Do you use Pocket? You need the ReadItNow Pocket client

By DJ Reyes on 26 Jul 2013 01:55 pm EDT

We've looked at a third party Pocket app before but variety is the spice of life and it's always nice to have options. Today, I bring you another third party Pocket app in the form of Read It Now. The app has been around for sometime and was formerly known as ReadOnTouch Pro. It comes to BlackBerry 10 with a new name.

If you're a Pocket user it's an app you'll want to check out. It comes complete with the ability to share directly using BlackBerry 10's share option so adding links to your account is  a breeze. I like how you can read an article you have saved within the app itself. It utilises the integrated browser feature of BlackBerry 10, this allows you to read the article free of any ads, quite similar to Reader mode in the BlackBerry 10 browser. Though there is the ability to open it up in the native browser if you so wish.

If you're a Q10 user, by default, you now have a dark theme. You can switch this up in the overflow menu too. You also view your saved links in grid view or list view, whichever floats your boat.

When viewing an article, you have further options like marking the post a read. In the overflow menu you can create a PDF, save to Springpad or even to Evernote. You even have the ability to change the font settings for better reading.

There isn't much to fault the app for. It does the job of saving any articles you need to read for later and using it smooth and straightforward.

If you've never used Pocket before or don't know what it's about. It's basically a way for you save links or articles to read later. For those times you find an interesting post but don't have time to read it all through. It does come in very handy.

To use ReadItNow, you'll need a Pocket account. You can sign up online to do this. Once you have an account, you're ready to go. ReadItNow is available from BlackBerry World for $1.99/£1.50. It is available for the Z10, Q10, Q5 and PlayBook.

For more information / Purchase ReadItNow from BlackBerry World

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Do you use Pocket? You need the ReadItNow Pocket client



I wonder what Pocket is *reaches for search engine and commands it to start*

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I tried tried read it now because I relied heavily on Pocket in my Android days. Was a bit frustrated that you had to pay for it and was not satisfied with it after purchasing the app for €1.79
Came across Binder in the forums and beta tested it. My app of choice ever since.
Much better interface, graphics and works very smooth. And even better: only €0.89!!!

Rockin' my Z10

I'm not going to buy a third party app when the official one on Android is free. I'll wait for the Pocket Devs to bring a Native app to BB10.


I have experienced that on all platforms the best clients for a service with an "open" API can definitely be the ones developed by 3rd parties. Twitter clients might be the best example. On each platform there's a better one than the official client. We have Blaq/Neatly, iOS has Tweetbot/Twitterific, Android has Falcon etc.

I highly appreciate if smart developers come up with great concepts how to experience a specific service taking into account specific characteristics of a platform like BB10.

Thanks... might try Binder. I have Read it Now/Later on BB10 and my PB. It works, but can't say I've been thrilled. Laggy at times and/or stuck during a sync... I often myself having to kill it and restart.

At first, I didn't want to buy this app. It doesn't look great, and Pocket is supposed to be free.

But you know what? This is a small developer that builds a decent app, native on BB10, throws his name on it, and prices it at $1.99. I'll gladly pay two bucks while waiting for the official app. This way, at least a developer working on a platform I want to see with a developer ecosystem gets paid and encouraged to write more apps for BB10. Consider buying this as a vote of confidence in BB10 developers.

Oh, and Pocket is really great. One of the few webapps from a non tech behemoth company (Twitter, Google, Pandora) that I use daily.

I'd you've tried Readitlater on your PlayBook you'll definitely should go with Binder. Even the android port on the PlayBook works beter than Readitlater. I'm all for encouraging devs to build apps for BB10. I am not affiliated to the Binder dev but his apps the best.

Rockin' my Z10

Used it for a while then switched to Binder, I find it better. Still, gj to the dev for giving us a decent native app.

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I started using ReadItNow now when I got my PlayBook over a year ago and it was one of the first apps I downloaded on my Z10. It's not a perfect app but it works well enough and it's not a stupid Android port so I recommend it if you use Pocket.