Hey BlackBerry - we need multiple alarms in BlackBerry 10!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Apr 2013 01:35 pm EDT

One big item on my short list of gripes for BlackBerry 10 is the lack of alarm settings. On most devices I've used you have the option to set more than one alarm rather than just the one that is allowed on BlackBerry 10. I keep an odd schedule some days, so being able to set multiple alarms is a key feature to me - something that can't be achieved right now on BlackBerry 10 without a third-party app (or using the calendar).

In its current state, the clock on BB10 lets you set one alarm and that's it. You can choose one time, and while you can select what days you want the alarm to go off, you cannot set more than one occurrence. I do like that you can pick the days for the alarm, but given the fact that there is only one setting it doesn't really add that much functionality. 

Ideally we need the option to add multiple alarms at will. It doesn't seem like it should be too far fetched and it's something that is available on nearly every other platform. Being able to add alarms along with daily, weekend, weekday etc. would be a huge addition that pretty much every user would welcome with open arms.

Even adding in little things like showing the time before the next alarm - say your alarm is set for 6am, at midnight your device will tell you that you have 6 hours before the next alarm. It's the little things that make a difference.

Of course there is a workaround in that you can set as many alarms as you want in the calendar app, but that method is bulky and obviously adds extra steps to an otherwise simple process. You can always grab an app as well

This is just one of those little things that needs to be in the OS. We've seen numerous forum threads about it and hear people ask for it all the time. 

So do you want to see multiple alarms in BlackBerry 10? Let's hear it and hopefully we can convince the good folks at BlackBerry to make it happen!


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Hey BlackBerry - we need multiple alarms in BlackBerry 10!


Going to hijack this thread (sorry in advance)

But I think that the whole "I'm just happy to have my Z10" sentiment is going to die fast. As much as I love this device and everything it can do, BlackBerry NEEDS to continue delivering updates on a regular basis to show its continued support to its users. I for one would rather see multiple updates addressing specific bugs and features, rather than have a BIG update *eventually*.

The first update was a great example: minor fixes delivered in a timely manner = GREAT for users and PR.

Hijacking your hijack. Amen to your sentiments. I see several issues with my Z10 that didn't exist on my torch. I'd rather a consistent flow of minor updates instead of a massive all in one fix several months down the line.

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We already got one nice update to 10.0.10 and another is coming soon in 10.1. It's not like we haven't received any updates.
Also, updates have to be approved by vendors. Can you believe what it would be like if there was an update every couple of weeks? No vendor would spend any time approving them.

Agreed. I love BB10 but it has to stand on its own merits.

I'd call this particular feature a "nice-to-have" (i.e. not mission critical), but it's simple and would be easy to implement. As I noted in the forum, a scrollable list view could easily be added below the clock face, with a different color "dot" for each distinct alarm.

Mission critical...I like that phrase :)
I agree though. This is a nice to have feature, but it's not necessary. And if you DO need it, there are workarounds such as using the calendar as some people suggested.

That's why I always say, BB should employ more engineers and project managers, not just people, but people with culture, discipline and motivation. This shit's not a game, you have to go faster than the concurrence (especially for BlackBerry) or else you gonna get devored, I'm sure that BB knows that, what I'm not sure about, why are they still that slow? Get an army of devs and make this OS the best in the world, I guarantee you OS10 has the potential.

Why? Don't you get like a cool trophy or prize or named "king of the internet" or something for being the first comment and writing "first"? It must be a contest or something, why else would they do it? ................

Cos it's juvenile & pathetic. Like a teen-fan that needs to BE FIRST in responding to their equally inane idol.

I don't see that much of a need with third party apps around. Unless they just have a reason why they can't work well with the Os such as not recognizing time zone changes but that doesn't seen to be the case.

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Well right now, it IS an issue. Apps don't run in background like they did on previous OS versions. You would have to keep a third party alarm app running and remember to start it if you reboot your phone. I see a big potential for missed alarms in that scenario.

Quite frankly, it has always been an embarrassing omission, and it drives me nuts on my 9900 that I can set an alarm for each of the 7 days of the week, as long as they are all at the exact same time. A bare minimum would be one alarm for weekdays and one for weekends, but if you wrote that for me, and I was the CEO of BlackBerry, I would tell you that you have 24 hours to fix it or I'll find someone who will, and that they could set their alarm on that. Also, keep in mind that a third party app just adds to more memory usage for something that the OS is already doing. It just needs to do it better.

I understand the value of keeping things simple, having an alarm to wake up and reminders take care of the rest for appointments throughout the day, but the option to enable multiple alarms should be there.

As much as I like being able to set different alarms, I just put a snooze every minute or 5 minutes and it does the job.

One of my most missed feature from my old Iphone 5. I have work at different times during the week. If I don't remember to set my alarm I get screwed. There is cnbc app that does multiple alarm but the app needs to be running.

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Huge missing feature in my opinion. I would be late everyday or waking up early on days I don't need to. I have an iPhone currently and I have 10 different alarms setup, all with different configs for the weekday, weekend and everything in between.

I just downloaded the CNBC alarm clock app, and although I have yet to try it out (I'm at work), I noticed you can set up multiple alarms. And it's free...

I understand that it has to remain as an active frame to function. That's a little risky for me as my alarm...

Yes,Absolutely agree!! and my pet peeve is that in the Old OS I could turn off phone and it would turn back on at the time I had set the alarm for. Cool feature but its GONE!!!

In addition to multiple alarms, I'd also like to see a data usage monitor similar to the one on Android added to BlackBerry 10 as well as an option to display a battery percentage. I'd also like to see a option to use a pin to unlock the device instead of a password.

Posted a thread on this yesterday and got blasted by all these z10 owners who act like they run fortune 500 companies..good to know someone speaks the truth out there instead of ignoring it and claiming your life and phone is flawless.

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Yeah, I haven't visited the thread as it made me too angry seeing everyone blast people for wanting this very basic feature. Glad to know some higher ups are on our side!

If there's any app for it at all, that's usually the party line. Although I understand with random reboots, at present, not the most reliable solution. Fortunately, I've not been subject to random reboots.

In this case, I'm toeing the party line, but have tried to refrain from any blasting going on. I've been involved in some other blasted discussions too. Unfortunately, no higher-up has come to the aid of proposing a poll about it, although it has come up in the forums at least as often as alarms.

I read that thread, it's what lead me to read this story. It's ironic how they blasted and utterly disrespected you, yet over a thousand people in the poll (the majority) seem to think you're onto something. Ha

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Yes, and I'd like the z10 to provide me with the winning lotto numbers.

I think a lot of people are forgetting that this is NOT the same BBOS that we had previously. To recall something the CEO said, 'not one line of code...' remember that? It means starting from scratch. Some things are left out at start and added later.

Granted that all of these features should have been in there, but given the behemoth of code it is for an entire operating system, I would imagine radio stacks and core, critical path items would be more important than an extra clock face..yes?

Btw, None of these were in any v1 of Android or ios, why would we assume that BlackBerry would magically include it?

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I personal I don't use alarms. The alarm clock by the bed gets me up (after the wife hits snooze a couple times). Everything else is a daily routine for me.

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The 3rd party app idea is not good if the phone resets itself. Mine does this at least once a day that I notice and I'm sure at other times that I don't (see the numerous forum discussions on the topic of random resets). With the alarms being native, they should still sound/vibrate.

Poll needs to have I am OK with the available workarounds (eg Calendar, etc.) options. Because that is exactly my position. I would prefer that BB give us background running apps immediately so I can close my different notifications app (BeBuzz, HUB++, etc.) and solve stuff like this later.

While they are at it, update the clock skin options to something that aligns with this decade. Every time I look at the clock it reminds me of all my past fun with the Storm 1.

Posted on a Z10 via CB10

The choices should be more than just a yes and no. In this poll, it's not a must have, but it's a nice to have - there's no choice for that. Your last two choices are effectively the same - don't care!

Adam, I completely agree with you on this.
It seems that many of the good things I liked on my 9900 are also gone. I realize in creating a new OS that some things may need to be compromised to make it work correctly, but it would sure be good to have some of those favorite things in this OS as well.

I work a compressed work week on graveyard. A second alarm is missed. What happened to adding multiple alarms in the calendar. Setting an appointment with a reminder just doesn't work.

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I would love to have this functionality. Btw for some reason the vote button doesn't work on BlackBerry z10 browser

I have a long list of wants and needs that I would prioritize over this one that have no workarounds, even though it's a nice feature to have. There are workarounds and available apps that provide multiple alarms.

I agree about needing to be able to set more than one alarm, and no using a app is not a solution, I like to download as little apps as I can. iOS, Android, WP, and BB10 needs to stop using apps as crutches.

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One alarm works perfectly for me.

I hope BlackBerry focuses their efforts on more important things.

Like getting the BlackBerry Bridge back to what it was in BBOS 7.1.

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Fully agree, that and a few other things are keeping me from upgrading. Almost sounds like a step backward from a lot of the posts except of course for the hub which seems to get a lot of attention.

It's not needed but wanted. So BlackBerry, give em what they want.

I don't think a missing feature like this is worth having a cow about though. There's other enhancements that I rather them prioritize.

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The native night clock with this very easy to use alarm is one of the best features in BlackBerry 10.

You have everything you need on front. If you need special reminders you can get them via the calendar.

Thanks TAT for this wonderful clock and easy to use alarm... very nice UX

Please don't add multiple alarms for 2% of your users. This job should and can be done with 3rd party apps... as soon as these apps can run in the background these things are fixed...

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A third party app is annoying to have for multiple alarms when the native alarm clock is so good in BB10. Please just introduce multiple alarms, I have no urge to buy a multi-alarm app in BB10 I just enjoy using the native one too much. Please add it :/

What about Facebook and b day updates? First you receive the notification a day early then you are not prompted to leave a b day comment. You have to go to the app and then search for the friend with the b day. It's a pain.

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I think these are some trivial small add ons which should be simple to add in the coming software upgrades. More happy customers, more sales.

I'd also like to see the option to change the snooze on the fly like in the old BBOS. Kevin even did a write up on how to enable it. It was single handedly the best tip I got out of the CB Blogs.

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You can put all the alarms you need it using the calendar. You can set it to recur on any day of the week. What is the problem?

...or we need BlackBerry to expose the background (i.e. Run as a service) API so the developers of the 3rd party apps don't need to take up one of the 8 active frames. The background API should include a persist option so after a restart the app autostarts.

This should be a feature enabled in the API so that people that truly need multiple alarms, can pay for an app, and not cause bloatware in the phone OS for those that don't .

My 5 cents worth.....

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

Personally I'm happy as a pig in mud with the current alarm implementation. I only ever use one alarm per day, so this is irrelevant to me. I love the way you slide the knob around the clock to set the time too.

They also need to add more sounds /music to the list. Would be nice to be able to add a play list from the music app.

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Multiple alarms a must have. Definitely. Almost don't need a poll for this one. Just needs to be there.

One feature that I liked when I was on my Mobile Nations World Tour from Android was that after setting an alarm, it told you how long until it goes off.

It's easy to screw up setting an alarm. Especially if you're tired and doing it right before bed. So if you're setting an alarm and didn't notice you did PM instead of AM, it'll say "alarm set for 18 hours from now" and you'll realize you messed up as you're only about to go bed for 6 hours. 

Why would anyone not understand the expectation of most functions from previous BlackBerry OS carrying over to BlackBerry 10? Given time all of these issues will be resolved. Remember a brand new Operating System is going to develop over time. Comment on functions you would like to see then Patiently wait for the functions in future updates.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10

But the BB higher-ups justified all the delays by saying that they refused to release an incomplete product.

The very existence of both this poll and your comment prove that they failed in that regard...

I need 3 alarms each weekday morning for various activities. It is a PITA that this looks like it still wont be in 10.1. A million little pin pricks like this can kill a device as quickly as a the big app misses.

Yeah, this is definitely a must have.
On my Bold 9900, I was able to set multiple alarms by setting other alarms in the calendar app, which was fine because it still worked the same. It was really convenient. Now, on my Z10, I can only add one alarm and I can't add additional alarms on the calendar app?! Why?! Like, why would you take away features from your loyal customers?
Same goes with the podcasts. I'm forced to download Nobex to continue listening to music podcasts, unlike on my Bold 9900, which had a native podcast app (which was stripped down with an update at some point).

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I dont need more alarms setting, I need icons for my email boxes to have a direct access to it, not only through the hub. I like the hub, but sometimes it would be more efficient to go directly to the box like on the old Blackberry devices.

This is one of those things that make me wonder who is testing the devices for BBRY? Seriously? No one who tested the OS in the 2 year run-up to release said, hey - you know what would be really useful is...???

I've used mobile phones from the days of 3 watt bag phones. I've never once needed multiple alarms. I've never wished I had that. I can put daily reminders in the calendar. For all the things BB10 does need, this is WAY DOWN the list. We need background apps more than almost anything else. Concentrate maximum development effort on getting the new APIs out.

And, of course, silent camera shutter. LMAO.

We also need the ability to have bedside mode to automatically happen, when the phone is plugged in or docked into a charger.

Little things like that from the old BBOS experience would be welcomed. I know it's a new OS but there are some things that functioned well and just made sense.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Very true Kevin!

So you can't implement your music as an alarm sound on the Z10? My 9930 does that.

Bring it BB and they will come.

Another thing which I dont like - the automatic reorganizing of the windows with minimized running apps. The last opened app always apears as the first window. Its confusing, it would be nice to have a setting option that the app always returns minimized to its previous position. Whend the app will be minimazed for the first time, it should go to the last window. Nice would be as well to set up manually the position of the window with each mimimalized app, like you do with the icons.

I wish we had the ability to schedule power on and off events like we used to have. I used that function everyday and miss it. I hate having to manually flip to "Bedside Mode" at night.

I am always amazed at how atypical I am. 85% of the poll cares about this and I could care less.

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that's right... we also need voice command to get fixed inside calendar app....

We need tools, not toys.

Ok how about all you operating know it all's out there sit down and write your own Z10 OS and include all the fricking things you want a phone to do taking things from one and from another and crunch it all together and make it work and then say we have made something so Perfect!

Trust me you all would still bitc h about things.

Did Apple get it right on the Iphone when they released their OS? Im guessing NOT! How many stupid phone versions did they have to have all you suckers buy before the #5? And how much $$ did you all spend each time they released a new phone?

LAST - yes I won ok ill take my prize now.

Multiple alarms dont really bother me, it would be a nice thing to have but it not a deal breaker thats for sure :)

while we are talking about features available in every other platform for business needs (i consider an alarm a business need since I need to get up for work haha), how about smime support with activesync? Android can do it and so can Iphone. Why not bb? This lack of feature caused me to return my z10 because i couldnt use it as my daily driver. I hope BB fixes this so i can buy the phone again soon.

"Multiple" alarms. How many alarms do you really want? would one for each day of the month satisfy you? or a couple each day of the month, for a total of 60 alarms for the month? or would you want one alarm for each day of the year,.....and so on....

Since other devices have multiple alarms (do you mean 2?) so blackberry devices must have it too?

"How many alarms do you really want?"

Absolute minimum: 2. I have a pretty standard schedule, so one for weekdays, one for weekends. Someone else may need 4 or more depending on their schedule. When I was a student, I used up to 30, to ensure that I made it to all of my classes and work on time

"Since other devices have multiple alarms (do you mean 2?) so blackberry devices must have it too?"

Yes. That's how competition works in the free market. If you want to maintain or increase your customers, you must meet or exceed your competitors' offerings.

Even my wrist watch can have multiple alarms with a snooze alarm. The watch wasn't nearly as expensive, and has 4 buttons so how can my BlackBerry only allow one alarm?

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It's bizarre really that it's not included. I really shouldn't need a tp app to have this functionality. I am actually quite disappointed by this oversight and hope it will be resolved very soon.

BlackBerry Z10.... what other phones aspire to be when they grow up

I can set my own music for the alarm. It's quite simple.

BlackBerry Z10.... what other phones aspire to be when they grow up

Please add extra alarms. I use one to wake and a second when my racquetball game ends in the evening .

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They way they used to have it in older versions of the OS was perfect, where you could create alarms in the calendar. I work a rotating shift of 4 days on, 4 days off and each weeks shift starts 1 day later than the week before. When I could add an alarm from Calendar and set it up to re-occur on a schedule was perfect for me. I never had to turn the alarm on or off.

They also need to get notification profiles fixed to allow us to create new profiles of our own and edit the default ones. Get these two things fixed and BB10 is perfect!!!

Multiple alarms would be nice and while they are at it, it would be much appreciated if they would add the ability to choose a playlist as well.

Although I do understand the reasoning behind single song option, you ultimately get so annoyed by listening to the same song over and over again, that you finally either turn off the alarm and fall asleep again or get out of bed.

Once in a while I would just like to wake up so happy with the songs that woke me, that I see little cartoon mice and birds singing happy songs for me. Although frightening, it would be nice.


With Most other platforms you need a third party app in order to have functionality. With legacy blackberry devices they were so well constructed you didn't require apps. Flashlight, alarm clock calendar etc... all integrated with the os. With the blackberry10 less integration thus requiring more apps to fill the void.
I think as the blackberry10 grows up we will see more integration and evolution. It's hard but remember it is only two months old.

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You can add reminders in calendar and use this as alarms......in reality isn't an alarm just a "reminder" to wake up or do something?!?! I just tested it and I can set a calendar alarm that goes off on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, every week or every second week at 7:00 am.....

AND.... I can set the reminder aka "alarm" sound to be any song or sound I have on my device or SD card!

AND...... it's persistent even if phone restarts because it isn't an active window

What more do people want??????

Multiple alarms yeah
Or here's a brilliant idea...how about letting me put more than 16 icons in a folder? that would be nice...has anyone else noticed how stupid that is?

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The alarm clock is number one of my three big gripes with BlackBerry on my z10. It does not wake up the Z10 when it is off. It dose not have multiple alarms. The clock face could be bigger. And the face disappeared today

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I can see how multiple alarms can be useful (as in, to remind you of your meds) but the same can be accomplished by a properly organized calendar.

Just saying.

There is still a lot of stuff missing.

Look at BlackBerry Protect (only locating your lost phone? Really??), look at Calling contacts from BBM (you need to open the contact card before you can call from within BBM), look at Blackberry Link (all or nothing backup/restore)

These are just some of the recent things that have bothered me, there are more.

This has always bugged me, even before BB10. Why is there just one alarm? Making a better alarm application is not rocket science. I hate having to change my alarm all the time, because my schedule is different on different days. Or what if you just want a one-off because you are taking a nap? I don't have a BB10 phone yet, but I was hoping the alarm was something that had improved!

Multiple alarms is a no-brainer. I've always assumed that BlackBerry left out certain functions so that people were drwan to make apps. That's my theory. How else can I explain how an app can do something better than a native function?!? I've often wondered why BlackBerry never just buys apps and incorporate them into their own os? *Thoughts from the dark side*

One alarm to wake me up. Second alarm interrupts me from what I'm doing or who I'm talking to at work and gets me home to my family at a consistent time. Not saying I don't ever stay late but people have learned to realize what second alarm means and it actually improves my quality of life. I've been with out that since z10 release date and have to say I do miss it.

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I just use voice command to set a reminder for anytime I want. It's super easy to me and I love it!

Posted via CB10

NEED multiple alarms...
Currently I have 6 set on my ipod... 3 are on every single day of the week and the other three are on Monday to Thursday with some Fridays and a few Saturdays thrown in.

Definitely need the ability to set multiple alarms... Yes... Please provide this in an update ASAP.

with all the features that are missing on bb10, some annoying bugs. and all the apps that are missing from BB07. is really getting on my nerves... I mean seriously no bank of America, no shazam, spotify, not to mention that a lot of the apps have to be open so they can work.. and something so simple as adding multiple alarms, on a brand new os and they didn't include that. the people from Blackberry knowsssssss really well we been asking for that feature since BB5 I think. and they just gives us a half baked os again.. don't get me wrong I love the z10. but is just stupid how long we waited for this phone. and simple stuff like like multi alarms, profile setting which was one of the best things I liked about bb. and they didn't even include that...

I agree!! I have the horrible habit of hitting the dismiss button by accident instead of snooze on early mornings and then back to sleep I go :( having the ability to set multiple alarms is something I have been craving from BlackBerry for awhile. Help us lazy asses out!!

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I keep reading we should use the calendar. But this is a business focused phone. I use a shared calendar with my assistant who sees all my appointments on the calendar. There are some reminders I prefer not to share.

And please don't tell me to setup a separate calendar for private reminders, because then it's nothing more than a work around.

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Some people are confusing alarms with appointments, when it comes to Calendar entries. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but right now in BB10 you can only have appointments in the Calendar, which use a single notification: "Reminder". In BBOS you had the option to add "alarms" in the Calendar in addition to "appointments" (these alarms were different than the "Daily Alarm" via the Clock app). I loved this because it let me set a different notification for an appointment versus an alarm: short beep for appointment, long song for alarm. It gave me customized notifications based on levels of importance. Super easy and I used it all the time. Hopefully it's as simple a fix as it sounds and we'll see it added back to BB10 sooner rather than later.

I currently use Circle Alarm in app world, do a quick search its there. Works perfectly doesn't need to be an active frame to work just set up your different times and close it and its ready.

YES! more alarms, Please BLACKBERRY.
On another note, the ability to set two different wallpapers for lock screen and home screen would be nice!

The other thing I'd love to see in the next version of the default clock, I want the Snooze Button completely separate from the dismiss button. Too many times I've cancelled my one alarm without thinking.

If you use bedside mode you can hit anywhere on the screen to snooze or hit any hardware button....I always blindly reach for volume rockers and they activate snooze

I would like to have this feature but I don't agree that all features are expected to be implemented by BlackBerry. There are third party apps available to do it and I don't think it would be nice if BlackBerry bring this feature to kill the app.
At the same time, I want the third party apps to have reasonable price.

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Would love to have this option, my old iphone 4 had it and it was convenient. However switching to the z10 made my life easier in a million different ways. Boom

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Yes to multiple alarms, which 'wake up' the phone if the phone is off.

My old bb's did it. My android did it. Keeping my phone plugged in or on all evening in order to have my alarm wake me up is booooooooosheeeeeeeit.

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The only reason I'd possibly use the native alarm is that not only it need multiple alarm settings, but also offers a feature of big buttons if snooze and stop, and hold stop button in order to truly stop the alarm. I side loaded circle alarm and it does a wonderful job.

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I must be weird, but I've loved being able to set my alarms via the calendar on any of my previous BBs, and as long as we're able to do that on a BB 10, then I'm happy. Not quite understanding why it's such a big deal to do it from the calendar app, maybe it's 'cause the Z10 is missing a physical keyboard and it takes quite a few more steps to open apps than with a device that you can use one letter to start one of the common apps ;-)

See my response above, you can't add Alarms anymore via Calendar in BB10, only appointments. As you know from your previous BBs, there is a big difference between an appointment and an alarm.

Would have thought BlackBerry would push OTA updates to factory unlocked devices first. Like Google do with Nexus devices.
We need updates flowing on a regular basis as a massive update can break more than it fixes.

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I don't even need to read the article (I haven't) to understand all of the frustrations you have written about.

Multiple alarms, BB, pronto!

Posted via CB10

Chuckle. These posts are hilarious. Tools not toys indeed... I'll leave and let you guys go back to bitching about not having Netflix...

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I'm not a big alarm person. One is more than enough. However, I do agree with most. The option of being able to set multiple should be there. It's not something that require a huge effort on the part of Blackberry. It's not a do or die but it's certainly annoying for a phone like Z10 not to have the function.

I'm using a z10 and I like it. It's my first experience with a blackberry device. I keep reading reviews, however, that there will be "Bugs" with this operating system because it is in its first generation. So I'm starting to wonder if I should have gone with a previous version of BlackBerry or stayed with an Android until a later date. Any thoughts?

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Even though the Z10 IS an awesome phone, having to deal with the small issues as this (when they were second nature on my 9900), it's a real pain while waiting for these updates. Another huge issue for me is the lack of WIFI calling. I travel internationally a lot and was able to conduct personal calls without a hitch. Now, I'm dead in the water...

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Love the suggestion for not only multiple alarms but also the function to show the time till my next alarm. Push push push.

Posted via CB10

I would love to have multiple alarms . I also want the whether at the top of my screen, battery %, day, month anyone know how let me know. Yes it's there just don't know how to get it

This is one of the features that I sorely miss from my previous BBOS7.
I'm kinda bummed that BB10 do not have multiple alarms.

Ideally i would like to have an alarm app that would allow me to create groups of alarms. I work afternoon, days, and nights. To have something that would allow me to create a group of alarms for each shift where i just have to select a group and all alarms in that group become active.

Just sayn.

It is kind of odd, because it would seem as if it would be a feature, we'll, that would just be there! I use my calendar to let me know what does and what hours I'm working, I would hate to start using that as my alarm, I've been pretty Ok for now with just updating my alarm when need be. I'm sure we will see this come with a future update with many more new features as well. The important thing is we all remain open minded that this is a new OS

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Big surprise to find out there was no separate setting for weekend vs weekday. I have to remember to change it or wake up every day at the same time.... Is that what BlackBerry developers and managers do?

Posted via CB10

Omg thank you. I'm mystified why there wouldn't be multiple alarms on a blackberry!!! I have meetings Mr developers!! Any ways. Hopefully things change.

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Multiple alarms for different days, like we discuss on the beta zone. And some more clocks Luke analog digital and so on

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

Not being late is a good thing. Not being woken up when you plan on sleeping in is worth it's weight in gold.

BlackBerry is all about Getting Things Done, right? Productivity is the name of the game for most BB owners.
IMO, multiple alarms as well as the ability to set multiple profiles (OS 7 and previous) should be native.

People who didn't vote yes probably don't have lives or jobs... for those of us that have jobs and important things to do in our lives we need more than just one alarm option because all one alarm does is just adds yet one more thing that we have to keep up with in our already busy lives.

What bothers me most is that people not needing a specific function trivialize that function. For some (like me) multiple alarms is a must. Period. Every one should support this, to make the device more appealing, because that ensures the future of your device too. Many people obviously DO care (check poll results).

Is it just me, or what? but my two previous blackberry bolds when charged, the clock would stay on, versus my z10, the screen would dim out, it sucks cause I used to use my old phones as a bed time clock also

I'd like multiple alarms on my z10, as I have one day out of the week where I have to wake up at 3 AM instead of 4... it's not too much to just change the alarm but my old ZTE score could manage multiple alarms so I see no reason why the Z10 shouldn't have the option.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, but you can always set a calendar event to remind you of whatever it is you're in need of a "second alarm" for.

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It's unfortunate you can't use the Calendar more efficiently by setting up different ring tones for your appointments. It's the same as an alarm.

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Not too bothered about multiple alarms. 1 alarm is enough for mornings and 'remember' tackles my tasks throughout the day. I would really like to get the auto off/ auto on feature back. Bed side mode is OKAY, even with the updates, but I've still gone to sleep on a full battery and woken with a quarter of the juice gone.

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Apart from multiple alarm, I also have couple of recommendations...
1) Prefer to have "Select All" option for images and phone book for deleting all at once. Current option selecting one at a time takes more time to select and delete all at ones.
2) Should have option to share facebook videos and watch in landscape mode. Current facebook version doesn't have these features.

Yeah it's becoming really annoying when I can distinguish between messages by sound as it was possible with my old 9780. As many others I do hope that BlackBerry will unlock features to make it as useful as with BB6 and BB7.

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Yes, Multiple alarms is a must have and i'd also like a snooze active indicator and the ability to cancel an active snooze.

What i do love about the Z10's alarm is that in night mode when the alarm goes off the whole screen is the snooze button.
It's so much easier to tap the phone for snooze rather than trying to find a tiny button.

I love my Z10. But not having multiple alarms is my #1 complaint. Obviously some people use and need it and some don't. No reason to bash those who do. And it is quite obvious that it's more than 2%.

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Hey CrackBerry Team !

please address this loud too in an article with a survey: RIM must restore vibrating options to the alarm clock too !!

Thanks for all you're doing for us guy !

This was very much there in OS 6 and 7. And I don't know why they didn't Carey forward it to OS 10 . Or maybe they want us to buy the paid apps that's has multiple alarm feature...

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I am actually very excited to see where this OS is going. It will only get better. In a year its going to be awesome. I can accept a few bumps along the way as long as the core is solid and so far I have few complaints besides the odd nice to have.

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We understand code was written from scratch...point is to have the basic stuff we have all come accustomed to (for example most of us have experienced iphone) since iphone was the gold standard BB should have all the basics that work in similar fashion (i.e multiple alarms) and build on top and exceed what most of us were already used to. Also need to bring more apps - my bank (chase) does not have a BlackBerry App only iphone or android! Help I made the switch back to BlackBerry - don't want to go back to iphone 5!

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I just use one alarm and I set it and wake up when it rings (or not, or beyond it), I also have this blackberry pearl and two click radios. :D

Absolutely agree with you!
And BB need release more update packages (like Microsoft done) to make BB10 become perfectly :)

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Not only do we need multiple alarms but if you really want to get the word out and be competitive with the other platforms then you have to start looking at things the other Platforms are exceeding in like the map app. There is definitely room for improvement here.

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Having just one alarm is unacceptable. I've tried to be a good sport about it. But, when you get up on a weekday at a time different than on the weekend, multiple alarms are a necessity.

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With new OS, no surprise there are some issues and a learning curve for both BlackBerry and users. Like many others posting here, where possible/practical I would prefer to see specific issues addressed quickly in form of clean (narrowly focused) hot fix or a small (weekly or biweekly) update package that users can opt to install vs waiting for major update (comprehensive roll-up).

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Btw, when viewing this article on Z10 in CB app can't see tiny fonts details in the vote/poll box. No problem when switched to browser view.

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. This feature should be built in. I may be wrong but I don't think it very difficult for implement.
It'll be great if BlackBerry includes this feature in their next build.

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Hi. For calendar alarms at work, I'd love to have a 'snooze 5 min before event' option like in Outlook.

I miss this option since switching from Nokia N9.

One more thing I miss from N9 is its intelligent snooze for calendar reminders. Let's say you've set a reminder one hour before the event. If it goes off and you snooze it, it will go off half an hour before the event. If you snooze it once more, it will go off 15 minutes before the event. After this it will be snoozed every five minutes. Basically, next alarm time after snoozing is half of the current time up until 15 minutes before the event, then every next snooze is 5 minutes. This algorithm seem very logical, 'cause I don't see a point in snoozing one hour advance reminder for five minutes only.

-- With best regards, Oleksii Serdiuk

I completely agree... the native alarm should offer more possible settings... I do not have to wake up each day at the same hour, I want an alert for my medication twice per day, and when my wife asks to pick up the kids at school, I should not be obliged to write this in my agenda...

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Why complaint about multiple alarm when you can set your calendar with multiple notification?

It will still ring right?

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