CrackBerry Asks: Do you want wireless charging for BlackBerry 10 phones?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2012 01:07 pm EDT
 Wireless Charging  

Wireless charging for various devices has been around for quite some time. The Palm Pre had the option and more recently, the Nokia Lumia 920. When thinking BlackBerry however, the PowerMat comes to mind. While it was a good solution, it required a big purchase for both the mat and battery doors to get it working. For most it wasn't the ideal way to charge a device.

Personally I don't mind using my mircoUSB charger or some kind of charging stand for my devices. I'm sure plenty of you wouldn't mind having the ability to wirelessly charge your BlackBerry however. Imagine just putting down your device on a mat of some kind and letting it charge away without thinking about it. 

Would you want wireless charging on a BlackBerry 10 device? Or are you just fine with plugging your device in? Let us know in the poll above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts. 

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you want wireless charging for BlackBerry 10 phones?


Either way you have to plug something in so there is really no difference imo. Im fine with the way things work now :)

Yes, but the difference is that with the wireless charging, you only have to plug something in one time, ever. With a regular charger setup, you have to plug the cord into the phone every time you want to charge it.

Isn't much slower to charge wirelessly? My electric toothbrush that has the wireless charging takes forever to fully charge.

My problem with keeping the charger in the outlet all the time is that it consumes power... All the time! Multiply this little consumption by all the little things that you keep plugged in and it will mean dollars out of your pocket monthly. I don't like that so... I would unplug this charger and other things.

Wireless charging is a "nice to have" feature and not a "critical" feature, in my opinion. So if its there, "awesome" and if its not there, the "oh well". Side note: Just give me a 2,000+ mAh battery and I'll be just fine.

Agreed, "nice to have". I can live without it, particularly if it winds up interfering with other functionality (like, say, NFC).

Besides, I already charge "wirelessly". I've got pods on my nightstand and my desk at work for my 9900 (bought them on eBay for about $7 apiece).

Interestingly, the Dev Alpha has a plate on the bottom that suggests to me that it was meant to use the same kind of charger cradle as the 9900's.

I want the wireless charging without the pad. It's fairly new tech so we won't see it for a while. I do like having just to set your phone down and it will charge though.

would be kind of cool but dont think id ever use it i only charge really when needed and it just always happen to be near an outlet anyways lol

i wouldn't mind it but its one more thing to buy. You would have to have one for home one for work one for the car, one to many. but as with the playbook having shity usb ports that break after a few months of use(of which u had the joy of experiencing) it maybe a good thing to have.


I don't want a charging pad beside my couch and beside my bed or on my office desk and in my truck and at my girlfriends place and at the mistress' place. (er I mean the satellite office)

1 cable charger is fine. Simple, easy to carry.

Now if they get that chargable skin goin and it charges in my pocket as I walk.....I'll buy that for a dollar!!

I at least want charging connectors like they currently have on the keyboard BlackBerrys. If BB10 doesn't have at least those connectors, I will be VERY disappointed....

I'd be happy with this solution also, although I'd prefer my phone in landscape position when charging... so, not sure how good charging contacts would look on the side of the phone instead of the bottom.

Yep. I really miss the connectors that came on the Bold 9000. Didn't have to align shit. You just threw it in the cradle, and it magically charged ;) They better have this back on the BB10, or I'm not getting one!

The charging contacts save the USB port from extensive wear due to plugging and unplugging the charging cord.
That's all I'm really looking for.

Thats what spare batteries are for. And how lazy are you when plugging your phone to charge has become to troublesome!

Its not about being lazy. The dock connectors have been a part of BlackBerry for years and many BlackBerry owners have become accustomed to simply putting their phone in the dock with one hand. Its far more convenient than having to use two hands, make sure the plug is facing the right way and plug it into the hole. Its a feature that has been there and it shouldn't be taken away. They need to at least have the dock connectors if they don't have the full wireless charging system.

My Bold 9930 and several other iterations of Blackberrys have charged using contacts on the bottom or back of the device. This is essentially wireless, as there are no wires involved. I'd love something like that with an elegantly designed stand.

Not overly concerned about wireless charging,, but it would be cool. I certainly hope there are pod/dock connectors though.. I haven't charged via USB in years.. I love being able to just drop my BB in my charging pod on my night stand.. pops itself in clock/silent mode.. looks great, doubles as clock/alarm and charges all night.

That said I find my 9900 very finicky to place in the charging cradle compared to previous devices.. and I don't like the way the torch has to go in sideways. Id much prefer going back to the 9700/curve style charging pod, or if wireless is the answer then some kind of upright cradle or wedge shape mat you pop the device onto.. that would be the most elegant and would eliminate the need to fiddle with positioning the phone on the charging connectors, but still allow the phone to be upright and useful as a bedside clock.

Anything were I have to lay the phone down flat like a USB cable charge or the powermat doesn't interest me.. Ive grown to accustomed to having the phone propped up as my bedside clock.

EDIT: The more I think about it I could certainly see the wireless charging being a huge benefit in the future.. we have always lacked any sort of media accessories and whatnot like apple has.. music docks, cradles for home stereos.. cradles in cars etc... but if we went the wireless charging route, I could definitely see someone couple this technology with NFC and Bluetooth.. drop your blackberry into this cradle on your desk.. place it in the center console in your car etc etc.. there are no connectors, wireless charging starts right away and simultaneously NFC automatically connects you to the dock, the car, etc via Bluetooth.. NOW THAT would be awesome :)

I agree the 9900 cradle is much more picky than older ones. Even the porsche one appears to be better. The main idea is to throw it on without having to move and adjust it until its in position.

My 9000 was so much easier to put in my cradle than 9900. In spite of this I still use it, because bedside mode is one of the best features of BB devices

I would love wireless charging, but instead of a flat mat, I'd want a stand that holds the phone up on its side so that the clock screen can still be seen in bedside mode. Would be nice to be able to simply set your phone on the stand without having to line up any jacks/ports.

RIM: Please do not get distracted with such things as wireless charging and concentrate on what is important.

I have to agree with this. This is something that Apple could put out and it would be a nice check list item for everyone else to have -- because they already have arguably the best phone on the market.

However, if RIM does it before they nail the rest of the experience, it's a stupid gimmick that won't sell an extra 1% of devices.

Now, if you couple that with true NFC integration to work with docks and other accessories, that would be a step above (earlier commenter has this basic idea nailed). One downside: you need to rely somewhat on docks with NFC support. If Apple had embraced NFC, we would have seen this, but alas, they seem to be the only ones that can move the market.

I don't see the need to have wireless charging out of the box, but having OEM or aftermarket options to do it would be nifty. I use the 9900 dock which uses two metal contacts, which is nice. Contactless is just one step cooler, is all.

I have used powermat since they came out with my 9700 and then with my torches and loved them it was so nice just setting it down on my tables by my bed or the couch just to charge, then when I am done I just grab. No wires! One of the things I miss the most about now having my 9900 (they don't have one yet). It is the future.

Can I just point out the obvious problem: you can't use the phone in your hand and still charge it with wireless charging. You lift it off the table it stops charging.

Scenario: your phone is about to die, you put it down to charge it. Your phone then rings, what do you do?

Um theres this groundbreaking new technology called Bluetooth. It allows you to talk without lifting your phone.

Of course there is also a wired headset.

Wireless charging on the Touchpad was/is awesome. Since I now use my PlayBook 100% more often than the Touchpad (its powered off and collecting dust), I keep the charger unplugged and use it as a nice stand for my PlayBook.

Now if they built their stand into a Bluetooth music gateway and added NFC (Touch to share) like capabilities and perhaps a microSD slot, then I'd be really interested.

That's my next step. But I've been pleasantly distracted with my PlayBook in the meantime. Getting used to (and quite like) the smaller screen and portability of it.

I think it would be great if its affordable. The prongs in port to charge are so sensitive, they can bend real easy if not careful.

RIM will wait till Samsung or Apple does wireless charging and let them WOW customers and then try to follow suit.

RIM needs to do things like this before their competition do because its the little things like this that make the customers happy and want a BB.

Have wireless charging on my HP TouchPad with the Touchstone stand. Very nice. Would love this on the BB10 phone.

LOL! I was waiting for someone to comment on the spelling/grammar! And there's also the (apparently) silent "a" in "available". ;)

I had the original Palm Pre. I was sold by the Touchstone charger. The phone itself was kind of goofy. :P Anyway, +1 to the comment about being able to answer the phone still while it's charging wirelessly (use speakerphone or headset). I debated getting the charging pod for my 9900 'cause I didn't want to have to remove my case every time I used this charger. So, for me, it's not essential to have a wireless charger, but I did enjoy having one for my Palm Pre. :P

Gotta love these 'feeler' polls that CB puts up. They can't say BB10 devices will have wireless charging, but they sure can put up a poll :) Nothing wrong about that.

The magnetic connector on the Playbook was worth the cost of the add on charger. I think this would be better than actual wireless charging; it meets my test of a good connector that you can easily connect it without looking. This simple test is failed by almost all computer connectors and passed by jack plugs and the European Schuko mains plug.
Until you have experienced the convenience of a throw-the-phone-at-the charger connection, you have no idea how useful a feature it is. My Palms haven't had a usb plug inserted in months, nor has my Playbook. Every time I put my 9810 on its dock I wonder if this time I will bend the connector.

YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my thread on the subject.

The Pre touchstones are something like 5 bucks a piece on Amazon. They allow a Palm pre phone to sit down on top of them and even have dedicated apps for exhibition mode. Exhibition mode apps could make some developers alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Good to see more talk about this oversight. I will be maybe modding my phone if I can with Palm pre Magnetic back mats and tie into the BB charge contacts if this doesn't happen at the factory sooner rather than later.

I'm not sure where people get this "no wires" thing. It still needs to be plugged in the same as the dock does right now for your BB phone; the dock even keeps it upright making it a good bedside clock. If I was going anywhere else I would still need to bring the thing with me the same as my dock or just the cable. If this charges the phone slower than being plugged in/on a dock I don't see a point. If it charges at the same speed I still really don't care because it functions the same as the dock I have for my phone.

It charges the same rate as being plugged in. I transfer files with wireless. Why not charge wireless ? Its the easy way! Plus there are NO down sides to it.

Wireless or Bold 9700 pod is good but Storm or Bold 9900 are a complete no no as they are both awful.

Wireless would be a nice feature but i would still like to have the option of a plug in charging system. Guess I'm still a little old fashioned.

Keep in mind that there are currently 2 approved methods of wireless charging. Rather than having a mat to set the phone on, I'd prefer the newer of the 2 technologies that can charge at further distances so it does not require direct contact. Here is a better explanation from an article I read a few months back:

"The Wireless Power Consortium announced today that it's improved the Qi inductive-charging standard to "include longer range magnetic resonance wireless charging." Effectively, this means charging stations that are up to spec will be able to transmit up to 5 watts of power from distances of 40mm (up from 5mm, previously) to Qi-enabled devices. The WPC says it's ideal for pushing power through the likes tables and counter tops, and that it currently has 12 types of compatible transmitters ready for action. All in all, it certainly seems like a solid step for finally getting rid of all that cable clutter at your workstation -- especially if it'll rid users of those less-than-pretty looking charging bases."

Think about this....
This technology could eventually be built into other devices such as laptops, desktops, keyboards, lamps, etc. so that you can charge your phone or tablet just by setting it nearby.

How freekin' awesome would that be??

And due to the laws of physics, it (inductive charging) NEVER can be (as efficient as cabled charging).

I agree 100%. I am also not a flower-holding, granola-chewing hippie, but I find, given the eco-conscious times in which we live, that the idea of wireless charging is one of the most offensive technologies to ever flip the bird at the environment and proudly proclaim that the modern consumer's minor convenience is more important than the environment.

I would LOVE BB10 to have a magnetic charger just like the PlayBook Rapid Charger… so quick & easy… no wrong way of doin it… just place the magnetic plug near the 3 prong charging port & wahlaah… easy as 1.2.3. ... Standard BlackBerry charging plugs & ports are fine… i have no problems if they keep it the same… but would definitely rather have the magnetic charging port… even over wireless charging

3 of my last 4 phones I have had to stop using because the charging port became damaged. Now granted this probably should be a sign that I should be more careful... but wireless charging would greatly improve my value for device. In fact if I had some guarantee that a BlackBerry 10 device with a full QWERTY keyboard (or perfablely the old two letters on one key QWERTY keyboard) was going to have wireless charging by default (without the need to purchase an additional accessory) I may consider waiting to make my next phone purchase and purchase said device instead of another Android.

Hell Yeah!!!!
i mean i wouldn't really complain if it didn't come out but the addition of wireless charging would be astounding because in the past i have had problems with my microUSB charging breaking due to it bending and such plus since i have multiple batteries i would be finally be able to charge the other battery with putting it into the phone.
i feel that it should be added because i also dont want to pay additional cost.