Do You Wish the New BlackBerry Bold 9700 Was Bigger? Like Say the Same Size as the Original Bold??

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2009 08:22 pm EST
 BlackBerry Bold 9700 Too Small?

Since getting my new BlackBerry Bold 9700 earlier this week I have been living on cloud nine. It's uber fast. The optical trackpad is silky smooth. The 3.2 megapixel camera is noticeably better than the original Bold's and the additional flash memory boosts operating performance considerably. And I've been blown away by the battery life so far -- over 48 hours before needing to charge!!!

With positives oozing out of the device, the only thing that I have had to really come to terms with is how much smaller the new Bold 9700 actually is compared to its big older brother the 9000 (I tried to get the images above close to actual size and scale). And reading through the Bold 9700 forums and talking to other original Bold owners making or looking to make the upgrade to the 9700, it appears I'm not the only one.

When the Bold 9000 came out, I was a Curve user. At the time, I actually griped over the Bold's big size and deemed the size a negative. But over the year and a half following its introduction, I have really grown to LOVE the big-boned Bold. They keyboard is heaven to type on, and that extra 1/4" of width in the screen makes a difference. Plus, the device just looks impressive - the full leather back, the chrome band, the shiny black area above the display.... the Bold 9000 is the luxury SUV of the BlackBerry Smartphone line and when you see it in public it stands out in the crowd. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is stellar, but it's more of one of these new, smaller, cross-over SUVs. The 9000 was my daily driver for the past few months, and making the switch to the Bold 9700 it now feels like I've gone away from using a Bold to using a Curve again.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bold 9700. I just hope / wish RIM would also release a same-sized upgrade in the Bold 9000 form factor for all the people out there who appreciate a bigger device with a little extra bling (the 9700 has a more conservative look). Honestly, when I went to the Rogers store Wednesday to buy a 9700 they also had the new Bold 9000 in white on display. If only that white Bold 9000 had 256MB of flash memory, trackpad and a 3.2 megapixel camera, I would have purchased it over the smaller Bold 9700. The Bold 9700 needs to exist as device (it's awesome!), but it's almost like RIM should have branded it the Curve 3G or something (maybe slapped on a Curve-esque keyboard), then released a bigger device as an update to the Bold more true to the original Bold's heritage. On the other hand, to each his/her own. My girlfriend traded in her Curve 8320 for the Bold 9700 and is head over heels for it. I love the Bold 9700 too... I just can't help but miss the 9000's big keyboard everytime I pick it up.

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Do You Wish the New BlackBerry Bold 9700 Was Bigger? Like Say the Same Size as the Original Bold??


I've always used the smaller devices so i can't speak to the size of the original bold. I am eagerly anticipating the new 9700 though and i think it's size will be just fine.

YEP. It's all about past device history. If you're used to the Curve and love it, you'll LOVE the Bold 9700.

It's really just those who have grown to love the size of the Bold 9000 that'll feel a bit cramped on the 9700.

If RIM would just update the 9000's innards now too, they'd make EVERYONE happy.

Absolutely agree with you on this. I have used the Bold for over a year now and would not like the jump down in size. My g/f on the other hand has used the 8900 for almost a year and would love using the new 9700.

I'm still on the fence about this device and am not sure about changing from my Bold to it quite yet.

I love my 9000, and I think I will miss the big keyboard. It IS an impressive device, and I love being a Bold owner.

However, I still drool every time I see the 9700, and can't wait to have one. Since I'm a girl, and have shorter fingers, I am hoping to adjust to the smaller keyboard with no problem. My first BB was an 8320, then I got the Bold, and it was like heaven to type on compared to the Curve. I also used an 8900 for a couple months recently, and have to say I missed the smoothness of the Bold's keyboard, and was happy to switch back.

I hope RIM decides not to shy away from the bigger sized device. There is still a market for it!!

Well for some..... Give the people a choice, why have so many phones that look exactly alike, I personally think the new bold is no different than my 8900 only with a trackpad.
If you like small then there are plenty to choose from.

Okay not like my jeans, but definitely like the jeans from Milan.

I've always been addicted to skinny phones. I currently have the slimmest Sony Ericsson ever produced and I'm still on the search for the discontinued 5.7mm Samsung of which I can't remember the name atm.

When you're wearing a well-fitted suit, a block jutting out from your shirt or your pants is horrifying. You don't want the wrong bulge to show, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I just wish that my next BB will be under 10mm thick. With a liquid lens camera.

I'd like to see a new model with same feature set as the 9700, but with the 9000's larger form factor. I like the bigger keyboard, and it would allow for a slightly larger screen, too!

BlackBerry Bold 9800, perhaps? :P

I'm currently using the Bold 9000, and was really looking forward to the new 9700. I am sure it is a great device; I'm positive it is, but it seems more like a new curve to me, than a "Bold".

Since I'm pretty happy with with I have now, and will also be getting OS 5.0 in the near future, I see no reason to part with my beloved 9000. I just love the size and feel of it. Sure, I'd love the new camera (I love the camera in the 8900) and definitely would love the extra memory, but I'm not hurting for memory at the moment, and I have pro Canon EOS gear, as well as a quality Canon 10mp pocket camera, that I can use. (how? I put the microSD into a SD adapter, and then pop it into the Canon pocket cam: after shooting, pop it into the blackberry; sweeeeeeet).

Kevin said it best: "If RIM would just update the 9000's innards now too, they'd make EVERYONE happy." I want an upgrade to the 9000, not just some new Curve that been named Bold. Come on, RIM!

reason y I don't think I'll will be getting the 9700.....I just love the form factor of the 9000 and I don't think the 9700 is enough of an upgrade to switch

the size is exactly the reason why i think the hybrid touchscreen-physical keyboarded BB will be the real Bold heir
i love the looks of the 9700 since the first pic leaked, but i cant help but complain about the smaller screen, smaller keyboard, and basically being the 3G/HSDPA version of the 8900..

5.0 and trackpad is awesome, but the 9000 vs 9700 hardware wise is like comparing a hyundai to a mercedez. RIM should come out with a 9000 running new OS, 3.2 camera, and the trackpad. The name BOLD stands out, just like the BOLD series should stand out from the rest of the blackberries that are small like the curve (besides the storm, which is wack anyway)

I'm in full agreement here. I definitely had a hard time getting used to the BOLD 9000 when it came out but I did in time. I feel the same will happen when I pick up the 9700 but it should definitely be branded as a new curve and not a BOLD. The BOLD name and phone stood out for a reason!

I remember first getting a Tour and holding it next to my Bold laughing at how tiny it was and how much I loved my Bold, now I don't know what I'll do moving onto a 9700 :(

So I got the Bold 9000 last December, and it was my first ever BlackBerry which I instantly fell in love with. It's true that once you use a 'Berry, you can't go back to just any other phone. I loved the feel of the phone, and I have big hands so the bigger keyboard was a plus.

Then my world came to a crashing halt a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally left it with my pants as I threw it in the wash! I was so sad. I felt so disconnected from everything without it. About a week or so later, I ended up buying a cheap used Curve 8310 off someone from Craigslist just to hold me over since the 9700 was coming out so soon.

So since I'm getting used to the smaller size of the 8310, I think I'll have an easier time adjusting to the new 9700 once it comes out for AT&T. =)

I won't be upgrading. Sure I'll check it out in store, but to me the BOLD 9000 redefined luxury and functionality in a smartphone. I came from the 8820, which I feel is the same keyboard layout and feel as the 9700 "BOLD." As crucial_extreme said in a post in the Bold 9000 forum, next year there will be a better BOLD that has the same form factor as the 9000. That, I will be sure to upgrade as I will not use my upgrade with AT&T now.

If I would get the 9700, I might as well get the Verizon TOUR since it's just as small AND better coverage than AT&T. I hate AT&T's crappy 3G service. That alone does not warrant an upgrade. If AT&T can't get their act together in terms of network stability, they might as well lost another customer.

Bold had the best size out of any of them... Only thing I didn't like was the bezel and battery cover designs, which were problematic.

I'm using an 8900 for 3 months now and still make typing mistakes that I never made on the 9000. But, I can't give up the 256 RAM and 3.2 camera for facebook mobile posts. I do miss the 9000 speakers also. Any opinion if the 9700 keyboard is better than the 8900 for "man thumbs"?

It's obvious that the 9700 is smaller than the 9000, but that doesn't say anything about the keyboard. I haven't used either device, but from the images I've seen, it doesn't look like they keyboard is much smaller. It looks like there's a bit of bezel around the keyboard on the 9000, but the keyboard goes almost to the edges of the device on the 9700.

Anyone care to bust out the calipers and actually measure the key size and key pitch?

I'm not calling it either way, since I haven't used either device. I'm also not saying that a small change in keyboard size doesn't make a huge difference in usability. Just curious as to what the facts are.

For finally addressing something that has been bothering me since the announcement of the "ONYX" 9700. I am a proud and happy owner of the 9000 and it pained me to see the smaller form factor of the Bold 2. I too transitioned from a curve to the Bold and thought that I would never go back to a smaller keyboard once I fell in love with the elegant, spacious and "BOLD" keyboard on the 9000.

Don't get me wrong, the 9700 looks beautiful and sleek and I'll more than likely try one out for size, I just feel like I'll be cheating on my girlfriend by putting the 9000 to the side and twiddling with a smaller yet more powerful replacement.

Man, if they updated the innards of the original Bold, along with a better camera, optical trackpad and better memory, I wouldn't think twice about getting another bold 9000. Here is what I think RIM may be having up their sleeve.

We all know that a new touchscreen/physical qwerty Berry is around the corner. I believe that the form factor will have to be equal if not be slightly bigger than the 9000, I just can't see having a touchscreeen any smaller than the original Bold's screen along with a physical keyboard. It may be named Bold 3? It may take on an entirely different moniker but I think we'll see something along the size of the original sometime soon.

In the meantime, I'll be playing around with my petite new girlfriend while reminiscing about my previous one.

I am new to the blackberry world. I have the Curve 8320 which I bought from a co-worker. I instantly fell in love with my phone. My husband claims I sleep with it! I don't know what to expect with the new Bold however; I am looking forward to finding out. I thought I wanted the Storm 2 but after playing with another co-workers phone, I found that I do not care for it. It is too heavy!! I like a spacious keyboard however; I have gotten used to the Curve's keyboard and I'm dealing with it. All I can say is "come on Nov. 16th!" Does anyone know if T-mobile will be selling the new Bold for a lesser price closer to Christmas?


I hate this phones mad for Bonnie Cha and her stupid fat little fingers...I want a phone that a man can use and be comfortable on.

I want a phone with a big screen and a big keyboard. RIM keeps releasing smaller and smaller phones, when I just want a new Bold to be released with a 7250's keyboard.

I've had an iPhone for 2+years and the Bold 9700 has me in it's spell.

Regarding size, it looks to be perfect - I did have a temporary old Bold, and thought it was a tad too big, so the 9700 is perfect, from what I can see online.

It's like waiting for Christmas when I was a kid - can't wait for the release.

yes definetly yes....old bold screen was the best ever. i wouldnt have such a problem with the new screens its just that stupid black outline surrounding the screen its just lost realestate.

I wonder what else could RIM pack into a Bold if they had kept the 9000's size. I am amazed at how much they packed into the 9700's tight form factor, it's a marvel. I'm looking at getting the new 9700, and can't wait for AT&T to release it. I decided to hold off on getting the 9000 once I heard about the 9700.

I tried the 8900 and the 9630, and both are too small for me to type on comfortably. I love the size of the 9000. I would not consider getting the 9700, since it is too small.

RIM, give me a new large BlackBerry, please!

I just dont get how some people can say smaller is better....A mean ask any woman if smaller is always better and you will see. The bigger screen makes so much more sense for browsing, reading news articles, ebooks, movies and the list goes on. Not to mention the keyboard. Am a big boy with big thumbs and i am so comfortable typing on my original bold i hardly use my laptop any more. Any word document, excel files i do it all on my bold, heck i written a whole paper on my bold the other day ....There is no way i could have done that with the curve keyboard which is essentially what the new bold has. Yes it is a "superbly" beautiful phone with great features but my wish and prayer right now is that rim will keep the original bold design and just give it the 9700 inner features like memory, camera, maybe even the trackpad but keep it the same size as we have all grown to know and absolutely love.

lak611 - totally agree!

I much prefer this new one, one cnanot compare - its way faster, camera is better, reception - the whole 9 yards. I mean - why wouldn't you like it over the older one?

It's funny; on the BlackBerry web site, on the Bold 9000 page it says "accept no substitutes".
Pesonally, I just got a Tour to replace my 9000 but I'm already missing it. Too lucky I didn't sell it yet.

...positive about the size...I don't have mine yet, but I will pick it up as soon as it hits AT&T next week.

I hear you with the 9700 looking more like a Curve (and what would be wrong with a third Curve (Curve 8300, the "Refresh" 8900, and the 3G 9700...)

So yes, I will likely have preferred it to have been born a Crackberry Curve 3G as well, but barring semantics, we will all love the addition of yet another Berry, the fastest and most responsive one to date. I'm glad to hear about the trackpad being a welcome addition by everyone who has had the privilege of being first witness of the increasingly diverse nature of this combination of technology, style, and sophisticati;oit is, count me in...:D

Def. agree, that was one of the downsides of the 9700 to me. I thought it was going to look like the curve but be the size of the 9000. :(

I have a Tour, and am Thankful the 9700 is basically the same size, I've drooled over the Bold for a long time, but network coverage was an issue, Now with Bell getting the 9700 I was worried I jumped to the Tour to quickly, but seeing its form factor, I am happy with the Tour.

When they bring out a Bold Size, possibly a hiar wider evem Berry on the Bell Network I'll upgrade my tour.

The poll currently shows 52% feels a smaller Bold is fine. I find it hard to believe an "owner" of a Bold would vote for a smaller one: meaning I'm pretty sure most of that 52% are non-Bold users. Maybe the poll should be asking only BlackBerry Bold 9000 owners.

Those who have never actually "used" the Bold 9000 (and I don't count playing with one on display in a store as making someone a Bold user) won't really know what they are missing when moving to the smaller 9700.

Since non-Bold owners are already used to those tiny BB Curves and 83xx, of course they most likely will feel a smaller Bold is just fine.

To give a Curve user an idea of what it feels like, think of moving from a Curve to a Pearl. :p

Hopefully if/when they make a Bold 3 it will be the same size as the original, with more app. mem, 5meg camera, and 4gig internal storage. now that would be nice. why did they get rid or the internal storage anyway?

Funny thing is, when the bold 9000 was released I was using a Curve 8310 and had no interest in upgrading. I initially thought it was too big... But over time I started to appreciate the size of the Bold, however I still went for the 8900.

Now I'm ready for some Boldness, what does RIM go and do...they go modest, thats what. FAIL.

Honestly? It doesn't really matter. I will just grow accustomed to using the smaller form factor. What really matters is what under the hood and thankfully the new version doesn't disappoint in that regard.

I bought the 9000 for its size. The extra performance of the 9700 is attractive but not for me at the expense of size.

Hasn't it already been confirmed by some "CB insiders" that RIM is indeed working on another "big" BB?

Just because the first Bold was big, it doesn't mean that every other entry in the Bold series/line has to be big.
Choice is a good thing.
If you want a smaller form factor go with the 9700, and if you prefer the larger size then buy/keep the 9000. The difference in specs isn't that big anyway. The major difference is that now so many more carriers will have a Bold model in their lineup.

The bigger/9000 will come in due time. But as long as the 9000 is still selling well, they'll keep cranking them out.

i have the tour and i think the 9700 is too small...when you put it side by side you notice the difference. I was really excited about getting the 9700 but after comparing it with the tour, i will stay on with my tour because its the right size for me and there isnt much difference between the tour and bold 9700, besides the trackpad and wifi

There are many of us who DON'T have tiny little fingers and need a little larger keyboard and screen in order to operate a device. I fully appreciate the advances that the 9700 has built into it. But I'll never be able use something smaller than my Bold 9000. Too fat, feeble and fossilized!


I am more of a James Bond kinda guy, where I love my gizmos and gadgets small,compact and covert and my martinis big! I just think a large size phone screams for attention and says "look what I got."Keyboard is not much of an issue, I have big thumbs and can type with little to no errors!No one would know I have the small compact device, so it couldn't be stolen or taken away if I was a POW, I could send my GPS location to MI6.Now if Q could only make me thos sunglasses with text visual so noone will know I am texting as I wouldn't have to look down at my phone!

The keyboard isn't really that much smaller, it's mainly down to the bezel around the edges right? To be honest, I see this phone appealing so much to a wider audience. I know for a fact I would have never got a Bold 9000 because it looks ridiculously big IMHO in a girl's hands.

I've owned a Curve 8310, a Bold, a Curve 8900, and now a 9700. I LOVE my 9700 precisely because it is the size of a Curve but has the Bold-style keyboard. I liked my Bold, but I found it was too big and heavy for me to use all the time - I take meeting notes on my BB, so I do a lot of typing on it - so I switched to the 8900. I didn't like the hard buttons on the 8900, so I was first in line at the store (literally) when the 9700 came out. For me, the 9700 with the trackpad and the softer keys is absolutely perfect. However my fiance has the Bold and it's perfect for him - his hands are huge and he could barely hang on to the Pearl he had at first. He was much happier when he switched to the Bold. He's played around with my 9700 but I don't think he'll be switching - he likes the trackpad but greatly prefers the larger size of the Bold.

I dont know this for sure, but I noticed the screens for the new tour, curve, and bold are all the same ratio as the storm. so if you send a picture to a storm user, he can turn his screen landscape and see your picture full screen.

I would kinda like a bigger screen though. But standardized seems like it may be easier for the developers if you ask me.

I was never fond of the size of the 9000. Yes bigger may be better in regards to some things *cough*, but phone wise, i love the size of my 9700. Going from a Storm which is just as big as a 9000, I feel relieved I can slide this phone into my pocket without it being too noticable if i happen to lose my holster (or break it since I always seem to break my holsters :S)...

Love the new Bold, its sleaker, more stylish, and love the fact the track ball is finally gone!!!!!
Thanks for the contest!

The ONLY reason I wont buy the 9700 is that it is simply too small, it's similar to a curve and I gave my Curve to my daughter and bought the Bold, if you like the smaller form factor then enjoy your phone, I love my Bold 9000 and will stick with it.

i don't like the new size. i'm use to it now cause i've been using the 8900 but i think they should've released the 9700 as the same size as the 9000.

I am quite happy to see that RIM decided to drop that
behemoth down to a reasonable size. Yes the keyboard was nice
but lord that thing NEVER felt right in the hand.

For different folks :)
I'll end up getting a 9700 I'm sure (I don't drink the BerryAid, I swim in it :p ) but I'll be much more excited when the 9000 form gets updated!
The wide screen and giant keyboard can't be beat...for me at least. Jam some more memory and a better camera into the 9000, mix with 5.0, and serve chilled ;)

I'm on Verizon. I am very disappointed that we never got the 9000. The Tour has nice features, but the Bold 9000 form factor is a truer upgrade to the 8800. I do not understand why RIM released so many phones with different names and such similar form factors. If you want a smaller device, a 3G Curve will fit the bill.

I say keep the Bold big. Hopefully, RIM will see the error in its ways with the next Bold release.

Product succession... In 3 months, they will have bigger bold coming out to satisfy the demand for it. With a slight improvement to the 9700. They will probably advertise it as " the bolder BOLD"

Right. I have bigger hands and using my friends blackberries annoys me. I love the size of my Bold. it's a BEAST of the best kind and i love it. it doesn't look like the other BBs and that's what I love. i will oogle the 9700 in the store but i will not upgrade. :-(

The best part of the Bold 9000 is its size! I don't think the new 9700 should be called a's more like a Curve or Tour.

The 9700 is a disgrace to the name bold. If Rolls Royce made a Phantom that was half the size and ugly, nobody would care how fast it was. They wouldn't want it b/c it lacks class. And og Phantom owners would be pissed.

I'm happy for the 9700... it's another Berry that's gonna please a lot of people and sell a lot of phones. There is, however a certain Bold faction who doesn't see enough changes to warrant the upgrade to a smaller device, and is willing to wait for a real "9000" upgrade. I'm going to wait 'til that happens, because I'm running .314, which to me is like getting a whole new Bold anyway. My 9000 is still plenty good enough - bring on software updates!!

I don't have a Bold, I have always wish I have. Instead my carrier gave me a curve 8900 that I love. So this upgrade will be more than welcome. Just pre-ordered. It should arrive next week! Can't wait!

I recently switched from the Bold 9000 to the Tour 9630 and I too miss the Bold's size. I find it difficult to type on the Tour's keyboard quickly. The Bold was perfect.

I guess that's what they mean. I love everything about my 9700 except the size. Really wish it was more boldlike in that respect.

Put a trackpad, higher screen resolution, better camera in my 9000 and I'm good. I think you could argue that the 9700 or the Storm 2 is the new flagship BB. RIM needs a device that clearly stands out as the top of the line.

How about a new 9900 series with a larger screen and keyboard. Trackpad all the bells and whistles. Highest screen resolution yet. Thinner form factor. Black metallic bezel. and lastly a 5+ mega pixel camera with auto focus with a decent zoom.

I think if the Bold is supposed to be their flagship device it should have it's own form factor, the 9700 is just like the rest only different model number.

I felt the same about the bold size before I had one, too big. But since the 8900 lacked 3G I had to get a bold. Like the size a lot better. They shouldn't have down-sized the 9700.

Personally I think the bigger the device the more sturdy it feels. I remember back in the day where I used a good ol 8700 and it was a really solid brick. Didn't worry that when dropped it would break.

I really love my BOLD 9000so much that I switched from my IPhone 3G to a Bold, back to IPhone 3G to IPhone 3GS and now back to a BOLD and this coming from an Apple user in general. I just love the way it looks and feels. It looks very manly and sexy at the same time. Im sure the 9700 might be a little better under the hood, but it's not enough to make me jump right on the bandwagon. I just love my BOLD 9000 and soon Im going to hook it up with a new look as soon as my new bezel, trackball and keyboard comes in the mail

Ahhhh, IMO the PERFECT Blackberry.... The same size screen and look of the 9000 with 2GB of application memory, 5MP camera and the trackpad from the 9700. 8-D

i wished it was the size of the original bold too. something tells me they'll make it. i didn't buy the 9700 just for this hunch!

If i didnt know any better i would have thought the new bold was just the tour with a track pad instead of the ball.

Yes, I was also disappointed that RIM did not retain the original size dimensions of the Bold 9000 in its design of the Bold 9700.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Bold 9000 - the keyboard is PERFECT!!

That being said, I WILL be selling my Bold 9000 for the Bold 9700. Why? Because the Bold 9700 has 256MB flash memory (RAM), a slightly higher screen resolution, a 3.2 Megapixel camera, and the awesome optical track pad! This Bold will be the FASTEST BlackBerry on the market!! Even faster than the iPhone 3GS!! Yes, Apple, RIM beats you again. Deal with it Apple!!

This is what I want to see in a RIM premiere phone. I want the ORIGNINAL Bold 9000 size, 256MB RAM, 700MGz processor, a 5 Megapixel camera, and the optical trackpad.

RIM, please be willing to create the HIGHEST END BlackBerry for the elite customers who are willing to pay more for the ultra-high end BlackBerry device. I'm talking about creating the Rolls Royce Bentley of BlackBerries. I would buy it in a freaking second!! I want the VERY BEST.

Does anybody know when the Bold 9700 will be released on AT&T? I want to buy it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wonder how many Bold 9000 users actually voted "No" on the poll? As a 9000 owner, the form factor of the Curve 9700 is the primary reason why I wouldn't consider buying one. I suppose when it is time to upgrade, and if there wasn't anything to replace the 9000 with a similar form factor, I would relent and buy something with the best specs regardless of size. I'm just really disapointed that RIM labeled this phone a Bold. I mean really, what's so bold about it?

Alot of people complained about the BB Bold 9000 for its size. That's exactly why I love it. I don't care about the 9700's new features; it will never compensate for the screen size and the buttons.

I miss the size of the 9000. I think RIM should have sold the 9700 as a Curve. I was pretty disappointed when I got my hands on the 9700 when I saw and felt how small it is.

Well all my bold 9000 buddies and I loved our bolds. they have all moved on to the 9700.

Well I bought a 2nd bold 9000 and have it in my closet waiting incase anything happens to my current bold 9000.

Once my 2nd bold 9000 is finished I'll probably leave blackberry. I hate the curve/bold 9700. Its too small for me.

I'm not interested in the new slider aswell. My buddy also works for BB in Mississauga and he knows nothing about the next bold. Cuz i ask him everyday if theres a bigger bold coming out.