CrackBerry Asks: Do you use Skype on BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 1 Sep 2014 07:34 am EDT

I was having a think about the applications I use most on my BlackBerry the other day when I realized that even though I have Skype installed I never use it. Although we have the Android version of Skype available for BlackBerry 10 users, it is a shame that we didn't ever get a native version, although the Android one does a decent job.

I can remember that prior to Skype being made available for BB10 it was one of those 'must have' apps that was missing from BlackBerry World. Whenever apps were discussed on the CrackBerry podcast or in the forums it was Skype that was always top of the list of missing apps.

And when it did become available the novelty must have worn off pretty fast for me as I can only remember using it a handful of times. Thinking about why I don't use Skype on my BlackBerry I've narrowed the answer down to two reasons. First up is BBM. If my Skype contacts have BBM (which they all can have now) then there's no reason for me to use Skype. I can instant message, phone and video call most of my buddies if I need to. And on the off chance that they don't have BBM, then I use Facebook as it's a reliable messaging source. I realize that Skype power users probably won't agree with me and that's understandable as being able to phone any number with Skype is always going to be cheaper than using a mobile or landline.

Reason number two for me is the fact that it is an Android app. I've always been under the impression that if an app works it doesn't matter if it is a native BlackBerry 10 app or an Android one. I've now realized that I must have been living a lie. If Skype for BlackBerry 10 was a true BB10 app I can't see why I wouldn't have it open most of the time. As well as having the wonderful look and feel of BlackBerry 10, a native app would also allow for more customization of notifications and ringtones which I see a big plus.

So hit up the following poll please and let us know if you're a Skype user on BlackBerry 10? Feel free to sound off with you're own thoughts in the comments.

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use Skype on BlackBerry 10?



Will have to wait till it's cross platform for video

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

It's one of those Apps we must have installed for that single moment someone asks you about it or for a very rare moment someone (without BBM) needs to make a video call to you.

Posted via CB10

I have used it a whole one time for someone who refuses to download BBM on his iPhone..

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Rare moments? Just a wild guess, but I'll bet there are far more people on Skype than BBM. International use of Skype is vast due to its features, not the least of which is video chat. How do you have a video meeting with someone who doesn't have a Blackberry or who is on a desktop?

I was able to get family and friends and some colleagues on BBM while I was working overseas this summer, but their use is pretty much limited to their interactions with me.

Skype on BB10 is less than stellar. Severe battery drain and runs slow, but what video chat service is better and more ubiquitous with the vast majority of mobile and desktop users?

Posted via CB10

The battery drain is unacceptable. And even with it "off" it kept restarting in the background. It's gone for now.

Exactly. I don't use it often, but it truly needs to be there. Skype is pretty much universal, its on PCs and everyone has heard of it.

Explain to me how are you able to call world wide mobiles and land lines number from BBM at a fraction of carriers charges?

You can't call mobile phones with bbm unless the recipient is a contact on bbm. This is one element that makes skype better but the good news is....any ios and android user should have bbm on his/her phone

Bbm on pc....ok that's the question on my mind as well

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

Skype has more features than bbm: you can ring mobiles and landlines worldwide. There is no need to have even one contact to make usefull use of skype.

Posted via CB10

For me Skype is horribly unreliable. Constantly lost connections. I don't use it at all.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Zed30, eh.

Really?! Have you ever tried Skype? You can call any phone number out there, not only Skype account. And that's the most important feature on Skype. Making international calls via Skype is cheaper than regular GSM call, or calling landline... Another plus is that you have also desktop version. Biggest minus is it is not native on BB10 and that's why it is full of bugs...

Posted via CB10

It is not necessary to have Skype <> Skype for a call.

You can use Skype > landline (or any mobile line) when you have a Skype Credit account. Or you can get a fixed price country specific, or international, monthly plan.

For example, from a Skype device, from the US <> Netherlands or the UK, the cost is about 2.3 cents per minute, far less than a conventional call.

BUT the calls can be a bit choppy if your network connection is not too good.

To make phone calls you can use the voip services (voipstunt, etc). And it's free for the same lines... Skype is not needed at all

Still unless in a remote future bbm will have the ability to ring landlines and mobiles worldwide at a skype competitive pricing, skype is still badly needed.

Posted via CB10

Why not use something less buggy to make free calls or texts to any number such as TextNow? They're based in Waterloo as well so can't go wrong.

It won't be when Microsoft see the results of this stupid poll, what a great idea Mr crackberry.....

Posted via CB10

I'm pretty sure BlackBerry is paying for Skype to be on BB10 so they are likey trying to gauge interest for ROI purposes through a CB poll.

Well the point is that it is an Android port...a headless BB10 app with Hub integration would be used infinitely more than the current one is.

Posted via CB10

It's probably mainly the video and call quality issue that keeps me from using Skype with my dad, who's overseas right now. Also, the app has bugs and usability issues...

If they fixed that, the poll would probably look different,

They need to take this into the equation before concluding, "OK, we're gonna pull it..."

Better though "We need to improve it..."

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yes. Everyday. I'm working overseas so I really need this for calls to landline/phones that are out of internet coverage. Very useful. I just hope they will release native app for this.

I would use it if it were native but the last time I had it installed it took up too much battery and just didn't run smoothly.

Posted via CB10

The Skype app is possibly the worst performing app I have on my phone. It's only used sparingly as a last resort when I am not around my pc. Couple that with needing 10 fully charged batteries just to get through 8 hours, the lag, the hangups, the freezes.... not being able to be sure you exited without rebooting the phone....

I hate it....

Posted via CB10

True, the app is horrible, performance is slow, very sluggish, jarry and cumbersome, it's probably a nice try to get Skype on bb10, but people are expecting more from this app.
Honestly I used it before but now I try to stay away from it as much as possible, it lags and compared to BBM It's seems like a dinosaur.
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it's on BB10, you need flexibility, but sadly the app performs poorly

Z30 all day baby

I hate to say this but WeChat is probably my favourite IM on my Z10 at the moment. I want BBM to be my favourite but it's evolution into a modern IM is taking too long. Added to that, WeChat has a bunch of user settings that makes setting up who can find me and who I can find really easy.

I doubt that WeChat has any security features worth mentioning so if BBM could combine BlackBerry security with the settings and features that WeChat has I would bet money on BBM claiming back massive market share from WhatsApp.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, it felt like BBM had some momentum with the BBM4ALL campaign but just didn't deliver fast enough. I'm not a hater, just a realist.. Chen needs to stop talking and start executing. Still no video on iOS and Android and it's just becoming available for Windows phone in beta now (bigger market than you think, plus the campaign said 4 ALL). Also no Windows PC client doesn't make sense since Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 are basically the same. The login and ability to login to multiple devices needs a complete overhaul. I still use BBM to talk to people who have it but others I'll use text / iMessage or TextNow.. Skype is terrible on any device especially the android port for my bb10 devices.

Can you get push notifications with WeChat when the app is closed?? Or does it have be an active frame to get immediate notifications of new messages??

The Android one does not do a decent job. It freezes, crashes, fills my address book with contacts and doesn't take them away even after uninstalling the app. I wish there were a fourth option in your poll, "I'd probably use it if it worked, at least until I get all my contacts to use BBM".

Posted via CB10

Another one of my complaints with Skype.
The address book obviously needs to be fixed with BB10 but Skype also doesn't help at all with this.
I also don't need a constant notification that it's running.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed30

I think my phone may melt while using it. Lately, the only time I use it is when I have to readjust the aim of our satellite dish on the roof. I set up our laptop in the house with the webcam facing the screen. Then make a Skype call. We have a rf remote for the satellite box so I can control it and switch through satellites. It makes it convenient to see the signal meters on phone, as opposed to calling a second person and constantly asking for feedback.

Posted via CB10

No. I don't need it for work and none of my friends use it. My wife does occasionally on her Z10 as she has family in the U.S.
Her and I use BBM video but not very often.
Wish I had more use for it.

Posted via CB10

I use it a lot when I'm in Europe to keep in touch with my family and haven't had any problems so far.

Posted via CB10

I must admit...I believed it was one of those "must have" apps.

When it became available I quickly downloaded it.

That was a long while ago, and I've yet to use it.

Posted via CB10

When I used Skype the first time on my Q10, I was amazed. Never used it though. But it' good to have, because I remember the comments about Skype not being on BB OS7 platform. So, it's good to have today, but I don't use it much.

Its coz we don't have a native one. Otherwise it would have been used more than BBM and next to WhatsApp.

Problem is BBM not so good as compared to Skype or WhatsApp.

Basic functions are missing from BBM. And now that the updates are quite slow, it will take a good time to catch up.

- group chat
- sharing screen and controls
- voice calls with limited features
- unreliable app for voice since you can't really know if that person is available or not. It's quite delayed.
- Suggested contacts is quite poor
- overall a very heavy app to use.
- channels not so good in terms of desktop interface for companies to use it
- channels is half baked (sharing article with images is a no go)

List is endless.

Posted via CB10

People at work use it for messaging. Have to use it. BBM doesn't have a desktop version, which is from where most of work uses Skype.

Posted via CB10

Exact same for me....if bbm had a desktop version would use friend across the pond only skypes on a laptop, doesnt want it on the phone .....

Honestly I used to use it more, but it drains 2 things simultaneously, my battery life and my mobile data (I have a limited roaming plan).

It runs somewhat heavily on the system even when it's headless

Posted via CB10

I work in Iraq with shit bandwidth in remote area and I find BBM voice not so useful, I want to use it full time but need Skype / Truephone to compensate in this case. Question.... Does anyone know if BBM requires more bandwidth than Skype/ Truephone as it is annoying having the best message service in the world but for it not to be usable throughout the world especially when we all know BBM is the Daddy ...

4.54 billion years and this is the achievement... must try harder

I'm grateful for BlackBerry making android runtime available to us but android apps take a long time to load use up battery life and are generally laggy and glitchy. They are not designed to run on BlackBerry 10 but the fact BlackBerry can accommodate them shows the power of QNX and how versatile it is. BlackBerry is looking at a very bright future!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Until bbm video goes cross platform, yes, yes I do. I'm still amazed that the bbm team hasn't prioritised cross platform video calling and done anything to improve channels yet. I worry that they're letting channels wither on the vine.

He posted from his sleek Z30.

I see no need to use Skype on my Z10 despite the love I have for it but since it doesn't offer what I expect from it, it's not on the list.
BBM does a decent job and for land phone and mobile calling I see no reason to use it either because it's too expensive compared to Telbo, a Voip service which I heavily use.
If I don't use Skype on my Z10 for its shortcomings I really detest Viber because it worsen that Skype but these are only true on my Z10 not on my iPhone 5 both work great over there.

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

Especially when the results of the poll come in and it says '98% of crackberry users don't use skype',

Another stupid poll, I hope Microsoft don't look

Posted via CB10

I gotta say, this app runs/looks waaaay better on this for Skype...have had no need since bbm video.

Updated to the Z30...simply wow! the Q is now the bkup.

Didn't vote.
Used Skype all the time to talk to family, until it started having login problems on my Q10. Now we are back to texting or talking on the phone.

No, especially when it is not native.
BBM sucks. Video,voice quality is........may be because of to many people aged using and servers can't handle it. But it is fact

Posted via CB10

It performs poorly so I just stopped using it all together!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Definitely No, first, it's a fucking android port; second, BBM is much better.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

I agree with most on here that Skype was unusable on 10.2 but now that I am running 10.3 it runs beautifully. I can reliably message and do audio calls with no issues. The Android runtime on 10.3 is amazing.

Posted via CB10

I have 10.3 on my Q10 and it runs great but skype freezes my phone and a forced restart is required. Please tell me how skype works with 10.3 cause I'm having a difficult time.

VZW SQN100-2 Running

Native (real native, not android port) with better battery usage is a must.

Now I turn it on only on rear occasion

Posted via CB10

it is a shame that blackberry cannot offer a native skype as a business telephone. the android version sucks, stucks and too slow... i hate it.

I use skype on my Q10. As an app is well made but the Q10 is not prepared for skype! For 30 minutes on a videocall your battery get's killed, the temperature of the phone goes to "incredible "... and when the battery gets under 20% the voice/video call becomes something like a puzzle.

+ if you keep the video call open, swipe the skype and try to get into another app your screen starts to close and open continuously (also the camera stops) till you return into the program (where it remains blocked till you switch the in the cameras)

In essence the phone and the app are not yet a match .

If the rest of you are not encountering this problems please let me know!

Posted via CB10

I'd love to use Skype via my BlackBerry but I think skype needs to have a native app for us BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10

If it is native.. ill support... bcuz BBM still can't perform video call on cross platform.

 BB FANS via Q10 

Not using BBM but thought video calling cross platform, screensharing , calling landlines and mobile etc is standard nowadays, hmmm

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

Forever having problems with Skype. Seeing contacts as online but they never get the messages or attempts to ring them. This even while I am testing it with them right next to me!

Baird: Hey, hear that ; Fenix: "It's nothin', probably just the wind" ; Baird : "Oh yeah!? When is the last time you heard the wind say "Hostiiilllezzzz"?!"

Ah ha! So james richardson is not to game on the app being android. Here I thought I was crazy for having a hate on andriod on my BlackBerry :)

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

I use it for call divert, while away from work, and no one knows you currently out of the country, all you need is data plan.

Used it a lot.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform to date.

I've always wanted Skype on my BlackBerry but when the Android port became available I've used just a couple of times, because of the laggy feel of the app and also the fact that my Z10 became very hot and it's battery was drained by the app. I use Skype very rarely and when I do I use my laptop to do so ! It's surely a good thing to have the app available but I tend to think a native app would run far better and drain lesser the battery !

Posted via CB10

I used BBM just, because nothing like BBM, but now in Dubai and they block. Voip so now I have to use skype, but for all other purposes chat, pic, voice msgs and all others I just used BBM.

Posted via CB10

Honestly? the version of Skype that's currently available for BB10 is cheap. The port feels really laggy... hell, the app doesn't even run well on Android.

Microsoft should step it up and develop a better app. I even find their Windows Phone app slow and buggy!

Not a fan of these polls. For me it's no, but not for the reason stated. I used to use it until I realised it didn't work too great and that it was easier to use my android tablet or laptop

Posted via CB10

Skype video chat is a MAJOR battery hog, even on the Z30. I use it when I MUST do a video chat but as soon as BBM has cross platform video chat, Skype will be a distant and bad memory, much like the other "must have" app WhatsApp already is.

I tried it a few times, but it was laggy and buggy for me, even as of 8 months ago. I will use it in a pinch, if I need to.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Oh the irony. Skype was indeed one of the defining needs for BB10 to be relevant in the app segment. It appears no one needs it after all. I have tried it but it is laggy still and BBM is much better.

Use it all the time. Many of our international customers only use Skype for Voice calls and chat, and we cannot go and dictate what customers are going to use.

The problem with the current Skype(s), - the Bar packed version available via BBWorld interferes with the normal contact list in the phone and has caused some issues, - The Android APK installed version does not have this issue. BUT - the fact it is Android app, running logged-in in the background headless can be a nightmare. It does trigger on incoming calls, but no UI is started to allow to answer the calls. And by the time you start the appUI, the call has ended.

I don't really mind Skype being Android app, but it should work properly and allow to be "always logged-in" but not having to have the UI loaded/ActiveFrame.

I use Skype only when I need to show the other party something, such as a location (landmark) or an item. Other than that, the novelty of video calling ( even when traveling) has pretty much died out for me.

I use Skype on by Z30 every day for work. I wish everyone could switch to BBM but until then I have to stick with Skype.

Posted via CB10

I just don't generally Skype and none of my friends do. BBM and text are all I use.

Posted via CrackBerry App

It's a bit crappy, but I am forced to use it because of my nature of work.

It would be great if BlackBerry can get us a native one with fluidic experience

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

Unfortunately I have some friends that just refuse to use BBM. I hate skype on BlackBerry though because it is a massive resource hog. Sucks on the battery like a vampire.

Posted via CB10

I have it on my old Z10 but on my new Z10 (the old one has sensor problems) I have decided against installing it. It was always incredibly heavy on battery drainage and would crash most times I tried to close it. Not to mention it's bad behaviour with regards to my address book. So unless they can improve it it shall remain off for now.

YES. I use it for text messaging all the time, to augment my use of Skype on my PC.

I have Skype running on my PCs continuously, texting to friends on their PCs.
Having it on my BB allows me to carry on the conversations whenever I'm away from my PC.

I think I can see James' next post already. "Big News: People Use Skype". " A little while back, we ran a poll asking if people use Skype and the results are in: people use Skype." Please quit wasting your readers' time with pointless polls. You're greatly damaging your credibility as a tech journalist.

For work I use Skype on my desktops, and I coordinate with Windows Phone users* so naturally I use the app if I need to holler back at them.

We use another service for work chats which I have the sideloaded app for.

Both are battery hogs. :(

* users that don't want to install BBM... oh well

I honestly would use it if it wasn't an android port! I hate that we don't receive hub notifications as if that worked then I would make calls all the time off Skype

Please Skype, make a native application

Posted via CB10

I only use it for when I'm traveling... but a few hours ago I used it to try to book a hotel in the UK because their online booking system wouldn't accept my credit card. Usually it takes a while before the Skype credit is used up, but this call quickly ate up the credits. Apparently, the service line charges 10p/minute and they put me on hold for too long. Skype closed the call when my credit ran out. :( Too bad for the hotel though, as out of my frustration, I spent some more time looking for another hotel and found one about 1/3 cheaper, with free breakfast instead of room only.

Generally used to check for contact validity before making a laptop call. One notable use was last winter when power failure and flooding occurred at in-laws. Even without wifi I was able to Skype them and walk them through the damage and begin a plan of action - mainly that they could stay away and we would handle it.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait for BBM to offer its video feature cross platform as Skype is just horrible on BB10, sometimes it work, but most of the time won't. Not reliable at all. Once BBM video is available on all platforms, Skype will be gone for good from all mobile devices, security it's what's all about!!!!

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

Viber and Skype are so needed, but their function is very very poor on BB10. Skype in particular is very poor.

Posted via CB10

Works ok for me, keeps me in contact with my family in Canada.

Swiped via my augmented trusty z10 running 4500 mah battery and . Channel C0048B0F9

I used it once and my battery moved from 100-0 real quick, like in about 15 minutes. Phone was so hot. I deleted it afterwards.

Posted via CB10

Whenever I'm in the mood to video-chat, it must be from a huge screen, i.e., a computer or maybe a tablet. I'm glad there is the option to video-chat from my phone but probably will rarely use it.

I just love Skype. But unfortunately the Android port does not deliver in my Q10.

I miss dearly my Nokia N9 that had an amazingly implemented skype on the OS. It was amazing. You could select which way you would put a call out. Mobile/skype or another SIP account!

Q10 aficionado!

yeah, I know it's a BlackBerry forum, but it's worth mentioning the N9 was a fantastic bit of kit. I wonder if the smartphone market would be very different now if Nokia had stuck it out with Meego.

Posted via CB10

My biggest problem with it is how it mangles my contact list. Not sure if they resolved that or not since the last time I used it which was about 6 months ago.

Posted via CB10

People like US in UAE need a native one as android skype is still buggy on BlackBerry 10 as bbm video and voice is blocked here.

Need to make the laptop a hotspot first, use vpn on laptop and then connect the BlackBerry via wifi to laptop hotspot which works flawlessly for opening bbm video but is a hassle.

Posted via CB10

Can't you use VPN on BlackBerry instead of doing it over the laptop and that may reduce the hassle

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

I had Skype up on my Q10, I would use it very, very occasionally, and removed it because I felt it burned through the battery.

Anyone else find this?

Posted via CB10

Yes, I use it when I travel to talk to my kids and wife. BBM video is for the few times I'm talking to a BlackBerry user. I know one single person who uses BlackBerry and it's my mom. My wife is on android and wont give it up due to app selection.

Skype is a life saver for me and makes my 5 year old happy :).

Posted via CB10

You're going there to work at that one then... Especially with 10.3, "app selection" is a pretty bogus reason not to switch back to BlackBerry.

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

The answer I was looking for is not in the survey. Skype on BlackBerry doesn't work well because it is not a native app. It duplicates contacts, responds slowly, freezes, keeps sending repetitive notifications to the hub even after acknowledging them, drains the battery and overheats the phone, etc. A lot of people still use Skype on their desktops including me and not everyone I know has BBM. So Skype needs to sort this out and create a native app.

Posted via CB10

I use skype everyday for personal and business use. I have it on my BlackBerry Q10 and macbook pro.

Never knew I would have to rely on it so much. Its not as stable as I'd like and does freeze and shows a horrible picture ( connection ) at times.

Everyone I know or associate with, seems to have it so it serves it's purpose.
Sadly Facetime on the mac stopped working sometime ago. It'll connect for a few seconds then disconnect. Haven't been able to find a solution yet.

Posted via CB10

The only reason I would use it is because BBM video is not cross platform or because I need a way to send text messages to a desktop and I don't want to sign up for WhatsApp or any other competing messaging companies. I want BBM to step it up.
Full functionality on all platforms including a desktop version for BBM. That's what we're really waiting for!

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

Please don't take Skype for Blackberry away. I use it a lot. It is one of the many reasons I think Blackberry is better than Apple and Android. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

You think BlackBerry is better than Apple and Android because of buggy and laggy Skype????.

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

CRACKBERRY! Please take a survey class on how to build survey/poll questions. The way you add on text to answers either causes people NOT to vote or introduces bias into the poll. There are specific ways to do this to ensure you get a poll you can trust has participation and is non biased.

Not hating but I'm seeing a pattern here. Simple yes or no in this case. The comments will produce the "android app serves......."

Posted via CB10

James is a nice guy, but... this is not his day job.

Poll: What's your favorite integer from the set {1, 2} ?

* 1 - I like it 'cause it's the skinniest of the numbers.
* 2 - I ONLY use numbers that start with the letter "T".

His polls (especially the last one) don't "cover" the set of all possibilities. There is always a "gap" that leaves many people with no option to choose.

Skype is absolutely essential to my business, I run a development company and have developers in 3 different countries as well as clients in several and all use Skype as a primary communication method. For sure a native client would be great and the port is a little clunky but functions well enough. I have been a die hard blackberry user for 10 years or more and I absolutely love BB10 and my Z30 but if for any reason I lost Skype having had it on my phone I would have to change to another operating system that had a decent Skype client.

I really do not use Skype on my phone much due to the bugs still inherent in it and due to security concerns.

My most notable beef with Skype on my Z10 aside from the lag is the duplicate contacts that pop up when Skype is in use. For this reason, I generally install it when absolutely needed then delete it after use.

I really cannot wait for BBM to get video for the cross platform. I would absolutely never need Skype on my mobile ever again after that. I will not hold my breath as it has been a very long wait thus far for video to go cross platform on BBM, but here's to hoping it comes out soon.

The skype application is annoying
It is a pure android port and you cannot configure the permission
So the app keeps creating new contacts... and that's why I don't want it on my phone

Posted via CB10 on a Z30

Another poll with inadequate options. There should be an option 4 for people who don't use the app not because it is not needed, but because the available Android port in BBW has been terrible. I use Skype regularly when on business overseas, but the one on my Nexus 5, not my Z10 or Q10.

Posted via CB10

The fact that it destroys my contacts book with duplicate entries is the main reason I don't use it.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

I don't know how many years I had skype and spend $100's of dollars. I keep in touch with family business contact etc.. until 2 weeks ago when they suspended my account for "security reason". Switched to Google Hangout and couldn't be happier.

Until Bbm video goes cross platform as a traveling musician I need skype to see my loved ones, specially the wifey... she gets cranky if she doesn't see me on a daily basis. (I have 6 months overseas contracts)...

Posted via CB10

You don't know what you are taking about. BBM can not do what Skype does in terms of calling landlines and mobiles of people all over the world relatively cheaply. As a BlackBerry fan/user, I would love to see a native Skype app in BBW that really works!

Posted via CB10

It was horrific in the beginning,it overrode one of my instant action features, namely, 'call XXX'. Deleted it and reinstalled a newer update which seems to have sorted the problem. It's there just for the sake of being there. BBM FTW.

.3247 good and Carling.

Skype is still a must have app for me. Not enough of my friends are on bbm and I'm not on Facebook. Would love to see a native version or video chat on bbm multiple platform style.

Posted via CB10

I would like to use it more but photo sharing always crashes it. Video didn't always work smoothly either. Since most friends are on IPhone I do miss it.

Posted via CB10

The application is one of the worst I have ever used on a BB10 phone. I actually use it daily at work and I wish I could have a functional client on my bbz30. This is one of my reasons why I still carry around the iphone5s still. Just so I can use Skype with my colleagues and clients.

I work in the online gambling industry and everyone in this business chat thru Skype and send files etc.

So I really hope they could fix it and make it usable. At this moment it's just sad it's even on there. Breaks your phone.

So BlackBerry, fix it! Or whoever is responsible for this broken piece of must have app for a lot of people.

Posted via CB10

It'd be nice to have a native Skype for the odd times I need to message or video call to a desktop. There's still a few of my contacts use Skype.

Posted via CB10

Microsoft ruined Skype for me across the board (e.g. see articles referencing the death of SkypeKit). I used to run it on every device/PC I owned.
Now, I only use Skype on one laptop and only if someone emails me first that they need to Skype.

Until BBM video chat goes cross-platform it's my go-to option. I'm not big on Tango and ooVoo. I like Google Hangouts but it requires Google Play Services.

No its laggy...

In Tokyo I had used Skype on my psvita to phone to Germany...

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

I used Skype once because my Mom wanted to videoconference. BBM for Android doesn't allow video.

I want BBM to be my sole video call app.

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I used to use Skype all the time and would always be signed in but for some reason it doesn't stay signed in anymore.

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Have to use skype on my phone when I'm out and about and the other party has no telephone reception, and doesn't use FB. Kills the battery though, and the only way to close app is by pressing 'x' in the active frame.

Yeah i have to. Don't know any with BB10 device to utilize BBM Video. For what it's worth, I'm the only person i know with a BlackBerry so the people with BBM don't have the full version. I don't care if I'm BlackBerry's only customer...i aint going nowhere. Skype works fine, just haven't been able to do Multi Screen with it so far.


I use it on my phone when I don't have access to my desktop.

Various glitches affecting contacts (by duplicating) has put me off.

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I was long-distance dating a girl this summer and she convinced me to use Skype for video calls, she on a iphone, me on a Q10.

It was awful - laggy as hell, inconsistent, crashed, dropped calles...pure frustration.

Sadly I don't know a single human being with a BlackBerry so i've never had the pleasure of trying BBM video. Judging by BBM voice, I imagine it's everything Skype SHOULD be.

I use it very often for long distance calls. And also the video call quality is not bad at all for me. It does drain the battery quickly though.

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Can't really vote, none of the options apply. I'd rather use it on BB10 to talk to friends in other countries but the app doesn't Work properly and messes with contacts so I have to use it on a computer when I'm home. Some of my Skype contacts only have a PC so if BBM was going video on all platforms including PC, I might use that instead. For now, Skype is the only way to video call some of my friends and I really wish there was a decent Skype option on BB10.

It's a shame there's no native one, the android one is functional granted you accept the required permissions but the bigger shame is how big of an effect it has on the battery if you leave it without signing out.

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crappy does not work all the time have to leave it open was integrated into the hub then not really...
I would happily use Skype if the user experiecen was smoother and better but alas android port it is...

in the near future there will be no land lines no cell phone lines or numbers either. There will be an electronic ID. you want to call this person you just call him or video call him no matter where he is in the world no need to remember which number and at what location he is...

It's the most hopeless app I have installed. It hardly ever works. Keeps crashing all the time

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With my clients every single day multiple times on my Q10. Only have a couple of remarks:

During Skype calls the phone temperature rises a lot.
When messaging sometimes you need to swipe once or twice to be able to send the message.

I would prefer BBM but my main skype incoming communications are from desktop or computers.