Quickly create homescreen shortcuts to your files with DocuShortcut for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 10 Sep 2013 02:27 pm EDT

For anyone who has ever seen the screen on my computer, I am a huge believer in shortcuts. They literally take up so much space you can barely see the wallpaper. While I'm more organized on my device, there are times I prefer having a shortcut then diving into menus or the file manager. I happened upon this simple application in the forums, and it not only gives you the ability to create a shortcut to any document or file on your device or SD card but to select settings and configuration screens of BlackBerry 10 as well. 

How many of you access the same settings, documents, or media files over and over again? DocuShortcut may not be a complex application but it saves time digging through several screens to find the one file you're looking for. As I frequently sideload applications, accessing development mode directly is a snap. What is especially interesting is that the developer started this application to test functionality with Cascades and then decided to release it on its own. 

The process to create a shortcut only takes a few moments as demonstrated in the video above. All that is required is to choose the file or setting from the dropdown list, enter in a name (characters are limited), and tap create. A default icon is assigned unless a new one is selected under more options.

DocuShortcut is a free, handy utility application that supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets. It may be a simple concept but it's useful and easy to use.

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Quickly create homescreen shortcuts to your files with DocuShortcut for BlackBerry 10


You can! there's a way more fully featured shortcut generator available called Home Screen + by Canada Inc. Check it out. I use it all the time!

2nd thought... we there is not much control over the launcher.. simple stuff like arranging the icons by name are not existing

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ive been using this for a few files but what i want is a shortcut to my screenshot folder so that when i want to send a screenshot from bbm/text, i can hit the FOLDER shortcut and be there INSTEAD of back>locations>device>camera>picture.

or better yet, i want the option to store screenshots on media card!

This!! Well the last part at least

Screen shots automatically on the media card.

Posted from Uranus, on my Zed10 of course.

Following further from what I discovered from the app and a few other experiments: I find I can type file:///accounts/1000/shared/camera/ into Browser, get an 'Index Of /accounts/1000...' and a list of the filenames, but no icons so maybe not so helpful. Can bookmark it within Browser. But can't add to Home Screen (yet.)

If you can bookmark it in Browser, you should be able to pin it to the home screen. At least that functionality exists for web shortcuts.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Yeah, that option's greyed out for these, at least in 10.1, settings://about/hardware also. I can bookmark them, but not pin them.

i tried (shortcut into settings/network so i can have easy access to network ip address) that as i am on 10.2.1047. the popup to add to homescreen is there and appears but when you hit save, nothing happens. boo!

I'm planning on adding the ability to create a shortcut to a folder. Just to clarify though, you want a shortcut that will open your device File Manager and have it immediately show a folder on your device or SD card right (ie. screen shots)?
That should be doable, I'll look into it this week. If you were wanting it to act like a folder on the homescreen though, I'm not sure if BB10 is capable of that yet, but I'll still look into it.

Hi mike and thank you for this app! Yes you are correct. let me explain a little more, what would be optimal is: if i were in a a text conversation and i hit attach>photo, the file browser automatically opens my default save location for pictures (from the camera app). but if i want to attach a screenshot (since you cant change the default save location of a screenshot) i have to do the navigating. basically if i had a linking file similar to *.lnk (like shortcuts on a pc that points to a folder) that'd be great.

this probably isnt doable (due to only the os itself only showing compatible filetypes) so the next best thing> link on homescreen to a frequently used folder (screenshot folder or downloaded picture folder) would be awesome.

also, do you think it's possible rename/give custom names to each of the shortcuts? dev mode shortcut shows as "Developmen t Mode"

3rd thought... third thoughts.

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I agree that BlackBerry should have thought of this and added it into the BlackBerry 10... But alas, here's to hoping that BlackBerry 10.2 brings about many of the features that are currently lacking in 10.1 such as more options to personalize contact ringtones (text messages), the ability to delete duplicate calendars, and improve the absolutely abhorent Contacts app (i.e. Changes such as deleting a contact's photo never remains permanent; merging of a contact's social media accounts should not duplicate email addresses and phone numbers, etc.).

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Custom text message ring tones would be great. The only problem I have is that my Z10 likes to periodically forget all of my contacts' ring tone assignments and set them all back to default for some reason. I've yet to find any single event or issue that seems to trigger this.

But it would be nice.

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I like it!

Wish it could go a tad deeper in some Settings ( e.g. "settings://about/hardware" instead of just "about/". Typing it directly into Browser works, which I didn't realize before, and I can add it as a bookmark in the Browser -- but not to Home Screen.)

Amazing app! Waiting for it to be updated for 10.2 so a shortcut to the 'Device Monitor' can be added.

Very nice, fast access to mobile networks and mobile hotspot. Gives you nice looking icons too!

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Does this let you pin images? Sometimes I take photos of maps and useful stuff that would be awesome to just pin to my launcher momentarily.

Right now I just rename my images so that search can pick them up. Works ok but pinning would be faster.

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it does work. since b10 doesnt have a starbucks app, i have a picture of the barcode of my card save in sd card. ive used this to pin the picture to homescreen so i have easy access to my starbucks card barcode to use at starbucks =D

You can do this, but there won't be a thumbnail of the image, just a generic "JPG" or "PNG" icon.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Awesome app made my life simpler, cause I keep switching from 2G to 3G all day long to keep a good battery life.

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What about an lock screen shortcut?
Even better if could be placed somewhere in main screen...
Would be great, instead of tapping the power button like a dumb every time you want to lock the device.

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Give me an app where I can pin direct access to my individual mailboxes on my home page and I'll be happy as can be!!

Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so good and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just feel like you know so much and know how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to be missed. Great stuff, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

Thanks for the shout out Alicia! I logged into the vendor portal this morning and saw that my downloads were about 50x the normal volume :)
To everyone asking about updates and more features: stay tuned, there's more to come :)

I found this app a little while back and love it. For me it's been a big help in quickly locating and bringing up various pdfs and doc files I need to reference on a regular basis.

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