Documents To Go For BlackBerry Updated To Version 2.0

Documents To Go Updated
By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2009 09:10 am EDT
Documents To Go is something all BlackBerry users should be aware of by now. With OS every since 4.5, Documents To Go has been preloaded on all devices by RIM. Many users have long since upgraded to the premium version that was offered, while many just chose to keep the basic functioning one on their devices for occasional use. Documents To Go is by no means a cheap application, with the premium version ringing in at $69.99. But for those of you who have seen the advantages of it, you might wanna check out the newly upgraded version 2.0.

The update brings some changes to the table that many users have been asking for such as wireless desktop syncronization and the ability to open password protected Office 2007 files. The only thing that may make you sway from buying it is the fact the upgrade is set at $29.99 alone, which is rather steep considering the cost of getting the premium version alone was over $70. If Documents To Go has been useful to you in the past, you may want to at least check out the free trial that is available and see if it's worth the investment to you.

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Documents To Go For BlackBerry Updated To Version 2.0


after spending so much money on a phone why do i have to turn around and spend so much money on docs to go thats something i hate with blackberry no good free apps in comparison to lets say apple . and u have to pay for everything come on some things should come standard with a blackberry phone its so unfair

You don't HAVE to spend the money on it. The Standard edition comes free with the phone (at least it does on the 4 that I have in my family.) And yes, there is a FREE 2.0 upgrade for the Standard edition. The fee is only if you have previously purchased the $70 Premium edition.
Personally, I do own the Premium edition, but I won't be paying to upgrade it.

You can work the discounts to drop the $70. I bought docs to go for my Itouch for $9.99 when it launched. In turn they gave me 57% of Premium Docs to Go for $29.99. As for the 2.0 upgrade my license page is offering it for $14.99.

So in the end if I do an upgrade my total out of pocket $54.97. I am still $15.02 ahead of the game. Plus I have it on my Itouch and Tour.

As far as I know this is not developed by RIM so why are you complaining about a 3rd party app that you have to pay for? On top of that there is a free version that gives you just about all of the functionality that you need.
If you like the free Apple apps like Bug Swatter and other useless crap then go get an iPhone and have it.

I thought Docs to Go would be absolutely useless to me, but it has been a huge help in a couple situations. Just update the standard edition.

I purchased a number of applications from DataViz, especially when I was still on the Palm platform, and I must confess, their prices are way too high!

Yes, I agree, one is not obligated to buy their software, but still........

By the way, thanks for the info on the FREE upgrade!

I recently bought the $9.95 version for my iPhone. It is the best version of DTG on any device I've ever used. (Previously the Palm OS version held that title... a LONG time ago.) That wasn't what I was expecting because for everything else productivity-related my Blackberry kills the iPhone.

I love the quick and flawless wi-fi sync on the iPhone version. Why is the BB version 7X more expensive, and less useful?

I used DTG for the Palm, as the price to get the pro version of that was half of what they charge for the BB version. But $70 is way too much for the use I would get out of it. I find that editing anything other than a typo or two with DTG on small devices is a serious PITA anyway.

But for those who think this is unfair, it's not unfair, it's just the market.

I thought I would use the product but it is very rare. The excel program is too hard to use from cell to cell I found. But then again I probably haven't used it enough to get used to it. Now a PDF viewer would be great if it didn't cost so much. Any good free (or low cost) pdf viewers.

Did anyone else get a "907 Invalid COD" install error? I tried to install the new standard, free version on my Tour and couldn't due to this error. I'm running, so it's not like I'm running a beta OS. Can anyone help???

Too much in my opinion, I use the free one even though I have to make my documents and put them in by BB~DM, But that is a lot cheaper than 70.00 dollars + 30.00 upgrade.

I only needed three documents in there for medical reasons.

So I'm good, Bitlockers

The old version worked on 5.0 but the update doesn't. Why is everything so difficult on this stupid phone? I'm missing my Treo more everyday.

seriously, did everyone forget that MS Office for PC/MAC costs well over $400. and I'm sure a good portion of you own MS Office for a deskto/laptop. There is a basic version for free! Again another app that many users will have a use for...and for those business people on the go that live on their BB of course $70 isn't that much for an app that will be used all day everyday. I'm sick of reading posts of people complaining about prices and apps that rims releases simply bc they have no use for it. I thought this was supposed to be a forum for learning not whining.
I pose this question : If you owned a coporation, would you give everything away for free? No, bc then you would no longer be an'd be out of business in no time.

Absolutely a great post. Pretty much the reason I do not shop online or limit my support of google where I can. If everything is going to be given away for free (or cost) our economy will be even worse. Funny how Best Buy employees tell me to buy there stuff online. Yeah because Best Buy is the reason Circuit City has no physical stores anymore.

Followed their instructions, uninstalled everything, did a battery pull and still get the error when I try to install :(.

Their offices are only open from 9-3pm. Wish I could work those hours...


UPDATE: After also removing PDF to Go and doing another reset followed by a battery pull, the download is proceeding normally... Seems they also fixed the desktop downgrade issue and the new dataviz Sync desktop application seems to work well also.

i've never seen any advantage to this bloatware, i remove it from my phone, the 5.0 opens these documents just fine without it installed at all.

doesn't seem to be a free upgrade available....they want UDS$30.00. Sorry It's a great program, but you get my money ONCE.

For those of you getting the invalid 907 cod message. This is the network blocking the downloads of large files. I believe more than 1.5MB(in my case ATT) you need to download through wifi. It has happened to me in the past. Hopefully this helps.

For those of you getting the invalid 907 cod message. This is the network blocking the downloads of large files. I believe more than 1.5MB(in my case ATT) you need to download through wifi. It has happened to me in the past. Hopefully this helps.

I love Docs 2 Go. I got the premium edition a few weeks ago because I needed to be able to edit Excel files more than anything else. Because it was within 30 days of my purchase, I got the upgrade for free today. I have to say, the new features are nice, even the enhancements for the .pdf reader. The only thing I don't like about the sync feature is the inability to choose the target folders on the BB like I do when choosing the files on the computer. Having this functionality work both ways would make this feature alone a killer app.

I updated to OS 5.0 on my storm and Docs to Go was completely gone. I have two questions:

a) is there a place where I can download the free factory version of documents to go?

b) will it be compatible with OS 5.0??

thanks for your time!

Had the last version (I think V1.07 or something like that) working in OS V5. Upgraded to V2 and now the icons are blank blue outlined boxes. The fancy Doc's To Go icons are gone, but it does show the name of the program when I mouse over. The apps seems to work OK. I'm very surprised Dataviz bothered to send out an upgrade that wasn't V5 compatible. With the Storm and now Tour officially running V5, they have no excuse!

My wife upgraded her operating system and it had the Standard edition installed after it was complete.

She selected check for updates, and it updated her to Docs to Go Std Edition V2.0 (no option to go from 1.0 to the next 1.0x, like I did before V2.0 was available).

There is no Sheets to Go on her BB - can anyone help, please.

i have verizon i want to do the upgrade but i dont have credit card... can i bill it to my carrier bill and pay it in cash later? PM me please i need to know this

Can anyone please help me on totally removing this programme?
I have a second-hand Bold with a dodgy serial - the programme does not let me pay to upgrade or do a new registration and I have tried asking both DataViz and the local dealer on how to fix, with no response. I have tried lots of avenues but can find no way at all of actually EMailing DataViz!
If I run through uninstall etc, I can get rid of the programmes. But then when I try a clean install, it picks up the old serial!

Well, I finally managed it by a series of deletions and battery-pulls - then registering a trial. I am now poised to buy but note that I can buy the 4.6-4.7 version...and am unable to find out if I will then be charged again to update to 4.8-5.0 version. Why oh why is the company so incommunicado - especially when they charge such a premium pricing?
...and I am still fighting the problem that DTM wants to downgrade it (even after following the fix listed on the Dataviz site)