CrackBerry Asks: Do you wear a watch, or is your smartphone your timepiece?

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By IsaacKendall on 12 Aug 2011 11:39 am EDT

The battery in my watch died about a year ago so I decided to just retire it to my nightstand drawer.  I'm never out of reach of my BlackBerry so it didn't really bother me nor was it something I spend much time dwelling on.  Last weekend I was up camping on an annual father-son trip we do with some other guys and I began thinking about this no watch situation.  One day while the boys were playing soccer the dad's were sitting abound and I asked if anyone knew the time.  There were about 8 of us around the campsite and the response was unanimous, "my phone is in the car."

At that moment it hit me, how many people use their smartphone or cellphone as their timepiece.  We all know our fearless leader CrackBerry Kevin is a huge (like huge ... HUGE) watch fan. While chatting on the phone with Kevin he admitted that his watch is jewelry and he uses his BlackBerry to tell him the time.

So we're interested in what the CrackBerry Nation has to say. Do you wear a watch, and if you do is it to tell you the time or is it just a piece of jewelry? Cast your vote and let us know, then sound off in the comments!

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you wear a watch, or is your smartphone your timepiece?


Sweet piece- have you seen the new Planet Ocean coming out this year? Titanium housing/strap, ceramic bezel, and still 2000ft rated with an exhibition/glass back. Oh and it has the in-house 850x movement. I'm drooling :)

Seamaster Aqua Terra 8500 (leather strap) as my dress piece,
Ceramic Submariner as my everyday.

i have a watch but i have it because it looks good but i often forget i'm using it and just look at my phone. and the phone is more simple to look at

While my watch was in the shop I used my phone. I HATED having to pull out my phone and unlock it just to look at the time. Too easy to just look at my wrist. It was so bad I almost bought a cheap Fossil just to get me by.

Due to the nature of my work, I'm going through airport type metal detectors several times per day. Removing my watch multiple times per day quickly became boring so ditched the watch and anything else metalic and now just have my phone.

I wear a number of accurate but not very expensive watches. My main watch is a Seiko solar (same thing as an echo). Then I have a couple of Relics, a Kenneth Cole, and two Stl Cardinal watches. I wear all of them for time reading purposes and a jewelry.

Call me old fashioned. Besides, it's easier to look at my wrist rather than unholster the Torch for time.

I like to use both. Love my vintage Rolex GMT and that's worn daily but sometimes find myself using the BB - especially when its sat in the charging dock on charge sat on my deak - very handy to glance up from the keyboard and see instantly what the time is. Run the analogue clock at the moment but sometimes flick to LCD style for a change now and then!

My BlackBerry has not replaced a watch, but it has replaced several clocks. I rarely look at a clock on a wall. Usually, I'll either look at the BlackBerry sitting in the charging pod on my desk or glance at the time on my PC monitor.

I do want to get a nice antique mantle clock, though.

I have not worn a watch in years. The size and design of the clock on a theme is one of the determining factors on whether or not I buy the theme.

I don't know why more theme developers do not take note of this trend and make their themes accordingly with large easy to read clocks. The fad now seems to be small hard to read alien artifact numerals.

My favorite theme and the one I use the most is BB EVO with it's huge clock that you can change the color on to suite your background.

I wear a watch, but I use my phone for the time more. The main benefit of a watch is that you can quickly see how long you've been sitting in the movie theater or other such place without shining a bright light that makes half the theater want to punch you.

I went back to wearing a watch. I'm more punctual because it's always in my peripheral vision. I also think it should be analog for this reason.

I wear a watch because it's my only concession to vanity. Most of the time, though, I just go without and look at phone or my PlayBook. Or I just ask. :-)

All the watches I've ever owned never stay accurate after a few months, so I stopped buying them. My BlackBerry stays accurate no matter what, so I just use that, plus it's always on me.

I wear a watch and I use my watch for the time... unless I'm too drunk to remember how to tell time, then I use the trusty berry

I'm with Kevin on this one. I have a Submariner that I wear basically as jewelry. I use my BB to tell the time. :)

I rock a Casio F-91W (it's not glamorous by any stretch of the word) and use it as my primary means of time-telling. If I or someone wants to know the time or date, it's just a quick glance to my wrist. It seems lots of people have moved backwards since looking at your phone to tell the time is kind of like wearing a pocket watch.

I love my watches, wear one all the time. I'm on my phone so much that it usually gets used as my timepiece anyway. There's many times though that I still use the watch, mainly for outdoor activities or nights when I've had too much to drink...

I actually had to go out and buy a watch because each week I go into a juvenile correctional facility and yep, can't bring my BB in with me. I have to keep track of time to make sure our group doesn't go overtime, so yeah, had to revert to wearing a watch. But its a dressy watch, so outside of detention, I only wear it when I"m dressed up.

Oh and it's a $15 job I got at target...looks like it's about 75 though; I get lots of compliments on it.

I wear a watch still, and collect them. I've got two 32 watch cases full that I have purchased over the years along with some pocket watches and old watch fobs.

Submariner 14060M, Oysterdate 6694, Tag Monaco, Sinn Flieger 103 Ti, and several more!

Beat that Kevin :P

The only time I take off my watch is when I go to bed. Otherwise, it is on my wrist at all times, and I use nothing else- not wall clocks, not computer clocks, not even my BlackBerry- to tell the time. In fact, if I'm writing an email on my 9700 and need to know the time, I'll roll my wrist over and look at my watch. My father taught me that a good watch is the one and only piece of jewelry a man should ever wear, and it should be worn constantly.

One of my great contradictions is that I love the latest high tech gadgets, including my BB and Playbook. If it requires a battery or electric power source -- I want it. But I also love my watches, especially mechanical watches. I have totally lost interest in quartz (even though it requires an electric power source). I love my automatics, especially my ever growing collection of dive watches. But, I confess, I use my Blackberry and my Playbook to sync my mechanical watches and check their accuracy (after updating the time on the BB first, of course). The first thing I put on in the morning is my watch, and the first thing I read is my Blackberry or Playbook. Without either, I am totally lost and feel like a fish out of water.

Reading of the Omega, Sinn, Rolex and Tag watches the rest of you have makes me drool. I'll just have to make do with my Hamiltons for now :-( and go read the blog at

I paid £2500 for a Rolex GMT Master and I'm expected to look at my phone for the time!!!!! The phone is probably more accurate though :-)

I wear a watch, but use it and my phone equally to check the time. At work I cannot wear my watch, so I use my BB for the time.

oh wow another pointless and stupid poll by the crackberry, what was the purpose of this poll. You guys are seriously running out of thoughts and articles

Where's the option for "I wear a watch and never use the bb to check the time.
Unless I happen to look at the time when I have the bb in my hand, I can't ever remember pulling out the bb to check the time.

One of my IWCs usually functions as my timepiece.