playbooks and a bunch of phones with incompatable software 75% of which do not handle media do not strike fear into these media companies. But hey go ahead and let's get an angry petition going. Lol

If it looks like a troll, sounds like a troll and STINKS like a troll... then it must be a TROLL !!!


Just trying to add some perspective. I'm all blackberry. I just wish the zealots at this site would relax a little a get some perspective. There have to be some shots taken with grace sometimes.
RIM taking some deserved humiliation might make them stronger.

PS. I much prefer constructive comments like the ones from gorang and rkennedy01. That's what I'm here for and I presume the silent majority.

Orb ( and PlayOn ( both work great on my Playbook and many other devices, including my 9850 Torch (also worked on my old Storm2). I purchased PlayOn's lifetime subscription which included a free Roku box! So, as far as I'm concerned, they wouldn't have got my business anyway. However, if anyone asks me about them now, I will be sure and put in a bad word for them. As for me and any BB users I come in contact with, we will not use it if I have anything to say about it. Even non-BB users I will do my best to persuade them to use an alternative.

instead of trying to write on their modded site use twitter, if you don't have twitter then i'm not too sure what to do.

@plexapp is what you'll need to look for. its too bad you only get 140 characters.

Instead of PLEX, why don't we get a developer to make a native XBMC app? One with streaming capabilities. XBMC is open source, and has a huge community behind it. Even the Android app is open sourced. Side-loading the android is nice, but not as snappy as a native app could be. Plus the android version is made for a phone so the scaling is a little off.

"I run the Plex server on my iMac.  I keep all our content on an Apple Time Capsule.  I have a couple of Apple TV boxes (one for each TV).  And I've got the $5 Plex app for my older, first generation iPad."
Well with this it is clear the writer should go work for iMore not here!

All I see are hypocrites! If you are about Blackberry, then it shouldn't matter how far they are behind.. you should stick to your own.. You wouldn't see Throsten Heins with an iphone!


Looks like we got their attension.

For anyone who tossed in an unclassy comment or Eff bomb, time to send an apology and thank them for listening :)


Wow. I can't believe the way you guys reacted to an April Fool story.

Do I really want to be involved in a community that acts like that?

In any case, though, you can use Subversion to achieve the same things, and it has client software for just about every platform on earth, and whatever doesnt' have a client can access it via web interface.

*shameless plug* XO is a pretty good interface to Subsonic on the PlayBook ;) Though I'd like to add Plex support for v2.0, I have no idea how long it will take to get to that point.

"[NOTE: From the name-calling and angry comments, it's clear we offended some BlackBerry users, and I wanted to clarify a few things: 1) we were poking fun at the company (which seems to have lost its way), not the users. 2) We've discussed BlackBerry as a Plex platform, and looked into getting our Android app into the App World, but there were issues (the PlayBook version of Android was too old to support the video features we need, and the custom video solution we use for Android 2.x doesn't work on the PlayBook). 3) I'm personally sorry I offended anyone. This was an April Fools' post, and not intended to be taken seriously! Please check your pitchforks and Torches at the door.]" - taken from their blog post.

crackberry nation needs to chillax. if they weren't planning on making an app before, then they certainly arent going to make one now.

Plex has distastefully joined the numerous reporters/analysts/bloggers who are taken turns "kicking" the BlackBerry platform while it is down. This was very childish and for me, the apology has fallen on deaf ears.

Plex and other companies should recognize that the current state of the BB platform is an opportunity for developers to gain first-to-market advantage. Plex has instead decided to place themselves behind an 8-Ball.

Loving all the butthurt here. It was a joke, calm down people. As a long time Blackberry (recently iPhone) user, though I still own and regularly use a Playbook I thought this was hilarious.
Guess this just reinforces the fact that blackberry users are all just humourless suits.

This guy's business acumen is no better than RIM under the co-CEOs.

Ultimately, the playbook and upcoming bb products will provide more power than some of the platform that they already support.

He should try dissing Apple, or Google, and see what kind of reaction he would get.

I don't care how amazing his products are, or will be. I won't use his stuff even if it's free.

Never heard of Plex, thanks to Crackberry to bringin it to my attention in yet another attempt by an Apple owner on the crackberry team to convert us to Apple products.

No thanks guys, over-spent on Apple products for years and not going to do it again. Chris sorry for you with an iMac, overpaid for technologically outdated crap that doesn't do anything a PC can't do :( Oh and BTW guess that iMac is silver and black! really unique! - makes ya kinda cool ;)