CrackBerry Asks: Do you use your BlackBerry on holidays?

By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2012 03:37 pm EDT
BlackBerry in Pocket

This Sunday for the second year in a row I'll be hosting Easter brunch. I'm pretty pumped to have my entire family over to spend the day, but I'm sure at times I'll want to wring some necks. I always try my best to leave my electronics alone (or off) on holidays, but sometimes it's not that easy. We have such a crazy attachment to our devices that trying to be without them for just a day is an impossible task for some. So what we want to know is if you survive without your devices on holidays or it's business as usual. Let us know in the poll above, then hit up the comments!

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use your BlackBerry on holidays?


Where is the poll? ("Let us know in the poll above, then hit up the comments!")

BB goes with me everywhere (even in the hotel swimming pool thanks to a nifty aquapak waterproof storage gizmo - if you are desperately waiting for a call, I recommend getting into the swimming pool... phone always rings just as you are starting to enjoy yourself!)

I'm on vacation as I type this. I'm in Scottland at the moment. My roaming bill is currently over 500 USD and I still have a few days to go. Thankfully my company paying for all of it.

Vacations are when I have time to use my BlackBerry!
I do think I know what the outcome of this poll will be, since after all you do have a very biased sample population (those who love BlackBerries enough to be on a fan site, and who check said website enough to have noticed the poll, and who bother to take the time to vote)!

I have the functions necessary for both work and play with my BB Bold 9780. I very seldom even take a camera with me anymore.

after a 7 year relationship with bb i just ordered a htc one x....we'll see how it goes....bye bye 9900.......not sure if i will like the full touch screen.....if blade was out, it'd be a whole different story.....

My Bold is never ever never ever never more than 3 feet from me and usually clipped on my belt or held with a G.I. Joe kung-fu grip that Chuck Norris couldn't break.

My BB never leaves me. It is attached to one hip and my Playbook is attached to the other. Today I prepared for Easter by looking up recipes on my PB, making shopping lists on my BB , used the timer on the PB while I baked goodies, communicated with friends and family via BBM and phone. Now I catch up with email and Crackberry while in bed.

Yeah, I guess I can say I use my Blackberries on holidays. :)

When people say do you take your bb on vacation the inference is "do you take your work on vacation?". For most of Us our bb is either personal or a combo. I have a work and personal bb. On holiday (heck even the weekends my work bb stays in my laptop bag. On Sunday I check if I need to charge it or not, which is the extent of the love that bb gets). My personal one like others have mentioned--never more than a few feet away :)
As kingcracker states- using the pb to look up recipes, etc, and the bb for shopping lists bbm's and texts.

I am on holiday right now. I'm on Vodafone UK and I'm currently in the Philippines. I have used up my £100 data allowance already and I've only spent a week here, doing extremely light browsing. EXTREMELY LIGHT! I turn my data services off whenever I don't use it, yet I used 100MB within 5 days. I have to leech off Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet and receive work emails. I have another three weeks to go and I am already showing signs of BlackBerry withdrawal symptoms. I go to an internet café at least once or twice a day. Still, though, I get to enjoy the white sand, palm trees and 100°F sun.

My 9850 and PlayBook do not do business work during holidays unless it is a (life-threatening) emergency. However, they are a part of my personal holiday. Yesterday, my PB was busy taking videos of the Easter Egg hunt and other activities to share with family that could not travel to attend. Wouldn't think of leaving them out!

That said, family dysfunction stemming from lack of "family policy" on media use is increasing. Blurred and innappropriate boundaries are leading to more distress between couples, and adolescents are losing sleep and getting into trouble. Laws and cultural norms always lag behind advances in technology, so some couples and families are having to catch up. Others are ahead of the curve and initiating trends such a "media fasts" or very clear relationship boundaries concerning media use. These are issues even hard-core Berry lovers such as ourselves should probably consider.

Typical calendar holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) I will use my Bold 9900 as if it were any normal day. If it is a vacation from work, where I am on a beach, camping or any other get away I will put it away and leave the world behind. That is why I planned a get away afterall, to leave the people and work I have behind.

My bb is my home phone since I've cancelled my land line(nobody called my land line for ages but telemarketers). So It is always with me. Only problem is that my boss bbm me at home & I can't really pretend not to notice.