Do you use your phone or tablet to help meet fitness goals?

By Michelle Haag on 20 Feb 2013 06:35 pm EST
Fitness Month

With only a little over a week left in Mobile Nations Fitness Month for 2013, we wanted to check in and see how many of you use your phone or tablet to help you meet your fitness goals. For some of you, the concept of using technology -- phones, tablets, WiFi-connected scales, wearable GPS trackers, etc. -- as an aid to better your health and fitness levels may be new. For others, you may have clicked into the Health & Wellness category in BlackBerry World and downloaded an app or two and left it at that. And we're sure a few of you health fiends out there are total gurus at this stuff.

Regardless of the category you fall into, we hope you're enjoying the extra health and fitness related content and encourage you to join the CrackBerry community in the forums where you can win some sweet prizes.

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Do you use your phone or tablet to help meet fitness goals?


On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone know how to inform crackberry about some site ive gotten hold of?
It shows just how amazing the BB Z10 camera is.

I found it..

* BlackBerry by choice *
Not really. The most I use electronic devices for relating to exercise would be to have music on hand while doing so. A stereo system at home with the BlackBerry Music Gateway comes to mind..

im currently using jefit on android a app that i hope makes it to BB10. i need to search and see if there's any good fitness that will come out on BB10

I use the PB app called Health Tracker. It's been a great tool keeping track of and watching my weight drop over the last month. My only gripe is its use of portrait.

I used too but now I hav no endomondo on BB10. Sports tracker is good but the bluetooth heart rate monitar I used for endomondo doesnt work on sports tracker. What a joke.

just downloaded sports tracker myself. looks nice but haven't really used it yet. doesn't seem to be as deep as endomondo though

Sports Tracker doesn't do interval training either (mind you, Endo didn't on BlackBerry, either).

I've found it's almost better to buy a Garmin or suchlike watch+HRM. The ANT+ HRMs are less finicky and you can upload the watch's data to the service of your choice.

I've always tracked my weights in a spreadsheet so I use Docs to Go on my PB with the music cranked on my PB. I use Files and Folders to sync my spreadsheet to DropBox so I can access it/update it from anywhere.

Endomondo and MyFitnessPal are two of my most used apps. I don't listen to music when exercising. Instead, I use this time to listen to audio books on my 9900.

The comment of no Endomondo on BB10 is disconcerting.

I use my phone or my playbook daily to track my progress. I'm using Jefit on my Playbook and my BBX Z10. I wish they would port it over to BlackBerry instead of me having to port it myself. Working great otherwise.

I use my playbook to play my insanity videos and the calendar to keep track. its small enough to bring to the gym. People at the gym always ask what i use and they are always surprised to know its a blackberry playbook and like it. I also use endomondo on my 9930 to track my runs. I've kept on track for over a year.

I use MyFitnessPals ... Not available on PB or BB10 yet ... I even email them to ask when they are porting the app.. They said they are "considering".. So who knows!!!

I use my iPod touch for that just cause its playing my music already. Otherwise I'll use my laptop for that.

I use Endomondo to track my bike rides, spins and runs. Love it. If it's not ported to the Q10 by it's release date that Q10 I've preordered is going to my son and I'll stick with my rockin' 9900 that can fully bridge with my PB and compress data so l can live w a 1GB plan. BB seems to be out to lunch alienating long time users to woo newbs that simply won't be coming. Oh well it was a nice ride while it lasted...

I watch videos on my playbook while running on the treadmill to make time move faster.

And I track my weight with memo pad. All the other features on fitness apps are useless to me.

I watch videos on my playbook while running on the treadmill to make time move faster.

And I track my weight with memo pad. All the other features on fitness apps are useless to me.

I didn't know which one to pick, but I use it to track how far I run and how many "calories" I burn.

but it definitely doesn't keep me on track. I often you will see me running laps while texting someone on a social network. Another reason why I love my physical keyboards.

I used to use GPSeedometer and Endomomdo all the time on my 9810 but neither app is on my Z10 so I am stuffed

I run in some pretty nasty weather upon occasion and I would rather risk a $30 MP3 player than a $500 phone when it is raining or snowing or some other ugliness. I do; however, return to the office and chart my runs on a web based site to help me see where I am at.

I think the 'counter-poll' to this should ask...
"Do you use your phone or tablet to lounge about in your spare time and accomplish nothing?"
Probably a higher number than using it for fitness.

Yes, on my 9800 I use GPS Logger II to track how far I walk each day and I use Calorie Counter by Fat Secret to check on the fat and calorie content of the food I eat. I also use HandyLogs Heart to keep a record of my blood pressure and pulse.

I use the PlayBook to film myself doing some tricky exercises, making sure my form is perfect.

Most workout apps get in the way either because their usability is poor or because they're not flexible enough, but is a human's best friend to track food consumption. Don't rely on it for calculations, advice and to track your workouts though.