Do you use LinkedIn for BlackBerry and want an update? Or are you fine with the browser version?

By DJ Reyes on 25 Aug 2012 02:52 pm EDT
Do you use LinkedIn for BlackBerry and want an update or are you fine with the browser version?   

If you use the professional social media site LinkedIn and own a BlackBerry 7 device, chances are you'll know that the LinkedIn app is not supported on BlackBerry OS 7. While users can still install the LinkedIn app via an OTA link, the app does not function as well as on BlackBerry smartphones with lower operating systems.

So, BlackBerry 7 LinkedIn users are left with the browser version. Not that there is anything wrong with the browser version since they updated it; it certainly functions a lot better than the app. I'm pretty sure though, most users would prefer an app. I, for one, would like to see an update to the app, it certainly is looking dated. 

We would like to know how many of you use LinkedIn and would like to see the app updated on the platform where 'People Do'. Would you campaign for an update? Are you fine with using the mobile browser version? Let us know.

Reader comments

Do you use LinkedIn for BlackBerry and want an update? Or are you fine with the browser version?


Why have an app for a website? Apps are a pain, they need to be updated regularly, and offer nothing a well designed Site offers. Most apps are unnecessary, just add a shortcut to your homescreen.

Firstly like every other app you have to be using the service.
Its certainly web-based but if you use an app for FB then this needs one too. It's essentially the same thing but with a heavier emphasis on profession profiles.
With an app all notifications are routed directly. You do not want your emails clogged up by notifications you still need to exit to access the website. It's better to get the notifications via the app and then open them directly.

It's been how long since LinkedIn stopped answering to questions on the LinkedIn fro BlackBerry group? And the last update for the app?

They gave up on us. And I really wish I could just give up on them, but there is no other professional network that can rival LinkedIn.

The original app was very much hyped, but it really felt like a one-off contract-development project. Actually, now that I think about it, many mobile apps feel like this. The problem with this approach, is that as soon as someone has to so much as "check a box on a management console" to keep the app available for newer devices (let alone do any actual testing/tweaking, no matter how minor), the app gets essentially abandoned.

Its the old "we'll support you, as long as we don't have to do any actual work" approach. Which is annoying, since the first reaction to any issues tends to be a cut-and-run.

So I don't really get the whole app thing . . .Dosen't RIM make apps (like the native facebook and twiter apps) . If folks really need a LinkedIn app then why can't RIM just make it (or any of the apps that folks complain about. . .)

Most of the source code isn't there OR the software needs to be reverse-engineered to find the source code. I'm no developer or coder, but you know what I mean by that. It's not as easy or simple as people might think it is.

Heck, if someone did do it with the apps most complain about, then it would be a very big deal. Torrenting would likely be the way to download and share it, then it would need to be sideloaded as a native application.

LinkedIN is such a valuable site. I use the mobile site but would love a dedicated app. I find that if there is an app, I use it more.

I am a serious LinkedIn user, but find that I need the overall view that a desktop web version provides.

It's no secret that the Linkedin dev team is filled with Apple fanboys, so I wouldn't hold my breath for an update. They stopped developing for BlackBerry long before users left the platform and the Android app is..meh...

Best to use the mobile app on an encrypted tablet.


I used to have the app but deleted it after like 10 mins because it ran in the background permanently and can't be turned off, similar to how BBM, the browser, and the message app are always running. I can see why those would run constantly but there's no reason whatsoever for me to not be able to quit out of linkedin

Same here. The app is terrible, it's no wonder they don't have many BB users. Give us a better app and I'll re-install it.

Keep it logged out simply because of this background app thing. I login once a week to do a quick catch up on the updates. On my android, the interface has a little more detail. But, just as someone else mentioned earlier, I too prefer the full freedom of the web interface. The mobile/touch version of the website or a smartphone app seems too limited in its options and harms the experience. I doubt anything will be done for OS7, but good luck to CB with their efforts.

I couldn't use the App because it was always running in the background and I didn't find that notications worked very well on it.

As for the webpage, I have to use the full desktop version because the mobile site is designed for touchscreen phones and my 9360 can't load it properly.

One reason I have /decreased/ my LinkedIn usage is the lack of a viable app - and this includes the current version of the app from OS6.

I wouldn't necessarily say I demand an update, but at least give me a mobile site for a non-touch device!

I regustered with it once. It sent a notice to everyone in my contact list. Most of my contacts did not appreciate the spam so I deleted the account the next day.

Their inept response to their security breach a few months ago has made me steer clear since so I've no interest in an app.

I used to use this app on my other blackberries: 9000, 9800, 9810, and now i have a cracked version on my bold 9900. And the mobile version is terrible .
I work in the food service/hospitality industry so i am not always near a computer( i am not a 9-5 desk monkey). I depend on my BlackBerry to do many things, I would love for this "professional networking" app to be back on the newer operating systems like my bold 9900.

....I wouldn't mind it (but unless I'm missing something) it doesn't support the 9860 that I have...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx