CrackBerry Asks: Do you use a case on your BlackBerry Z10?

By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2013 12:38 pm EDT

I have been an on and off fan when it comes to cases on my devices. With my BlackBerry Bold 9900 I went through quite a few before I just went totally caseless. I feel that after a while when the device isn't as new, I'm fine with showing off its natural beauty and not so much worried about dropping it. 

On my BlackBerry Z10 I've gone through the same process. I've tried everything from the OtterBox Defender to the Poetic Atmosphere to the Mobi Products Hard Shell. At the moment I'm working with a simple Phantom Skinz Chromatic in CrackBerry orange, but I fear that too may be coming off in a day or two. 

The Z10 has a great design and a great feel - covering it up with a case takes away from that - and for me it's worth the risk of dropping it and having it banged up (I've dropped it twice already with minimal damage). Granted this is just my opinion, but I know many others who are in the same boat.

So we're curious to know just how many of you use a case on your Z10 and how many just go naked. Let us know in the poll below then give us your reasons for what you do in the comments. 

Of course if you do go the case route, you know where to find them.




I love the naked feel of my phone, but I hate the idea of me dropping it...


I would love to use the pouch I got from the crackberry store but it still has yet to ship with my battery pack


I feel exactly the same and use a Poetic case.

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I feel the same way so I use iSkin Vibes for basic protection. I do feel much more confident holding on to the phone while moving around the crowded subway system listening to music.


I've got a dbrand skin on mine. It keeps the phone thin and light and makes it look really cool. They have an awesome colour selector where you can even mix and match colours! You guys should check it out...

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oh yes, i have 2 different types, the Puregear case holster and the BB Transform


Yes. I alternate between a white kayscase and my OtterBox defender.

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I go naked..I like the feel of it.


Mine is naked when used and in the leather pouch when on the move.

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R Field

Naked with a screen protector and holster on the go. Can't hide the z10 behind a case.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10



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PhantomSkinz all the way!

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Aaron Malardino


Posted by my slick Z10


The CaseMate Gunmetal case came in for mine yesterday and i have to say, that thing is a BEAST. Makes my Z10 look sooo much more amazing. The brushed aluminum look makes it all the more appealing.


That case looks really nice.


I would love to use it without a cover. But I have a habit of dropping the phone. So reluctantly I am compelled to use one.

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Seideo Surface Case with kickstand, and will add the Convert Combo add-on when released (industrial sales / engineering consulting: conference rooms one day, in a refinery or chemical plant the next, the on a barge or tug, then in a hospital).

When nekkid, using a BB leather holster, but I need the BB leather pocket pouch!


I personally need the world to see the naked Z10 in all its beauty :)
Verizon White


Hybrid case with BlackBerry© exposed on the back and color to match my outfit :p

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Yes, I drove over my Z10 with my car and it is still alive and kicking! My Transform Hard Shell is scratched with little holes in it and the screen shield is scratched and scuffed but otherwise all is great.


Seriously? That is some testament to that case then....

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Still running completely nude here. Have had a few close encounters so will be needing a case soon

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Yes, I absolutely have my Z10 covered and I holster it. You protect those things that are near and dear to you. Precious Cargo.

Felipe Barradas

I like to alternate, the soul is always the same :) and the looks change with the season.

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Swivel holster

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Case mate in white for my white BB :) although as a designer I've been decorating cheap clear cases to show off the BlackBerry symbol on the back :)

I had dents in my torch and hated it. And as always with touch screen.... never with out a spare screen cover :)

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I wish I could go naked, but am often on construction sites and am afraid of damaging my precious Z10. I love the naked Z10.


Yes, I've used a case by leather for my beloved Z10

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Rubin Boer

Fell a few times but think I will keep it naked

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I've got a transform shell on my White VZW Z10 for now. I'll probably let it go naked when the black battery door comes. Go Go Oreo!


Up until 2 days ago, my phone was naked. I just picked up an oem holster and use that now.

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I just use the BlackBerry holster I might put a screen protector on it one day.

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OEM leather slip case, but naked while in use


I am thinking this method may be a good one to one to use. I'll have to pick up one of these cases soon.

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I use it naked but cover it up with my Bb Z10 Leather Swivel Holster case on my belt
When not in use. My Black Z10 looks great naked so why hide it when in use. And the leather swivel case is fantastic too. It's a great combo.

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I also have invisibleSHIELD by Zagg on my Z10.
Best screen protector out there, I looked at ghost armor but was not impressed with what their sales person showed me. I am very happy with the invisibleShield by Zagg even though it's pricey...


I agree that the phone has a great look and feel to it so I hate to cover it up. Most times I end up having to. I'm looking into buying the ballistic case for the added protection.

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Naked with a screen protector. I have the leather pouch to travel with if I'm going anywhere it might be in harms way.

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Skin with a screen protector.

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Otterbox defender and holster alternating with naked in a BlackBerry leather case. Depends on the situation.

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Been thinking about Poetic Atmosphere, how is it?

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It's a nice case. I have it in grey and my wife, the purple. Decent protection for the sides and I like that the BlackBerry logo is visible through the smoky, semi transparent back. My only issue is that the back is a little slick. I miss the grippyness that the naked z10 provides.

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I hate to dent my z10! But at the same time i love showing off the sexy z10! Its freakin sexyy!

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Kevin Ventura

I go naked

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I love showing off my white Z10, but I'm scared it'll get scratches, so every now and then I use the Poetic Borderline™ to protect the bumpers of my phone..

I don't want to spend a lot when it comes to phone cases, especially when I know they're going to be temporary..

I just wish that Lifeproof™ would make a case for the Z10. I have hope that one day they will :)


Poor people who spend those long hours designing just to have they work hidden with cases.


I use the other box defender, but it feels like I'm carrying a brick in my pocket...

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I actually dropped my Z10 on concrete once already from about 4ft up. Bounced on the corner and a bit of sliding in the screen; no signs of damage whatsoever.

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I like the Splash of color the Poetic case brings..but when I'm home birthday suit it is for my Z10


I protect my bbry z10 with the leather pocket case... I looked at many cases but finally decided it needs to be put into a good home...

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No but not because I wouldn't want to use one. I'm picky about cases and always want to try one out before buying. Since there aren't too many out in the wild.

I really want to try out the poetic atmosphere case though. I like the clear with a bit of color pop it gives.

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Naked all the way. Naked bikes, naked girls...mmm...I meant naked phones.... honest, I did mean phones.

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adrian trevino

Yes I do...

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Kris Simundson

During working hours to prevent my white Z10 from adopting my army green color around it I use the white flip case, however when at home and out n about in public its naked, all i have is my screen protector


I have 3 cases for mine but I also let my Z10 go naked from time to time

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Got several :)

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I use the Blackberry Flip case because it provides full protection to my beloved Z10. I don't want to risk getting scratches and dents.


I use the leather belt holster sold by BlackBerry.

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Belt clip holder and have with every BlackBerry I have owned

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I have 3 kids, therefore I use protection.


Can we make the poll appear a bit bigger in the CB10 app? I accidentally chose the wrong option.

I do love this phone naked but I prefer to have a case for when I go out.

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I agree with the comment above by "Why are all the..."

You'd think the CB dudes would check how something looks in CB10 before posting it.

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Still waiting for Otterbox to get off there arse and bring the commuter line to the Z10, so nude for now.


I have a tendancy to drop my phones so a case is a must for me. Using the poetic atmosphere most days and when I don't feel like carrying my purse I use the Poetic Slim Book case for it's lovely wallet like features.

Ali Fardos1

Yeah! I have the
Very thin case and great price off ebay xD


Otter box on Z10. I don't like the extra bulk to the phone. But I have gone case less in the past on Android devices and a few drops later I had to get a replacement. All the pains later I would just rather have a case.

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I love the look and feel of it naked and use a BB holster when out and around.


Case mate signature flip in black leather, works well for me..
Adds little bulk, looks great.


I've got the red oem transform case on my white Z10.

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Casemate tough case. In the final week of having my 9930 I went caseless. I probably will do the same with the z10.

I really think BBRY should design a phone with modular housing! Those who need a more rugged phone can have a hard rubber housing without covering up the device.

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Yes! 3 types... Transform, Flip Shell and the Mobi Soft Shell.
How else does one protect their "Little Bundle of Joy"?


I have a Transform Shell on it but at the end of the long work day, when I get home, I take the case off so we can both relax. ;)


I use the BB Leather Flip Shell, Awesome as a stand, Awesome battery saver, and Awesome protection!

doxa sub750T

Like it naked the most. I have screen protector on and switching around between naked, Poetic case and Seidio active case with kick stand.



I do both. I'm not really a pocket phone guy but I occasionally use a case when I find one worth getting like the new dbrand cases for my z10. Other than that u almost always go commando with an oem let her holster on the hip.

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Tried a case but like it naked and that's the way I keep it.

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Naked now but I had the transformer for a while too much bulk

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Definitely! Huge fan of the 'Incipio DualPro Hard Case with Silicone Core for BlackBerry Z10' . Just check out the 100% ratings. I'm not a holster or belt clip guy as I put it in my pocket. This is a slick case with a smooth gel insert into a hardshell plastic case. I also put the 'BodyGuardz HD Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz for BlackBerry Z10' on there prior. Also easy to install, no bubbles, no oily grease look from fingers and does reduce glare without affecting the picture/screen quality. Highly recommend!


Naked for sure. Most cases just look ridiculously bulky, not good at all.


Unfortunately right now I don't case my z10. I boldly hold my 10 so the BlackBerry symbol is always in plain view as I hate being asked if it's an ithing. Until I see a case for can still show the BlackBerry symbol, look professional and protect... i may be waiting a while :). until then I show it off big time.

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I didn't use a case, until after I dropped it. Got a small scuff, decided I didn't want any more. Got a clear iBlason case, and ScreenGuardz screen protector. Thinking about maybe getting a case holster combo, but I haven't seen any I really like yet.

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I have gone naked the majority of the time. But with this device I am being extra extra careful. I generally just use a holster but this weekend I will be getting a case holster combo.

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I roll with it Naked so I can show it off with all its splendid glory.

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Mark Duncan3

Otter box defender all the way!

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George Davidson

Just like how I like my women: naked!


I love the feel of it naked. But it's wearing an iskin and a screen protector.

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Unless I'm at home standing over carpet, my Z10 always has a case on it.


Just take a small piece of carpet with you so you can enjoy it naked all the time... ;)

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Going without a case for me is just too risky and not worth the cost to repair the screen if it were to get damaged. After an incident recently late one night inside of a CVS Pharmacy where I halfheartedly pulled my Z10 from my pocket and it amazingly flipped in the air as if it had wings. Befuddled, I chased after it like a school girl chases after her lost puppy in the park. Thankfully, I was able to catch it just before it slammed onto the tile floor. But to the cost of what manhood I had left as several women standing in line at the checkout counter snickered at my new found skills. I immediately ordered a case from CrackBerry and will try to retain what little manhood that's left. But my Z10 is snug and safe...

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Catch of the week on Sportscenter no doubt !!

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I must admit I have it attached to my belt all day long so it lives in a case. But I also have a flip Fold case on it to keep it in sleep mode when it is out (also the belt case I use doesn't have sleep function) an to prop it up when I am reading.


I use the Casemate Tough Series for my Z10 as I would hate to see it damaged. When I am at home and not going anywhere I usually take the case off, as the phone without a case is just plain sexy.

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I have mine in leather pouch when not in use.

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I HAVE TO CASE MINE!! Knock on wood, I haven't dropped it yet, but I know me it's just a matter of time with my butter fingers. My poor 9650 was dropped so many times it was a shame. BTW, I hate the Z10 Otterbox case


Otterbox and transform shell, love them

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Mine is in a leather pouch when not in use... naked otherwise! win-win scenario


White Spigen calf skin case for now. I have a case fetish so this will change soon


I use the bkackberry pouch for it. Dont want to cover its beauty. However, the screen is pretty delicate. Friend of mine dropped his and it cracked and became totally unusable. Had it fixed for £195.

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As much as I'd like to let my Z10 bask in all its naked glory, I've had the wonderful experience of paying for phones for 3 teens over the past few years and dealing with all the cracked screens and other dings and dents that invariably results from same. Ergo, you'll excuse me if I stick with my slightly awkward but comfortably safe Otter box for MY first BlackBerry.

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Naked is best! Holster all the way.

Kevin Michaluk

I love my BlackBerry Transform case. In white on my white Z10. Got it at ShopCrackBerry!! They're the best! :)

Daniel Montanaro

No case per se, just a holster.

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Hate to hide the back bc it's gorgeous but I would hate to scar my baby :)....I use the BlackBerry transform shell. Just enough protection without covering so much of this beautiful phone.

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I have a casemate barely there... I dont like cases and I wish I could go naked but my fear for dropping it keeps the case on.

also I'm looking for a light minimal case that displays the blackberry logo on the back, I detest when ppl ask if thats an iPhone


100% carefree and as nature intended. I am careful who touches it and where I put it.
I always gently place it down. It goes into a pocket by itself, never with anything else.
When I take it out, it is naked for all to see those Berry's flying carefree.

Without covering is best. Be proud, show it off. Let it scream, HERE I AM, LOOK AT ME!!!


I loved the back of the z10...I've had many (very many) friends with other phones (mainly iphones) comment positively on how sticky it feels. So I hated to cover it but I needed something to protect the corners and to keep the glass off the table if I set it down upside-down.

Monica Buruato

Oh how I want to stick my BlackBerry phone in everybody's face, but alas I am scared to death of dropping it. (already got a minor scratch on the screen). So I cover my baby, but it is see through in back so they can still get a glimpse of the logo. :)


Otter box and I hate it.

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Holsters protect perfectly!

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Yes I have thé blackberry case on my z10 waiting for viber and skype I don't care about instagram and Netflix. You can rent a movie on the app world

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I use a case but may move to a holster.

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I do not have a case on my phone per se but love using the Blackberry Leather Pocket Pouch. You can rig it like the old Bold: answering the phone when you take it out of the holster and hanging it up by replacing it.

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I love the ergonomics of the Z10, also a big fan of the textured rubber back. A case can ruin the ergonomics and change the feel of the device. So for me it's caseless all the way. Applied the screenguard though, and maybe a skin someday the refresh my phone in the middle of its servetime :) but case is a big NO for me.

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All naked for me.

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I have the poetic case on mine and I love it. It doesn't add much bulk to my Z10. Though I wish the sides had a more rubbery feel to it.


I really hate cases... but the fear of dropping my phone is greater than the hatred of wife on the othe rhand just dropped her z10 for the 4th or 5th time & smashed the screen last night..... not having alot of luck finding parts or repair!!


I use the leather in a way it does have a "case" but no "permanent" case like some of the others. Although I also have a white transform shell (for my black Z10) but I use that only on vacation...holster is for work.


I'm a leather sleeve guy.


I use a Noreve case. I like it. I like the fact that it turns the BlackBerry when I open it up and shuts it off when I close the cover

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I make the designer that designed the battery door proud. I go case less. I mean, the thing's well designed!

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No case

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Pure Gear cause I get the droppsies
Case with kickstand + holster for BlackBerry Z10


I use it naked during the weekdays (well in and out of my holster) but at nights and on weekends I (usually) keep it in my transform hard shell. Nothing g beats the stock feeling in the hand though!

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Transform hard shell a+
Poetic atmosphere c-
Waiting for my Trident aegis to arrive.
I work in a bar with concrete floors, phones don't stand a chance naked.

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Zedi Master

Never, never cover up the beauty of a premium handset!

I never covered my 9900, and I have never covered my Zed.

Though I may get a cover for the Zed eventually. While I love the new phone, I must admit that it isn't as beautiful as my Bold 9900.

I have never seen a better looking handset than the BlackBerry Bold 9900! And I don't think I ever will. The Q10 doesn't even match it.

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Case Mate - Tough Case (Black) and iSheildz screen protector - wouldn't have it any other way... for now at least..


Transform case (bumpers only extend over the front-facing corners, so most of the device available to freely swipe) and Zagg Invisible Shield screen.


Black BlackBerry Flip Case on my Black Z10, got it as compensation from local webshop here in The Netherlands for the long delivery delay. Z10 launch was delay twice to allow the 4G/LTE model by BB/carriers. Still a lot of anti-BB attitude here in unfortunately, compared to few years ago...

Toom it out the case and in a universaliteit holder on my racebike 1st day to take it on a test run. Hit a pothole in the road with 35 km/h (+20 Mph)
Naked Z10 got loose and went flying and hit the rough rond surface and bumped several time on its unprotected corners and front and backside.
Assumed the worst when returning to pick it up before a car almost droge over it, cracked glas, scatches and/or total malfunction.

Guess what: besides one lightly scratched corner (the aluminium) no visie daar at all. Put it back in Flip shell and has not been out since. Also cover up the scratched corner

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Jimmy Choo1

When i used the otterbox for my 9900, the layers of coverage were too much n it blocked signal and lags a lot. The moment i took it off, it worked perfect. I didn't believe in this theory til i witnessed it myself

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Nick Spagnolo

No I need one

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I have an Otter box Defender, but I think I'm going naked.

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My z10 goes nude in public...


With my case it looks like a solid rock and military phone. Love it. But can't charge it on my craddle with it on. Still love both.


Holster for the win! :)


No case, here.

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Keep my Z10 protected with an Outterbox everyday M-Saturday while I'm on the move and undress her once we get home to let her breathe lol. On Sundays I let her stroll around naked all day just b/c I love how good she feels without her Outterbox lol.

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I use a BlackBerry flip case and like it.

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Love my Poetic case...both it and my VZW Z10 arrived on launch day. Been very happy with both.


I love how the Z10 looks when it's naked, but with my job, I can't afford to not have a case on it. Construction work can get nasty...

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I'm using mine without a case. Love the solid and compact feel of the device. Do use a belt-looped carry case - it's a Roots camera case selected to match phone size. Very secure and phone slides in and out easily- but phone is bare.

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I have the Otter Box to protect my new baby. First case over 15 years using BB's

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I got a red flip case because I wanted something different from black (or white) . I have to say it's been a love/hate relationship. I like the option the case gives of being able to prop up the phone for viewing (in addition to protection) , but I often feel it's bulky and the cover is always flopping around. I've never had a problem with dropping my phone or having the screen scratch ( KNOCK ON WOOD!), so I'm thinking I'll remove it because I like the feel of the phone on its own.

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I use the official BlackBerry holster, does that count as a case?

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Ballistic with screen protector! Most specially if you have a toddler at home ignoring the android tablet now.

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I'm in the energy industry which includes plenty of on site work so my device has to be protected at all times! :)

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I'm using the Poetic Atmosphere case. It provides good protection without adding much bulk. The design is also nice because it gives a little pop of color and the clear frosted back allows the BlackBerry logo to be seen.

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I go naked! I love the look of the phone but I may get a case because if I drop it I'm screwed!

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Naked with the holster...

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When God designed Man did He cover him? NO! The answer is NO! He was too beautiful to be hidden from his other creation, the NAKED EYE! So, likewise, my BlackBerry brethren, we should not cover our beautifully & wonderfully made Z10s! No. Rather we should celebrate it's uniqueness with not only the words of our mouths, but with the playing of the Harp! *sigh* But I digress, it just doesn't make sense to me to buy something for it's build quality and then not take advantage of it. It's like buying a Ferrari and then covering it with a car cover and leaving it on when you drive? Blasphemy...right? Yes. I'd rather be an adult and not drop my phone. If I do, and I don't, that's why as an adult I have insurance. Look, bottom line, I ain't Michael Jackson and I ain't covering up my baby! LoL Plain and simple. I'm out! *BAMF!*

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Incipio with the brushed aluminum back. I would like to try the Roots Exo with holster, but I have a habit of breaking holsters.

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Peter Charlton

Got a triple protection case off eBay and the bloody charger never fit in the hole so a had to cut it out meself hahaha but screen protector and case for me very rare break phones but I have it insured aswell so if anything bad did happen am covered fortunately lol

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Went with the best medium u could think of. Go naked with a screen protector and a carbon fiber skin.

Via CB10 on At&t Z10


Oh yeah! Make no mistake, I use the finest screen protection available, Ghost Armor!

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Case, I can't afford to buy another phone, and I don't want to pay for insurance. I would much rather carry it naked though.

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I have a sleeve when I'm not using it. Otherwise naked.

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Lol. I said when I'm not using it. Like they happens. Let's say when I'm out and about and it's in my bag.

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I have a nice flip case that I'd use more often, but then the Z10 wouldn't fit in my Proclipsusa car mount.


I was naked until I dropped it and broke the inner speaker. After I got it fixed I bought the transform hard shell and more recently switched to poetic atmosphere case. I like how the back is see through so people can tell I'm rocking a Z10 and not iCrap

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I use the otterbox defender. Worst case for looks and typing. I want something nice that stands out. Like that orange case above

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10


Transform Shell and a screen protector.

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I go naked too, except for a screen protector. But for my hands the Z10 is big enough so adding a case would just make it bigger, so that's why a case is not for me.

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I did, but I so proud of my Z10 that I almost all time keep it naked!

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omar munoz1

Commando all da way baby!!!!!

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Going the feel!

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I generally go naked with my devices (PlayBook, phone). After 5-6 years of having premium products I've learned to handle with care. Have yet to drop my PlayBook, and only dropped my 9850 one time. One habit that helps is I never keep anything in the right front pocket of anything I wear. That spot is reserved exclusively for my phone. Besides, I really like the look and feel of most of my devices and I find it hard to cover them up. However I do plan on covering my Z10 with a Phantom Skinz.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10


No case is like walking around with no pants on.


Naked or with the leather socket

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I use the white, BlackBerry flip case but take it off when I am at home or doing a little gaming.

I do live the slick feel without a car tho. So scared to damage this baby tho

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I use BlackBerry case all the time, and I already have about 5 different cases, I'm waiting for more fancy ones,

BlackBerry Z10

santos allan

same problem as you do..want to be naked but worries always there...but is there any skin cover plastick like just to avoid scratches on the just incase that im not in a mood to use a mobile case i would be worry free to put in and out of my pocket...add me pls..21c49333 pls send me any z10 updates or new tricks cause im getting bored with this handset

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OTTERBOX Defender case ordered the same day my Z10 arrived in the mail. best case ever, it's been on since day one. only seen my Z10 naked when i first took it out of the box


I use the barely there case from case mate.. I like it.

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Naked good, safety from case also good. Which is why I have always gone with the holster.
Z10 holster is fantastic!

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


Transformer Case for me! The LE glossy back is just too slippery for my liking. I do wish the BlackBerry logo was more accentuated like the BlackBerry logo on the phone.

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Cases and screen protectors are for after the screen is scratched and before you hand your phone down to one of your kids.

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I have 4 cases. Im slightly addicted lol. The best is the transform shell. Feels great and no other design on the market like it. Not just the fact it is a built in stand. But the fact that edge to edge the size of the phone doesnt change. This way the phone feels naked in your hands but still has corner protection.

Try it out if you havent already, wont be dissapointed.


I still have yet to find one I like, so my Z10 will remain naked until then.

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Using a casemate tough in black. It has a rubberized back on it so it grips well and has served its purpose, dropped the phone 4 feet onto concrete twice. Zero damage to phone.

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I have a screen protector on mine, have had it since I bought it. I have an incipio feather case coming for it, but carry mine in a naztech gladiator duty holster. It is the best phone holster I have used.

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Ballistic SG case and Zagg Invisible shield. Also have the i - Blason Armadillo case. Both are nice alternatives to the nonexistent Otterbox Commuter case (Arg). Would love to go without a case but experience tells me I need one. Also, cases help with resell when upgrading to a new BlackBerry (IMO).

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Bogdan Grozoiu

I'm keeping it naked when I'm the office. Otherwise it's in a silicone skin.

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Tip: if you feel that you are about to sneeze while the Z is in your hand, quickly put it down if you can, lucky me there was a carpet under...

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I always use a case currently I use a Tech21 impact.

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Christian Akacro

Me too! Best case out there for protection.


Yes i do. But its clear and not cumbersome. Dropped the phone once so far! Off the bed. Also have a screen protector on it.


No case required. Back of z10 is extra tacky. Was always dropping the iPhone until it broke. Haven't dropped the z10 a single time.

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You know, I've purchased and returns many cases, but the one I always come back too is my Telus Gel case in translucent black. Keeps me safe, I can still enjoy the feel. Like a good condom.

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3 weeks in and I'm sure I can live without a case

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I'm with most of you guys, I like my phone naked, it feels great in the hands. I've tried cases and I just can't do it. I would like to try the flip shell, what do you guys think?

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My magnetic leather case not only keeps my phone naked while using it but also helps protect my phone n save power when I'm not using it

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Unbiased Tech

No but I need one....BAD

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Too much of an investment to damage it too soon. I love the feeling of newness :).

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Leather swivel holster, nothing else. Just very careful handling the phone but I did drop it once. No damage. When I got my PlayBook 2 years ago my brother said I would drop it and that would be the end. Never dropped it once (so far).

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I have the Seidio active case and it's the shit!!!!

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I like the flip case. It makes a great stand in either orientation and auto-sleeps when you close the front. No swipe to wake just open the front. But my favourite thing about the case is that it doesn't add a lot of bulk. I hate the Otter box case, so bulky and makes swiping up very difficult.

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I used to tempt fate by running naked years ago. But I just can't justify that behavior any more. So I lock my BB's up in Otter Boxes and never take them out except for a regular cleaning. My life is just too hectic to run around without protection.


I have the poetic wallet case. Wallet and phone case.

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Otter box because I always drop my phone

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I have been working in a garage with a hard surface, so I got the BlackBerry Transform Shell. However I'm not using the screen protector. Now that I'll be back at my office so I'm thinking about getting the BlackBerry Microfiber Pocket since we have carpet there.


iShieldz Screen Protector +

BlackBerry Leather Pocket
Case-Mate Barely There (Black)

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So far no case but the leather holster is looking better every day.

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I don't trust my butter fingers when it comes to my phone. I have an Incipio Dual Pro and a BodyGuardz screen protector. If Ottetbox releases a Commuter case I will buy one.

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Syafiq Synthesys

i wont want to hurt my jack10. so case is very critical issues.


I use a JKASE clear gel for my white z10. My worst experience with a phone involved my wife telling me she could not find her old flip Nokia a few years ago. It was winter and we had a snow storm over night. I found her phone in the driveway with the snowblower. Just glad I did not scratch the neighbour's car.

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I use the Seidio Active in black. My wife has it in red. The phone felt small and didn't want to drop it. The case is not too big but is substantial enough to protect the phone. I dropped the phone once from about two feet. In an effort to catch it, I made the drop worse by flipping it. No damage. I did do a review on the ACTIVE case. We both enjoy the case.

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I wish I could just go naked (pun intended!) but I'm afraid of impact damage if it does ever get dropped. I've decided that since I paid 20 bucks for it I'm going to leave it on for the first year. Then when I take it off I'll feel like I have a new phone. :)

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I went naked the first couple weeks until I dropped it at school from about waist high onto the concrete floor. Since then I went to the att store and bought the flip shell case. I like that it's still branded blackberry and it's sleek design. I think I may try and get a couple other cases to keep things fresh and fun.

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Please tell me where on earth can I get that orange back piece in the main picture of this post!! Reply please!!!

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I like her naked at home and protected when we head out! White BlackBerry transform dress on a sexy black body :D

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I use OtterBox Defender, because of trips to forest (Scouting is not dead!) and also because of red is so feminine :P

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In Otterbox Defender I Trust


Otter Defender but heavily modified as follows:

1/ threw away clear panel and put a Zagg invisible shield screen protector directly on glass. Any airspace between screen and otter clear panel rendered display nearly impossible to read.

2/ using milling machine I re-beveled long side hard plastic edges to 3mm at glass and 1mm inside rubber. Then surface ground entire front face of hard plastic section to 4mm, enough to set it back from the rubber jacket so that it is now all nonskid, all around. Then recontoured and removed material adjacent to blackberry logo along bottom edge by 4mm. Now my fat thumbs can access the full digitizer and swiping works properly. Don't try this at home.

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It would be nice if someone designs a case that replaces the back z10 backing and has rubber sides that extend a tiny bit over the front face so that the glass and sides are protected while giving a minimal, comfortable feel.

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Yes a black transform.....awesone

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Feels great naked, but I demo the phone at phone stores and show it off with the transform case

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I use my pocket as a case, plus I haven't won one on CB contests yet.


Naked with a screen protector. Holster when needed.

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With my Blackberry devices I have gone naked but have used a holster when out and about during the week and a Commuter on weekends. The only exception was my 9900. That phone has just one piece of protection, a skin over the battery cover. The rest was naked when not in the holster, other than weekends. I am currently using a holster with my Z10, but am less that pleased. Without the special setting for holster (I can't wait for those to be added) I am looking for case that would allow me to pocket the phone. I am thinking about the flip because it covers the screen. Thus, when in my pocket, it would be safe.


Holster only. Otherwise, how is anyone going to see the BB logo? And if they don't see it and start talking to me about by Z10, how am I going to do my duty to the Crackberry nation and show them why they should be getting a BB10 device? #selllikehell


Naked z10 here. Put on an hd zagg on the screen for scratch resistance but might just get a leather hip holster.

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My z10 is naked! tho I stick her in a oem holster when she's not needed! She says she feels safe in there.

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I'm looking to sell or trade into the Q10 so keeping it pristine is key. I do love the Z10 naked though.

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I use the Transform Shell. :-)


+1 i have the red one.. it looks hot and also comes with the screen protector :D


I feel the same way. But with both the camera lens and front screen flush with the phone's body, I like the idea of creating a gap between the camera lens or screen and whatever surface I may be setting the phone down on. That's why I seek minimalist cases, preferably with a finish that isn't super slick. I'm using the Case-Mate Barely There case for the Z10.

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I alternate between the Grey pouch, the white flip shell case, a white with translucent back skin, and of course full frontal nudity.

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White Transform for home use, Flip case (modified with a now internal BT keyboard, two flip cases modded into one) for out and about and a gel case, well just in


Otter box defender, but took the annoying plastic screen protector off and put on a real screen protector. Way better now. Don't trust myself to go without a Case.

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Screen protector and a thin leather-type pouch I picked up for a different phone awhile back. I use the phone naked because I love the looks and the feel of the phone. I WANT people to notice it's beauty and ask about it. The phone goes back in the pouch before it goes in my purse never know WHAT is in there! LOL!


I personally use a Zagg Invisishield HD and the pT case with belt holster. They both make me more confident when it comes to damage to my phone. I also have the monthly $15/m Geek Squad Protection on my phone just in case. I just send it out for repair as many times as I want.

Joshua Ward

Yes I do! This phone has a $200 deductible!

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Alpha Omega

Got a nice Vaja case on its way

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Otter box all the way. I find that it makes the BlackBerry Z10 easier to hold while typing.

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Raid Ismail

Red Transform case and white Z10 = sexiness.

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Yes. A case is a must have.

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I use the flip one that props it up in two different angles. It's perfect for me, I tend to always fold in the cover and use it as a handle in portrait mode, and in landscape mode I can put a finger in the space and makes it super easy to hold. Keeping it covered adds privacy, and looks professional at doesn't look like a toy like other phones look like. I am looking for a good belt clip solution though that is sleek yet secure, so no otterbox.

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Nope my Z10 is naked still maybe one day when a case I like comes out I will buy one, but the z10 feels so nice naked.

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Nope my Z10 is naked still maybe when a case I like comes out I may buy it, but the z10 feels so nice naked.

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Nope my Z10 is naked still maybe when a case I like comes out I may buy it, but the z10 feels so nice naked.

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Wow server taking longtime to post so u thought it did not and now it posted threes times.

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Naked! Commando!

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