Q10 Owners: Do you want the dark theme back?

Do you want the dark theme back on the Q10?
By DJ Reyes on 8 Aug 2013 02:01 pm EDT

The BlackBerry 10.1 Maintenance Release began to roll out at the end of July in the EMEA and APAC regions, as well as in Canada, with U.S. and LATAM looking at the end of summer. The maintenance release brought about a whole load of new changes. While there were a lot of good and welcome changes - one of the things I noticed on my Q10 was that the calendar theme became white. Having been used to the dark theme for months, it all felt a bit foreign. That may sound extreme but when you get used to something and you love it, then suddenly it changes, the brain takes a while to process.

A few days later, we saw an update to BBM Channels. This update also brought about some welcome changes but at the same time I saw my beloved dark theme become white on BBM.

Going by Michael Clewley's tweet, it seems that more Q10 owners were not liking the dark theme due to it being not usable or readable.

I beg to differ. As soon as I saw the dark theme on the Q10, I instantly fell in love. While it wasn't the main reason I went for the Q10 over the Z10, it certainly helped the appeal. A lot of other Q10 owners I've spoken to since updating to the 10.1 MR have said that they want the dark theme back. There is a lot of conversion happening in the forums over the dark / light theme change too. Read here and here.

Another thing that bothers me about the dark theme slowly disappearing is that there was a point to it. It wasn't just slapped on there to be different, though I do find it's what makes the Q10 even more sexy. The dark theme was put on the Q10 due to the AMOLED screen. With an AMOLED screen, it draws less power when you have a black pixel. So, while visually appealing, the dark theme was also there to help battery consumption.

Now, I know the dark theme wasn't the preference for everyone and there were probably more people being vocal about not liking it as opposed to those who loved it and maybe that sparked the change. But this irks me even more as there was a whole reasoning behind the dark theme - battery life.

So, while there may have requests to change it to light theme, what about those who want and preferred the dark. My request is this. Please give us the option to use the dark or the light theme. I know that there are also many Z10 owners who would like to see the dark theme too, so having the option would keep people happy.

What say you, CrackBerry Nation? 


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Q10 Owners: Do you want the dark theme back?



Wasn't using the dark theme a user choice? If so many people didn't like it, why didn't they just switch back to the light theme? That's no reason to take away the choice from everyone. Clewley's reasoning doesn't pass the smell test...

No, the dark theme was implemented on the Q10 due to it having an AMOLED screen. It helps with better battery life.

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But if you can't easily read your screen for long periods of time, long battery life doesn't matter. Printed material or computer screens, the vast majority of both use dark text on light backgrounds... including CrackBerry.com. It's just easier to read for most people.

If I had to choose only one, it'd have to be dark text on a light background all day every day. But I believe in choice, so bring on a system wide setting. Dark for those super concerned about their battery or who want their device to look cool, and light for those who care about practicality and readability.

One main reason many people prefer dark/black backgrounds is that the bright white backgrounds can be quite painful to look at in dark environments. Many of us use our phones indoors and often in darker rooms such as libraries, bedrooms, etc.

To me, having a white background in a dark room can be similar as when someone opens a shade on an airplane flight right when the sun is glaring through and you're trying to sleep.

Thanks for replying guys. Since it was not optional it's understandable to change based on user feedback. Perhaps it'll make a comeback in a "battery saving mode" option in the future.

I really hope they give us both options, I prefer the dark theme myself but I would like the option to change it up


I'm a Z10 owner bit the dark sharing menu from some leaks looks a lot nicer than the white one.

The best option would be to give the user a choice between white and black - in fact, make it manual choice permanent or night and day mode based on the ambient light sensor :).

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+1. I have a Z as well, and really wish we had a dark theme to choose in the first place! Detlev has a great idea with the day/night mode as well.

I would prefer too, if we have the choice, to change the theme by ourselvs. For the Z10 and the Q10 owners.

Give people the option to choose between both. Like the reader mode in the browser I can have it either way.

Myself and my husband prefer the light theme. I do however think it would be better for everyone to have a choice between the two. At least it shows BlackBerry is listening to likes and dislikes

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They should listen to their own logic for crying out loud. No other company shoots themselves in the foot so often as BlackBerry. Giving users a choice between white and black is an obvious decision they should make, with a little disclaimer based on screen tech. Oh you're using a Q10? Use black for better battery life. Use white if you're a weirdo.

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I agree, let the people have the option to choose which they want! I'm a z10 user and even I want this option! Get it together BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

My girlfriend has a Q10 and I have a Z10. I find her calendar very difficult to read. Overall the dark is nice but not for the calendar. Overall I think it should be an option for the user.

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I prefer a bright one, but there should be an option for users who care about battery life.

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It seems like giving users the option to chooses between two is harder that you would think. . .I figured if they could they would instead of just flipping it on folks without warning or option to change back. . .

Perhaps changing from one them to the other in BB10 requires changing values of a lot of GUI settings. This is time consuming.

Probably why there are no themes. But they need to figure it out quick because it is a great idea and someone will copy it, advertise it, and make it their own if they don't.

It is not as hard as you think... It might be easier to generelize it with an OS-entry...
The Application "Lazy Lists" gives you the choice in its options... Just a checkbox to check/tick... I made screenshots in the forum... here couldn't add screenshot to my comment... the problem is in the embedded apps like the calendar... it is dark on Q10 at release and changed to white after the update... So some users were upset, and I refrained from upgrading after having read that change!

Posted via my Q10, Germany

I agree. Lazy lists does it. Why can't blackberry implement something so simple? Who cares if it's kind of hard, you've got 3 billion in reserves. If they can't handle a simple color/theme adjustment, then they may as well hang up the towel.

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BB should implement both themes or open up theme development for BB10 (for any device) to create diversity.

Silence! For I have spoken :) haha

Makes sense to change it to white for readability. I understand that some people got used to the dark theme, but I'm willing to bet that I'd it was the other way around and that the calendar went from white to dark. Same nb of people or even more would complain. Just imagine if they changed the email from light to dark.

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I've been hoping the dark theme would be added to the Z10. That was one of the reasons for loading 10.2 leak. I was hoping it was finally added. Feel for the Q10 owners that lost suck a sweet theme.

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Haven't done the MR yet so I still have the dark theme.
Don't think I'll like the white theme.
So the option should be there.

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I want it back to, it makes the phone itself stand out. Much sleeker I find, but that's my opinion.

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I still have the dark theme - I like it, except for when I'm outside in bright sunlight....then it can be an issue....

Hopefully we'll have the choice one day as I think the black is cooler and I'm always for battery savings.
I fear this may be harder than it sounds tho since they went to the trouble to switch it to white instead of giving the option in the MR

Let us choose!!! How difficult would it be to have a toggle to turn white or black on in settings?

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A option to choose would be nice. Finally I dont care about that. Sorting calendars by name should come first.

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Personally, I loved the black calendar and wish the emails and... EVERYTHING was white on black!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

This should be an option on all BB10 devices. Dark theme or light theme. User choose what they like the most

BlackBerry can be downright asinine sometimes. The option between BOTH themes should be on ALL BB10 devices. Do they really want to cause divisional lines between devices by omitting options unnecessarily from the OS because of some know-it-all cheeseball's opinion? I have a Z10 and I want the dark theme regardless of what some shirt says. You should be giving as much as possible to all customers if you want mass adoption. Word of mouth is your enemy when subjects like this arise. Get it together.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Please keep the loading bar design like 10.1 on final release os 10.2! I don't like the new animation loading bar on 10.2. Makes my eyes dizzy when I saw it.

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I like the white better on my Q10 - particularly for bbm. When I switched from the Z10 to a Q10 the black theme was way less readable (even worse when combined with the smaller screen). No question Black looks slicker, but for a chat application especially, readability needs to be put first. I mean, a choice would be nice to hahhaha

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Dark theme please. Keyboard, shortcuts and Battery life are the be all and end all for the Q10.

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Offering the option can possibly be the best solution also tu uniform BB10 across devices (Q10-Z10-Z30)

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You're absolutely correct!

I love the dark theme. For me it's much more readable & easier on the eyes. The savings in the battery consumption is another plus.

I was actually hoping that it will apply to the settings as well.

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Yes PLEASE bring the dark them back. I hate my bbm & calendar being white. They made things like settings dark now which is stupid and took away the dark theme for things that matter. Please bring the dark them back!

Posted via Jessica's BlackBerry Q10

I prefer white, and understand the desire to want both. However, keep in mind that every feature or difference between the phone models requires additional development effort to maintain and QA. Given that BlackBerry is short of resources right now and in for the fight if its life, all development efforts should be going towards higher priority features that benefit all BlackBerry 10 models.

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I would like the dark theme on the Z also. I know it doesn't change battery draw, but it looks better.

BlackBerry 10 Slider where are you??

I want my conversations in the white theme but calendar and everything else dark. I'd like to have the option.

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I think BlackBerry my have a new policy of limiting options in bb10. Both Microsoft and BlackBerry got pretty blotted in the os area over the years and BlackBerry may be following them cutting everything they can to control os size. Either one or the other but not both may be the new objective.

Posted via Z10

For goodness sake, it's 2013. Give us a toggle, or better yet also allow settings based on time of day, or light sensor. Black theme is much easier on the eyes at night. Are the colours hard-coded into the kernel?

We just need per app theme settings.
The SMS app is horrible in dark when you're outside and it's cloudy, but the calendar app was OK.
Having said that, it doesn't make much difference to the battery consumption compared to a modern IPS panel.

Sent from my PlayBook v10.2.0.1155 Lite

I like the light theme better on the Calendar then the dark, but I like the dark better then the light on BBM.

Please give us the option to choose.

Hey Mr. Clewley, you want to listen to your customers? ADD HOMESCREEN ONE-BUTTON SPEED DIALING TO THE Q10!!!

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Why would there be any "cons"? A bit more work for the ones at BBRY; but i would guess the most important is happy customers. And maintaining two themes should not be too much to ask for.

Agreed! Especially with the point that the black was there when the phone was first marketed. It definitely was a selling point for a lot of users. I really do not think anyone originally bought the phone thinking that the black would ever be changed out permanently. Not even the users that like the white theme so much. I am almost positive they was just hoping for BlackBerry just to give them an option.
The "sqeaky wheel got the oil" on this one.
Who takes away a big selling point of their products from the consumer?
(personally, I feel that I had waited for the Q to drop for so long...I probably would have got it with a pink or purple theme) but I know I'm not alone in saying... Please put the black back into my BlackBerry.

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If I get the Q10, when I'm not using it, I'll lock the screen right away. This way, it doesn't stay on and the battery lasts. That's what I'll be doing until the black comes back.

I want the dark theme. It saves battery life. I always my long text to be black theme if I can set it.

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Why don't they just give you the option of having both themes? Then this discussion can be put to bed.

Posted via SEGA master system

I would prefer an option to select either theme on my zedbrry... try it out which looks cooler...

Sent by Bbry Z10

I like the dark theme for some things, but would prefer a choice. If no choice, I would prefer the light theme. I have no problem reading white text on black, but when the text is colored or gray, FORGEDABOUDID!!
I wish BB link was white. I hate struggling to read the instructions.
I bought a battery charger bundle so I am less worried about battery life. My Q10 lasts all day, but having an extra battery in the car gives me peace of mind.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

+1,000% yessss!! Dark team is better!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I'm confused, I did the update and both my calendars and BBM are still dark themed (Q10 on Rogers)

Posted via CB10

They should make it optional, I would use the dark theme on my Z10 if it was available.

Posted via CB10

Why is it that companies feel the need to decide for the users what is "right" and "wrong". Let the users/customers decide (in this case the theme) what they want. This stuff (to keep it PG13) makes me really frustrated. I prefer the dark theme both because I like dark themes and it also helps with the battery life.

Choices, it's all about choices. I don't like when a company makes the choice for me, especially when it comes to customization. I found no issues with the dark theme and loved it more than the white.

Please bring it back in the form of choice. This goes for the z10 and future models

I found the dark theme almost unreadable and avoided the calendar at all costs.

Choice is good though. Thats the way I would go.

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Just love the dark theme on my Q10. A welcome change and really gives it it's own personality..and suits the BlackBerry frame of things perfectly me thinks

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So how come when I brought my q10 from the shop carphone warehouse turned it on booted up had a white theme what's all this black thing about?

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I have both the Q10 and the Z10 and must say the dark looks so much better. Way classier and easier on the eye to read.

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We (Q5) need dark themes BBM too... Please BlackBerry build BBM maybe can change the a lot themes or more

Posted via CB10 - Q5SQR100-3/

I cannot believe this!
Why we are even talking about this?!
In 21 century, with phones having multiple cores, HD screens, and most importantly BlackBerry trying to do come back, we cannot chose what colour of the theme we want to use...
We are asked to vote for it and everybody seems to accept this quitely...
I love BlackBerry. I really do.
But these days users_want_to_customise_their_phones.
BlackBerry - fire more managers and hire proper ones who will understand user experience.
Do it now. Do it quickly.

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Dark theme all the way. I can see a value to the white theme as it does show up better in sunlight, but overall I find the dark background easier to look at and to use on a regular basis.

There's nothing like catching up on my daily calendar first thing in the morning and not being blasted with the white background before my first cup of coffee.

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I changed from Windows Phone to a Q10 and hate this white theme. a clean, black theme like WP is the best choice for me. Please let us choose between them black/white :-)

Yes I too was very unhappy to lose my dark theme. I have already loaded the old dark calender bar thankfully.

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Personally I found the dark theme easier on my eyes and there will also be a fractional improvement in power consumption with a dark theme over a bright white one but the overriding thing is CHOICE. What is it with Blackberry constantly imposing stuff like this on us and their aversion to providing user option and choice.

omg, stop going the way of Apple and limiting choices... you gave us theme A and because some users wanted theme B, you replace A with B. How about satisfying both sides??

Give the user the option to switch back and forth. Dark for during the day and light for night. Dark to use less batt power light for the fact that it's light lol.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry really needs to start adopting a "the more the merrier" type of attitude when it comes to features on these new devices. And by more I mean having the options readily available to us. It's already bad enough that they have made customizations really scarce as it is with this os. No themes allowed, no battery status available on home screen, glitchy working apps (like bebuzz)that highlight the lack of headless availability. Really, I love my Z10, but implement more options to us. I'm not talking overboard like android devices, but simple and basic stuff. Didn't os6 and 7 have different color scheme available as well on their devices?

Posted from my ZED10

I totally agree. If you think Android was over the top for user options you should have seen Symbian, as old as it is nothing else today comes close for power user options.

Either way Less is definitely not more in this respect.

Have you received the 10.1 MR update yet? It's in this MR update where the light theme has been implemented.

To me it's just reasonable to give us the chance to choose, BlackBerry showed us that both the Light and the dark theme are already working so why not give us the ability to choose between the two ?! Please BlackBerry make everybody happy !

Posted via CB10

I'd love to get a choice to select both themes - on all of the current and upcoming BB10 devices. This would fit every users needs and preferences. However if that wouldn't be possible, I'd at least like to get the dark theme back.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

"You don't know what you had until you lost it".
I chose dark. Choosing would be the preferred option, but I don't see myself using the white option for system context/system apps. Dark just made my phone feel more professional on my black Q10. I suppose if I had a white phone the white theme would be nicer.

I'm 100% sure 10.3 will give you the option to select dark/bright theme and you will even be able to change the highlight colour, which is blue now!

Posted via CB10

Yes! Give back the dark theme!
It was easier readable for me, looks nicer (more elegant) and even saved battery life.
If I wanted something as everybody else, I would bought an Android or iPhone ;)

Am I to understand that the black screen on the Q10 in part was to provide power saving as the Q10 screen draws less power displaying black than white? If so does the same no apply for the Z10? The Z10 has the smaller battery and could certainly make use of some serious battery saving tips. Does the Z10 not draw less power when displaying black compared to white?

Either way I'd certainly love at least the option to display the black background on my Z10 and if doing so saved on battery power, even better.

The Q10 has an AMOLED screen on it which the Z10 does not. The AMOLED screen is the type of screen that doesn't use power when a black pixel is used. But yes, I think having the choice is the best way forward.

I like the dark theme. I think it should be an option in display settings. A person should have the choice, on all devices. Dark theme? Light theme? You decide.

Posted via CB10

So let me get this right. Some people complain about the colour of a background and they jump. When virtually everyone complains about bridge being half the man it used to be, or speed dialling not working how it used to nothing happens. Is this guy for real??? Talk about going for low hanging fruit....

OH Holy Bejebus....... <<<PG rated cursing>>>..... one of the main reasons I JUST got the Q10 was the black theme.

Well jelly when I first heard about the dark theme for the Q10, practically green with envy. I still wouldn't mind if they decided to show my Zeddy Bear some live, in the dark.

Posted via CB10

So did he listen to a chorus of ONE? Lazy developers not allowing a choice.

Posted via CB10

No for me, I prefer the light over the dark theme... Maybe something to do with my astigmatism. White letters on a dark background tend to have more of that blurred effect compared To the other way around.

From my sweet black Q10 (Z10 standing by).

I don't even own a Q10, but think it is ridiculous that they can't make the dark theme an option. (and why not for Z10 too?)

Posted via CB10

Prefer the light theme but not even having the option is ridiculous. Same thing with the changes being made to the android player. Okay, people are complaining, so make the more popular choice the default and give us the OPTION to switch if we want to. It really is a no brainer.

Just make the damn themes customizable. Man, you can change "themes" on almost any device these days. spend the time to write the code for that to happen and everyone wins. The End.
That's the way it used to be in OS6...hell even OS7 had a way to change themes after devs figure it out.

I miss my dark theme and want it back. I totally agree, it's not just nice looking and a point of difference, it's also better for my phone.

Posted via CB10

Of course I want it back and just to be fair it would be awesome to have the choice so everyone's happy!

"We changed it because users complained it was not usable / readable on their devices, we listened."

Fair enough, but listen to this: add both, let users select from settings -> display.

Take you all of what, an hour to do, and then everyone's happy. It's a trivial mod to make.

Another case of blackberry being stupid. Why not give the option? Jeeze.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Why just reserve the dark theme for the Q10 when we Z10 users would love it! Choice is what it is all About for Q10, Z10, and the future Z30 users!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Dark Theme all the way. Give us the choice though. BlackBerry has really been pushing my buttons lately! And not in the good way that I like pushing theirs on my Q10

Is it possible to have the theme work in both environments? Dark for dark areas and light where more visibility is needed? (bright sunshine)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry are you listening? We your supporters, your loyal customers, purchased the Q10 with a Black Theme. I was never informed of the change and am angry about the lack of consideration shown on the matter.

Posted via CB10

For the Q10 I think the dark theme is nicer. I think the white theme on the calendar is fine but I would like dark theme for settings, BBM, Made4BB Apps and the hub (but not emails). It makes sense that way. I really don't mind the Calendar in white though. But I don't want BBM in white and I would like the Settings in the Dark theme as well. It looks sleek. Can't wait for 10.2 update. Going to be sweet.

Dark Theme is better. If it saves battery then this is an added bonus. I wish black background with white text was possible for every app.

Posted via CB10

I want back my white background!!! Its VERY hard to read messages outside when you're under a sun with this black background and white text.

The calendar is a disaster!

I have 3 friends who gave up there Q10 and went to galaxy ONLY because of the black background and he couldn't read his messages.

Why is Skype white? Why is email white? Because it's easier to read, if not they would make it in black.

Re the battery life, well, maybe it makes a difference but I doubt it makes such big difference and I want rather to have a good phone which I can read my messages then a phone with better battery (if it even makes a bigger difference)

Posted via CB10

I think they should make an Option for us to Select the Dark Theme. The Dark Theme is the Reason WHY I got rid of My Z10 to Buy this Q10. I am growing ever so Tired of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Great article, DJ - I'm glad you're on the case.

When BlackBerry went with the AMOLED screen there was a lot of negative chatter, but as AMOLED screens don't light up black pixels it was a good choice to conserve battery life.

C'mon, BlackBerry, give the Q10 a system-wide dark theme.

white text on a black background drives my eyes batty ... so white for me but its easy isnt it? give the choice

I want the black screen back!!! I hate the white background :( loved the black one!

Posted via CB10

This post got me thinking that I might like crackberry.com better in white on my Q10 as well. Seriously a couple of times while reading this post I got lost.

Posted via CB10

[Mandatory themes. Elimination of 9900 alert sounds. Elimination of email options. No one touch dialing]

Anybody know what happened in Waterloo that caused "customization" to be labeled an enemy that must be stomped out?

Listen I returned my Q10 because of the dark theme. I would purchase it tomorrow if the white theme comes back. I'm a Tmobile subscriber and would be back on the BB10 wagon!

I like the black. Make it optional what's the big deal. I do think it's symptomatic of BlackBerry's ham-handed approach to this sort of thing that they'5 just eliminate a core feature without involvement of the user.

Posted via CB10

I'm going to agree with many and say that a wide system option to select the light and dark theme. However, with the many options in selecting individual profile options for Phone, BBM, Mail and so forth allow the option of giving the user to select where or what app could use the preferred light or dark theme.

As what DJ mentions in the post, the MR update with the Calendar as her example made me double glance thinking some default option was reset rather than completely adjusted for the grand general.

Light themes are preferred as another poster mentions the example of the desktop relation. This is actually easier to read. Dark themes or inverted options (as it was originally called) were originally intended for those with visual disabilities (not referring to the blind) as this reduced the white distraction to the text/copy. The original intention of having the dark theme to save battery doesn't sound plausible and the software is optimised to the hardware so active CPU usage would still have its toll on battery consumption.

Many great points from everyone, I just hope a consideration is made to help please users in the official 10.2 update.

Posted via CB10

The dark theme sets the Q10 apart. I think that's a good thing! Took a little while to get used to but now I actually prefer it.

Posted via CB10

Diplomacy urges to get the choice... Personally, I like the dark theme and won't upgrade the OS until I get the choice to keep my Q10 "dark"...
It funktions well now and I would keep it so as it is!

Posted via my Q10, Germany

Having both z10 and q10. Can say not a fan of dark theme. One of the reasons I prefer my z10

Posted via CB10

Since it's an impossible project to make all people agree with only one choice or even force them to like it, I prefer to make it as an option. So if I don't like the dark theme, I can change it to white... and so on.

BTW, I really don't like the dark theme, but if there is an option to switch between the white and dark themes on the Z10, I would like to use the dark one at somepoints.

The option of switching between the White & Dark themes will push up the phone somehow since at that time you will give all people what they want ; I guess!

Posted Via the Incredible Z10

I want the choice. I think we should see that as a display setting in a future update. So, like I said, a person can choose between a dark or light theme setting. I'm pretty sure making that available as a choice would be an easy feature to implement.

On the topic of customization options. Nah, I've got too many ideas. Another time. LoLoL not that my ideas matter to anybody but myself, I'll still share em', usually.

Posted via CB10

Once a lot of people went black, they're never going back. Or something like that. I gots nothing. I'm wack.

Posted via CB10

I like Clewly.

"Response to Dark vs light theme. We changed it because users complained it was not usable / readable on their devices, we listened."

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) August 6, 2013

Now what I'm hearing, is that people want the choice between dark and light themes as an option.

I'm stoked they're listening. To keep listening is the key now. People are saying, "give us the choice".

Posted via CB10

I agree, users should be given the option.

There is this disturbing mentality in 2013 of BlackBerry just unilaterally deciding what they think customers want without giving them any ability to set it for themselves. It's not like there's any additional development work necessary to provide the dark them as an OPTION, all those elements are already designed and working.

The black theme was part of the reason I purchased my Q10...why don't they just disable the keyboard while they are at it.

Posted via CB10 via Q10

I don't see why they don't just have it as an option in the screen settings a toggle to switch from back theme to white theme?

Then those who prefer the white theme use it and those who prefer the black theme use it. Win win situation for all.

Posted via my Z10

The best idea would be to have a choice. I personally liked the dark theme on my Q10, but I can see that other people have a different opinion. So instead of just changing the theme it would be much better to make it selectable.

Posted via CB10