Docked Theme from Corey Visto

By Adam Zeis on 21 Apr 2009 01:11 pm EDT
Docked   Docked

After some time off, Corey Visto is back with a great new theme called Docked.  Available for most devices, Docked sports some very clean icons and a great look. This is a nice break from all the novelty themes that have been rolling out like crazy, and would be great for a business enviroment as well as the everyday user. Docked is available in bottom zen and today pop-up styles for $7. 



i don't see it available for a pearl 8130

Adam Zeis

Yup you're right! My mistake. I just talked to Corey though and an 8100 version isn't far behind. Sorry!


awesome, thanks for the follow up, i appreciate it.


doesnt look too bad


This Docked theme for Blackberry seems very nice, I like the display menu and yes for business environment as well as the everyday user its very nice.


Can we get a trial for this? I don't want to drop $7 for a theme I haven't gotten to try out yet. Have not kept one theme I've ever gotten, and am not about to drop $7 for one just to try it out. Looks good though.

jimmy j the toolman

It looks like an Appleberry knock off !


Doesn't look anything like AppleBerry.