Documents To Go updated with support for OneDrive, SharePoint and more

Documents To Go updated with support for new OneDrive app, SharePoint, share links to the cloud and more
By DJ Reyes on 4 Mar 2014 01:11 pm EST

Documents To Go has received a big update. If you're a big Docs To Go user, you're going to want to update. Following the release of the OneDrive app (formerly SkyDrive), BlackBerry has updated their office suite with a nice long list of things. As well as the usual big fixes and enhancements. It has been a while since Docs To Go has seen an update so this is something very much welcome.

Documents To Go new features

  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) with the new Connect to OneDrive app available in BlackBerry World
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint with the update BlackBerry Work Drives app for secure access to corporate documents
  • The ability to share links to files stored in the cloud, removes the need to send large file attachment or manage multiple copies of a file and allows for more efficient collaboration
  • You can now view and insert comments in spreadsheets
  • Enhancements to Presenter mode include the time and a timer to help keep presentation on schedule, and the option to move between your slides using the Volume up and Volume down keys which lets you keep your focus on the audience
  • Slideshow To Go now supports all 150 types of SmartArt found in Microsoft PowerPoint for one of the most reliable and accurate experiences on a mobile platform
  • Jump to slides more quickly and navigate through large presentations with a new progress bar slider
  • Support for document rights managed and encrypted attachments with GigaTrust, allowing for increased enterprise document security
  • BlackBerry Screen Reader integration for improved document accessibility without relying on sight
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

As you can see that's a big changelog. Looking forward to more updates. If you haven't seen the update yet, head into BlackBerry World and refresh, otherwise hang in there, the update will make its way to you.

Download Documents To Go from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Documents To Go updated with support for OneDrive, SharePoint and more


Does this allow you to collaborate on Doc/Excel files at the same time?

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I would like that and the ability to do multiple Excels and/or Word docs at the same time.

Posted via CB10

How would you propose to have this work considering the limited screen size of a smartphone?!!

How would you separate tabs from sheets in a workbook clearly for every user using this app features if brought on and how would you not take up previous screen real estate?!??

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

WOAW. Now we're talking.
I'll rush oin that and see how I can manage BESITC/Office365 Sharepoint with that ...
Thanks for sharing !

Just got to learn and use office365 but no Admin access yet :( can you access that Admin site features using powershell?

Back on topic does anyone at all have a full & in depth list of what features this app supports and how to use those features on BB10?!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

I second this 100%, my workplace is moving to O365 being able to access my onenotes from my blackberry would be a BIG plus. Let's hope Microsoft or BB sees this comment.

Big deal for those who use OneNote on their pc. Big deal for those who would like to be able to view/edit their synced notes on mobile devices. Big deal for those who just like the app and prefer it over other like-apps. At the end of the day, choice of apps is largely personal preference.

Bring Mobile Office and Lync too, since BlackBerry means business, these two apps are must.
Although demands of BlackBerry fans never end. :P

Posted via CB10

Lync support is already here (but only for work space), you can search in the App World for "BlackBerry Enterprise IM".

I hope one of the optimizations is the ability to copy the contents of a cell for pasting elsewhere without having to choose to edit the spreadsheet. I'd also like the ability to close the spreadsheet (or Word doc, etc) I am in without having to leave DocsToGo altogeher.

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Someone know if blackberry cloud services has been updated for supporting blackberry 10 in office 365?

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Couldn't login with my office 365 skydive account but works with my live skydive. I was just thinking yesterday how nice it would be having an app to do this and not have to go through the Web every time.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Stop diving in that sky of yours ;)

Skydrive is dead it's OneDrive!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Does it support USB presenter via host mode like BlackBerry Express? Would like to use my remote presenter stick.

Posted via CB10

This just make me excited like a kid in the candy store. I was hoping of OneDrive integration sometime soon.

Nice work BBRY. If you're going to focus on business and enterprise, go all in and go hard.

Maybe it's only available for 10.2.1? I have 10.1 and I'm still waiting for AT&T to release the update.

Posted via CB10

Same here. I sent ANOTHER tweet to AT&T Customer Care yesterday, and was told that there is no ETA on the release of 10.2.1. It's disgusting that there are so many incredible features in 10.2.1, and a plethora of new or updated apps, and AT&T customers can't use any of them!!!

I tweet them often to give them hell but to no avail. I wish John Chen would publicly kick there asses down the hallway. It’s unforgivable, we are paying customers and they are just sitting on it. F you AT&T!

Posted via CB10

Things are moving very fast now.... a lot of support seams to be coming the BlackBerry 10 way!

Posted via CB10

Indeed. The last few months the pace of apps features and quality is picking up exponentially

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Still useless for me: No Open Document File Format Support.

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

I'm with Verizon and had been waiting for the official OS update to 10.2.1 for over a month. Well I couldn't wait any longer, so I update with Sachesi on Sunday, and I'm glad I did! My productivity just went up drastically with this OS and update to Docs to Go! I just wish that they would keep the Playbook app current too. Oh well, I guess I can still dream of the day when...

Posted via CB10

It's a good day... OneDrive app and Docs To Go with OneDrive support. These are two very big updates for me.

It makes my day whenever I get news of an update for a valuable app like this one!

Posted via CB10

Its a dope app. I need need DocsToGo to show my documents in regular size. The print enlargement or border squeezing moved word around. this is a misrepresentation of where words actually are on the real document. It makes it so i cannot edit properly. Is there a setting where i could fix this issue??

Thanx . making life with BlackBerry z10.. easy although my Box is faulty can't log in..still waiting for the confirmation email... (nothing rong wth myemail)...fix this bug pls.

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Yes, they added some nice new features.
But still can't do a simple insert row in a spreadsheet. ????

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OneNote for bb10 would be a killer app since I use it privately as well as for business notes (team coordination)

Posted via CB10

Maybe just maybe we could get an edit in the article that says ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 10.2.1 im really tired of getting this news to only find out my still not updated z10 cant utilize it!!!

Posted via CB10

@AT&T Users
Why don t you update your device yourself, when AT&T is not able to deliver the Latest version? It is very easy to do and many people have done it already. There is absolutly no reason to stick with an outdated version.

My phone is mission critical and I can't afford a screw up. I'm getting very close to doing the update but I need a Windows of a day or so where I don't need the phone.

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Unavailable for this device!!!!!!????? Does it need 10.2? Getting frustrated. Will not do a leak!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

The integration with OneDrive is amazing. Now if only I could use this with Zoho docs I'd be set! Please add this functionality!

Posted via my amazing Q10