Do you use a car kit/mount for your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jun 2012 03:13 pm EDT
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All this talk about maps the last few days got me thinking a bit, and I'm curious just how many of you actually use a BlackBerry car kit in your vehicle. I've never been one to take advantage of my BlackBerry while driving for maps, however at times I'll use it as my media player on the road. I never really found the need for a car dock of any kind as my console does the job well enough. 

I'm sure there are plenty of you that use your device on the road in some way, shape or form. Some of you may use a car dock/mount while others just toss their device on the seat or in a cup holder. Let us know in the poll above if you do or don't use a car mount, then tell us your setup in the comments.

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Do you use a car kit/mount for your BlackBerry?


I use a window mount for my 9930 when driving. Ohio passed stricter laws about texting while driving. Don't want to be seen holding my phone for a good view while using GPS and having people/cops think I'm texting.


Until the PlayBook get a decent Voice guided Nav App with offline caching then the PlayBook will actually be useful in the car, until then...we patiently wait...

Magellan Compass does map cache and voice guided Nav on the Playbook. The last couple of releases added the functionality.

Many good choices for my 9800 for mount, but have avoided buying waiting for 9900 upgrade (now is the time) - will likely use ProClip w/ charging dock type phone holder

For my PlayBook: still struggling with choices and would love input/photos etc via PM. I rarely use "while driving" ( but will admit to it, usually use in a parking lot, pulled over, or on the side of the road in a large industrial facilty/plant). PlayBook on the road primarily used for emails/files/and an online CRM with detailed contact/account info for my clients (industrial sales). vehicle is a Tahoe so I need something with long enough "arm" to keep it accessible/close enough to me with out having to stretch out to reach it. Been looking at RAM mounts, Arkon, and ProClips set ups (including seat rail type mounts or bolt in type on transmission tunnel) and definitely willing to make it a solid and permanent mount!!! Trying to stay away from windshield mounts suspecting them to not be "solid enough". Anyone use it in front seat of a large SUV or pick up truck? PM with pics or suggestions.

How about the option of, I would use my PlayBook as a GPS if there was full offline navigation software with maps...I've been waiting for this since launch :(

Read the answer provide before your post to the same complaint.

People... Read before posting :(

According to the timestamp, the post about Magellan wasn't there yet when this post was made.
I just updated Magellan on my PlayBook and am pretty happy with it so far.

I have a Ford. With "My Ford Touch", I just get in my car and the blue tooth automatically links to the car's systems and voice commands.

Why do I need a car kit exactly?

kwandar, not everyone drives a new vehicle with bluetooth integration.

That "My Ford Touch" sucks bad. The bluetooth A2DP is AWFUL to the point where I had to use an aux jack if I wanted to listen to anything without it cutting in and out. I've used this feature in 6 other manufacturers' vehicles and Ford's system is by far the worst.

What I did in my older vehicle was got a bluetooth/aux module from Grom ( Installed it in an hour and it works flawlessly.

For phone, I have no issues. For A2DP, it seemed to work, but I honestly didn't use it much. Instead I stick a USB with my music in.'

I'll agree MFT leaves something to be desired, but voice commands for calling - THAT work wonderfully.

I take your point that older cars need this, but I thought most cars for past 5 years had the blue tooth (or at least they'd go to a solution like you suggested)

For as much as it costs to put in every damned car should have it. I mean, what's $150 (retail) on a > $15k purchase?

My Volvo has A2DP, which hasn't disappointed yet. It also has its own satnav, so I don't use my Blackberry for navigation. But I do have a ProClip with charger mounted pretty high on the dash so I always have my 9900 handy and charged. Sometimes streaming music, and lots of podcasts... Loving that!

I have no idea why you might need the things you need, or what those things might be. For example, I don't know if you need to be able to see the screen of your phone while driving in order to see a turn-by-turn navigation app.

Has anyone seen a PB Car Stereo out in the market. In which your play book becomes the removable face. just like you would see the removavlbal face on regular stereos?

This would for us people that do not already have an indash touch screen GPS/Stereo already installed into our cars.

I would like to be able to mount my Playbook off the handle bars of my Kawasaki VN1500 A8, 1994. It does not have a krowling front mounted in it, but I wish I could find one that fit.

I have the PRO-dock alumina, drive a Kia Soul with blue tooth car stereo and it's a perfect combination. I'll be streaming my songs or panoramic through my car speakers while BB Traffic guides me wherever I'm going. It's so awesome, Traffic speaks right over the music without interrupting it.

I have a car dock for my Torch and an tablet holder for my Playbook. I have bought several holders. I like iGrip the best. Been using Magellan Compass since v 1 and I actually like the Google maps better than MapQuest. V3 Features are pretty nice, but would love to have Google Maps as an option. I also downloaded Doris with attitude voice for v3.1 and she is entertaining.

I also don't use a mount kit in my car, but I do use one to mount my BB to my motorcycle handlebar.

No I do not use a mount system with my 9930 but a friend has an android and he uses a mount and it worked very well but since I can use my phone with one hand it makes better sense to not use a mount. I use google maps mainly for directions but BB traffic is nice but a little hard to understand voice dictation. I also just use an auxiliary cable for playing through car speakers, in which to finally answer your question I just keep my phone either on my lap or on the passenger seat.

I hv my playbook mounted on the Arkon mount which bolts to the passenger seat bolt. It's a pretty good mount for thirty bucks coz it will hold my torch also. I would probably rather hv the Ram product which I think is a little more sturdy. I hv the BB Gateway Device so I bluetooth all my music and perform a lot of tasks away from home on the PB(sitting still).....It's a plus for me^ #TEAMBLACKBERRY #Playbook

I live in an area with less than full signal strength so bought a Wilson Sleek Booster as well as their car kit. Works great raising 3 bars on my 9930 to 5 bars at home, and the bean bag with car kit stays put on dash. I never had any luck with windshield mounts. Use only with Bluetooth for hands free calls, have no desire for any other distractions.

I use a Pro-fit mount bracket with a phone holder on the front of the bracket and a Ram yoke-ball plate attached to the back. The Ram X-Grip is attached to this with a 6" arm. This is rock solid and no vibration issues.

I use a car mount for every phone I've had. I like to have it in the middle of the windshield, under the rear view. That way, I can glance at it quickly for maps and turns without looking down. Sometimes I put it In the mount to use music player.

Speaking of, when is CrackBerry having a sale on car mounts!?

I used a car mount with my old storm2 where I'd use bb traffic,, and transfer. If bb10 came out with a killer map & nav app that'll be a huge part of their possible Recovery.

I use a windshield mount for by bold 9900. I use it for navigation with BB Traffic, & occationally as my media player

BT integration works well on my old Prius, can't think why I would want to use the phone itself in the car. But a colleague with a new Citroen struggles to get it to work.

Personally go with the "el cheapo" car mount kit myself: 3" strip of sticky back Velcro to my Bold and the dashboard.

I don't buy an Igrip because shipping costs are more then the value of the product. Worst part is that it is a German based company, that doens't sell them in the Netherlands? I would love to buy the iGrip but not a price of 80 USD. Further there is stil no good navigation software for Europe, I prefer Navigon over TomTom and Garmin.

I have a car mount for my PlayBook that mounts to the a/c vent on the center dash of my car that I got from Mount Guys for like 20 bucks. I also have an aux cable and USB charger running to a BlackBerry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway hidden in the center console. I also have my BlackBerry Bold paired via Bluetooth to my PlayBook via the Bridge app. I then also have a (hacked for SAMBA access) Seagate Goflex Satellite 500G hard disk that I carry around with me that holds all of my media/work docs that connects to the PlayBook via WIFI in my car.

With this setup I use my PlayBook in the car to stream music via Pandora, stream videos and music via GoFlex connection (pasengers on road trips), stream music via BluePlaylist site, Police Scanner app, (used to use Audio Galaxy before GFS disk), VCMS app for when I want to log my speedometer, and the StayOn app to prevent images from burning into the screen of the PlayBook.

I am also on call sometimes so I also can use my Bold as a keyboard and mouse to control the PB. I tether my BB to the PB and can then VPN into our network or VNC into my home computer then Radmin into our Servers. Obviously I pull over but its great that I dont have to hunt and find a WIFI location first nor lug around a laptop. I had Playon/Playlater working for streaming Netflix/Hulu and other videos to PlayBook but I need to reconfigure it. I also use Poynt app to find cheap gas prices and other points of interest. I can view my emails/BBIM’s on my dash (PB) instead of fumbling around for my BB and I also use the PB as caller ID for when I get a call as it pops up on the screen (using the address book of my phone). Let’s not forget Facebook :-P. Oh, and I also have shortcuts to traffic cameras that I can quickly bring up before I decide to take the freeway or not lol.

My next project is to get some IP cameras mounted in the car so that I can stream live feeds to the PlayBook browser for use as a blind spot assist and front camera (to prevent from scraping the bumper on curbs when parking). I pretty much have a QNX car NOW before they are released ;-)

until someone out there makes a charging dock where my playbook "locks into a secure slot", i won't be using my playbook in my car. i would really like to see something like the perfektfit setup.

or something i could mount on my dash SECURELY that would support the Pb magnetic charging port and the USB plug for accessories.
i thought about modding a BB charge pod, but i still cant figure out how to make it more solid. i would hate for my Pb to fall out and get damaged. :(