CrackBerry Asks: Do you use full web sites or mobile versions on your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2011 03:37 pm EDT
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The BlackBerry PlayBook is a great tablet for browsing the web. I find myself using it as my "couch computer" more often than not for quickly checking out web sites as opposed to firing up my latop. I like it because I can get the full browser experience in a small package, and usually have no trouble loading up full sites. I know however that some users much prefer to view mobile versions of their favorite sites instead of a full site. This could be for various reasons like load times, navigation or what have you. So I'm curious to know just how many of you choose a mobile version of a web site over the full version when using your PlayBook. Think of sites like Facebook, Twitter, ESPN and the like (obviously if a mobile version isn't available you'll use the full site). Let us know in the poll above what your preference is (Mobile if you visit mobile sites more often than full, or Full if you stick to full sites) then drop a comment below letting us know why you do what you do.

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use full web sites or mobile versions on your BlackBerry PlayBook


I would use the full website/forum on my playbook if I wasn't relying on my bridge browser...

edit: wow...I'm quick this time... xD

If you turn off Flash and Javascript in your browser settings, this site loads reasonably well. If all you want to do is read forums, you could also turn off images for more speed. The webmaster for this site needs to optimize the javascript files, it is horrible on the PlayBook when you have slow Internet like my home after school hours or like Bridge browsing.

One, if you turn off JavaScript and (especially) Flash, you may as well have bought an iOS device.

Two, you're dead right about Crackberry: I end up going to out of self-defense. But that said, the PlayBook's browser shouldn't have these kinds of per-site problems, or at least it shouldn't have them when, eg, iOS and Android don't. If the selling point is a full web experience, it can't lag versus the competition.

(Slashdot's another dog on the Playbook; just trying to post is painful. And while we're at it, autocorrect and editable bookmarks would be nice, too)

You are wrong about "especially flash" as it pertains to this site. I don't think there is flash on this site. To make this site acceptably usable with the playbook, you have to turn off JavaScript, turning off flash makes no noticeable difference.

I am not suggesting that anybody leaves JavaScript off, but I have to turn it off when on I always turn it on again though, when I go to other sites.

The ESPN website on the Playbook is awesome, love the layout. Same with Gmail - I'll use the Playbook for those two sites before my laptop or my phone.

Depends on the site. I use about 50/50. Both should've been an option. Like GetGlue mobile site, is way better than their full site on PlayBook.

I voted for the full website however if i' using my Bridge Browser is will more often than not use the mobile version just because I'm on the road/on the go and therefore need speedier access.

Agree 100%.
On the full site with my PlayBook now as I type this on wifi. However; if I was bridging i would've choose the mobile site for the speed issue.

Comparing the full web site experience to most mobile versions is like comparing a delicious 5-course meal to "Big Brother slop".

I would like to use full version of websites, but in those cases when website is coded to detect browser type (example Twitter,, etc.), my Playbook always gets the mobile version of the website. Can I change setting on Playbook, so those website see it as a full browser and not mobile?

If there is I haven't found it yet. I have problems with Discover Magazine's site. Sometimes it gives me the mobile site (which I have not noticed an advantage to, load time-wise) and sometimes the full site (complete with embedded video and the like). There is the odd site (cannot think of an example off the top of my head) that actually gives the option of full or mobile.

I even use the mobile versions of websites on my Windows desktop. Unless I really need the full version, the mobile version is usually less cluttered with crap and ads and loads spiffy quick too.