Documents To Go Winners Announcement! Didn't Win? No Worries. A $20 Discount Coupon Coming Your Way!

Documents To Go Contest Announcement!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2008 05:40 pm EST

The impromptu Documents to Go blog post contest we ran last week had a BIG response! Over 1400 of you dropped a comment to the contest post in hopes of winning a free copy of Documents to Go Premium Edition. The lucky fives winners are:, Manevitch, froggie42, just_curious, frkm0005

Congrats to the winners! You'll be hearing from DataViz soon to get your prize. And for the NON-WINNERS, you'll soon be receiving an email from us! DataViz was so blown away by the contest response that they have offered up a consolation prize... a $20 discount coupon for Documents to Go Premium Edition!

Keep your eyes on the email address tied to your CrackBerry user account. We'll be emailing you a coupon code that's good till midnight PST this Wednesday for $20 off Documents to Go from the CrackBerry App Store. The coupon won't work in the web store - so be sure you visit on your BlackBerry's web browser to complete the purchase and take advantage of the discount!

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Documents To Go Winners Announcement! Didn't Win? No Worries. A $20 Discount Coupon Coming Your Way!


To: Kevin

When we use this $20 coupon, is it for the Non-Expiring License or for the 1 Year subscription?

This is on DataViz website:

Documents To Go Premium Edition Non-Expiring License - $69.99
Add Download Insurance for just $2.99 What's This?

Documents To Go Premium Edition 1 Year Subscription - $49.99


For the non-expiring license.

When you visit on your BlackBerry's web browser, we placed the link to Documents to Go on the homepage - third link down on the featured page.

Add that to your cart and then put in the coupon code and you will be good to go.

Thank you Kevin for responding.
I'm getting my copy! :)

Any idea on when the CrackBerryAppStore will be linked to paypal?


Great. So we can pretty much get the non-expiring version for the same cost as a one-year subscription. I still think $50 is too much to pay for the premium features (the free version works just fine for me, though I'd love a bit more functionality), but I'm sure a lot of people appreciate this coupon. Thanks Kevin and thanks Daaviz!

I appreciate the opportunity to get a discount and the contest was great, but with all the articles on the Storm that have been posted here, I thought they would have at least waited until the weekend.

But now I see someone said it won't be compatible with the Storm anyway. Oh Well.


It's great that they were willing to give everyone the coupon that didn't win, which I would take advantage of, but since I'm getting the storm friday, and the coupon ends wednesday, I will have to pass! I think in hind site, it would have been better if it ended either Friday night, or Saturday, so those of us getting the storm could get the discount?


Haha ChuckH, thats true ..

I won't be getting my Storm til Friday as well as many others. But i guess it doesn't apply to them because they assume we already own a BB.

By the way, when will the $20 coupon be sent for the non-winners ! :)

I will be ordering my Storm Friday morning so I figure I'll probably have it next Tuesday. It will probably take me a day or two to figure out how to download the app after! I got my coupon a couple hours ago in my email. Kinda bummed because I want this app.

I don't have the data plan, but I do use documents to go.
Must I download it with my BlackBerry, or can I install it via my computer?

I guess it don't really matter if they gave me until friday, as this software is not compatible with the storm! :) Just a matter of time though, then I can get it!


Thank you DataViz for the discount, but it stills leaves the product over priced in my opinion. I would expect to pay that much for a desktop application but not for a mobile app.

Thanks for the discount should I decided to cave though LOL


Thank you DataViz for selecting me as a winner! I'm very excited I had Documents To Go Standard on my Blackberry Bold, once notified that I was a winner I upgraded to the Premium Edition immediately thanks to you and the Docs To Go Contest here on Crackberry.Com

Congratulations to the winners! Anyone knows when the coupon code will be sent to non-winners? I just checked my e-mail address but didn't see an e-mail from DataViz or Crackberry?

I just called DataViz, and they will provide a FREE software upgrade when you buy the BB Storm.

So if you purchase today, you will receive a FREE upgrade later for your BB Storm.

My first BB wil be the storm so it wil be dificult to download to my device BEFORE wednesday since I won't have the device until Friday or Saturday.

Wow. I've never won anything in my life. First I'd like to thank the Academy. I'd also like to thank the director for his vision, the costume designer and all my supporting cast for whom I wouldn't be up here. Last but not least I'd also like to thank...

Wait, wrong speech. Brb... "What I Would Say If I Won A Free Copy Of Documents To Go On". I know it's here somewhere...

If you're planning to buy the Storm this weekend you can still take advantage of the $20 off coupon today/tomorrow. The 1.005 Premium build for the Storm isn't up yet but we'll get it to you Storm folk when it is (you have 30 days to download the software for free so there's no harm done if you purchase it before you buy your device).

DataViz, Inc.

Thanks for the response! Just to clarify then...I can pay for the product using my computer and download later to the Storm. I do not need a Blackberry device of any sort to get the deal? Thanks!

I hope I am happy with the Storm since I have started buying things for it without actually having it yet! I must be crazy!

No BB yet, Storm on Friday. Kevin said you have to download it from the appstore on your BB though. So the question is, can we purchase via computer or other current PDA (I have a Treo now) today and then download on my Storm after Friday?


I just decided to give it a try using the PC and it wasn't possible. At one point in the process they require you to enter some 4 digit PIN from your BB device. If you don't have that you can't complete the order. The good news was that I got to that point before my credit card was charged, so all I lost was some time. Kinda bummed on the whole deal though. Maybe they will feel sorry for us at some point and extend the offer (hint, hint!). :)

I have a good solution: fraud! If all you need is a BB device PIN, why not ask a sympathetic and somewhat rebellious CB member for their PIN/ESN/whatever code. This way, you can download the software and port it to your Storm later, unless it's then locked to that BB, in which case I have no idea why Dataviz would say you could DL this app to use with the Storm later.

Received an email from DataViz but the link sends you to an order page for a Palm device and there is no coupon code in the email. Any ideas please?

I also entered into the contest but didn't receive a coupon?! Dataviz is it still possible for me to get this for $50?