Document your year in photos with Picture Diary

By DJ Reyes on 29 Mar 2014 02:13 pm EDT

Nowadays with cameras built into our phones we snap a picture of many things that catch our eye everyday. I’ve seen many of my friends and family members try to do challenges where they have to take at least one photo a day and upload it. Inspired by this 365 photo challenge, a developer has created an app called Picture Diary. As the name suggests it’s a way of documenting your year with photos. I’ve been using it for a while now and love the idea.

Just snap a picture and add it to your diary. You can even add previously taken shots to Picture Diary too. If you miss a day you can go back and fill that day in also. When adding pictures just tap the plus icon along the bottom bar then Select or take a Picture. By default, today’s date will be selected but you can use the dropdown option to pick another date. Then just give the entry a title and a description. Hit save and your entry will be added to your diary. There are options for you to rotate the image too if it doesn’t automatically adjust into the correct orientation.

Picture Diary Add/Edit Entry  Picture Diary Add/Edit Entry continued

It’s a simple concept but a good one. You can share pictures in your diary with others too. Picture Diary makes use of the share invocation, so you can share like you would normally.

Many people have often asked the developer for the ability to add more than one photo per day and indeed it was something I looked for when I first used it but then that would defeat the purpose of the app. Being inspired by the 365 photo challenge, it’s a daily diary, so one picture a day makes sense. It makes me chose the best photo to represent the day. If needed, I’ll create a collage of photos and add that to my diary.

Picture Diary also includes the ability to backup and restore your diary so you can take it around with you if you use multiple BlackBerry 10 devices. Your backup stores as a .ZIP file. If you minimize the app, it has an Active Frame that scrolls through your photo entries, too. You can also toggle how the diary will be displayed, i.e. chronologically starting from the earliest entry date or the most recent.

To note, this app was developed by a student who attended one of the Jam Camp events, run by BlackBerry, that occurred last year. You can watch the promotional video made by the developer above.

Picture Diary is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $0.99. It’s a great app if you’re looking to make a photo diary. You don't have to add a photo everyday. Perhaps you can use if for when you go on holiday or just whenever to want to add something to your diary.

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Document your year in photos with Picture Diary


But you have time to waste on here insulting someone learning and developing apps for our devices. You are a joke.

Posted via CB10

For now the underlying format is just a copy of the datafolder of the app. A folder with the pictures and a XML file with the data. I'm working on an export function, now there is only the backup function mentioned.

Dear Joshua,

The app takes the pictures from where you stored them and copies them into the datafolder of the app, if you use the backup function you can save that on your external memory folder.

I hope I answered your question

Yes, BBM Channels can do it - I would do it on BBM Channels.
Say you want to do this but do not want to keep an online thing then this app will come handy.

I like the concept and will probably buy but I would like to add more than one pic a day.

I'm more interested in like an album type of app. Like the stock pictures app but with more features like letting you organize the pictures and timestamp them.

That'd be awesome!!

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Dear Peter,

I'm looking into a way to make a nice "more pictures" diary, like a setting, or perhaps a new app. This app was specifically designed to match the single picture diary for projects like the 365 challenges :)

Oh yes I understand and DJ made that clear in her review, awesome as always. I love the idea of this app and you have nothing but my admiration and deepest respect for this idea and for natively developing for the platform.

I was just throwing my thoughts out there and to be honest I hoped that you would take that idea for a second app.

Thanks again and keep up the great work bro!

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

This sounds pretty cool. I'm thinking he should add the ability to have it automatically upload to a specific album on facebook, Google plus, etc. So each year it would automatically create a new album for the year. That would kick ass.

Posted via CB10

Dear Sean,

I looked into syncing it with a facebook album, but for a starting dev that wasn't evidentially. It is on my to do list for later ;)


1. Need an auto backup and restore feature. May be to Box account would be nice.
2. Ability to make a video from the pictures & information after an year would be awesome..
3. Also, if a diary (I would like a old book style) like layout will look nice too..

Dear Kunamvahees,

1: I chose to keep the app an offline app. The pictures you take can already be automatically synced to box using the BB10 box app. Though I'll look into convenient ways to add to user experience :)
2&3:I'm looking into a nice way of exporting it(storymaker like/pdf like a book), so that's on my to do list.


That was my question. Does it turn into a Story Maker file if you use the share function?

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No it doens't (yet). It's a very cool idea like you said, so I will continue to look into it :D

Interesting idea for an app, just in time for my new baby.

For a young BlackBerry developer that takes time to answer people's questions on crackberry I had to purchase this. Thanks for the BlackBerry support.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the app and congratulations on the young one :)

Bought to support.
I had challenged myself to one pic per day but failed to keep up. Hopefully this app will motivate me to continue.

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I just bought this app and have been playing around with it. It's really great on the Z30! Keep up the great work!

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BlackBerry really needs to offer something like this, as on job sites, I want to take a pic, and send it to a client, along with a description.

If a pic is worth a thousand words, what is a pic with text worth?

Here's to hoping that BlackBerry bakes something like this in towards a future OS update.

I think that there are enough applications like this on BlackBerry world. I have evernote. Can't go wrong with that application. An app to document your life in pictures is not really something that I would want to purchase, mostly because I have BlackBerry movie maker on my Q10! I love it. This application, to me would be pointless.

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Most days are mundane...unless you seek out the extraordinary. What if there were apps to remind you so you would think about one unique thing each day. I've been using Diaree to do that. I like it very much but, it is meant to share your thoughts and one picture anonymously with strangers.

Now we have Picture Diary. Like Diaree it forces me to choose only one picture each day. And that is key to why it's great. This is not a gallery app, or even a sharing app, although it is social in that way, it is a focusing app. Yes, it asks me to focus on one thing I saw which is worthy of sharing. I can caption and write a small back story to add context.

If it helps me to realize every day is NOT mundane, it will have enriched my life.

Dear Jrohland,

I couldn't have said it better. It makes the average day worth remembering, and at the same time keeps you from forgetting :D
I hope you like it :)


Just bought this app and must say I was looking for sth like this! Thanks.

It is great and I appreciate the pure BlackBerry Style and speed,both these inspire me to enter each day a post. What is mentioned in the description works great.

Here are tips for improvement:
1) the icon - app which is so clean would deserve much better icon,
2) i would also allow optionally multiple entries per one day, it should have been not that difficult to change in the code,
3) automatic backup let's say once a day to box would be great,
4) possibility to add focuse point to a photo, using this you can tap to a face of a person and in the square picture preview the person will have whole face and not half.

Overall great app and I am going to use it a lot. Thanks man.

Dear Lokken,

Great to hear you enjoy Picture Diary. Thanks for your suggestions! Let me comment on them:
1)I got this more often now. Though I don't know what else would illustrate what the app does and yet is simple. If you have an idea, please let me know :D
2)Though this is not the idea behind the app(as DJ mentioned), I will look into the possibilities.
3)Also interesting, for now I wanted to keep the app offline. I'll look into an option to do this.
4)This has actually been one of the things I didn't like. BlackBerry automatically 9slices your pictures when you make display them smaller than they are. I'm yet to understand how to change this.

Hope you will continue to like it! Spread the word(you can invite your bbm friends to download it too) and leave a review if you like it :)


Dear Titus,
Thanks for your reaction. ‎

1) the idea is great but the graphics should be more "catcheye‎", sorry for my english...
2) i think it would be enough and the most simple and clean if it just allows more entries per one day‎, I don't know how you cope with the post unique identification,but I am sure you can make it somehow ;-)
‎3) imo it's not that important as we can do it manually, but it would be of great help.
4)‎ to solve this it will be the best for this app... and for me;-)

Sure I will spread the info and write a review...

Just one more question, if it is not secret: what software did you use to program it?

Thanks again for your work.


Ima get this, I have been doing this sort of thing over the last 25 years. watching my city grow, haircuts of the year, beards of the year, you know cool creative things. Thanks for making this, it will be put to great usage. I think I'll do a middle finger a day for a year...