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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use the camera icon on BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2013 01:15 pm EDT

Last week we asked how many of you use the Text Messages icon on BlackBerry 10 and today we're running down the same line with another pop quiz. I realized the other day that I've really never used the actual camera icon on either my Z10 or Q10. I have it buried in my media folder and have kept it there since the start. When I want to snap a photo I just tap the quick icon on the homescreen to open up the camera. 

On my old devices I used to set a convenience key to open the camera (man I miss those keys!) but I still kept the icon on my screen and found myself tapping it from time to time. On BlackBerry 10 however, I find it erroneous to have both the camera app icon and the quick icon on the screen at the same time.

So what say you CrackBerry readers? Do you use the actual Camera app icon or do you just tap the quick icon to launch the camera? Drop your answer here and hit up the comments!




me too! never used it. I think they should have used a convenience key on the side, and then free up space for something else on the bottom bar

Himanshu Chandra1

Just realised that there was a camera icon too! Never used!

Posted via CB10


2 things I don't get why BlackBerry changed are removing the convenience key(s) and not having the wireless contact points on their BlackBerry 10 phones....

Posted via CB10


Me too never!

Posted via CB10


Up until now I didn't know a camera icon existed on my home screen sef. Somehow it managed to stay undetected for months

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)

piko 72


Posted via Le White Z10



Posted via CB10 using my Zed10


Third!! No... never use the camera icon

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10



From the Zed of Rockivy


I've Put the Icon in a folder with other things i don't use. :-)

Posted via CB10


Same, all the pointless app icons that are redundant are in a folder

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


Never. It is redundant.

Posted via CB10


I never use it too, but people try my phone will use it

DJ Reyes

I don't see the point of the camera icon if there's a permanent icon there at the bottom

Posted via CB10


It's for dumbasses :) just like the new "Hub" icon in 10.2. Useless but there.

Posted via CB10


Like a politician? Lame, I know

Posted via CB10


I agree. There absolutely is no point. I don't know anything about being a developer, but I used to think that maybe the reason they had these redundant icons was because there wasn't the ability to hide icons in BB10. Maybe later on if they bring that feature back, they'll be able to get rid of the redundant icons, but for now they're obligated to include them. Maybe it doesn't quite work that way though :P



Posted via CB10


Agree, I don't use it.

Posted via CB10


Forgot where I've put it, even...

Posted via CB10


For the default camera I use the quick icon, but when I don't want to draw attention I use Spy Cam Extreme


Are you plugging your own app? Cause I like your app :D

Posted via CB10


Thanks =) Glad to hear you like it. For quick and easy access I keep it on my main screen directly above the default quick cam icon so as easily accessible.


Never, ever....... ever.

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228


Always hide it when I install a leak. Don't think I have ever used it. In fact, I make sure all icons on my first page aren't redundant.

Posted via CB10


The Camera icon was one of the first icons to be moved into a folder titled "Useless". The lock screen shortcut and the bottom bar shortcut are much faster.

Posted via CB10


I honestly didn't realise that there was a camera icon till now

Posted via CB10


Neither did I

Posted via CB10

rizztazz torch

Not since my device lost that box fresh smell. Camera's conveniently ever present, why would you need to?

Posted via CB10


Are we still talking about a phone? ;P


I really wish they would make that icon "bar" on the bottom of the home screen customizable, a la PlayBook.

Pilot Prop

i dont use the cam app icon nor the sms icon....kind of a waste of space. They are tucked in a folder of icons that i dont use.


Nope. Use the quick access. Much better no need to swipe to it. Just right there on screen.

Posted via CB10


Never,i have it hidden with a bunch of other ones I don't use in a folder...

Posted via CB10

Aljean Thein

Sorry to ruin the streak here but I use the camera icon quite often...

Posted via CB10

Aljean Thein

Actually! I don't. Never mind buahaha

Posted via CB10


No I have put in a folder with other applications that are on bottom menu

Posted via CB10


Never use the icon and have it buried in a SYSTEM folder along with other seldom used but sometimes useful icons...

Posted via CB10


There's a camera icon? Lol nope I hide the icon.

Posted via CB10


Never use it, put it in my folder named crap

Posted via CB10

megat asyrul

nope.and should not even exist in 10.2

Posted via CB10


Nope! It's somewhere in my Media folder.

White Z10 Verizon


Nope never.

Posted via CB10


you have to be a complete retard to use it.


I've never used it. It's almost as useless as the need by some on this thread to

Posted via CB10


I've never used it. It's almost as useless as the need for some on this thread to insult those who may actually use it.

Posted via CB10


Moved it to an unused folder along with the text icon

Posted via CB10


Just realized I haven't used it once yet. I have it hidden in a group of apps along with the phone, voice control, text, search, Bing and contacts icons that I find redundant.




Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I don't, just like the new 'hub' icon in leak 10.2.X. I don't see how that's more convenient when there is a fixed icon at the bottom. Swiping from bottom up to the right takes you from whatever app you are using directly to the hub is also a lot faster than having to look for the hub icon itself. To be honest, it's a pointless feature that should just stay with the legacy devices.


People that aren't so comfortable with gestures might find it useful tho, and if the hub icon would take you to the actual hub(and not the last thing you were doing inside the hub) it'd kinda cool :D


Not once

Posted via CB10


Same for the phone.

Posted via CB10


I didn't even know we had an icon for that...


I wish they will let us hide icons again.... the camera is just one of the entire list of useless apps which I don't imagine anyone ever using...

Posted via CB10


that's one simple feature i'd like to see from the formal release of 10.2


I touched it once when I dragged it to a junk folder and never used it again.


The icon remains there for folks like my 60+ year old dad. He likes the icon, so what.

Posted via CB10


Yes I use it all the time for pictures.

Posted via CB10


I wish they had the option to get rid of the camera and phone "quick icons". I can't tell you how many times I accidentally touch those icons and mistakenly open up that application.

Posted via CB10


The problem with the quick icon on the lower right of the screen is (for me) that I quite often start it accidently when I put my phone down. Must be the way my hand holds the phone (did it on both my Z & Q)


BlackBerry was like, "who should we consult regarding the camera icon" - they chose my dad. Psyche. No they didn't.

If there was no camera icon, you guys would do an article regarding a missing camera icon and instead asking people "do you miss the camera icon" and there would be a percentage of folks (yes, folks) saying, "I sure do, what was BlackBerry thinking removing the icon?"

BlackBerry could make a feature that snapped photos and videos through YOUR OWN EYES and capture it on a device to play back and people would still complain that there's no HUD icon.

Posted via CB10


I have never.

BB Z10 Rocks!


Who cares?

Posted via CB10


never used it, its in my junk folder ;p



Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


I just created a media folder and put all the media icons in there. I also have a folder for apps that are not needed but can't be deleted.


Never knew it was there until the post on forum bought it up. Looked for it it was on page 3 so nope don't use it.


I don't need extra shortcuts! The OS works! Enough with dumb links! :p


If at the time I'm in the page that Camera icon on it then I will use icon because I see it is nice, big to use.
If I'm in other page where icon not on it I will use icon in bottom line.


Nope, sits right next to the sms icon in my unused folder.

Posted via CB10


The ones using this icon are the same retards that cried for an icon to get into the HUB.


I have it saved in a custom folder and the only time it was ever launched was by accident. I just use the hot key on the bottom bezel.


Cant remember...

Posted via CB10



Thumbs a blaze on THE Q10.


No. It's redundant and shouldn't be there at all. Goes straight into my unused folder.

Posted via CB10


I made a folder of unused apps and this icon went into it.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10


I've never used it. It's redundant. If we could choose which icons we want on that bottom bar, I'd put other things there and use the camera icon.

Posted via CB10


funny how the playbook has the ability customize that area of the UI but not BlackBerry 10. but these aren't androids...


PB2.1 has in more than a few ways a more elegant UI than bb10.


Nope not at all!!!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


It's in my redundant folder

Posted via CB10


Are you kidding next we will be asked if we use the phone icon to make a call. NO Never and add the search one as well. Always use the permanent short cuts on the bottom of the home screen. Just my preference

Posted via CB10


There's a camera icon?  LOL  I always use the quick link!


No tjs dans l'écran d'accueil en bas à droite

Posted via CB10

iMe Tonya

Non sense question ! Some people use the icon, and some other so not use! What the problem? If you never use it, just ignore the icon and basta!

Z10 + BlackBerry os


It's in my MISC folder. Had too look for it because I forgot I put it in there.

I also have the Phone and Settings in there too.

Posted via CB10


Not realy

Posted via CB10


Nope, it's in a folder of "don't use apps"

Posted via CB10


Another example of BlackBerry doing too much to please too many people. But, I guess better to have than have-not (or, at least have to option to permanently hide certain icons.)

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!


when have they ever done... too much?


Never use it.

Posted from my most awesome Z10


I forgot it exists ever since I relegated it to the unused apps folder

Posted via CB10


Hidden away in a folder.


Na didn't know it was there till you mentioned it. I use the icon in the lower rightmost corner.

Posted via CB10



Finger flicking good! Z10


Holy cow, I just noticed that was there lmao.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Never. The quick launch icon on the home screen makes it a bit redundant.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I used the Text app button but to be honest, u don't use the camera one.

Posted via CB10


I have the actual camera app icon, the SMS app icon, etc hidden away in a folder in the last page of app icons. Redundant and pointless! Hoping that BlackBerry grants us the ability to hide/delete these icons in the future.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


i'm confused, do you mean the actual app icon is the one embedded at the bottom part of the screen? or are you calling that the camera app icon?

Poirots Progeny

Never used the camera app - just fire it up from the lock screen or unlock the device and it's right there!

I personally thing the app icon is redundant...

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


Nope, quick icon only, just like the phone one.

Posted via CB10


I not only don't use it, but I added it to one folder that contains all the icons I don't use such as Phone, Voice Control...

Posted via CB10


never ever touched that icon


I've created a folder for icons like this (e.g. Clock, calls, ...) and placed it far away from my homescreen, to get them out of my face

Posted via CB10


There are a lot of icons unused. Type a go is all I need!

Posted via CB10


Never It's in my junk folder.

Posted via CB10


Never even noticed it...

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...


I use the text, BBM icons not the camera or phone ones

Posted via Z10


I've never used it, the icon right at the bottom is always there. Much faster.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

Jerale Hoard

The only camera app I want to use is that instagram app. I use the app but I usually use the one bottom right.

Posted via CB10


There's an app button

Posted via CB10


Haven't. Hide it and go with shortcut. Button totally redundant.

Posted via CB10


Yes, me never, always use the icon!

Sent from my Z10

Darren Clark1

Never used it, actually completely forgot there was one..............

Posted via CB10


Lol, I also forgot there was one.

Posted via CB10


Not once ever!!!

Posted via CB10


Wow didn't even know there was an icon.

Posted via CB10


I use the Quick Screen icon on the lower right side... never the icon shortcut.


It's frustrating that they give us icons for the phone, the camera, the hub (10.2), voice control, etc, but we can't add icons to shortcut to specific mailboxes in the hub like the Text Message icon. Since we don't have any indication on the lock screen which account the mail icon is for, it would be nice to have mailbox icons with sparks on them before you swipe into the hub or for quick composing from a specific account

Posted via CB10


The one thing I really miss from BBOS is the app icon that would start the video camera directly. I liked being able to open it directly in the mode I was planning on using rather than whatever was used last.



Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779


If you view the results, and they aren't a resounding 100% "no I don't use it "...... then that is why there's a camera icon.

Posted via CB10


Never, where is it? :-)

Posted via CB10


There's an icon?

No I never use it

Posted via CB10


One time from I buy my Z10

Posted via CB10

charls seal1

Lol. I forgot there was an actual icon. And when I saw the article I went to my home screen to find it. Lol

Posted via CB10


Never us it

Posted via CB10


Never. It's redundant

Posted via CB10


There's a camera? Lol. Jk. Never. Just launch from Lick or home screen. It's probably the easiest app to get to.

Posted via CB10

Erik Lehman

I actually have the camera icon stuffed into a folder on my 5th home screen where I put the setup apps and those types of things. I just use the one on the bottom

Posted via SEGA master system

Erik Lehman

Wouldn't mind the ability to create my own icon shortcuts for stuff like "display" in settings. Or have the brightness on the pull down bar like I said months ago..

Posted via SEGA master system


There's an icon?

Posted via my Z10


Never use it.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10



Posted via CB10


Never used it, I've buried it in a Bbry folder with other Bbry apps that sit there as a happy family...

Sent by Bbry Zed10


Camera, Hub, and Text Msg icons are all waste of space.

Hale Kim

I do not use.

Posted via CB10


No. Never use it.

Posted via CB10



Posted with my Z10 via CB

Jamie Page

I don't think I have ever used it. The quickness of the button on the home screen works for me.

Posted via CB10


Ah, I recently bucket that icon into my Media folder. So no. Lol

Posted via CB10


Once in a while

Posted via CB10


Hells nooooh...

Posted via CB10


Nope. There's always an icon available on the bottom so what for? XD

Posted via CB10


no, just like the text Msg icon, the hub icon (10.2), the phone icon and the search icon, I do not use them ever. I also have these icons in a folder named unused and I put that icon on the last page to the right all by itself. although the camera icon is in a folder named Camera because I have 5 camera apps like 360 panorama, Tapcam silent, pic story, snap and time stamp. even though the camera app is in that folder I still don't use it.

* I know on 10.2 and maybe even 10.1 the shutter sound can be turned low or off but I got the Tapcam silent app prior to loading the leak which had the option to do that in the settings.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


Never and I wish I can delete it! I never and I won't touch the following icon since I got my Z:
Text message

Posted via CB10


I hope they add the ability to hide icons on 10.2. Or even better a future 10.1 update!

Via CB 10 on my T-Mobile Z10


Never icon is tucked in my media folder...

Posted via CB Q-10



Posted via CB10


What camera icon - all those useless icons are foldered and filed to the back of the proverbial bus

Posted via CB10


Never ever - one more useless icon which went into an 'unused' folder straight away


Used camera icon = 0

Posted via CB10 / Z10


I forgot that was there...thanks for reminding me...I'll put it in my useless icons folder!

Posted via CB10


Of course not

Channel : C000FA856 | Z10STL100-3/


Never used

Posted via CB10

Unbiased Tech

No, it's in a hide folder along with other redundant icons

Posted via CB10



Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10


Only by accident

Posted via CB10


Damn it's a camera icon for the cam? Lol

Posted via CB10


I use both .. when its locked I use the quick icon otherwise I use the app icon.


I do now that 10.2 rendered the search, phone and camera icons useless

Posted via CB10


What? How did 10.2 render the icons useless... isn't the icons and quick launch the same as 10.1, with the exception of the new Hub icon?

Posted via CB10


I used to when I first got my z10... now I use the camera icon on the bottom right.

From the mind of a MaNiAc


Seems a lot of BlackBerry users don't do pictures or videos on there 'cutting edge' device.. I guess I'm one of the people that use the camera icon a few times a day..scrolling and swiping to make a picture or video takes to long in a dire 'kodak' moment..i guess yall don't (stuck at work?) LOL.smh

Posted via CB10


I've yet to open that app

Posted from "Bush Whacker" Z10


I do not use the icon but I will if shortcut can be changed.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Never, Not even once sind BB10 start

Posted via CB10

Hugo Archila

I'll exchange that for a way to select all files... lol

Posted via CB10


surprised im a minority i hate the quick launch phone/search/camera icons. I alwasy mispress the camera icons and have a bunch of pocket/table pictures. and hate the phone icon cause i keep miss pressing it. search i never use (as opposed to my 9900 where it was my go to way to reach apps). wish we could change it


I never even noticed it! I will use it now!

Posted via CB10


Never!! In fact, I immediately put it in my "Basics" folder upon set up. Haven't seen or used it since.

Posted via CB10


I didn't know there was a camera icon to be honest. I do use the lock screen icon occasionally but mostly just the regular icon on the bottom bar.

Posted via CB10

Mady Thiel


Posted On My Awsome BlackBerry Q10

NW WI woman

Never, ever. I use the quick icon.

Posted via CB10


I've never used the camera icon and I quit using the text message icon after last week's poll. Feel like one of the team now lol

Posted via CB10


I have never once used the camera icon.

Posted via CB10


For the most part, yes!! I'm old fashioned, I guess!! I always find myself using it, since I'm always on the home screen going through the apps.

Posted via CB10

doxa sub750T

Not really.

Posted via CB10


I use both.

Posted via CB10


No, never used it

Posted via CB10



Posted Via z10

Posted via CB10

BBM_BlackBerry Moe

Taking photos is one of my favorite things to do! The BB10 camera experienced blows any camera app I've ever used before out of the park! I LOVE the time shift function and the 8mp makes my picture taking experience to the next level! I love that you can edit s photo directly from the app as well! I'm definitely a BlackBerry user and loving it! Haha

Posted via CB10


There's a bunch of useless icons, their existence baffles me: settings. Camera, hub, text messages, dialer, search.

Adam Schuetze


there was plenty of useless ones (or headless apps) for the legacy devices, what should baffle you is why was there a 'hide icon' feature on legacy OS but not on the BB10 OS? Why would you physically disregard a feature that everyone used?



I'm MongezaurioBerry


Never use it!!

Posted via CB10


Never use it. Should have the option to remove.

Posted via CB10


Don't use it. I tapped on it once though... to move it to my "Other" folder


I have mine hidden in my crap folder. I use the camera icon on bottom of screen. I like keeping my home screen at one page so I put everything in folders.

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App


Just read comments and 85 percent of us have no use for it. BlackBerry needs to spend more time on this site reading our opinions

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

Ken Ferguson1

No never used it.

Posted via CB10


No don't use it big No No

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 from Q5


Not once. It is sitting in a folder with other useless icons like : text messaging , phone, settings, etc

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

Marfeal Santiago

No. It's redundant, really. Although I wish the short cut icon on the bottom could be changed, I'd like the phone, the search, and the browser instead of the cam.

Posted via CB10


Funny but after seeing this post i had to check if it's there. Never realised it till now and for the awareness.. using it? No thanks

Posted via CB10


nope, the one at the bottom is more convenient!


Never use it!

Posted via CB10


I just file the icon in a folder along with all my picture editing apps.

Posted via CB10


Is there any way to remove the camera icon from the home screen. I always hit it by accident at times when I put it in my pocket. It's a pain in the ass actually.


Course not.
Because the stupid static-non customizable icon on bottom bar aka shortcut.
Do you like it?
Hells no, I just prefer to customize my OWN bottom bar with MY own shortcuts.

Posted via CB10


I don't think I've ever used the camera app..

Posted via CB10


Don't see the need, I always use the one on the bottom of the screen.

Posted via CB10


No. BUT I would love to have an icon of a VIDEO Camera that could compliment the quick cam icon at the bottom if screen. Wish it allowed user customization too.

Old school BlackBerry had both, cause sometimes you want to take a quick video or pic, and it'd be nice to have that instant option.

Plus it would make using the light on the video cam faster and easier, and avoid me selling my permission privacy soul to cheesy flashlight app makers.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.