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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use the Text Messages icon on BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 15 Aug 2013 02:06 pm EDT

When we first started using BlackBerry 10 during out BlackBerry Z10 review period in Toronto, one of our big gripes was with the Text Messages icon and how it worked on BlackBerry 10. Tapping the icon was obviously supposed to bring you to your text messages in the Hub, however there was a bit of a bug in early OS versions.

If you had opened something in the Hub and left it there, then tapped the Text Messages icon, you were brought to the last open item and not your text messages. For example - if you viewed an email where you tapped a link and opened the browser, the email remained open in the Hub. You then jump back to the home screen and receive a text. Tapping the Text Messages icon brought you to that last open email where you then had to back out to see your text - super annoying and not very intuitive. 

In recent updates the bug seems to be fixed and tapping the icon takes you to your text messages regardless of what was open in the Hub. Due to the bug from the start I never really got into using the icon to see my texts though, and I still haven't touched it.

I moved the Text Messages icon to a folder I've created for my unused items and never really questioned it. When I get a text I simply jump to the Hub to view it and call it a day. I think for the most part the icon is there for users that are unfamiliar with BB10 so they have a direct way to get to text messages, while veteran users know they can just jump right to the Hub.

So I'm just curious to know how many of you actually use the Text Message icon on your device? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments with your thoughts!




Never had a problem with it. Honestly I use both =)



I agree. I use both. Just depends where I am on my device.


I agree, seldom use it but once in a while it's nice to go straight to the hub, especially if you are in other stuff on the home page like an app that you can minimize and click on the text icon. So, I'd vote to let it stay where it is or put it in a folder as opposed to getting rid of it.


Same as you. Just depends where I am and which is easier to get to. I like having both.

Posted via CB10


dame use both. i use the icon if i see it otherwise i wud just use the hub

Posted via CB10



-cb shud have a edit option

Posted via CB10


I'd second the motion for an edit function here on CB. Sometimes my fingers don't cooperate with my brain and mistakes get throo.. ;-)

Posted via CB10


Yes, the same :)

Writer For Addicts à BlackBerry 10 :


If I'm in the hub I go through the hub, but otherwise I use the icon


This is the way it's done


Same here, depending on where I am at when I get the notification.


I'm the same...the icon don't bother me and if I get a text I tend to press it

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q10


I put phone, text messages, setup, voice control, help, smart tags, settings, games, camera, adobe reader, box and dropbox after logging in once into Extras folder and move it to the last page. That folder is the less visited folder for me.


Same for me except that I NEVER go to that folder....

Posted via CB10

Rui Jorge

Me too, I named this folder "useless" :-)

Posted with blackberry second best smartphone behind the Q10, the Zed10...lool


Same here.

Posted via CB10


Bingo, that's how I do it. Don't need the icon.
*also throw in the hub icon in 10.2 aswell.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


Yep, ditto for me. It's there if I'm feelin' lazy... :)


Same here. I use it all the time.

Posted via CB10


I use both, which is why I didn't like the "i love that button option in the poll"

My biggest gripe about the hub is the constant need to swipe back from where you were in the hub. When a new message comes in.

Posted via CB10


Not sure if you're aware of this or if it might help change your opinion, but there is a "root peek" gesture you can use while you're several layers deep in the hub to quickly jump back to the main hub. This helps reduce all the swiping back you have to do to see new notifications when you're neck deep in hub layers.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Coming from BBOS7, I actually use both whenever I feel like to use which.

Posted via CB10


Yes i do!

Posted via CB10


Not going to vote because I do both the icon and the Hub. It all depends where I am on on the phone at the time.


Use it sometimes when I want to compose a text. But it's kind of redundant.

- aBBuser


Never. Moved it to my 'Unused' folder. It's all Hub for me :) sure wish BlackBerry would bring back the ability to hide icons again.

Posted via CB10


Same here. It's hidden away!

BB10, Z10


Not only is mine in the garbage folder, my text are not allowed in the main hub. I consider texts very personal and would even like to be able to lock them after a timeout.



Posted via CB10


Not at all. Useless to me.

CB10 on Verizon Z10


Well let me FIRST say I do but just to text non bbmers cause I don't have whatsapp

Posted via CB10


First? Finally? Yes, I use the icon. I think a few weeks had already gone by before I even noticed it. Still, the Hub is my go-to! And YES, I still text. BlackBerry, PLEASE bring back group capability!!!


Do you mean group texting capability, or the ability to create groups out of your contacts? Because sending a group text does exist.


Actually both. I didn't know the capability is still there (my "duh" moment to the day!) Can you point me in the right direction? Also, I REALLY miss being able to send a text to a group of more than 10 recipients at a time. Ended up getting SMS Now to accomplish that.


10 is the max and I wish they would bring the old way of group texting back. The new group chat msg sucks.

Posted via CB10


I never send SMS messages

RP Singh

Same, bbm and email for those who can't do bbm.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


Guess I just know too many people that still use dumb phone, or don't have a BlackBerry.


I use both. But when you go into hub it should always reset back to (hub) view. Not last thing read/open

Posted via CB10


Not sure if you're aware of this or if it might help change your opinion, but there is a "root peek" gesture you can use while you're several layers deep in the hub to quickly jump back to the main hub. This helps reduce all the swiping back you have to do to see new notifications when you're neck deep in hub layers.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


When I got my phone, I created a folder called useless and that's where a lot of icons went. Text messages, phone, setup, settings etc. Keeps the clutter down, and they're all easily accessible without having the icon right there.


Whoops was way off lol

Posted via CB10


Relegated to the no use folder with the hub icon...



Oops, BBM icon



Use both!
Reply from hub
New from icon

Posted via CB10


Text messages are pretty lame now. BBM and whatsapp for me. And if I could remove that icon forever, I would. So annoying.

Posted via CB10


I use both the icon and the hub :)

Posted via Q10


I never use SMS, i just moved the icon to a "unused" folder

Posted via CB10


Yes also use both depending on the situation :-)

Posted via CB10


That icon is redundant and useless. They committed to not having an email icon, there's no reason to have a text icon or a hub icon in 10.2. I know why they have it. I just hate that they conceded to it and should have just created better instructions. I put it in a unused folder myself. Along with camera, and phone and the other redundant icons

Posted via CB10


Yes and it drives me... They ought to get rid of it or - even better - let texts go to multitasking. Now you get in texts by means of this icon, but to get out is out of any kind of shortcut logic :|

[...] new BYOD hero:


I'm smoking the crack, looks like all the messaging app icons are in there.

The hub rules my phone.



Yup, I use both also. It's very convenient to have two ways to reach it.

Posted via CB10


Nope, no, never. It's redundant. If it was a standalone app with hub integration like BBM, I'd use it.

Posted via Zeppelin or Quincy!


Where the "use both " option.

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Denise in Los Angeles

Most polls leave out valid choices. I also use both.


Nope I use the hub

Posted via CB10


Did at first, but eventually found there was no need.

Sent from the future on my Z10.


Yes I keep it on my first page of apps along with bbm and whatsapp so that I see the splat on it when I have a new msg. The new homescreen really irks me because you have to swipe up to see any new texts/bbms etc. Kind of inefficient, miss that notification ribbon :(

Posted via CB10


I agree, like to have the splat so that when my phone is on silent on my desk I can see what it is I've received. Still really miss the icon and splat for all my email accounts. I know we've got the hub, which is great but I would like to see at a glance on my home screen what's coming in.

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

It's in an different folder... but never use :#

Love the hub

Posted via CB10


I always use the Hub. I have, on occasion, appreciated having the icon too. But, I almost 100% primarily use the Hub unless I have to go into BBM for other features of that application. Hub, to me, is the shiggidy. I love the BlackBerry 10 Hub, it's the perfect way to deal with messages quickly. Priority Hub is also great. I've never used a better method of dealing with everyday computing and communication than BlackBerry 10 in general, specifically the Hub.

Posted via CB10


30% Still use it? seriously?


Most of the time I use the HUB but sometimes when I'm not thinking or what ever I'll hit the icon since it's on my first page

Posted via CB10


When doing something and have to write an text message. Somehow redundant though...

Posted via CB10


No, it's totally annoying that it's there. Same with the hub icon. Having it there makes no sense! Use the gestures.

-- Adam Schuetze


No I dont use it its for them BB10 noobs coming from other platforms including BB legacy users.


I disagree with your comment regarding legacy users, when I use my Bold 9900 I use the message app or contacts icon to access text, BBM, email and phone. Never use the text icon.


Moved it to the redundant folder, never used it just the hub. That being said I wish that we could hide icons in os 10. Hopefully in a future update

Posted via CB10


Another excellent addition to the brilliance of BlackBerry 10 is the notification popup some people refer to "toast notification". I think the feature is called "Instant Previews", whatever it is, it's an awesome addition in 10.2. So, if I'm in CB10 posting something ridiculous as usual, I can see an sms or a BBM "Instant Preview" popup notification to read, deal with, or reply to the message. Brilliant.

Posted via CB10


I use both.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


A user of both here!

Posted via CB10


hub and icon ,using both but yes the hub magic has taken over the icon


Nope... not ever. hub only.

Posted via CB10 / Z10


I don't use it, but oddly I've kept it on my first home screen page. I guess I'm a creature of habit and am used to having it there from the legacy days.

Posted via CB10


Use both! Depends on where I am on my phone.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


I like to see my text separately because I tend to have a lot!! Hub gets too crowded so I actually prefer the text icon.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


Yeah I'm with you on that. I actually have texts turned off in the Hub and use the icon to get to them, unless I'm already in the Hub.

Posted via CB10


I don't use any of the social or communication icons... they are all buried on page 5 for me. Icons are for noobs and old people.



Posted via CB10


I don't necessarily love it but I do use it (though not primarily). Always good to have options.

Posted via CB10


Honestly never use it, forgot it even existed after reading this forum lol, i dunno with the hub, the icon feels redundant to me, i actually just ended up moving the icon into a folder so it was out of sight.

Posted via CB10


Never, the hub is easy to access with a swipe from any app, the icon is buried in a folder.

Posted via CB10


As I said re new 10.2 hub icon: when my Q10 is in its cradle in the car, swiping is awkward and doesn't work too well. It's fine when you are holding the device. Surely it's not the end of the world and the halt of progress of mankind to have both???


Yes I use it :)

Posted via CB10


Is this a trick question?

Posted via CB10


Hell yeah all the time. BBM for international family connection.

Posted via CB10

Kobus Koekemoer

Yes much more than directly from the hub!

Posted via CB10


I primarily navigate to the hub, however I have used the icon on a few occasions.


I use both hub and text

Posted via CB10


No I didn't ever use that

Posted via CB10


Use both, but mainly text icon

Posted via CB10


Never use it although I can see it being useful as a quick way to jump straight to text messages I guess. Once you get used to the hub though there's no looking back!

Posted via CB10


Never. I access it from the Hub.

Post via CB Z10


No, is in an unused icons folder I created along with the new hub icon!

Posted via CB10


Lots of my friends on Android and iOS still text me so ya, I still use it.


Never. Only the hub

Posted via CB10


Actually quite a lot - text message icon, pick conversation write another sms.
Easier than hub, compose, yet message, chose contact...

Posted via CB10

Monica Buruato

I use both. Depends what I'm doing. More hub action though. :)


If I get a message I use the hub. If I'm creating a new txt message I use the icon.


Posted via CB10


Now that it works right, yes. I use it. I also wish I could pin a shortcut for my email boxes to the home page too...

Ya, I said it. Bring on your scorn!!!! ;-)

Posted via CB10


Nope, not at all.

Posted via CB10


Never use it. I have a folder for all the Hub icons, and I never touch it. Swipe into the Hub, then select what I need.

Posted via CB10


I don't use text. I was forced into unlimited text plan when I switched to my Z10. But I only use BBM or WhatsApp.

Posted via CB10


I use both. I always use the hub to review new messages, emails, notifications, ect. If am going to just send a text I use the icon, it is actually one step quicker than using the hub. I also use it when I am reviewing an email and need to send a txt out a bout the email. Get out of the hub and use in icon, that way when I go back to the hub the email I was in is still open and in the position I left it.

Posted via CB10


Never used it. I use the hub and "compose

Posted via CB10


Much like the Hub icon in 10.2, the Text Messages icon is redundant and a throwback to BBOS, which I left behind for a reason. I have no use for extraneous clutter on my home screen, especially when the Hub is literally one gesture away, no matter where I am.


Only use the text icon when composing a new sms. Replies done straight from the hub though

Posted via CB10


It is useless to me:( the hub is superior :p

Posted via CB10


I tend to go in with the hub although sometimes I will use the icon. I always make sure to back out of Text Messages since the hub goes back to where you were rather than the top level. It's a little annoying. For BBM, I almost always use the icon.


Don't see the need for it, as they're all in the hub

Posted via CB10


if i am in the hub i go to text message if i am on the home screen i hit the icon

Anthony Roberts 1985

Hopefully when bbm goes cross platform neither the icon or the hub for texting lol

Posted via CB10


I would like BlackBerry to make icons for all the email accounts that work just like the text icon. This would be a bridge between other OS's including BB7, just like the new Hub icon in 10.2


Me too. I have a work email, personal, shopping etc and am either driving or in meetings where I can't be seen to be using my phone (so rude) and like you say swiping into the hub is not easy when you're not holding the phone. Would just like a heads up on what's coming through on my phone at a glance which was perfect on the old BlackBerry. The home screen tells me nothing at the moment.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


hub hub hub... love the hub.


I never use that icon I buried it in a folder with a bunch of icons I never use and can't remove.

HUB all the way!

Swordsmanship Channel: C000C9AF6

Bob Lozon

Never had a problem works good

Posted via CB10


Never! Haha

Posted via CB10 for Z10


Yes it all the time

Posted via CB10

Darren Clark1

I use both, icon and hub..........

Posted via CB10


The only time I ever use the text message icon. Is when I press it to see if there's anything faster/better to it vs. using the hub. As always, I find zero benefit in using the text message icon, the hub makes things as quick and simple as can be.

Posted via CB10


Call me old fashioned but I prefer the icon.

Posted via CB10



From the Zed of Rockivy


I haven't used it a single time.


Yes i do! We should have a combined app that does both

Posted via CB10


Both ;)

Posted Via BlackBerry Z10


Never used it.

Posted via CB10


I use the hub and simply try to leave the hub at default position when I leave the screen. My text icon is in my crap folder

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App


If I'm at the home screen and receive a text, yes, I just click it. If I'm in the hub, I check it from there.


I just go to BlackBerry Hub to send messages whether it's text, Facebook, email or post to other social media networks like twitter. I just hide the text icon in a folder.

Posted via CB10


Never. Hide the "hub" icon too. Use gestures all the time.

Posted via CB10


Both, but I'm trying to wean myself off of the icon...

Al Ranson

Do every thing from the hub. Would reply to cb participated threads in there if I could :)

Posted via CB10


Hell no! Take it off already

Posted via CB10


I still use it. Sometimes it is more convenient than swiping...and vice versa. Good to have options.

Posted via CB10


Trying to wrap my head around the difference between Hub and BBOS Messages icon. Especially now that the hub has a button.


None of the answers apply to me.

I use the icon but I would rather it take me to an SMS only app like the BBM icon does. The reason for this is that I hate how everytime I click on that SMS icon my hub is set to SMS only and to I have to reset the view back to "ALL". I'm not quite happy how that works for me, for sure when you need to switch back and forth between messages.

My biggest beef with SMS however is the tiny tiny amount of space there is to view messages on the Q10. Why do I need to see a huge blue "Compose" or "Text Messages" bar when my screen is small to begin with? If they can fix that I can easily live with the rest.


I use it lotsss

Posted via CB10


I use both.. depending on where I am on my device, I use both..

Posted via CB10


I have never used it. I dumped it into a folder never to be seen again. If I could have deleted I would have. Hub is why I got my BB10. I wish they would stop filling up my screen real estate.

Posted via CB10


Not once

Posted via CB10


Almost never use it. Just go thru the Hub, as for all the other accounts :)

Posted via CB10


Yup, use both depending where I am on the phone

Posted via ZCB10


I use both on my Z10 quite frequently. No worries, no problems. Keeps me moving - forward!


It's in my 'redundant' folder, along with 'Phone', 'Settings', 'Camera', 'Search' -- the only time I've had to find 'Phone' as an app was with an old Samsung Galaxy, when TouchWiz crapped out and didn't build the complete interface.


I use both

Posted via CB10


I use both of course but if i'm at the home screen, i'll use the icon


Like using the icon but even on OS 4181 I'm still having that bug issue, anyone know if it's gone in 10.2 leak?

Posted via CB10


Useless...hub for life!

Posted via CBX


Text message icon? Whats that?

Posted via CB10


Not that I get a lot of text messages, but it depends on which screen I'm on. If I have the icon on my screen, I'll use the icon. If I'm on the active frame page, I'll usually open the Hub and access messages from there. I do the same thing with BBM. It's just a matter of convenience.

Posted via CB10


Don't really use it... but leave it on my home screen because it looks colorful and keeps the rest of the other icons lined up the way I like them.


Never use it. I do most things from the hub. And now that I run 10.2 I get a text I just respond from what app I'm in. The joys of using a leak

Posted via CB10


It's in a folder somewhere, but I understand why it is there for legacy users

Posted via Z10, via CB10, via my fingers


Nope hub

Posted via CB10



Sent from the Legendary Zed10


All the time.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I use both. When I text BlackBerry friends, I use BBM. When I text non-BlackBerry people, I use Text Message.


In a folder for messaging and accessed 99% of time through Hub. It's redundant but necessary for old school user methodology. Handy in those instances where from app screen you see the waiting text vis a vis the BlackBerry Spark.

Posted via CB10


Sure do!

Posted via CB10


Yep, I use it. But I don't use the BBM icon, you can't type in landscape mode when you use that for some reason.

Posted via CB10


I use both. Has anyone noticed that it's actually faster to use the icon than the swipe gesture. Slightly faster, but faster nonetheless.

Posted via CB10


Whenever I don't use the HUB!! LOL


Never touched it

Posted via CB10


I dumped the text message icon into a folder that I relegated to the last page of the app tray when I first got the phone. I don't think I've used it even once.

Posted via CB10


It's in my "not useful folder"...

Posted via CB10


100% Hub for me, the icon is tucked away in a folder so it doesn't clutter up my screen.


I use text almost every day. Normally use icon to initiate a convo and HUB to reply.


Wow, I'm surprised so many BlackBerry users don't use texts at all. I'm the rare BlackBerry user who has nearly no BBM contacts but I use something like 5,000 texts a month. No, I'm not a teenaged girl : )

So yes, I love the icon and don't like my texts mixed up with email.

Posted via CB10


Same here, no BBM contacts everyone i know has an Iphone or an android, but I send out tons of msgs daily. Wish the old way to send group msgs was still possible. I don't like the new group chat :/

Posted via CB10


I don't group text a lot to more than two or three people so I haven't noticed as much, but yes everywhere I know has an iphone or droid : /

Posted via CB10


I use both however It faster if I hit the text icon to go to my text messages ... if not I have to go to the hub then text messages then click the name.. its so frustrating..

Posted via CB10


All the time

Posted via CB10


On the Underrated Z10


All if the time.

From Zed to U via CB10


I always use the hub - and I always compose from there ,too - nothin' but flow, baby!!



Never used it from day one.

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10


I've never used the text message. Always on BBM or whatsapp

Posted via CB10


On the rarest of occasions. HUB is where it's all at anyways. Much easier to manage it all in one place. Simple.

Posted via CB10


I just go to the hub for everything, I have all my icons sorted into folders so I only have one screen of icons/folders

Posted via CB10


I do almost everything from the hub

Posted via z10


Once in a blue moon

Posted via CB10


I use it sometime for notification

Posted via CB10


I don't use the phone, text and camera icon.. no point

Abdul Aziz AlBastaki

no...I never use this icon . . ^^

Posted via CB10


I put the icon in a "do not use folder". No point that I can see, I have to check everything else through hub.

Posted via CB10


I never had that bug or any issues with the text message icon. It's probably my most used icon on my device, I'm glad they put it there!!

Posted via CB10


Yes I do most of the times i need to.

BB Z10 Rocks!


This is quite a meaningless question to ask

Posted via CB10


I don't ever use it. Always use the hub and another pointless icon in 10.2 leak is the BlackBerry Hub icon.

Posted via CB10


Like so many others, I use both, but I really do use the icon in most instances.

Posted via CB10


Lol never

Posted via CB10


Sometimes when I remember it's there lol

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

R Field

Where is the yes but I hate the icon option?

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


I do use the BBM icon though because the BBM functional offered through the Hub is very limited. It would be nice if the BBM section of the Hub would take you to the full client so you could manage everything w/o having to go access the BBM icon.


Rarely. Mainly use the HUB.


Nope I don't ever use it, I wish I could hide it at least

Posted Via Z10


Very rarely use it. Access all messages except BBM from hub

Posted via CB10


I have a folder full of icons I don't use. Phone icon, camera icon, texts, settings, setup, help, voice control... there's a lot if redundancy once you know the phone but I can see how maybe new comers might like the icons

Posted via CB10


Instant actions and hub for me. The icon is an insult to my mad peek and flow skillz.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

mackerel party

Don't really use it. Now and again perhaps, but no more than that. Love my hub!

Posted via CB10


I use both of course

Posted via CB10


I use both. Sometimes I go straight to hub but other times, I hit the Text Messages icon. Doesn't bother me being there as I have a specific layout and if the Text Messaging icon was to go, my layout would be messed up and I'd be uncomfortable (hahaha).

Posted via CB10


With the Hub doing such a fine job, both my Texts and BBM icons get very little action. Poor icons. :(

Cheers. :)


Occasionally it is easier to tap the icon than to use the Hub and search for a message way back in the hub.

Posted via CB10


Yes of corse

Posted via CB10

russell hunte

No I just go straight to the hub to compose

Posted from my Z10STL100-1/

rizztazz torch

Hardly ever, hub and instant action got it covered.

Posted with my Zeddy Bear.

Posted via CB10


I'll be honest, I have had my Z10 since launch and I didn't even notice the icon

Posted via CB10


Yeah i do especially when I'm only after a text msg (duh) :)

The icon I believe is a waste of time and space is the search icon. You already have an always available search button at the bottom!!!


I don't think we would be asking these questions if we could just hide the icons. That's a feature I'd like to see back on bb10.


Same here, although it called for it more on legacy devices which is why I think they think it wasn't needed in BB10. I would like to see it back though, just more customization options.


Use both, never actually have had a problem with the text icon.

Posted via CB10


I sure do!!

Posted via CB10

m osnato12

I actually threw it in a folder and forgot about its existence

Posted Via CB10 on a Verizon BlackBerry Z10


Use both

Posted via CB10