CrackBerry Asks: Do you use the BlackBerry Hub icon?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2014 10:58 am EDT

Last week as I gathered some homescreen shots from the Crack Team, I was surprised to see that a few actually had the BlackBerry Hub icon in use — something I never do. The icon has been around for a while now as another (perhaps easier?) way to access the BlackBerry Hub without having to swipe into it. I've gotten so used to the gesture however that I don't see the need for the icon to take up space on my screen. Others find it comes in handy, and that's okay too.

I do like that the icon is kind of a throwback to BBOS and gives you one tap access to the Hub — complete with notification Spark. For some, it may serve as a quicker, more familiar route to the inbox than the swipe gesture of BB10.

We're curious to know just how many of you use the BlackBerry Hub icon in your daily use. Hit up the poll below to let us know, then sound off in the comments!

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use the BlackBerry Hub icon?



Also the phone, search and camera icons are absolutely useless as well since they are built-in to the bottom bar.

He is talking about the camera icon. Your statement that you use the bottom right camera makes his point that having an icon for the app elsewhere is useless

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The search icon is one of my favorite parts of BB10, I never use the browser, BlackBerry World, contacts, tasks, SuperTube, Wikipedia or maps icons to search any more, Search is very quick and saves a couple of steps

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Z..... search button is, actually, pretty cool... just noticed on your advice... rather than going into contacts, or somewhere else, to find someone.... just use "search button".... good call...

To take that even 1 more step further and making it more efficient. You can add a initials to a contacts prefix or nickname. For example JV. On my Q10 all I have to do is typ JV from the homescreen and it pulls up Jessica Valentine at the top of the search results every time.  should allow you to assign these type of shortcuts to any search item a la QuickLaunch.

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Call it Q-Launch!

As a dual Q and Z user, I can say the Q is so much faster with the search. You just start typing, and the phone brings up just about anything, email, contacts, documents...

Never understood why the keyboard search on the Z10 is useless. You can bring up the keyboard on the homescreen by swiping up from the bottom with two fingers, so it's just like you had a Q with a keyboard in front of you, but it doesn’t do anything. Why?

That would be so awesome, and bring both phones on the same level with functionality. Buttons are so old-school ...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

There needs to be an easier and more efficient way to bring up the virtual kb, like having a flyout kb icon that can just be pressed...shortcuts can still be useful in the browser, a functionality I dearly miss from the 99**!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

If only a two finger swipe up which pulls up the keyboard allowed you to search..then we wouldn't need a search button.

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Just posted the same above...

Good to see someone else having the same thought. Yeah, had to get why it doesn't really do much....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I would assume that most people beyond the BlackBerry junkies wouldn't know about the two finger swipe up and so therefore the bottom icon is there. Buuut! That doesn't explain why the rest of us can't simply use the two finger swipe!?


I use it constantly to even quickly find apps, contacts, docs, emails, etc...

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Search icon? What's that? Is that close to the autocorrect? I don't know what that is either... lol

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

My search icon takes a good 15-20 seconds to return any results, what gives? It used to be super fast. I've deleted search history and cut down on the number of search criteria and it is still slow as molasses. AT&T

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+1! I've been using the search icon lately and I have been loving it! I use it for just about everything now!

OS on Verizon Z10

I am embarrassed now that I haven't been using the search Icon or feature on BB10. I fooled around with it a little and it is pretty convenient and efficient to search anything on your device or on the web.

One neat thing is if you have more than one web search engine, you can conveniently select which you want to use after typing in the search.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

James...don't feel bad I had a Z10 before my Z30 and just started using search button yesterday. Doh..

I like it.

Just installed my Verizon 10.2.1 update on my Z30 which resides on ATT.

Damn it's fast....gotta go fire up the radio...

CB10 from the Z30

Same here... folder called "Junk", and the right-most page of the phone. Rogers apps and other useless stuff goes in there too.

Hear, hear. They really need to bring back the feature to allow you to hide icons, especially since you can't have a folder inside of a folder. Actually, how about we get both of those.

You NEED the Hub Icon for new users..... there is no support in the store to show new users how to use "Peek and Flow" swipe gestures on the Hub. So they walk up to a BB10 phone in a carrier store... get confused... go buy a child designed OS on iPhone..

Three buttons on the bottom are worthless and you wind up activating the camera, often, for no reason by accidentally hitting that button on the bottom.

All that stuff goes into a folder appropriately named 'stuff that's just there??'

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

The Blackberry Hub icon is not useless, since contrary to the swipe gesture it always brings you to the Hub and not to where you left off.

Ahhh! Good point! Sometimes that is annoying, swipe into Hub, but then have to back, back back out of something to get where I intended to go. Option in Hub management to always open in Hub view would be nice.

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100% agree. I use it daily for exactly this reason. Its so irritating peaking into the hub and being 5 layers deep into some msg.

They need to figure out a better way to manage when u drop back into root hub and when u stay in your old msg. One easy implementation would be a timer: if u arent in the hub for more than 5 or 10minutes then peeking should go to root hub.

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100% agree. Hub peek is great, until you peek into some conversation or pic, or you know NOT the Hub

I need an icon to go to the HUB Accounts list. I prefer to see which of my accounts have new messages at a glance if I hear a notification beep.

I instead have to constantly remember to back out to the HUB accounts list EVERY time I'm done in HUB so it's there next time I check on a new message.

It's a real productivity drain :(

One of my biggest problems with BB10 :(

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Actually, I don't use the HUB icon myself, since it takes you to the HUB "universal inbox", and not the HUB "Accounts List" (the list of your accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc... and which requires an additional right-swipe to get to from the HUB Inbox).

I like seeing my account list and seeing a star ion the accounts with new messages. I prefer this over seeing a dump of all my messages mixed together.

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Yes, a timer for the hub would be excellent. I do find it annoying to peek into the hub only to find it is on an old conversation. This is not easy for those coming from other platforms to understand at first too.

Posted via CB10

Good point. I like this. Now I have a good use for that HUB icon to rake me back to actual HUB not where I left off in the HUB. Thanks

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I tend to agree: I actually don't like having the phone, search, and camera buttons at the bottom of my Z30 screen since it's too east to accidentally hit one of them and accidentally open up the phone or the camera - it's annoying. I also have never used the HUB button.

Posted via CB10

You can add the Settings icon to the list of useless icons, but it exists because iToy users will expect it to be there. At least Android has moved on more than Apple with pull down Settings too, even if it keeps its legacy icon.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

Wow I don't open the browser anymore. I constantly use the search icon. So convenient. And I setup extensions so I just can tap what I'm looking for and tap go.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree! I deleted the hub icon the minute it appeared in BB10, just useless for me! I've never used the phone and search icons as option I'd like with the search feature is that as soon as I make my selection, it would close automatically instead of going to active frames!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I too find the hub, phone and search icons useless. I removed the hub icon the minute it appeared!...I'd like an option for search to automatically close as soon as I've made my selection instead of going to active frames!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

Me as well. Along with the text icon

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Same- mine have never reappeared

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

The original post should read: 'what native icons have you no need?'

I 'hid' a few native icons:
BB Hub, Search, Text messages, Phone, Voice Control, BB Bridge, WiFi calling, Tutorials, Help, Smart Tags, Settings, Set-Up

I don't use the icon, but I get why it's there. My fiance uses it all the time because she is still not used to swiping to the left to see her messages. She is even asking for an email Icon (just like the sms icon) which would bring you directly to your emails. I don't think it's a bad idea, if you don't use it, you can just delete it.

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Drmike, anything you post is useless. Just tell everyone you're an iPhone user and gtfo

Stop, drop, and roll.

bwahahaha YOU FAIL!!! Your failed attempt at first is just that, a FAIL. Just like you, useless ;)

Here he is!! Haaaa

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Wow, you really do get to say whatever you want and then cry when people stand up to you, quick.

You are about as sorry as they come. You and drmike should reevaluate why you continue to live.

Stop, drop, and roll.

I named it "unneeded".
I have Camera, clock, Voice control, search, tutorials, setup, settings and help in there as well. All can be accessed faster :)

Oh yeah, that's what that icon is! Z wiping is where it's at!

Posted via CB10

I use it often, because the gesture into Hub doesn't take you into the root Menu it takes you back to where you were in Hub and that slows me down sometimes. If the Hub Gesture brought us to the root I wouldn't say / need the button..

Posted via CB10

I don't use the hub icon, but sometimes I wish it would bring me to the root menu using the swipe rather than where I left off. It would be nice to have a setting letting you decide whether the swiping motion brings you to the root menu or where you left off?

Posted via CB10

Agree totally. Been using it more to go to Hub root, instead of swipe in and then touch to go to hub. I usually exit hub in a specific spot like mail or text.

On a side note, having extra icons and not needing is better than wanting and not having. Nice thought that BlackBerry gives options to move or delete what user prefers. Flexibility!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

There is a hub icon? I keed. I keed. I have it hidden away somewhere with a bunch o' other icons i find useless.

You need to be on 10.2.1 to have the hub icon. I'm assuming you're not if you haven't noticed it.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

No, I don't use it.

But, that doesn't mean that it isn't a good idea. For some people (ie who are just getting started with BB10) it might be a good idea.

I made a folder for all the useless Icons like camera, help, settings, phone, search, voice-control, Setup and the connect du Dropbox and OneDrive apps.

Uh ohhhh, does this mean the guy who put his job on the line to have the Hub icon added, is now going to be looking for a new job?

Since the icon appears I put it on a folder to clean the first screen!
For me it's really useless!

I find it very annoying actually. I wish we could hide icons like in BBOS instead of putting it in folders.

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The beautiful thing about our wonderful messaging integration is that it isn't an "app" app. Having the shortcut makes it feel like it is and that's why I removed it

Posted via CB10

This icon, is as useless as putting a tool belt on a Q20. The OS works well with gestures. Less is more.

Posted via CB10

I use it because it resets the hub to show all accounts irrespective of where I was earlier.

Posted via CB10

I like seeing the red spark, so I keep it on my main page so I can feel the satisfaction everytime I get a a notification :)

Posted via CB10

I think it's useless just like the text message icon. It's easier to use the gesture and access my texts from the hub and even more so with 10.2.1. With the ability to read messages when my phone is locked or I'm in an app the text message icon isn't needed. I haven't used the hub icon since I upgraded and that was just to see what the icon was for

Q10 Lover

Text message icon I find useful.

Especially if you are doing a lot of them, plus e-mails, copy and paste, in an out of apps...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Don't use it, but having the choice there is good. Some may not be as comfortable with hub gesture. Anything that eliminates barriers, without slowing me down is good.

Posted via CB10

Like Jamezalexander said, it takes you to the root of the hub instead of the last viewed that you're taken to when you swipe, so yes, it has a proper function.

I'm sure I've seen folks lamenting, on here, that multiple swipes are required getting to the hub root. Therefore, I'm a bit shocked that so many are posting that they've practically discarded the icon, seeing that it solves that issue.

Posted via CB10

Yes, plus iPhone migratory users will probably prefer using icons in and out of apps for a while to get used to things in bb10.

But are you really saving time overall, when you have to hunt the Hub icon down instead of the gesture and then back out if needed? Just trading swipes for swipes. Seems to me like it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other...

I hear that on the icon taking you to the HUB root view, but I've been using BB10 since Verizon began selling the Z10 (a year ago?) and I have never left the HUB with a note open.

Maybe I'm just really particular about closing the messages... I don't find a use for the icon

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

I don't use it as I'm one of the 10.0 users. However I do think it is very important for a new user jumping on bb10.

Having the icon brings you to the hub without having to hit the back button several times.

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I don't use the hub icon, or the icon for any app that appears on the hub... don't use the phone camera or search ones.. all have been moved too a folder labeled BS ;)

Posted via CB10

Yes, the people who are dearest to me are in that hub.

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This is a repeat Poll. Running out of things to poll. Not Crackberry's fault. BlackBerry has nothing really going on besides BBM news every now n then.

On my Z10

I use the hub icon fairly often especially when I've got a lot of different message forms coming in. As we know, if you leave the hub with, let's say, an email with an open attachment up, when you return to the hub there's the attachment open and it might take three or four flicks to get back to the hub. I moved the hub icon to the first page of icons so that I can quickly access the hub directly. It's just another welcome shortcut that I take advantage of on those heavy communication days I have from time to time.

My thoughts exactly. At first I was rather dismissive of it and also questioned its rational. Now I have come to use it and I would not have imagined my interface without it.

Just don't see the point in using an icon that requires you to navigate your way to the home screen.

A simple up and over swipe gets you there in one motion.

To each their own, but I find it is much less efficient to use icons to get to the HUB accounts.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

It's in a file call shit I don't need, along with text, camera, search, phone and settings

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

I have a folder called "crap apps" that I never use. It has the hub icon, phone icon, search icon and a couple others. It's all crap put there for those who can't use the system properly.

Posted via CB10

Negative, and it is really distracting seeing the splat on the Hub icon. I have it tucked away in a folder but it still puts the red icon on it.

I never use the hub icon, I deleted it right away. Don't need it as getting to the hub is easy from any app or screen. I do use the phone, search and camera icons on the bottom bar all the time.

Posted via CB10

The Hub icon is not useless. It defaults to the hub. Swiping only swipes you to the last message source which is annoying actually. Swiping into the HUB should default to the HUB, not a specific email/message source.

Posted via CB10

That's what it's for: direct access to the full hub. I find it amusing that some are downright hateful to a useful shortcut that increases productivity. "First world" problem. Basically, it appears that some are lacking a little imagination when it comes to multitasking. See that with the PlayBook as well.

I agree. It's actually more productive to hit the Hub icon from your home screen. It resets back to the Hub. Otherwise, you're just swiping to txt msg or email or facebook, etc. Not THE HUB.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, never new we had a Hub Icon!! And I still don't see?? Can any body Help?!?!?! TNX

Posted via CB10

I put all of the least used icons all on one page. I guess I should have put them together in a folder. Sounds like a good idea. Not so much clutter that way. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

So I guess the question is: Do you pat(tap icon) or wipe(swipe up then left). I wipe(swipe that is), Swiper would be soooo proud!!!!

Posted via CB10

Yeah that's a definite no. Just swipe to the right to get into the hub. Much easier.

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You need the hub icon if you mirror your screen on a monitor. Monitors don't have touchscreen, and the hub icon is the way to get into the hub. It works perfectly with a blue tooth keyboard and blue tooth mouse (both with the logo of the other fruit company). Oh and it won't work for z10, because it lacks miracast. But all in all this hub icon allows me to work with keyboard and mouse, as if my Q10 is a laptop, a very tiny one.

Now tell me, does iOS support this: no. Does Android support this: I don't know. Is it useful? Sometimes.

Have a nice day

The icon should be removed if the physical menu buttons return...

No BlackBerry user is that uncoordinated.


No. While the SMS icon provides fast filtering, the HUB as a whole is available at a swipe.

Posted via CB10

I think that's the misconception with swiping. If you want to get to the hub, many times you have to swipe left, tap on the bottom menu button, then tap on the hub option. Swiping left takes you to the last message section you were in.

Posted via CB10

I've used a couple of times when in the back of the launcher, instead of swiping right I just click on the i-con

Posted via CB10

I used to use it sometimes until I had many app pages and had to get rid of them for the sake of a faster navigation.

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No never.. have hidden it.

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