Documents to Go gets updated for BlackBerry 10 devices

Docs to Go
By James Richardson on 24 Oct 2013 11:55 am EDT

If you are rocking a BlackBerry 10 handset you may want to grab the latest version of Docs to Go, which has been updated to version

If you need to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint for either business or pleasure then you can do it all from your BlackBerry 10 device - plus you can hook it up to a TV/monitor via HDMI to impress work colleagues. I can't say I have much use for it myself, but with the Enterprise market backing BlackBerry it's great to see the company continuing to make their native applications as best as they can. 

This latest version supports several presentation enhancements including over 100 stunning slide transitions and animations, 145 SmartArt graphics, a new Rehearsal Mode, a virtual laser pointer, slide note editing, spell-check, support for hyperlinks, and improved image quality when you present over HDMI or wirelessly using Wi-Fi Certified Miracast.

For improved productivity on a small screen, you can also find & replace text in any document as well as hide rows and columns plus freeze panes in spreadsheets.

Nice work once again BlackBerry. 

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Documents to Go gets updated for BlackBerry 10 devices


Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth ;)

That was pretty funny...the first thousand times someone did it :/

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

I've been using it for my public presentations and the latest version is really good. It's really amazing what you can do with this device. I don't need my laptop or tablet to do this anymore. Good job. Keep moving forward in His power.

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No need to worry about losing documents. They don't live in they app. They are files just like anything else on the device (pictures, videos, music, etc).

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Awesome, I'll get it once I get the update notification.. I use this app all the time.. watch go #teamblackberry


I agree... It is not showing for me under "My World" UPDATE notifications, but when I search for "Docs to go" it loads the app page and the green button says UPDATE!

I have to add that this is one of the reasons I love BlackBerry and use it as my main working device. People under-rate the usefulness of having productivity and office apps, but it is critical for me. I just wish it allowed me to create a PPT on the fly. For now I have to create a blank template and edit it, or use Google office to download an empty PPT file to my phone to then edit. Anyways, awesome app for anyone who needs to get the job done on the go!

Open My World, then My Apps & Games, then tap Check for Updates in bottom bar.

This is how you CB10, son!

They said the app was not available for my device. I am on a Z10 STL100-3 running OS10.1

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I know, right?

Thanks for the reminder; I forgot to check what the heck that meant while I played with all my new 10.2 goodness.

This is how you CB10, son!

Open My World, then My Apps & Games, then tap Check for Updates in bottom bar.

This is how you CB10, son!

I've been trying since yesterday to update through BlackBerry world (having found out from BerryReview, but keep seeing the red "Unavailable for this device". My BB10 is running OS Anyone else having this problem? I use Docs to Go quite often and want to take advantage of the new features.

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!

I'm having the same issue with the red not for this device. Someone on this post has a z10 with it working. I was wondering if you only get the update with 10.2?

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Looks like the update is only for 10.2.

Surprised none of the BlackBerry websites mention this.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

James Richardson says he doesn't have much use for this app, which is fine. But CrackBerry, you need to get reviewers who do use these productivity apps to do a proper review of them. This is indeed the kind of app that is used for business and warrants a better and more professional review, especially considering BlackBerry's new focus on "prosumers".

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Good point
There should be quality reviews of all the BlackBerry installed apps by experienced users.

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I haven't updated my OS yet and it says it's not available for my device. Maybe it's because I have the Q10.

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Me too. In conjunction with cloud storage on box and shared with my computer at home, plus every now and then using the version on my PB (with the bluetooth keyboard), I have the ability to do a lot when away from the office.

The Power Point update is much appreciated. Before, my presentations could not include animations if I was using my BlackBerry to present. The update allows for those animations, and it looks great.

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I have a Q 10 version 10.1 ( won't receive the update until "winter"). I'm went to download that doc to go app shown in this forum however it says it is unavailable for my device. Could anyone tell me why that's so? Thank you in advance

No update available for me. But of course, once again, I went into the BBW store to find I had updates about which I had not been notified. Well don't, BlackBerry.

Oh dear... can't get that update to vet. running DocumentsToGo ver. what a bummer ;-)

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Unfortunately it still doesn't have support for viewing reviewers' comments :(

BTW, looks like there's also an update for Ever note (bug fix only)

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The version I have installed is from the OS10.2.1.725 bar files leak which seems newer than this update.

Swiped on my zedberry via CB10

Gee. I have this on my Z10. Oh wait, now I don't. My app in BlackBerry World reads unable available for my device. But, it still is on my phone and I can open up documents within the app. What is wrong with BlackBerry World?

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Not available for my Q10SQN100-2/ I need this update A.S.A.P. I've been having to use my Bold 9930 to write reports for work as I can't insert photos with the Q10. Good thing BlackBerry had NFC so I can transfer the file and email it to the office each day. My co-workers use a laptop but I refuse, I like being able to use the toilet while writing a report if I so choose.

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I really need to play video on my slide presentations. When will it be available?

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Why does it say it is not available for my Q10??? I already have it on my device but the update is not available. I have official OS 10.1 MR

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Still unavailable for this device. Hopefully soon, for no other reason that I like to download updates.

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Check out the ppt that comes with the suite. It shows off some of the slide transitions..and they are pretty impressive.

Great update.

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This update is for version 10.2 only. Your article should specify this as it is already disheartening that the USA will not be getting 10,2 unitl "the winter". Come on Verizon wake up and get with the program with Love BlackBerry and we are here to stay send the upgrade now.

I am getting a not available for this device when I followed the link. What was funny was I got the same notice when I clicked on my installed version.

I have a Q10 which is still running the Verizon OS. I guess I have to wait for the OS upgrade before I can use the new version of Docs To Go.

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Is there a way to sort in ascending or descending order in excel? Can't seem to do it. Not sure if this is possible? Anyone?

CB MANAGEMENT - Based on the comments, it appears there are several new members since the last OS update debacle. Apparently it's time to start stating the OS version required (preferably at the top), when reviewing apps.


I followed the link to BlackBerry World and got the message that it wasn't available fir my device. I have a Z10 and still waiting for the update.... I guess Bell is taking their time?

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This app has been the biggest disappointment in BlackBerry 10. Previous versions prior to BlackBerry 10 were significantly better. Used it daily in the past. I was forced to side load Kingsoft Office which is hands down a much better app.

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I'm on a leaked my docs2go says version is this due tomorrow the leak?

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I've just been told on BBWorld that Documents to go is "Unavailable for your device". I use a Z10 with OS 10.1. Ideas, folks?

It says that it is not available to my device which is a Q10. Even when clicking on my installed version. Also, the installed version does not have powerpoint.

Lots of eye candy, I suppose, but all I really need is the ability to access CSV files on my Z10.

Is that really so difficult? I have yet to find an app that can do it.

It's always nice seeing the core productivity apps getting updated. Thanks from a prosumer (whatever that is).

Would have been good to know the update is for 10.2 devices. Oh well winter is almost here.

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Attempted twice and failed to download with Q10. Day after OS update. Not sure if there's a connection.

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I use Documents to go DAILY.
I have been using it since it was shifty on my 8330. Now it is fantastic!
Actually it has been for a while now but the BB10 version is indispensable.
Thanks BlackBerry!

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I started writing a book on my phone. Well a couple paragraphs anyway...

The end.

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Why am I told for my Q10 that Docs to Go is unavailable for this devices? Even though I already have it installed and working.

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I'm using a Z10 but when I followed the link to BlackBerry apps, Documents to Go, has a red text banner that says "not available for this device "

Note, I currently have the pre-installed app Docs to Go. Is this different from the one that is the topic of this article?

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Unavailable for this device?! Z10! Arg..

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Hey guys, I have a question regarding Sheet to Go. Does anyone know how to insert the row? I tried to play with this app but could not find that option. Would really appreciate your help!

I can't figure out how to access sheet functions. There are supposed to be 110 supported functions in DTG sheet. Also where can you find some detailed documentation

I would like to see the function to add or delete rows and columns added in spreadsheets.. then i wouldn't need my portable or playbook. I would use only have to use my blackberry z30 to update my file.